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Jessica Simpson Covers 'Marie Claire' May 2010 -- Without Makeup!

Jessica Simpson Covers 'Marie Claire' May 2010 -- Without Makeup!

Jessica Simpson shows off her fresh face on the cover of Marie Claire magazine’s May 2010 issue!

“I don’t have anything to prove anymore,” the 29-year-old singer shared. “What other people think of me is not my business.”

Jess, who went without makeup and unretouched, is starting a new initiative called “A Beautiful Me,” which encourages young women to feel comfortable in their own skin and love themselves for who they are!

“A Beautiful Me” will launch after her VH1 show, The Price of Beauty, finishes its run next month.

For more from Jessica, visit! Click below to see Jess without make-up!

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Photos: James White
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59 Responses to “Jessica Simpson Covers 'Marie Claire' May 2010 -- Without Makeup!”

  1. 1
    Jess Says:

    I think she looks really lovely here and she’s awesome for doing this :) She deserves a little more credit, she’s a good person.

  2. 2
    tal Says:

    nice =)

  3. 3
    mikemiller1000 Says:

    She looks… great! Much, much better than I ever would’ve expected.

  4. 4
    ++Logan++ Says:

    She is one of those girls that look 1000 times better without make up because it shows off their natural youthful beauty. She has a sweet, soft, feminine face.

  5. 5
    Tina Says:

    It looks like she kept her hair extension in and where are the blue veins on her breast???D-List pop star A-List shoe salesman C-list Reality Star.

  6. 6
    Jessica Says:

    Who cares about what this ***** has to say.

  7. 7
    idani Says:

    She definitely has some eye liner on. Whether it is the tattooed eyeliner or the make up, not sure. But if you look at candids paps have shot of her with no make up her eyes are not as defined. Her lashes either have extensions or she is using that med for glaucoma to grow them.

    This is not au natural.

  8. 8
    Infamous Says:

    I think she looks good!

  9. 9
    mmm Says:

    She looks great, but it is not all natural. I really don’t like the “no make-up” photos on celebs because they always have some makeup on. I want to see what they really look like.

  10. 10
    Denise Says:

    She looks better without much makeup.

  11. 11
    melody Says:

    without makeup! REALLY? This is a joke or what?
    Thanks photoshop.

  12. 12
    Michelle MacNeily Says:

    Yeah her skin looks really good, which makes me reconsider buying Proactiv :)

  13. 13
    Lisajane Says:

    Sorry not falling for it! I see plenty of makeup, the blusher and eyeliner are the most obvious. I also believe there is eye shadow and lip gloss. I’m willing to bet my house that she is wearing a full face of make up here, its the natural look yes and she is beautiful yes, but she IS wearing make up. Fact.

  14. 14
    yo sista Says:

    No make up? yeah right…..

  15. 15
    Lisajane Says:

    lol, I just looked at the second pic, OK this is just funny, how dump do they think we are? In the second pic the mascara and lipgloss are as clear as day!

  16. 16
    Rocky Says:


    You may not, but if she can help young girls and woman then it’s all good. Calling people names is not a cool thing either. Maybe you should learn a thing or two about not dissing people you don’t know.

  17. 17
    Rocky Says:


    Mascara and lipgloss are no biggies. I think all that glob makeup is what they’re trying to get across.

  18. 18
    A Says:

    I won’t deny that she’s beautiful with minimal makeup, and better that way too! But please, don’t say “no makeup” and then have on eyelash extensions, mascara, eyeliner, light foundation, blush, etc. You can clearly see it all in the photo. Do they think we’re stupid? Maybe someone would take her seriously if she really did take the photo with NO makeup.

  19. 19
    Lisajane Says:

    @Rocky: Yeah, and what about the rest? Sorry but I believe she is wearing a full face of make up in both those pics.

  20. 20
    LMM Says:

    she looks cute, but there is no way she doesn’t have mascara on in these pics.

  21. 21
    Jessica Says:

    Jessica is not the poster woman for having self esteem now is she?
    Everyone knows Jessica DOES care about what people are saying about her even it she denies it.

    She LIVES for the attention.

  22. 22
    ithink Says:

    Jess, I think you are beautiful and talented. I am very proud of the strenght that you have shown against all of the prejudice and bias insults that have been hurled at you. You are fighting to maintain your sanity and pride and for that I truely admire you. There are a lot of heartless people in the world and that is their problem–Let them own it. Bless you.

