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Bristol Palin: Teen Pregnancy PSA!

Bristol Palin: Teen Pregnancy PSA!

Bristol Palin has teamed up with The Candie’s Foundation to debut a PSA for the prevention of teenage pregnancy.

The 19-year-old daughter of former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin appears with her son Tripp in the campaign, which will run in May to coincide with National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month.

In the PSA, Bristol asks, “What if I didn’t come from a famous family? What if I didn’t have all their support? What if I didn’t have all these opportunities? …Believe me, it wouldn’t be pretty. Pause before you play.”

Watch Bristol‘s teen pregnancy PSA below. It’s hard being a teen mom!

Bristol Palin: Teen Pregnancy PSA!
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  • Ashton

    What a little slut!

  • dani

    I don’t mind her doing this, but I think she should leave her child out of it. He’ll probably see this when he is older and think he wasn’t wanted.

  • Rhonda

    Good job, Bristol!

  • boston61

    She should tell her mother to shut her ignorant, uneducated, mouth.

  • idesign

    Good for Bristol!!!

    Palin hate 3… 2…1…

  • amy

    stop pimping the kid!!!

  • Pinkrose

    Calling your kid a mistake, just to make money is foul. He will see this later and he will be embarasssed when his friends’ parents tell their children he was a mistake and a national example of unwwanted kids.

  • Pinkrose

    Calling your kid a mistake on a national PSA, just to make money, is foul, foul, foul, foul! He will see it later in life and he will be embarassed when his friends’ parents tell their kids that he was a mistake and a national example of unwanted children.

  • Geez!

    So what she’s saying is if you’re well off it’s okay but if you’re poor it’s a mistake???

  • hard work

    Stop using your child and get an education. Tell the baby’s father to get an education. I’ve seen the child support you’ve asked, beyond spoiled.

    If your mother wants to help….have her help both you and Levi go back to school. You might have to take student loans….but hey, you will be just like a lot of other young Americans.

    Stop be fame-hos…the entire Palin family. Perhaps Sarah should look into why funding has been cut to so many health clinics/departments that helped young people, college students and the poor, not just with birth control but annual pap smears,breast exams and female type problems at a decent sliding scale they could afford, plus affordable birth control. At least birth control is better than someone having to go on welfare for a time.

  • Pinkrose

    So what she’s saying is if you’re well off it’s okay but if you’re poor it’s a mistake???


    No, what she is saying is that it is a mistake either way, rich or more, but she is luckyier than most because she has a rich and supportive family.
    But I think it is wrong to call your child a mistake publicly – no matter how good your intentions. Plis, I think she is actually being paid to do this PSA. But this stigma will stick with the child forever. The money is short term gain, for the harm this could do in the long run.

  • whitney

    LOL i don’t know why this becomes Sarah pailins fault. Like her daughter said she is fortunate to come from a supportive famous family who have made her pregnancy and now her life with her son much easier.
    That little boy will be proud of his mother for continueing to get her education while pregnant and moving onto higher ed as well as starting a business. All the things people like me can’t do. I got pregnant at age 16 never thinking it would happen to me and everything she is saying is true. I won’t lay the poor trip onto you but it is one of the hardest things i have ever gone thru. I kept my baby who i adore but i don’t have parents who are happy about it.
    We (my son and me) make the best of it but three times having sex with my boyfriend cost me my education and my teen yrs are gone surely not school and fun like it should be if i had of thought before i acted. My b/f was supportive at first but now the baby and i are too much for him. A whole other story.
    There are a staggering number of teen pregnancies and i thin kBristol Pailins message is a good one. I have lots of teen friends who still stop by to keep me informed on whats happening and mostly all of them are having sex with their partners. They are not all on the pill most of them rely on condoms like my b/f and i did. Good luck with that one . In my case the condom broke but nothing was going to stop us.
    All i am saying is a few mins of not thinking or as BP puts it Pause and i would of had my life as a nurse and my parents would not be so disappointed in me. My little boy brings me joy like i have never had before but if i had o f* thought* all of this could of came later and it would be a heck of a lot easier.

    Excellent message Bristol

  • Cerys

    Calling your child a mistake the way she has is a terrible thing to do and will definitely affect him later on. She has repeatedly called him a mistake as well, only now he gets to appear in a commercial along side her while she does it. There are other ways to go about getting her message across.

