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Suri Cruise: Alice's Tea Cup Cutie

Suri Cruise: Alice's Tea Cup Cutie

Katie Holmes takes her adorable daughter Suri Cruise to one of their favorite New York City eateries, Alice’s Tea Cup, on Monday night (April 5).

Earlier in the day, Katie and her on-screen husband Channing Tatum, shot new scenes for their upcoming movie, Son of No One, in Queens, New York.

Papa Tom Cruise seemed to be MIA all Easter weekend long!

FYI: Katie is wearing The Shirt by JOE’s.

10+ pictures inside of Alice’s Tea Cup cutie Suri Cruise and mama Katie Holmes

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suri cruise alices tea cup 01
suri cruise alices tea cup 02
suri cruise alices tea cup 03
suri cruise alices tea cup 04
suri cruise alices tea cup 05
suri cruise alices tea cup 06
suri cruise alices tea cup 07
suri cruise alices tea cup 08
suri cruise alices tea cup 09
suri cruise alices tea cup 10
suri cruise alices tea cup 11
suri cruise alices tea cup 12
suri cruise alices tea cup 13

Photos: JDH/WENN
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  • boston61

    Average looking kid. Would blend in in any elementary school in the country. And always so sloppy looking. Katie please brush her hair. Put her in a cute outfit for once.

  • boston61

    Average looking kid. Would blend in in any elementary school in the country. And always so sloppy looking. Katie please brush her hair. Put her in a cute outfit for once.

  • Sanne

    In her pajamas AGAIN? :/

  • getlosttomcruise

    He’s always MIA—-SHE DESERVES BETTER—-WHAT IS HIS EXCUSE THIS TIME for NOT BEING IN NYC , she works then looks after her daughter , obviously Suri loves going to Alices Teacup.
    Then again maybe he’s visiting Cameron Diaz again. He never supports her, EVER. WAKE UP Katie!

  • Wha?

    She actually got a movie role?! I thought she retired. lol Why bother really? Mad Money was awful.

  • mika_says_hi


  • Natalia

    That little girl is just adorable!

  • emma#2

    Suri is so adorable, I agree she must love Alices T Cup . Katie looks like she can’t take the paps 1 min longer, don’t blame her!

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That child is just too precious for words, that photo where Suri is eating the chocolate is sooooooo sweeeeet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Simply M

    @Sanne: lol
    At least this time she got Shoes on, and her hair is combed! )

  • Pac Man

    What’s wrong with you, #1?

    The guy is either always keeping a close eye on his wife and never lets her do anything OR he’s an absentee husband and father, #4.

    Which is it?! Just pick one already!

  • Extendable Dining Table

    haha omg she’s cute!

  • Bedroom Carpet

    Haha even in pyjamas she’s so adorable!

  • idani

    Wow, Katie looks awful. Don’t know what is worse–the skin tight leggings or these shapeless pants.
    This woman should have the world at her feet and instead she looks like something the cat dragged through the garbage.

  • getlosttomcruise

    @PAC MAN , he is an absentee husband and father, ALWAYS ! Well, know it all, where do you think he is, DON’T TELL US WE KNOW———-HE’S VISITING Cameron Diaz. Brilliant if he went off with her, hope he does, I PRAY he does. PLEASE PLEASE. Holmes will get her life back , kiss Scientology GOODBYE AND MAKE A LIFE FOR HERSELF AND HER DAUGHTER.

  • little cockroach

    idani : go back to the Brangelina thread, you and Maria from Texas .


    ewwww her mom
    Suri run to the Jolie Pitt`s, they maybe cut your hair but at least you gonna be clean, travel a lot and be with kids of your age. (And had Brad as a dad ) a big improvement little girl.
    Ho, and they gonna let you be, so RUN SURI, RUN.

  • kelly

    Suri has been wearing those nasty azz pajamas for three days now. What a slob with a bump on her forehead!

  • anza

    so its getting worser every day or what???hello,you are her mum,woman,not her bff,so tell that little tyran what she has to do,and thats not going out in a restaurant in pyjamas.i fell sorry for fam,must be hard seeing her like this!!!!!!!!!

  • !

    Me thinks you are the slob Kelly!

  • anon

    Puhleaze, NK had “TWO KIDS” n more demanding career even as Mrs Cruise, plus she was younger dan dis SLOB (23 when she had Bella n 25 wen she had Connor) altho she never exploited her kids not where mother n children papped looking like this two!!!! Plus its not suri’s fault, watever she ‘IS’ or ‘BECOMES’ is down to her INCOMPETENT PARENTS so stop slagging her off

  • bella

    Ease up, the GMD shows up “HE NOT GIVING HER ENOUgH SPACE” he doesn’t “HE’S AN ABSENTEE FATHER/HUBBY” give a break!!!

  • ++Logan++

    love them.

  • arrival

    Suri is so cute! Poor Suri, allways flash in her eyes :( What a life for little girl! But look at the right side, better than living in africa without food, or living in the war.

