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Gisele Bundchen: Colcci Ads Revealed

Gisele Bundchen: Colcci Ads Revealed

Gisele Bundchen is new face of Brazilian clothing line Colcci!

In the Fall/Winter 2010 ad campaign, the 29-year-old Brazilian supermodel shows off her fabulous figure, which was only six weeks after giving birth to her son Benjamin!

According to Wiki, designers for Colcci are inspired hip hop culture as well as Mexican folk art, religious and historic images, and literature.

20+ pictures inside of Gisele Bundchen‘s Colcci ads…

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gisele bundchen colcci ads fall winter 2010 01
gisele bundchen colcci ads fall winter 2010 02
gisele bundchen colcci ads fall winter 2010 03
gisele bundchen colcci ads fall winter 2010 04
gisele bundchen colcci ads fall winter 2010 05
gisele bundchen colcci ads fall winter 2010 06
gisele bundchen colcci ads fall winter 2010 07
gisele bundchen colcci ads fall winter 2010 08
gisele bundchen colcci ads fall winter 2010 09
gisele bundchen colcci ads fall winter 2010 10
gisele bundchen colcci ads fall winter 2010 11
gisele bundchen colcci ads fall winter 2010 12
gisele bundchen colcci ads fall winter 2010 13
gisele bundchen colcci ads fall winter 2010 14
gisele bundchen colcci ads fall winter 2010 15
gisele bundchen colcci ads fall winter 2010 16
gisele bundchen colcci ads fall winter 2010 17
gisele bundchen colcci ads fall winter 2010 18
gisele bundchen colcci ads fall winter 2010 19
gisele bundchen colcci ads fall winter 2010 20
gisele bundchen colcci ads fall winter 2010 21

Photos: David Sims
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  • mistery

    no hips, stick legs, fake boobs… just tall. And this is breath-taking?

  • anonymous

    “new face”? That made me laugh out loud…Gisele has been the face of Colcci for a VERY LONG time, longer than she’s been with any other company. She also goes to Brazil twice a year to walk the runway for Colcci (she didn’t this past january because of Benjamin, but she *may* go in June)- that’s the only brand she still does fashion shows for. Her and Colcci have a great relationship because Colcci is a brazilian brand.
    So, please correct that error Jared.
    On a seperate note, she looks fantastic as always- love her!

  • anonymous

    Gisele is insanely gorgeous…she has a one of a kind face and body and she’s also very sweet and down-to-Earth.
    I hear she’s going to be in Paris tomorrow to promote her sandal line- can’t wait!

  • xiz

    That’s true. She’s an old face for Colcci. She comes every year to model for Colcci on Sao Paulo Fashion Week and to shoot photos for ad campaigns. A small mistake JJ

  • Mari

    She looks stunning!

  • Cayenne

    I think her look, while unique, could possibly be expiring in the modeling and fashion world. Just my observation from which I have seen forcast and trend for the next 5 years!

  • boo

    Wowzers. She’s tall and skinny.

  • anonymous


    I don’t think she’s “expiring” at all. Even though she’s almost 30, Gisele is still the most in-demand model in the world. In the past year, she’s been put on numerous magazine covers including new magazines that used her for their first cover, and magazines of other nationalities (i.e she was the first non-indian model to be featured on the cover of Vogue India).
    Not to mention that many companies still want to use her as the face of their brand. London Fog was willing to use her even though she was 6 months pregnant. And Colcci flew all the way to Boston for this photoshoot, which they’ve never done before.
    Heidi Klum is 36 and still a big name, and Gisele is way more successful than Heidi or any other model.
    My point is that no matter how old, companies will still want her for a very long time. because a) there is no other model right now who can even begin to take her place and b) companies don’t only use her because she’s a great model but because she’s a worldwide fashion icon.
    Having said all that, I don’t think Gisele will be around for too long because she has said over and over again in the past year that she wants to focus now on her family and her personal projects (skin care line, environment, etc.) . She has always said that she doesn’t want to model past a certain age. But, I’m sure if she changes her mind there will be a lot of companies who would love to work with her.

  • anonymous

    She looks great but this is my least favorite Colcci ad campaign of the past few years. It doesn’t do Gisele, especially her figure, any justice at all. Also, they’ve photoshopped her skin too much. Gisele is a natural beauty- they don’t need to photoshop. I’ve seen the behind-the-scenes video of this shoot and she looked fantastic without the airbrushing.

  • roar

    Hot as always.

  • helen

    @anonymous: that is correct. Colcci is the only brand she still models in runways. and she’s been the face of colcci for years.

    and really people, stop the hate. maybe you don’t think she’s the most beautiful woman in the world, but please don’t say she’s ugly. you may not think she’s gorgeous, but you damn right know she’s not ugly.