  • Jenn

    Wow some people are just ignorant. You idiots.. she is bringing awareness to what is an EPIDEMIC! Teen pregnancy is an epidemic and she is a statistic because she had a baby as a teenager. I am myself part of the statistic and if I could reach out to other teenagers, like Bristol is doing, I would! I would want to help other teenagers see that it is not fun and games having sex at a young age because you can get pregnant. And even though you get this beautiful child as a gift from god- you are also jeopardizing your childhood and dreams and accomplishments. It is so hard to be able to go to school and be a normal kid when you have to take care of a child yourself. She is just spreading the word that even though there are kids out there having kids and it seems easy and they still have a life– it isnt like that for all teenager mothers. Some have it so hard!

  • NYC

    This girl creeps me out.
    Why is the baby in this video? What about him years from now?
    Sarah Palin is the biggest idiot on the planet.
    Thank G-d McCain didn’t win as he would have brought this moron to our Whitehouse.
    I am shaking.
    My mom had me before marriage and she never told me until I was 35 yrs. old. I always wondered why she resented my existence.
    Now I know. I despise her for lying to me all those years.

    A piece of S**T. All of these holy rollers.
    Poor baby. I feel sorry for him the most.

  • NYC

    The White House, sorry, my mistake.

  • Lyns

    There are many children who were not planned be it a young teen getting pregnant or married women with husbands
    . Bristol Pailin is saying she loved her child no matter what. She kept him and is giving him all the love a child needs.
    Her message is how lucky she is to have a family who can help her through out it all. If she didn’t love her child she could have aborted him like so many other teens do or she could have given him up for adoption which most teens don’t do. It’s easier to abort.
    . Her son will grow up and understand these things. He will get the message and as an adult man why would he hold anything against his mother when she did everything she could to bring him into this world with 100% unconditional love. She never thought twice about whether she was keeping him or not. She knew she was and does know those nights at 17 yrs. old of a screaming baby at all hours of the night. It is much different than studying with your friends and planning a great weekend laughing and giggling on the phone not a care in the world except what you and your friends will be doing for the weekend or next vacation.
    Her grown up son will know she means she made a mistaake by not waiting but has nothing to do with how much she loves him. That’s the whole point is she made a mistake her baby didn’t.
    I am not an american so i don’t have an opinion about this family or hold any malice against them b/c of her mothers political works.
    I saw this message and thought it very good. There are an excessive number of unwed mothers where i live and the picture of what it could be like without immense support is very stark but very true. I will be showing this to my daughters when they come home from school.

  • jess

    My mom had me before she was married and she loves me with all of her heart. I feel bad for anyone whos mother treats them like its their fault they got pregnant. That’s not what Bristol Pailin is saying..
    There is nothing wrong with this message either. It has nothing to do with politics but everything to do with messing your life up by losing out on your teen yrs because you thought it couldn’t happen to you.

  • liz

    All she is trying to say is that the media has glamorized her pregnancy and her giving birth to the baby… and if she didn’t have her family and an income from endorsements it would not be as easy to raise her son. Most teen moms are not as fortunate as Bristol and end up in bad situations because they don’t have the support. This is not her “pimping out” her kid… showing her baby in the pics and the video makes this more authentic. I don’t think she’s hurting that much for money that she has to do a psa…. so good for her that she’s trying to help teens realize the severity of getting pregnant.

  • kablamo


  • dohdoh

    The kid looks scary it got an old face for a baby.

  • Anonnymouse

    I know she doesn’t want to glamorize an unintended, teenage pregnancy, but does she have to make the poor kid look like a death sentence?? Geez in some of the pics her baby looks just as pissed to be stuck with her. Can’t wait until he grows up and sees this.

  • lomapark

    Wow like we need another idiot like Palin in this world. That lady is batsh&t crazy, stupid, and doesn’t know anything about the USA.

  • sallytwoshoes

    @Pinkrose: He is a mistake, millions of kids are and guess what… they know it! I was a mistake but I knew my Mom loved me. I learned from her mistake and didn’t get pregnant as a teen. My Mom was my own PSA. Get over it.