  • !

    Anon dear, N Kidman is 43, Bella is 17

  • Weirdos

    Why don’t they ever put pants or comfy shoes on this child so she can play and get dirty like a normal kid?? Such strange people.

  • poor kid

    greasy stringy hair

  • chin can’t act

    when angie was with the kids w/out brad haters scream break up. well, i haven’t seen tom with katie and suri i don’t hear any break up story. at least one of the JPs always with the kids while the other works. shouldn’t tom be with suri while katie works.

  • aisha

    a pejama again !!!
    wher is all of the prity dress??
    this is notTom Cruise daughter!!

  • aisha

    normal kids dosent get dirty whil they play
    unpolait kids dose OK!!!


    Again, children should not be dining ANYWHERE in their nightclothes.

    If the child refuses to dress, the child stays home.


    Holmes own attire doesn’t bear contemplation, however, throwing on one’s husband’s shirt for an early run to breakfast is as American as apple pie. Pairing it with the bottom half of a Nazi prison marm’s uniform is disturbing.

    It’s high time Holmes stopped spending millions on clothing and reverted to her true self. Men’s shirt, jogging pants, sneakers, and a early morning run to the waffle house with her nightgown clad unbathed daughter on her hip.

  • Alicia

    To be honnest, I feel sorry for both of them.
    They look so unhappy. This is sad. Something seems to be going really bad in this family…

  • Kate

    What’s in the suitcase?

  • idani

    @little cockroach

    It’s a free country you know! And how would you know I’m on the Brangelina thread? You must go there. I rarely post on it too–so you must read every single entry to have found the few posts I’ve made there over the last month.
    Unlike Katie’s idiotic fashion sense, I think AJ looks fine. Katie looks a mess. Awful. And most of the fashion blogs concur. I especially have loved some of the Daily Mirror’s snarky comments.
    So you can blow steam all you want, but I am not leaving Katie’s horrible fashion sense alone!

  • Hmmm

    Angelina may dress Shiloh as a boy but at least she is always dress appropriately for the weather. I read a snippet from
    some store employee who saw Angelina and her kids and she said Angelina kept making sure the kids had their beenies on and stayed warm. Why can’t Kate do the same for ONE kid?

  • What’s in the suitcase?

    Diapers and Wet-Naps

  • juniper

    I think they both would look better if they cleaned up their look a bit. Katie often does not dress in ways that are flattering, which is a shame since she is young, thin and tall which usually makes cloths look good. Not sure what is going on with her and Tom, but something seems off. I think Tom and Nicole were (not that they they would ever get back together) a great match in that Nicole is not as conventional as Kate and was mentally more in sync with Tom. For years Tom and Nicole looked very bonded in photos, but Katie and Tom always look like they are putting on a show.

  • Posh

    Katie seems to be getting lazier or perhaps the brat is getting more out of control and controlling,,,

    idiot parents!

  • Why

    Why didn’t this no talent homely woman flash her kid’s butt this time?

    Answer: Suri was diapered in that outing, hence the huge suitcase.

  • Taylo

    Poor kid still needs a sweater.

  • Jolla

    #33 Alicia and #41 Taylo: Suri is having a great time in NY:,0,0#1 I admire Katie for what she can do for her daughter.

  • Carolina V.

    @Hmmm: I agree. Angelina seems like a good mommy. Atleast She allows her kids to wear sweaters. No matter how cold it is Katie & Tom never cover up poor Suri!

  • Raul

    How come Suri never wears pants or shorts or evens skorts (shorts in the back and skirt in the front)? And never any sneakers? Don’t these freaks realize that they have a child and not a dress-up-doll? Jeez, I’m only an uncle but even I know better.

  • Why

    What? Why did you want see this feral child threw tantrum and cry? You call that a blast? That feral child cannot deal with social interaction with others and was crying, guess something wasn’t going her way.

  • little cockroach

    In Europe the magazines there carry the best pictures, Suri is the most adorable child ever.
    Exactly it’s a free country , and anything is better then the black widow come Morticia Adams look …….black black black………colourless kids grey blue black. Go back to your Aj threads, vipers, you tear into anyone that is better than your drug addicted , collector of kids, She’s a horder, like people collect animals and don’t look after them, in her case 10 nannies.
    She’s a joke , everybody knows it except the vipers on JJ.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bratface

    Katie looks as miserable as sin.

  • beeeeeep
  • Why

    Have you figured out what this feral child held in her stimming hand and in one picture, almost put in her mouth?? she’s holding a lipstick \ lip gloss!
    Can you believe this combination? What a freak show!
    And in another website, you can see this pr prop in night gown and her leopard flats, she looked just like a frail old lady in some nursing homes.

    How weird is that??? What a freak show!

  • YIKES!

    Wow….those are some VERY interesting pics, #48 (‘Suri’s nanny’ thread). I’ll post the link again: