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Jon Gosselin: Kate Is An Absentee Mom

Jon Gosselin: Kate Is An Absentee Mom
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  • http://justjared anymouse

    someone doesn’t want to pay child support, because his ex is thriving and doing well!

  • MLK

    The kids will be happier with their father. He is the one who took them skiing, ice skating, biking and exposes them to new and interesting activities. Kate is all about Kate. She imposes her neurotic, fearful personality onto her kids. God forbid one of the kids spills ice cream on himself it becomes major drama for Kate…screaming and over-reacting. I remember one episode at the beach when the kids were enjoying playing on the sand looking for crabs. As soon as a tiny crab approached Kate started screaming in terror. She is too neurotic and busy traveling. Yes, Jon is laid back but has a very calm and adventurous demeanor which is far healthier for them rather than their mother and all her fears, phobias and hysteria. Jon loves the kids unconditionally…Kate only does when they follow her orders like robots and don’t challenge her. Jon should get full custody…much better for the kids!

  • BeReal

    This is the same guy running around with bimbo after bimbo having fun fun fun…Hypocrite much? lol….

  • MLK


    You obviously did not watch their show. Jon did not start dating until AFTER they announced their separation and after the rumors of the affair between Kate and her bodyguard. Before all that happened when they were “happily” living together Jon was totally devoted to his kids. Kate was never happy with any of them complaining constantly. She is a woman that has too many inner demons…she has lost all her friends and family members because of her controlling, petty and disagreeable personality.

  • Amelie

    I agree that the children will be happier and well adjusted living with their father. Kate has psychological problems which will impact her children.

  • downsize, kate

    By all accounts she is one rude b*tch. Nothing like new money, is there? White bread all the way.

    She is fake and manipulates the fans of the show to ‘think’ she is slaving away for her kids; right, once the nannies and chefs go to bed.

    I never once saw this woman touch her husband with affection……or give him a peck or hug. She is cold to the core. All this talk show babble about how she can’t stop crying; that is not over her failed marriage, it is over the ‘tv package’ unraveling.

    Can’t stand her cleanliness schtick; thinks her boy are ‘icky and dirty’………control freaks are generally fcuked up people and often narcissists……….why is America watching? I hope everyone tunes out. This ‘family values show’ is a charade now so why film?

    Imagine Kate following the grips outa the driveway screaming, “Wait, let’s do one more season……puleeeeze, you can’t leave me. She’d be more upset if the film crew hiked than she was when her husband left.

    As for Jon, it’s really funny. It’s like the guy was in a cage and now he’s going ape-shite with freedom. He was one repressed guy. I don’t think he’s a bad guy, I think he just regressed ten years as a result of the nagging oppression and lack of affection. His ego was shattered and now he’s running amok at the first sign of female interest. He certainly didn’t get it at home with that calculating machine he was living with.

    Read more:

    Best thing written to describe Kate and Jon. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kate’s mouthpiece Julie Carson May didn’t give that press release. She’s the best spinner, diver, jiver out there…she should have been on dwts, not Kate. Kate’s PR hack, that is.

  • gigi

    “Downsize Kate”

    I agree 100%!1

  • Rhonda

    That would be wonderful! The children appear to be much happier with their Dad. Then Kate could pursue all of her talents. Lol

    Team JON, all the way!

  • Mom in Michigan

    Why does she need to work at all when the reports say she collects $20,000 per MONTH for childcare expenses? She is just looking for a celebrity lifestyle and wants to live high off the hog. If she was sincere and really cared about the kids she would stop chasing fame, go back to being a nurse and with that salary plus the child support she receives would have more than enough to give those kids a decent life. She is one big fake and a lousy mother! Her actions speak louder than all her fake words!

  • grannybarb

    Duh, Jon only gave them the opportunities TLC PAID HIM to give them. He has not job and no way to support them. It was a TV show that took them skiing and to new and exciting things, not loser JON. He was out F’ing young stupid girls. Remember????

  • Roxie

    I don’t think either one of them are fit to raise their kids. She is so controlling and obsessive. He is a soft whiny baby who complains constantly. He cheated on his wife. I don’t care if they were separated or not. He still screwed around while he was still married and then made sure he was seen in all the tabloids exposing his new life. Like the kids won’t see that when they grow up. They may be sheltered now but just you wait. I suspect one of these kids will be writing a tell all book when they grow up. Can you imagine having Kate and Jon as your in-laws? The boys better hold onto their girlfriends tight so that Daddy don’t swoop in. The girls will grow up and be obsessive and controlling like their mother. The cycle won’t end. These kids will need all sorts of counciling.