  • Ryan

    i hate the palins, someone take out the trash

  • The Gouge

    @boston61: Um…he was unwanted.

  • male


  • Backwards C

    if she she feels so bad about him,maybe she should have had an abortion or wore a condom are not been dont the nasty. Dont try to act like you understand now. She is such a SL_T i can seen in her smaile

  • jaye

    Wonder if he’s had his first piece of grilled moose yet. He’s a cutie though. Levi, check the DNA. Dana don’t lie to quote Tyler Perry. Hmmmm, but it does sometimes.
    There are plenty people who got PG when they didn’t expect it. Not all unplanned children are unwanted nor are all planned children loved. It’s good of her to do a PSA, but in most cases they don’t work. She probably heard one or two herself and didn’t pay attention. As for whether she made money, if she did, it’s her kid and she has to take some financial responsibility for him. She has to take her opportunities where she finds them. I don’t like Sarah Palin who’s to stupid to know she doesn’t know certain things, but Bristol is just a kid. I wish her luck with her child. She could have done the PSA without the kid, but it sure does initiate a lot of conversation because he IS in it.

  • Nonu

    she should seriously shut up…its not like she actally knows anything of teenage pregnancy… this is all hypothetical, so why is she even making this spot? … And whats up with putting her baby into it…? Everyone knows she has one, no need to show it ..
    I dont mind her, but I think that doing this was dumber than getting pregnant in the first place

  • Nonu

    oh and also.. i dont really think getting pregnant at 18 upwards is all that bad. I mean obviously better things have happened, but at 18 you know how to deal with it, not like when u are lets say 13 or 14 and you really didnt think of consequences…

  • as is

    Poor baby, has such a mean-spirited, vicious grandmother.

  • a realist

    Thumb up Thumb down +3

    I know she doesn’t want to glamorize an unintended, teenage pregnancy, but does she have to make the poor kid look like a death sentence?? Geez in some of the pics her baby looks just as pissed to be stuck with her. Can’t wait until he grows up and sees this.
    “”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”"”" almost made me spit my tea out on my key board, that is so funny. But so true. The baby does look distressed. But with a grandmother like Sarah Palin, that child must be traumatized.

  • pink roses

    That baby looks pissed.

  • HackSaw

    I’d hit it.

  • cbfoo82


    Sarah Palin is a college graduate…just to counter your claim of her being ” uneducated”…

  • Brooke

    Oh my God people, chill the hell out. He WAS a mistake – at least she didn’t have an abortion (you’d all be bitching about that too if she did).

  • Rebecca

    Teenagers have been have been having babies since the beginning of time and always will. Americans allow our children to live i n a Peter Pan syndrome where they are not expected to grow up until age 30. In our greatgrandparents day by the time you were thirty you were probably already a grandparent. Life expectancy was somewhere between 40 to 50 years old. Our ancestors just got on with life and helped each other without judging. In present day we sit around whining about how a baby ruined our lives because we can’t pay our cell phone bill. Some people need marriage and responsibility at a young age.Oh by the way… Dear Palin, God doesn’t make mistakes. As a Christian you should know that.

  • Dirty Denise

    cbfoo82 @ 04/08/2010 at 4:09 pm …. #36

    Thumb up Thumb down 0


    Sarah Palin is a college graduate…just to counter your claim of her being ” uneducated”…
    5 colleges in 6 years to get a journalism degree. And shes nothing. She is a functional illiterate.

  • tuttle88

    If you weren’t from a famous family you wouldn’t have been forced to parade your unplanned pregnancy and pretend you love your loser boyfriend. Maybe the poor and non famous actually have more of a choice about whether to have a baby or not than you do?

  • Marsha

    In our grandparents day there was no welfare syatem which today is overwhelming costing the tax payers = US= me you etc a huge pretty penny and it keeps skyrocketing.
    but lets forget about that and say ‘ it’s perfectly fine go ahead kids have babies out of wedlock. Why not we the taxpayers will help you .
    You may barely just get by with our money but afterall we are trying to share the wealth so try to cut back on diapers or something
    Or i know how about just the rich kids have unwed babies. yeah that’s it. Have a couple …why not??.. your parents can pay for them.