  • Ladyb

    I am liking these clothes. I can see myself in them.


    these clothes and her are beautiful ok

  • HF Gal

    I don’t know but most of the very successful models today are ‘ugly beautiful’

    Gisele, Kate, Natalia, Daria, and Lara. Chameleon beauties yey

  • Nicki

    Is it because of photoshop or is she that horribly skinny? The hair is also awful….. what’s wrong with her?

  • banana

    i cannot take this woman….because tom brady is mine!!!!!

    and i never found her face attarctive…but she does have THE BEST LEGS EVER!

  • lexy hates bilson

    I love her. She looks great!!

  • Gab

    So how come no one’s screaming foul over the ridiculous photoshopping here? They’ve made her look emaciated. What the hell are these fashion PR assholes thinking? Giselle, who has always been a little more voluptuous than the typical runway model, is neither hipless nor stick insect thin. Check her pap photos, the girl’s got great natural muscle tone. When is this crap going to stop? The Japanese Ralph Lauren ads were apparently not the exception but a warning of things to come, we’ve skidded down that slippery slope. I understand the need to rub out a pimple or to smooth out a crease, but these fake unattainable images might as well come with a PG rating.

  • bobbi


  • anonymous


    I agree, I’ve never seen pics of Gisele that have been this heavily photoshopped. And from the looks of the backstage video there was no photoshopping needed-she’s a natural beauty.
    I don’t think its just the airbrushing/photoshopping, though. This is my least favorite Colcci collection so far- the clothes do nothing for her incredible figure.

  • Bruce

    Bish is hotttt!!!!!!

  • bick

    She looks like a giraffe. I don’t see the appeal at all .

  • lol

    she is so ugly,manly and body has no curves, too tall..I prefer Miranda Kerr Adriana Lima Alessandra Ambrosio Doutzen Kroes ..etc

  • omfg

    omg she is perfection. she is the only model now days who has an 80s/90s model vibe. she is stunning! these ads are a little to photoshoipped which this goddess doesnt need at all. richest supermodel ever, for a reason hatas!! HAHAHAHAHAAH

  • tomtom


    lol you prolly got 300 lbs of meat on your body and face, of course youd find her ugly , (now theres somethin to LOL) about. when people see you. if you see gisele in real life, you wont be loling. youd be speecheless. taller,thinner,prettier than any girl in any room!

  • drika

    I can see why so many hate on her. tall,thin,rich,beautiful,naturally gorgeous,hot hubby, gets to model and wear the best brands and clothes,the list is endless…..

  • bird

    she looks like big bird fro sesame street i live in NYC and see her all the time no makeup a mess nothing to lok at at all the only thing she has going is shes 6 ft tall she has a hook nose and thin lips ahe is not naturally pretty now ive seen alessandra ambrosio and adriana lima talk about natural gorgeous beautys there you go giselle is a hasbeen

  • tommy


    hasbeen LMFAO LMFAO. then what does that make the other you mentioned? never beens? lol

  • meme

    I can understand why not everyone finds her beautiful (well sort of, lol) to me she is pretty damn obviously beautiful, and I have read twitter sitings of people who have seen her around in boston and nyc and say nothing but good things about her looks. but anyways Ive for years had to be told angelina jolie,jessica alba,and many others were so perfect, which I would never call them ugly ., bc they clearly are not (as gisele clearly is not since her bank account speaks volumes about her looks) I think you haters just need to rephrase your words aka, “not my cup o tea” “doesnt do anything for me” etc….ugly she is NOT. angielina who everyone says is perfection, while I think she is damn attractive, doesnt do a damn thing for me when I look at her. therefore I dont go looking her up and commeting on her. lol why do ppl who dont like gisele comment about her? clearly there is something.

  • justinaaveragefatty

    justina you average faced looking fat armed girl, quit foolin yourself. tom never wanted you, and never will! in fact he doesnt even know your pathetic average a** even exists, lol. get over it.

    I have seen all 10/20 of giseles haters. eekkk. worst mistake in my life!
    talk about all the names they call giseles x 3433243254325344

  • Tina

    Yeah Gisele haters are nothing new. Leonardo groupies still arent fond of her, and now Tom Brady obsessed fan girls dont care for her either, (go figure right?) lol and yes its nothing new Adriana Limas fans despise gisele. who cares. go stare at her then. pshhh. cant you except different types of beauty or are you all one minded?

    Giseles beauty is pristine. high class. she almost looks like she belongs to another era. love that about her. she has a regalness of audrey hepburn, katherine hepburn. so exquisite looking.

  • ron

    sure guys love hour glass figures with t&a. not too much of it . Id take a bod like gisele’s anyday, then the average girls I see all the time with chubby arms (hate fat arms) and big cellulite legs. trust girls men would take her over you anyday. if we ever got the chance that is.

