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Sandra Bullock Breaks Silence: 'There is No Sex Tape'

Sandra Bullock Breaks Silence: 'There is No Sex Tape'

Sandra Bullock has spoken out about internet reports alleging a sex tape with her and hubby Jesse James.

“There is no sex tape,” Sandra said in a statement (via People). “There never has been one and there never will be one.”

Internet reports surfacing over the weekend alleged that Jesse and Sandra took part in explicit sexual acts and taped the events.

Until today, Sandra, 45, had not broken her silence on any reports about Jesse‘s infidelity or their marital crisis.

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  • LuckyL

    A woman can only take so much–or any person for that matter.

  • Beth

    I feel so bad for her, this must be so hard and to have it flagged out in public is truly heartbreaking.

  • ME

    IMO most of the trouble is the tabloid media they blog or print something on a website and it spreads like wild fire and people believe. I CALL BS on I would say half of the crap they have printed about Jesse James. Not sayin he did not cheat but all of these creepers that crawl out for a buck is horrible and very sad.

  • Dan

    yea, no sex tapes that SHE IS AWARE OF hahahahaa. you should have checked behind that picture on the wall sandy hahaha jk

  • Dear Sandra

    Do yourself a favor…….
    Dump that piece of S**T that betrayed you and move on.
    You are too hot, talented and smart to deal with it ever again.

  • r.

    She’s so talented and beautiful and can definitely do better than a man that would do that to her. I hope she is kicking his ass to the curb.

  • Kibble

    # 4 is an idiot and probably like her stupid husband

  • laurie smitt

    Yeah Dan there is no sex tape she should know because she would
    be in it..!!! Maybe there is one of you Dan with Jesse…smearing crap
    on your face.. for saying such a thing.. Smart and talented Sandi would
    never do that.. only a tattoo celebrity wanabe would do that… Not only
    did they get their 15 minutes of fame but they also got it for good..

    When they START SHOWING IT..

  • Jen

    Sandra does not seem to me the idiotic type of person who would willingly film a sex video. She’s not Paris Hilton, Sandra has brains and she knows anything like that would ruin her reputation.

  • Ronda

    I hope Sandra continues to handle herself exactly as she is now with class and dignity, speaking little and moving forward. I’m sending her a big hug and my prayers that this nightmare will fade into the sunset and she can continue on in her successful career.

  • lmao

    @Jen: especially not one where she gets poop smeared on her face. Whoever came up with that is a sicko. no wonder she’s denying it

  • A

    @Kibble: Oh, Dan was just making a joke that Jesse is such a scum that he probably secretly taped Sandy. It was just a joke. Lighten up! We all know that Sandy is too smart and classy to willingly film her sexual relations.

  • A

    @laurie smitt: He was just joking for pete’s sake. You on the other hand are sick and gross.

  • Cameron

    Sandra…kick that loser to the curb and don’t look back! You are so deserving of much better!

    By the way…# 12 (A)…..maybe so,,,,BUT…lighten up? It was still a sick kind of joke to begin with. How would YOU know if this Dan was actually kidding? Or he could have been one of these losers like Jesse……OR maybe it was YOU under a different name! Lol

    Wonder how Sandra ended up marrying this loser to begin with????

  • America’s Sweetheart

    America loves Sandra she is a winner.

  • http://. Umm

    Sandra may be freaky, probably why she married Jesse he did any and everything and it rocked her world. Come on, she knew his past history!!

  • dani

    That bottom feeder that runs IUC is behind much of these rumors. Supposedly a “friend” of the couple is confiding in him. Give me a break. What kind of friend would confide in a blogger that consistently posts rumors, half-truths etc and when they are proven to be false he never apologizes or recants his original story.


    I am sorry Sandra has to come out and defend the bull sh!t. I hope she can find a project and throw herself into it and forget about the drama for a while. Obviously Jesse feels ashamed and is sorry for breaking her heart, she’s a trooper no matter what.

  • A

    @Cameron: No, it wasn’t me under a different name. lol

    I was going by the fact that Dan said “hahahaha jk”…as in a joke…just kidding. I actually thought the same thing myself. With the pig that JJ turned out to be, I unfortunately wouldn’t put it past him. Poor Sandy, I bet she wishes she never met this self-centered piece of crap :-(

  • Aussie Girl

    Poor Sandra…..that she even had to deny the existance of a sex-tape must be so awful for her.She seemed so happy with JJ,but he turned out to be just another cheating loser. She is best to divorce him and move on and not look back!!

  • Kate

    Sandra NEEDS to continue the silence.

  • Jokergurl

    LEAVE SANDRD ALONE MEDIA S***S! . She’s being harrassed by pap arazzi and can’t even get to her own house! I saw this video and these bastards were stuck to her car like sticky puddy. She does not deserve this, she seems like such a sweet and cool person. I hope she divorces him, he’s not worth working things out with. Hugs for Sandy.

  • Roko

    Sandra looks perfect !

  • Shelila Evans

    Dear Sandra, you don’t know me but my name is Shelia Evans. and i wont you to know that i have been praying for you, before this ever started, i wont you to know the devil is a lie, now you hold your head up, and know this wont last much longer. i pray everyday for you and everyone around you. my heart is there with you, i cryed and cryed and cryed trust me i don’t know if there is any tears left. sandra, God is going to help you make it okay. Please do this for me, stop what ever you are doing and pray, know that God is there with you always Sandra. I pray to one day meet you or see you, that would make me the most person in the world. I pray you read this or if someone that knows you will please tell her for me thanks. I Love You, keep up the good work. call me please. 1-334-582-1114 my home number. May God Bless You Always!!!! LOVE, SHELIA.

  • EdenFantasys_best_sex_toys

    I think it makes perfect sense that she commented on this issue. It’s the only piece of gossip that has actually involved her personally.
    That’s one of the reasons I love her for!
    Thanks for the post!

  • Sara Jay

    It would be really great to see such sex tape of Sandra Bullock, because she is so beautiful and sexy woman… I always interested in such intrigued things like sex tapes or some kind videos so I will try to find such tape in other sites. Thanks a lot for this information.