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Kristin Kreuk Gets Hitched!

Kristin Kreuk Gets Hitched!

Former Smallville star Kristin Kreuk takes pictures with fans after arriving at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Sunday (April 4).

The 27-year-old actress will soon shoot the CBS comedy pilot called Hitched, which centers on a newlywed couple, Rachel (Kreuk) and Brett (Jack Carpenter), dealing with their family and friends.

Sharon Lawrence was recently cast as Rachel’s prim, well-meaning but nosy mother. Hitched was co-written by Matt Miller and Josh Schwartz (Gossip Girl, Chuck, The O.C.).

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Credit: Matingas; Photos: NationalPhotoGroup
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  • Sara

    Ahhhh, so this is the girl CBS ditched Rachel Bilson for. She’s gorgeous

  • zippy

    Pretty girl but bad actress. That Street Fighter movie was on cable this week, it sucked. Smallville is great, wish she was still on.

  • Josie

    she’s tiny! I always thought her and Tom Welling would make a beautiful couple….speaking of tom welling – can we please have more pap pics of him, please? :)

  • dundies

    about time

  • Shan

    girl crush

  • janelle

    She is so pretty. I’ve wondered what she was up too.

  • Pieces


    Always thought so too!

  • hello

    jack carpenter is fug.

  • Me

    Kristin Kreuk is beautiful and a great actress to Smallville and Chuck. She has brought so much viewers to the show when she was on Smallville. And after she left the show, the ratings went down dramatically.
    Rumors saying Kristin K may return to Smallville the finale season. I hope she won’t because Kristin has a better CBS project to focus on. Plus, Clois fans hate Lana Lang. They don’t want her back to the show. I am Clana’s fan and I hate Lois.

  • aaaw

    Zach Levi dumped Caitlin Crosby for her

  • hello

    @Me: a lot of people were glad she left smallville and not all of them were clois fans.

  • umm

    Zach was on Bonni Hunt last week and said he was single. Regarding Kristin: good actress and beautiful person.

  • wierdos

    She’s off Crapville. Stop following her around and spreading your negativity. We don’t need Crapville BS here.

  • Stephanie

    @aaaw: wait, Zach Levi and Kristin K are dating now??

  • bartowski

    That doesn`t mean he`s not seeing her

  • bartowski

    I hope so,they really really had great chemistry on CHUCK,plus from interviews it seem their personality suits each other.
    Levi Kreuk >>>>>> Brody Bilson

  • TeamCrosby

    This B**CH how could she?
    Caitlin was her friend,she helped kruek with her feminist project and she stole her bf inreturn SHE`S A W**RE

  • Stephanie

    @bartowski: Yea, you’re right…they do have a good chemistry together on Chuck. I watched the whole 4 episodes and I really enjoying Hannah with Chuck. They do look cute together on the show. And if they are dating in real life, that’s excellent. Kristin K is my favorite young actress on Smallville. I wish her all the best of luck on her new up coming show Hitched. Can’t wait to show it.

  • dkalsd

    @Me: I was also a fan of her and clark together, but then again I stopped watching the show a long time ago, maybe around the 4th season?
    Anyway. Kristin is absolutely gorgeous. One of the prettiest actresses out there!

  • TeamCrosby

    SHE`S A B***

  • Stephanie

    @TeamCrosby: Caitlin Crosby and Kristin K were friends…really???
    Maybe its just a rumor that Levi and Kristin are dating.

  • Me


    Yep. And totally agree with you.

  • TeamCrosby

    Someone who`s caitlin fans saw them at the olympics

  • Me

    If Zach did break up with Caitlin for Kristin…so what? They weren’t married and at least he didn’t cheat. And how pathetic is it to even think Kristin is dating both men? Like her bf Mark wouldn’t find out. She can obviously hang out with Zach as friends. And I’m sure if they were to get together, she will break it off with Mark. Some ppl are pathetic:S

  • jasmin

    Haven’t seen this face in a long time. I miss her on Smallville.=(

  • Sally

    How I wish I looked this good after a flight and no make-up…Gorgeous!
    Hope her sitcom gets picked up!

  • Bonnie

    Isn’t she still dating that guy, I don’t know his name, the one who looks like Christopher Gotham?? Or not anymore? I didn’t hear anything, she’s quite private..Oh if she and Tom are together, they’ll make beautiful beautiful babies!! The second Freddie-Sarah!!

  • Bonnie


    I think she does wear some, not completely bare though..she has minimal eye make up, but yeah, she’s beautiful!

  • sandy

    i want her jeans!!!! Does anybody know what brand she is wearing? Love her style!

  • Tim

    No sign of that useless hairless meatless boyfriend of hers?good
    I hope it`s true that she`s seeing Zac Levi,they were adorable on CHUCK.

  • smartmonkey


  • Link-K

    Great to see KK again after her last episodes on Shitville… love to have her back at season finale..just to snap off Clark back from the mambo bimbo Louis Lane…

  • natt

    Kristin Kreuk is forever beautiful, that’s for sure eventhough she’s been gone from entertainment industry!

  • Venom

    She is gorgeous.
    I wish they had kept her on Chuck.

  • lexy hates bilson

    She’s a natural beauty!! She’s a good actress! Hope the show does well!!

  • FoolsOnTheInternet

    Fools who can’t read. Zach was on the Bonnie Hunt show on FRIDAY OF LAST WEEK AND SAID HE WAS SINGLE.

    You are morally sick people.

  • Николай

    Kristin Kreuk is beautiful and a great actress to Smallville and Chuck

  • Bella Coola

    To the first person, Rachel Bilson cannot act. She got a handful of guest starring roles on the show because she’s friendly with the creator’s wife, not because she is talented.

    No one will seriously consider Bilson for a real acting job.

  • Michelle

    KK isn’t dating Zach.. She’s still dating Mark so calm down people.. I’m glad KK is finally getting more recognized and she’s still beautiful. I’ll always be a Clana fan! ;)

  • Stephanie


    I am also CLANA fan too! :) They are the cutiest couple on Smallville ever. She is so pretty that I idore her.
    Anyway, I heard the rumor on the internet back awhile ago that Kristin and Mark are broken up and she has been single ever since. Maybe it’s not true than.

  • Stephanie


    According to indicates Kristin Kreuk and Mark Hildreth separated since 2008. She’s single now.

  • haha

    That site also said she dated Joe Rogan and Jensen Ackles and never did.

  • jamie

    she’s so pretty and i love her style!

  • suzan

    very cool that’s a show that i might have to watch….right now i watched her on the first part of ben hur, can’t wait to see part two…she was always my fave of smallville, and when she went, i sort of got bored with it all…i still watch, don’t get me wrong..but without her there, there awlays seems to be something missing.


  • really?

    she and zachary levi?

  • Zach

    uhm,i dunno,possibly.

  • orly

    I don’t know if she’s with the guy from Chuck, but she’s part of a group called nivxm, which people think is a cult.

  • ME

    I totally agree with your comment. I always idore Kristin K on Smallville. I don’t understand why many people out there think Lois is better than Lana. I watched KK on Chuck for a few episodes, she was good. She actually brought the ratings up from 3.0 to 3.05 on Chuck. She is amazing young actress. And I believe she’s now starting to shine with her new up coming show Hitched.

  • stephanie


    What channel is Ben Hur on and time??

  • Stephanie


    What channel is Ben Hur on and time?