  • Shamrocks


    so agree! Not everyone has to find the same types of people beautiful.
    I appreciate gisele’s beauty, because shes so unique, and exotic looking. I love unique type beauties. screw the obvious blow up doll “I just sucked a big one” look. Sooooo common today. anyone can get that cheap look, but not many look like gisele…I appreciate that about her. she is unique, one of a kind beauty so expensive looking! you either like it or you dont. cats or dogs, apples or oranges. just her face alone looks so expensive..She reminds me of the rich woman in the exquisite clothes walking her 6 dogs on park avenue in the 1950′s, haha. so expensive looking. no wonder anna wintour and all the rest adore her. she is exquisite! no models can get vogue USA covers, except gisele.. I hardly call that a has been. lol She is sure to break even more modeling records in her 30s. you watch …..cindy,linda,claudia still do. a supermodel is a supermodel. gisele is the last one. deal with it haters! it kills you when you see her booking the best most prestigious jobs still doesnt it? lol
    well keep on hoping and wishing she wouldn;’t bc guess what, karma is a b****. you wish bad things on her, it will come right back on you hunnies.

  • shunky

    Gisele can do no wrong in my eyes. She’s a Goddess!

  • brazilina

    can’t wait to see what other high end jobs she will book this year, that she consistently books every year…. how exciting!

  • justinaaveragefatty


    all no its called umm being tall and thin?? and thats a bad thing? lol
    mmmmm last time I checked the world wasnt obsessed with diet pills and health food and liposuction, and face contouring and crash diets,etc….for no reason! jealous biotches. you girls are sick!

  • abigail


    I prefer high fashion type models anyday.

  • heybirdy

    hey bird girl funny you say you like alessandra, have you seen her body lately? she’s so thin. gisele has way more curve and meat than she has now days.

  • semini

    colcci,vogue,versace,dior you name it, gisele rocks anything. she’s one hot milf now!

  • infamous

    trust me, these pic’s have been stretched and photoshopped…altho she is back to a good weight, she is not this skinny…I saw her only a few days ago at the gym…nowhere near this lanky..

  • bird

    @38 yes ive just seen her last week she was here with her boyfriend for an event and yes shes thin but shes got curves too i guess you have to see them in person giselle is not pretty she is 6 feet tall and if she wasnt she would still be flipping hamburgers in brazil how come victoria secret dumped her please shes is not pretty she hasa big nose profile shes a mess everytime you see her and if you hear her talk omg learn to speak girl you are here long enough you can have your opinion i can have mine and ive seen all of them living inNYC and yes alessandras face is gorgeous she has perfect features with no makeup and adriana lima is so gorgous with her eys and hair coloring she takes your breath away and she has a body very curvy and shes very tall giselle looks like big bird

  • aries


    aww well vs is not the end all, be all of modeling. espcially these days, the brand gets tackier and tackier by the second.aww too bad the others dont have her career resume and money,. or fame and prestige. something tells me UR WRONG.

    ok gisele is a bird,alessandra is a rat,adriana is a beaver. theyre all cute dont you think?

  • 1ofgiselesmillions

    Don’t hate Gisele Bundchen because she’s beautiful. Or because she’s rich. Or because she’s married to the one of the most successful athletes in sports history.

    Okay, maybe hate Gisele Bundchen just a little bit.

  • 50ofgiselesmillions

    hasbeen? are you kidding me? that truly was the LOL of the day for me. like her or not, that couldn’t be further from the truth! If it were she wouldn’t be picked still by the biggest people in the fashion world to front their brands and magazine covers. LOL. you know why she does? because she still sells products real well. maybe not as much in her heyday circa 2000, but she still does. Why do you think her records as a model cant be matched? (except for rare few like kate moss and naomi,linda) because she is the last supermodel who sells and who people (outside of her little minuscule minority group of a hate club) care about and/or know of. its a known fact when gisele is the face of something the sells sky rocket. do your research haters.

  • anonymous

    Here’s a new pic of her in a Calzedonia bikini:

    Anyone still think she’s “ugly”?

  • aa

    of course they do. to giseles haters she is the worst model,has worst hair,worse body,too thin,is a has been model,isnt as rich as she says, her man is not hot,her english is not good, she cant model well,she isnt nice. they will never see all the good in her. even if its staring them in the face right on their computer screens!!! haha.

  • kyle

    I wonder what the girls who criticize gisele or any attractive celeb for that matter look like.????? eww wait a minute no i don’t!!

  • kate


  • louise

    she’s always gorgeous!! :)))

    a melhor modelo do mundo!


    Bar Refaeli wishes she looks as good as this!