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Vanessa Hudgens & Sister Stella: Aroma Cafe Cuties

Vanessa Hudgens & Sister Stella: Aroma Cafe Cuties

Vanessa Hudgens and little sis Stella spend time together out in Los Angeles on Monday (April 5).

The 21-year-old actress and her sister grabbed lunch with mom Gina and took drinks to go from Aroma Cafe!

Check out a video of Vanessa and Alex Pettyfer showing scenes from their upcoming film together, Beastly, over at JJJ!

Beastly hits theaters July 30th!

More pics at!

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vanessa hudgens stella aroma cafe 01
vanessa hudgens stella aroma cafe 02
vanessa hudgens stella aroma cafe 03

Photos: X17
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  • RLL

    first??? she is just adorable!!!

  • dnfns


  • Carol

    I love this family.
    Beautiful girls.

  • sj

    gorgeous girls

  • ANNE

    Love her. She’s so sweet and down to earth.
    And she keeps getting more beautiful by the minute. I wish people would realize the potential this girl has to offer

  • jjeenniiffeerr

    Watch her soar, people. Love it.

  • pixie

    Love the evil look she’s giving – very cute!

  • Danielle

    Love Vanessa

  • Malia

    Vanessa is beautiful in her casual attire, as always. Looks like Stella is headed to a dance class. Nice that Vanessa spends time with her family.

  • Vero

    cuties !!!!

  • Rn-224

    love her beautiful eyes….

  • Sam


  • http://j ivanka

    she looks pissed by the papz and i dont blame her, i hate what they say in X17..

    i love her style

  • staci

    Dont go on x17!! i use to go to it everyday and could never figure out how i was getting virus’s it was from that website!!

  • pita

    gorgeous family!!

  • rosielee9

    The thing is we don’t know what the pap’s might have been saying to her, or it could just have been that she was’nt pleased that she was snapped when she was spending some quality time with her mom and sis. I for one can see why her dad dislikes the pap’s so much.

    And no doubt someone will say that becuase of the buisness that she is in she should be happy to be snapped by the pap’s but sorry she is not attending to work commitments here but enjoying a day with family so why should she have to give the pap’s a big smile if she does’nt want to, sorry but nobody smiles 24/7 and Vanessa is no different, also she could have just been feeling a bit unwell who know’s but X17 is a terrible sight one minute they say nice things about her then when she does’nt give them the big grins they say nasty things about her.

    I hope that her and Zac have a good time at the thing for Kenny tonight, photo’s would be nice but if not that’s life.

  • sj

    yeah x17 is awful. they only say nice things to the celebs who smile or talk to them. Plus, they called Vanessa fat in a post awhile ago and told her to do crunches or something

  • pop86

    Nice family time.

  • sony

    i must admited X-17 is crap all the papz are bunch of morons
    how can insult a woman like vanessa or ema

  • angie

    love them. and the fact that stella’s wearing ice skating tights and dress :)

  • dadf

    why the heck is she wearing such loose clothing now? can’t help but be suspicious.

  • birdie

    That is the current style. If you regularly visit her posts you can see that
    she is a very slender,well built woman. Anyway, it’s so nice to see her
    with her family.

  • ellen


  • vfan

    thanks for the pics.
    Vanessa looks pretty…as always and love her outfit. :)

  • Stacie

    OMG could that little girl’s skirt get any shorter? It’s not even down to her thighs!

  • Anthony loves Vanessa

    Vanessa looks cute but what’s with the grownup clothes on the little sister? The sweatshirt is fine but she’s wearing a miniskirt and animal print shoes for God’s sake.

  • curiosity

    Love family time… <3

  • kgg

    Good for Vanessa and making time to be with her Mom and sister. Stella, I’m told is an ice skater which makes sense with the outfit. She was either coming from or going to practice. No biggie!

    You can tell Vanessa is annoyed with the paps and I don’t blame her….they need to keep their distance and let her have some privacy with her family.

  • Christine

    aww cute, family time! :D

    And honestly, those who are saying that Stella’s clothing is too “grown-up”, have any of you honestly looked at what she’s wearing?
    She’s wearing skating tights and most likely a figure skating dress under the sweater.

  • suzy

    V looks good.

  • go sox

    Love the closeness of these girls and their mom! The comments here kill me sometimes……”oh, look how short that LITTLE girls’ dress is.” Are you kidding me? She’s NOT a little girl anymore, she’s a TEEN!!! Not to mention, if she was coming from skating, then a skirt like that is normal …..”oh, why is she wearing loose clothing? don’t want people to think she’s hiding something”……OMG… it a crime to wear loose clothes? Does everything have to be tight and trashy? And does it always mean someone’s preggers?? NOPE.

    I think she looks beautifully casual for a lunch with her family. Do you people want to be analyzed every time YOU walk out the door?? Geez. She is one of the best-dressed young women in Hollywood, always knowing what to wear, and ALWAYS looking good.

  • http://google toni

    How tall is Vanessa?

  • Karen

    Do some of you people ever think what you are saying about Vanessa’s clothing? To hear a lot of you she is either wearing something that is too loose which must mean she is “hiding something”—translated she is pregnant OR if she isn’t wearing something that is flowy and comfortable then people claim she is looking trashy because something is too short or too tight. Do you people not see that she cannot win?

    However, I sometimes think we have “ringers” on these sites who purposely come on and throw out these kinds of comments—the same with the hair extension comment—-JUST to get people to comment! I simply grow suspicious of certain things.

  • Karen

    On a side note when it comes to computer viruses: ANY site that has lots of ads on it—-like here on JJ/JJJ—it is a red flag that that kind of site is where you will pick up viruses. I have picked up SEVERAL from coming on JJ/JJJ when using a computer which has Windows. SO be careful.

  • sony

    love this news…….very normal but heck is vanessa

  • Soni Hannigan

    Thank you for the advice Karen
    I don’t get very many viruses from JJ and JJjr but I do on the x17. So I stay away for sure from that one.

  • rosielee9

    Perhaps Vanessa just felt like some loose clothing it’s not a crime to me comfort is the most important thing with clothes and if you feel comfortable with what you’ve got on then that’s all that counts.

    And again why should she be smiling 24/7 after all she is not attending to work commitments here she is spending time with her mom and sister so to be honest I’d be annoyed with the pap’s if it was me to intruding on my family time. To me she handles the pap’s really well considering the things they have said either to her or about her which I’m sure she hears about.

  • BOJI

    Sweet, out and about with some family bonding. X17 online, they’re a joke, paps from Hell, the ones who would say and do anything to get a response from a celeb be it a punch in their faces. As to the write-ups, well they fare no better than that lowlife PH site.

  • blablabla

    cute. but they dont look very happy ):
    vanessas face dont looks great anywere

  • Divine Goddess

    @Stacie: um yes it does…ur thighs start from the very top of ur legs. and she has tights on under or leggings so it doesnt matter.

  • Divine Goddess

    @dadf: suspiscious of what? u think shes hiding ballistic missiles under there?

    vanessa has always said she is a fan of bohemian clothing so this is nothing new

  • Divine Goddess

    @toni: 5’3″ shes petite

  • Kayla

    Wow!I so wish I was you Stella!