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Rachel Bilson: Fruit Salad Healthy

Rachel Bilson: Fruit Salad Healthy

Rachel Bilson stops by her office and then heads to Gelson’s supermarket in Hollywood to pick up a fruit salad, potato salad and a muffin on Tuesday (April 6).

The former O.C. actress was recently asked how she’s managed to avoid being involved in a tabloid scandal. She explained to Cleo, “Well, I’m a pretty private person. I’m also 28. I’m not like, young anymore and going out all the time. I don’t know, people are different and they live their lives differently, and I sort of just do things the opposite, I guess.”

FYI: Rachel is wearing J Brand “Houlihan” skinny cargo pants in vintage olive, an Express white top and a “Talula” cardigan by Aritzia!

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson picking up a healthy fruit salad…

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69 Responses to “Rachel Bilson: Fruit Salad Healthy”

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  1. 1
    luke Says:

    most pathetic “actress” ever

  2. 2
    jessalyn Says:

    There in lies the conundrum. It’s true she’s not involved in any scandal. Not working on any big projects. Somehow though she’s here everyday. That said, I do think she always looks cute. She has a nice relaxed style.

  3. 3
    Tina Says:

    I think we should make a checklist of those questions from the Cleo interview and see how many have been used thus far to go with her almost daily pap photos. One of the Kardashian sisters own that same pair of pants she has on.

  4. 4
    DIMwit CHICK Says:

    She look absurd walking around in stilettos in broad daylight….

  5. 5
    Sara Says:


    Agreed. I just wish she’d stop going on and on about how private she is. Her actions speak volumes louder than what’s coming out of her mouth. If she’d just admit that she likes attention and stop playing the “innocent” role, people would probably stop giving her crap because she’s being real.

  6. 6
    Happy_Evil_Dude Says:

    Jesus, does anyone have this issue of Cleo magazine? Can they find out how many questions are left for Jared to publish here, one at a time? At this rate, I feel like he’ll still be pulling out “Rachel Bilson was recently asked by Cleo magazine” come December!

    Jared: you’re actually doing Rachel a DISSERVICE by overexposing her like this with never any actual information of any relevance whatsoever.

    Everyone else: Good news everyone, I have a preview of one of tomorrow’s posts:

    “Rachel Bilson is Sipping on Starbucks

    Rachel Bilson gets a drink at Starbucks and then heads back to her car to go to a business meeting in Hollywood on Wednesday (April 7).

    The erstwhile O.C. starlet recently revealed to Cleo magazine that she once turned down an offer to pose naked in Playboy: “Well, like, they did offer a lot of money, but it’s like, my body is sacred you know, and I, like feel uncomfortable with it being there for the whole world to see. But hey, you never know, maybe in a few years I’ll, like, feel differently, but I can’t say.”

    BTW: Rachel is carrying a Balenciaga purse!

    15+ pictures inside of sipping Rachel Bilson….”

  7. 7
    lillybell05 Says:

    Jenny McCarty and Jim Carry-split
    Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes-split
    Jake and Reese-split
    Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins-split
    Ryan Phillippe and Abbie Cornish-split
    Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush-split

    All of these couples were considered more legitiment then RB and HC relationship but for some reason RB and HC are still together. The people who are saying they won’t get married, that they aren’t even a real couple are delusional.

  8. 8
    Spareme Says:

    Scandal please this woman has no clue what scandal is let alone what the meaning of the word is. If she only knows what kind of a joke she is to the ppl that read magazines or happen to glance online and find her. Truly she is a know body if all she is known for is OC days then hell that was long ago and far over with, her acting is limited and unrealistic. If all she is noted for it justing JJ as some kind of publicity stunt then hell doesn’t say much for JJ. Her look is more like a bad looking teenager who’s parents forget to check what she is wearing when she walks out the door. Embarassing is more what she is the top is ok but the rest of the outfit screams high priced white trash the logo on the back of the jacket who is that Charles Manson or someone like that.

  9. 9
    Spareme Says:


    You have to be with your partner to be considered a couple the reason they don’t split is b/c truthfully they are split like 80% of the time. They only have what would be considered in jail as conjugal visits when he is in LA or she trucks her sorry ass to Canada.

    These others mentioned have lived a married life or are living together and certain things don’t work if your not willing to work at it. These two can’t even decide where to live so they don’t live together. Thus the reason we have to put up with the site seeing tour they give the media when either one is in town.

  10. 10
    Jax Says:

    Link to the Cleo article:

    Sorry if this posts twice, lol.

  11. 11
    Tori Says:

    why does she always look unhappy?

  12. 12
    Rosa Says:

    My day is now complete ,a Rachel Bilson post of her doing absolutely NOTHING!!!!!!!

  13. 13
    darn it Says:

    @Jax or suzy182 the site you linked @10 has a massive security warning for spam and other computer threats.
    Nice one I’m sure you must think it’s funny to flood computers without firewall protection unlike mine.


  14. 14
    janelle Says:

    Another day, another Cleo article comment. I love you Jared but this is getting redundant.

  15. 15
    kelly Says:

    you need to stop posting stuff about rachel bilson. she is IRRELEVANT in all caps. please stop. even if her publicist is paying you big bucks…do yourself a favor and stop.

  16. 16
    Jax Says:

    Sorry if that site is giving you security threat warnings, that was not my intention. I get that a lot from this very site as well

  17. 17
    Ahari Says:

    Rachel Bilson has become spam.

  18. 18
    lexy hates bilson Says:

    “her office” what office??? LMAO!! JJ you are just too funny. I posted the link to this website before – Cleo is some little Australian magazine that’s clearly not doing well. All these famous Australians and they put a has-been out of work American actress on their cover – doesn’t say much about the magazine!
    Private people don’t spend 2 hours getting dressed and tip off the paps who always find them in odd places. Private people don’t tell strangers on airplanes how they are engaged. Private people don’t go to the dr’s office carrying a suitcase for a handbag and yet walk out with their medical records and travel docs in hand for the paps to see.
    I also agree – she’ll marry Hayden! What else does she have going on?? Her acting skills don’t pay for 2 homes, a car and expensive clothing and her “job” at InStyle certainly doesn’t pay much if it pays her anything at all! Without Hayden she’s got nothing…he was the one getting her acting jobs!

  19. 19
    Sgt Friday Says:

    I don’t understand why she’s repeatedly featured here. I’m watching The O.C. for the first time via Netflix and am really underwhelmed with her acting. The character she played is mind-numbingly dull. That probably wasn’t her fault, but Mischa’s character wasn’t all that deep either yet she brought some life to her.

  20. 20
    lillybell05 Says:

    They are not together 80% of the time b/c he is not a citizen of the U.S. and she is not a citizen of Canada. You can’t stay in a country for an indefinite amount of time just so you can stay with your boyfriend or girlfriend if your not a citizen of that country. You need a reason like work to get a visa, and even that has a time limit on it.

  21. 21
    Spareme Says:

    Excuse me my realitive are from South America you can be in the US for 6 month on a visa and renew it once more for another 6 months. Please don’t assume the reason he isn’t here is b/c of immigration issues. You will find many non american’s have been her for many years if not longer on a work visa alone. The reason he isn’t her is b/c he doesn’t want to be and vica versa. The man does work when he can get it and has been in the US for more then 3 months doing just that. Again he can get a visitors visa to remain here if he so wanted to be but, he doesn’t want to be.

  22. 22
    the truth Says:

    No.9 you hit right it right on the money.You do need to work at it.And if both can’t agree then it time to leave it alone. Like have been saying all along.They should have been broken-up anyway no.7 you don’t think that can happen to them too?No.19 why you always do this?She already say it but jared won’t posted it.She wishe that she had some scandal like other people.Her and her rep has done enough the rumor that she was expecting and the secret wedding and the engagement whta you called that? She really do need some scandal in her life.That’s what i been trying tell them that are not a realcouple nad that they don’t live together.They should go and split already when you are not happy with each other..I guiess when it do happen it will be private.But that will be the first thing be in those magazine.cause her pal going to tell it( meaning her). Watch somebody going to say its a rumor.

  23. 23
    Ahari Says:

    Hayden’s mother is from the US, I’m pretty sure he has dual citizenship. He can be here anytime and as long as he wants, he just chooses not to. And if he and his “fiancee” really loved each other, they’d get married already, she’d move to the farm, and that would be that. We can all imagine Rachel living on a farm in the sticks of Ontario, mucking out animal stalls, herding goats, and picking vegetables off of actual living plants that grow out of the ground, instead of off the produce rack at Gelson’s Grocery, right? Riiiight. Like that’s EVER going to happen.

  24. 24
    Cookie Says:

    @ 20

    I don’t know much about her, I came in here because I thought her pants were cute. But you can stay in Canada on a temporary resident visa for six months. If you want to stay longer you have to apply at least 30 days before your visa expires. I think it’s the same for the United States. And it doesn’t absolutely have to be for work or school. You can just want to visit and stay awhile because you think it’s beautiful. You’re fine for six months as long as you have that visa. If you stay longer after the visa expires, then you’ll be kicked out. Well, not kicked out, they’ll just ask that you leave.

  25. 25
    chauncey Says:

    @ 10
    Its surely NOT selling at all thats why JJ keeps & still sicly promoting it and why would it be when they just covered an All-Time-DLISTER w/ no future in HW. I bet Heidi Montag is far more familiar than her as she still got a job on TV.

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