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Jennifer Lopez Covers 'Redbook' May 2010

Jennifer Lopez Covers 'Redbook' May 2010

Jennifer Lopez reveals the secrets to balancing a multifaceted career, marriage and motherhood in the May 2010 issue of Redbook, on stands April 20th. Here’s what the 40-year-old diva shared:

On marriage and finding “the one”: “I think you can love many different people, but that’s different from what makes a great partner in life, which Marc [Anthony] is for me… He inspires me to be better at everything—a better person, mom, singer, performer, friend, and wife. A marriage is long, and you’ve got to like the person as much as you love or lust after them. You’ve got to be friends first.”

On how motherhood has changed her: “I can’t help but be a different person now that I’ve had kids. That really does change your whole perspective on life for the better. I definitely feel like I’ve grown up. So, I guess in a way parts of me are going to be different, but in general I’m still the same girl from the Bronx who had big dreams.”

On fame and accomplishments: “I always wanted to be great at what I did—that’s what drove me. If I got rejected, I wouldn’t take it personally. I was like, Make them a fan and they’ll bring you back in for something else. I never thought about money or fame, and I never really thought that would happen to me. All that was just a by-product.”

Jennifer‘s next romantic comedy is The Back-up Plan (out April 23), has a guest-starring role on Glee, followed by the summer release of her new CD, Love?.

FYI: Jennifer is wearing an 830SIGN denim dress and jewelry by Marc Jacobs and a bronze Talbot Runhof dress inside the mag!

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31 Responses to “Jennifer Lopez Covers 'Redbook' May 2010”

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  1. 1
    Fernanda Prevedello Says:

    I do love her! ^^

  2. 2
    Imko Says:

    She looks great! Thaks Jared ;)

  3. 3
    christine Says:

    LOVE HER! Love the fact that she can go from drama to comedy to action to romance to mystery… music… modeling… she can do ANYTHING. Loved her since I was a youngin. She’s just so diverse…. she goes beyond ethnic lines… she’s not about controversy or lets personal drama take away from her career… even though I don’t see her in more … she’s just lovely. Would love to see her in mystery/action thriller….she’d be perfect. oh, and love her on this magazine cover here… 100% real and just all around genuiine.

  4. 4
    christine Says:

    in more diverse roles, i mean

  5. 5
    Infamous Says:

    I think she is overrated personally in the singing and acting catergory but she does look great!

  6. 6
    Courtney Says:

    Jennifer does look great but as usual she’s full of herself same thing she thinks she’s the first celeb to successfully do perfume no she’s not Elizabeth Taylor did it 15 years before her and still has the best selling celeb fragrance White Diamonds which has it’s 20th anniversary next year so J Lo should keep her mouth shut and she also forgets she inherited 3 stepchildren as did another Icon who shall remain nameless of course that actress also had 3 of her own by the time she was 35 where Jen had her twins at age 37

  7. 7
    Rocky Says:

    Will this woman just go AWAY!! She can’t act herself out of a paper bag for goodness sake. GO AWAY!!@Courtney:

    OMG!!! You are so right!! Liz Taylor was the first and White Diamonds is still going strong! JLo should take her brain out of her a.s.s and think before she speaks.

  8. 8
    june Says:

    Translation: Marc Anthony is a great manny, and he goes along with every that I want, unlike that rebellious Ben Affleck.

  9. 9
    Cammie Says:

    She looks good

  10. 10
    BBperfume Says:

    The quote ” I think you can love many different people, but that’s different from what makes a great partner in life.”— is sooo INSPIRATIONAL AND SOO TRUE! This can be misinterpreted .. Is she saying that Marc Anthony might be the leading man in her life, BUT NOT in her heart! ?? I wonder who broke J.Lo’s heart? Ben Afflect, anyone?

  11. 11
    A Says:

    @BBperfume: I think that’s exactly what she’s saying. She always went after men that made her heart go pitter patter, but those men broke her heart. She settled for Marc Anthony, who is a supportive friend/partner…but not the passionate love she imagined having.

  12. 12
    commonsense Says:

    Did she actually say “a marriage is long”? Really?! Maybe she forgot her first two!!

  13. 13
    laurie smitt Says:

    She settled down with a man that adored her and who has had a
    crush on her for or 6 years… yes that is why she married him 4 months
    after she broke up with Ben… How embarrassing for her if she had
    to do the Jimmy Kimmel skit lying in bed next to Ben carassing Jimmy.