    Rebecca , Get with the programme. Pulease don’t encourage it. Things have changed since our grandparents day.
    The only mistake that was made in this picture are the teens who didn’t think or have protected sex and as some NO not some but lots do they get pregnant to live off the land. You need to go out into the projects like i do and come back and tell teens having one two and three babies while not married to have more kids bc babies never ruined lives. You would be in for a rude awakening.
    I don’t care about Sarah Pailin but the message her kid gave is reality. It might be bleak but thats the way it is. BTW have you heard and i repeat things have changed drastically since our grandparents day. Yes we do live longer lives. We pay outragous taxes and kids are supposed to be smarter today.

  • Dee Courter

    Bristol is not implying her son is a mistake; she is valuing his life and telling you that if they didn’t have the support he wouldn’t be as blessed as he is! So many unwed mothers don’t have the support that values their choice for life (and that is mostly due to unsupportive ‘fathers’)!
    Abortion is what claims a baby is a mistake.

  • pops


    i was thinking the same thing

  • Karen H

    ITA too Dee # 42
    Excellent points.

  • Unbiased

    Bristol is merely saying what is, in fact, quite true. Get pregnant as a teen and you can end up out of luck. Maybe that won’t happen, like she said, she has support, but not every girl would, and it’s hard enough becoming an adult without becoming a parent at the same time.

    Nowhere in there did she say her baby was a mistake. Nowhere did she let on that he wouldn’t have been wanted or loved. Just that things could have been very hard as a young single mom.

  • Unbiased

    Dee-exactly! Getting an abortion is saying you made a mistake.

  • getreal555

    Perhaps President Obama should do a PSA — he was the product of an unwed, teenage mother… Amazing how no one was brave enough to bring that up during the election. Anyone other than President Obama and the gloves would have been off.

    Teens make decisions without fully understanding the consequences all the time. Bristol’s decision to have sex will impact the rest of her life. I applaud her efforts to help other girls — despite the cruelty she has been subjected to from the media and the people in this country. Bristol DID NOT ask to be on the national stage – particularly at a time that would be difficult (emotionally and physically) simply
    within your own family or community.

    Bristol has also given numerous interviews via print and broadcast saying she cannot imagine her life without her little boy. She adores him. She is also willing to step into the spotlight on this issue and share the reality that a raising a child can be really hard. Everyone is so concerned about teen pregnancies. A teen steps up to help and people slam her, how childish and destructive.

    Sarah Palin gets knocked because she chose to teach her child to abstain from sex and is pro-life (for the record, I am pro-choice). But, you can only teach your child as best you can — you can’t control them.
    With the support and love of her (admittedly shaken) family, Bristol then chose to keep her baby and raise him. That is in keeping with the values of the Palin family.

    Let’s contrast that with the President, whose mother became pregnant during a time when abortion was illegal. Despite the pretty picture that is painted, in his books the President is very open about his feelings of abandonment by his mother. Obama was raised by his grandparents as his young mother chose to in a different country and pursue her own dreams. Let me remind you, with teen pregnancy such a concern — and poor Bristol getting hammered in the press — SILENCE from the Obama campaign on the subject. Way to step up!

    Considering his background, it is surprising that the President is such a strong abortion advocate, He has said that if one of his daughters got pregnant he would rather she have an abortion than “Ruin Her Life!” Guess that was the message he got from his mother.

    Don’t be hypocrites. Your venom toward Bristol Palin is truly sickening. Does youtr definition of Bristol as “White Trash” include President Obama? And no, that was not a racial pun. Shocking, I know, but everything is not racial.

  • A

    @Pinkrose: So true! I mean, come on, it’s not like you’ve got a terrible disease or something.

  • datesingledoctors

    what if i didn’t use bc?

  • Just Wow….

    I think the people who are going off their heads over this are taking this too personal (either your kid got knocked up or your a kid that has gotten knocked up) the message is there and crystal clear and it NOT JUST A BRISTOL problem everyone in this country has a HUGE problem with 13+14 year old getting pregnant… MAYBE this message wasnt executed well but it send a REALISTIC MESSAGE to TEEN (the morons dont see that this is direct to a specific demographic are exactly that… morons)

    Im not a Palin support.. (hate her really) but that doesnt make the message anymore real and and less IMPORTANT.. GROW UP (PARENTS)