  23. 23
    nobama Says:

    yawn. blah blah blah. sureeeeeeeee no “make-up” to “touch up”… but tons of photoshopping! how the hEll is this girl relevant?

  24. 24
    Bobbie Says:


  25. 25
    natalie Says:

    Agreed. This is NOT no make-up. Yes, she looks a little more “au naturel” but if she doesn’t have mascara on, she went and got her eye lashes and lids tinted.

  26. 26
    Jessica Says:


    I have the right to voice my opinion just like everyone else on this board.

  27. 27
    Kate Says:

    I have to agree with all who write she has on makeup. I don’t have anything against Jessica Simpson, but couldn’t these magazines tell the truth!! This is called the “no-makeup look”, but makeup is definitely applied.

    They should write that she has on about half the amount of makeup she regularly wears. Definitely mascara, tinted moisturizer, bronzer, blush, and lipgloss. Oh yeah, and she had just been for a mystic tan and has hair extensions. Not natural.

    All that being said, she does look much better with less makeup.

  28. 28
    Ronda Says:

    I like Jessica a lot. She’s funny, beautiful and a bit….okay maybe a lot goofy at times but likable just the same IMO.

  29. 29
    Ronda Says:

    I like Jessica a lot. She’s funny, beautiful and a bit….okay maybe a lot goofy at times but likable just the same IMO.

  30. 30
    Ronda Says:

    I like Jessica a lot. She’s funny, beautiful and a bit….okay maybe a lot goofy at times but likable just the same IMO.

  31. 31
    Ronda Says:

    ***Oops sorry didn’t mean to post the same comment thrice***

  32. 32
    rollingstone Says:

    Its obvious that she’s wearing a bit of make-up but thats not the point. they havent made her look perfect or fake. she looks natural and she did it to stand up for us women and all you are doing is going against her…?? So insensitive.
    GO JESS!

  33. 33
    adrienne Says:

    hardly make up free…shes clearly wearing some mascara etc

  34. 34
    Lisajane Says:

    @rollingstone: Personally I’m not going against her at all. I said she looks beautiful because she is. It’s Marie Claire that printed the article, its them who are treating us like fools. Therefor any anger you sense from my posts are directed toward Marie Claire, not Jess.

  35. 35
    Nicole Says:

    Even if she is wearing a little bit of make-up in this pic, watch her show newlyweds and there are plenty of times when she walks around not wearing make-up and looks gorgeous!!! So everybody who is making comments about her wearing mascara is just jealous because she is one of the few celebrities who are naturally beautiful.

  36. 36
    Barbie Says:

    Hmmm…looks like she is wearing some eye make up….at least she looks a little more “natural”…very pretty!

  37. 37
    edna Says:

    Who cares about seeing people without make-up, what can be gained by that? She looks pale. I can’t live without make up, I mean eyeshadows, eye liner, lipstick, mascara, the whole thing! The only thing I don’t need much is foundation, only a little bit under my eyes, but that’s it! I love make-up and never want to be natural!!! So, please don’t try to sell me the no make-up bs!

  38. 38
    bobbi Says:

    Great message to send out but once again, false advertising. Her skin moles have been touched up as well as much minutaie of the cover shot.

    Too bad.

  39. 39
    zzzz Says:

    Yeah, I see the liner, the lashes, the gloss, the blush, and I think MC underestimated Jesica’s beauty. Anyone who’s seen a pic of her w/o ANY makeup knows this girl is cover material without it. I wish these mags wouldn’t underestimate the public’s intelligence, either, and tell blatant lies. MC has also done Jessica a disservice, in her quest for acceptance of one’s natural beauty.

  40. 40
    miapocca Says:

    she is wearing makeup and her hair is DONE..i think was they are trying to say is that she is wearing an au naturel look-up which a lot of stars do but still involves makeup..just not the plastered on look the kardashians show off everyday

  41. 41
    lj Says:

    Well, she doesn’t look orange like she used to. Why does she look gray in the second photo? I stopped liking her a long time ago. What else can she do for a magazine cover? Her career is nil.

  42. 42
    Deborah Says:

    Is it possible she has photos in the mag without makeup on, but the cover photo is not the case? I love Jessica, and everything she is doing, but she obviously does have makeup on in this cover photo. Blush, eyeliner, shadow. I’ve seen her with less makeup on on her new show, she still looks beautiful. But you can tell she does have eye makeup on here.