    Please she made the right choice in Marc ..he is a great man who
    treats her with the respect that she wants and needs.. she is not
    with Ben who made to gay type skits with Jimmy Kimmel and after
    The Town movie doesn’t have any work after that…

    A marriage should be for life.. Never thought about money and fame
    give me a break.. who demanded that she has private jets and
    demand lists

  14. 14
    mrlopez86 Says:

    damn all i can is damn she is lookin better then ever all u haters need to just leave her alone if u dont like her then dont be on here

    love u jenny

  15. 15
    jessalyn Says:

    Lovely lady!

  16. 16
    jesse Says:

    i lovee her she looks gorgeous!

  17. 17
    Honeybunn Says:

    J Lo has always been full of herself. It is part of what has made her famous. That overly confidant, extra ambitious and do whatever it takes to make it ….persona is what she was known for. She saturated the markets with her image in all media markets.

    I think Jennifer Lopez is a beautiful woman.
    I just don’t believe anything she has to say anymore. J Lo had 2 husbands before Marc. It makes you wonder why she married them. Jennifer is used to getting her way with everything she wants. I think Marc basically lets her have her way with everything. Poor Chris tried to have some in put in their marriage and he was gone soon after. That first husband got left behind in FL because J Lo wanted a music career in NY.

    Ben was to independent for J Lo. When Ben and J Lo got together I thought ….They make a nice couple. Then I thought Ben really doesn’t do all this self promotional over exposing J Lo does. Then I thought they are not going to stay together if they don’t stay out of the spot light. I think both Ben and J Lo are two strong minded individuals that just clashed when it came to making big decisions. A relationship between them wouldn’t have worked. I didn’t think Ben would stay in a relationship that wasn’t working. He has stated in interviews that he didn’t want a toxic marriage like his parents. He simply didn’t want to marry J Lo just to get a divorce later…….(Look at J Lo’s marriage track record). Why bring kids into a bad situation. J Lo married Marc 4 months after they broke up. Ben made the right decision to leave. Marc will stay with J Lo forever. He knows was lucky to get her.

  18. 18
    markie Says:

    She is sooooo beautiful. Seriously, gorgeous woman
    I want to see her new movie

  19. 19
    Carrie Says:

    Marc Anthony had a wife and 2 children who he messed over. He created that family first and dumped them like garbage. He was a lousy husband and a cold-blooded father to leave his wife with his 10-month old baby and a 2 year old to grieve while he humiliated her, prancing around in the media with JLO. JLO knew this man had a wife and very young children, and knew the pain any woman would have to endure if the shoe was on the other foot. Yet she praises a low-life like Marc Anthony as if his FIRST family never existed. That little, skinny creep is less than a man if there ever was one, and JLO was just as low to hook up with a man that was doing his family so badly.

  20. 20
    Courtney Says:

    actually Marc had 3 children not 2 he had one from a relationship early in his career and 2 from a prior marriage the actress I whose name I didn’t say earlier is Joanne Woodward whose marriage to Paul Newman Jennifer gushed about after he passed away in September 2008 she had Paul’s kids from his first marriage Scott Susan & Stephanie was expecting when they got married but sadly miscarried that baby on their honeymoon and then had their 3 daughters Elinore Melissa & Claire but you can’t compare their acting styles as Jen never won any awards for her work though she was nominated for a golden globe for Selena and Ms Woodward actually won countless awards for her acting an oscar a cannes award and three golden globes amongst many others though she didn’t actually accept her first golden globe due to it being right after her loss so I believe Paul went in her place because she wasn’t even back from London yet and he had come back early to work on Cat On A Hot Tin Roof with none other Than Elizabeth Taylor who was friends with Joanne prior to meeting Paul on the set

  21. 21
    Looking Good Says:

    Lopez looks healthy, happy and spirited. I think she has the upper hand in her marriage to Marc — he was lucky to get her — and with that situation, as long as Lopez keeps herself together and on top of things like she does, I believe she and Marc with last.

  22. 22
    MaineBoy Says:

    J-Lo’s guest appearance on GLEE won’t happen this season, according to this interview with the execs of GLEE:

  23. 23
    Marieme Says:

    Redbook? Really? Snort!

  24. 24
    lexy hates bilson Says:

    Oh please she settled down with a man who cheats on his girlfriends but has good sperm and money!
    Nice to see she’s FINALLY starting to realize she’s not 25 anymore and not going to be on Teen Vogue covers. Her album was so bad the label dropped her. I doubt this movie will do well. Hopefully she’ll disappear soon like Rachel Bilson or Gary Coleman!

  25. 25
    lexy hates bilson Says:

    Oh please she settled down with a man who cheats on his wives but has good sperm and money!
    Nice to see she’s FINALLY starting to realize she’s not 25 anymore and not going to be on Teen Vogue covers. Her album was so bad the label dropped her. I doubt this movie will do well. Hopefully she’ll disappear soon like Rachel Bilson or Gary Coleman!

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