  43. 43
    shaar Says:

    She so wearing makeup! Definitely has eyeliner and mascara on – just compare to shots of her coming from the gym and you’ll see the difference

  44. 44
    shaar Says:


    Thought I’d add that she does look good in the post gym pictures where she is truly without makeup. her skin looked GREAT in them, I’m envious!

  45. 45
    jennie Says:

    she is actually a natural beauty – i’ve seen her sans makeup in other candid pics and she always looks much better than with gobs of stuff on

  46. 46
    lindsay lohan Says:

    amazing!!! love this cover

  47. 47
    lexy hates bilson Says:

    No make-up but it doesn’t say NO PHOTOSHOP!! What will her and Pimp Daddy Joe do next for publicity – sex dolls and videos starring Jessica??

  48. 48
    Divine Goddess Says:

    She is wearing makeup, but it is minimal and there prob is a little retouching. Regardless, she is a beautiful woman!

  49. 49
    Magnion Says:

    Jessica is so beautiful, she look her best without makeup. she is one of the few who looks great whithout out makeup. Compare her with Britney without makeup/Photo OP who looks like a 80yo woman.

  50. 50
    xxx Says:

    She is wearing make up.. :(

  51. 51
    Divine Goddess Says:

    @edna: lmao well jess is a natural beauty so she can go au natural. i guess you’re just one of those people that depends on makeup. there’s alot of women like that so w/e. not everyone is a natural beauty. in fact, some look hideous without makeup and would be doing the rest of us a disservice if they didn’t wear it. to each her own

  52. 52
    jaye Says:

    I’d rather see her without makeup than with. She is pretty without the embellishment. I don’t know her personally, but I like what I do know about her and how she presents herself. She wants what a lot of other women want, a husband and kids. To find what she’s looking for she needs to go outside of Hollywood. Find a man who is successful and confident in himself. I don’t think they are claiming the cover picture is without make up, I think the inside pictures are; I’d have to buy the edition to be sure, but I’ve seem her without makeup and she looks young, cute and wholesome.
    As to how’s she’s relevant, she’s a human being; we’re all relevant to those who know and love us. She doesn’t have to be relevant to anyone of you individually; at least on the superficial level that SOME of you determine relevancy . I’d rather read an article about her and her endeavors than something about some frivolous, self indulgent ‘relevant’ celebrity.

  53. 53
    your angel Says:

    What a deformed monster face. Go on a diet.

  54. 54
    cc Says:

    without makeup???? quel mansange!

  55. 55
    Alexa Says:

    Erm… no. I’ve worked at a magazine and untouched photos usually look really really rough.
    Its clear that work was done here. You’d see every pore and flaw on Jessica’s skin had this been untouched, or if she wasn’t wearing make-up.
    So basically they’re all lying to the public – and its an even worse lie than the usual made-up/Photoshopped magazine images because they’re presenting it as the opposite of that!

  56. 56
    Me Says:

    She is putting a positive message out there for young girls and all you can talk about are her photos… Lame! I think some of you need to get over yourself or rethink what’s important in life.

  57. 57
    auds Says:

    I’m sorry but this is most definitely NOT a no styling, no makeup look. i guarantee you that they did some small photo touch-ups and it looks like she has on light mascara and bronzer on her cheeks. not to mention that they clearly did some light styling to her hair. i don’t know how they can say this is all natural lol

  58. 58
    crystal Says:

    well, Jessica Simpson is a disappointment again. She is obviously wearing makeup. She is wearing foundation, mascara, eyebrow pencil, pink blush, and lip gloss. The only difference is she went for the natural look with makeup. I saw the pictures on the magazine stand, and there is a makeup artist listed under her photoshoot. If she is suppose to be au-natural like the magazine claims, then why does she need a makeup artist. The sad thing is, women believe her. This is misleading and False advertising. IF she claims to not be wearing any makeup, then she better not be wearing any makeup. But as usual, Jessica is a liar. However, showing cleavage has never been a problem for Jessica. How can anyone sit there and call this liar brave for doing a photoshoot without makeup, when clearly she didn’t have the guts to go completely without makeup. This is why I won’t watch her show, or anything she does. Shame on you Marie Claire.

  59. 59
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