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Justin Timberlake & Cameron Diaz: Laughing Ex-Lovers

Justin Timberlake & Cameron Diaz: Laughing Ex-Lovers

Cameron Diaz shares a few good laughs with her ex (and current co-star) Justin Timberlake (wearing Oliver Peoples “Riley” glasses) on the set of their new movie, Bad Teacher, on Wednesday (April 7) in Irwindale, Calif.

I’m sure Cameron, 37, and Justin, 29, are consummate professionals when it comes to acting, but is it really wise to work with your ex’s?

Watching their on-screen chemistry will be quite interesting when the movie comes out in 2012!

FYI: Cameron is wearing a 291 Venice cashmere v-neck sweater.

15+ pictures inside of laughing ex-lovers Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz

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justin timberlake cameron diaz laughing 02
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Credit: Scott A, Richard Beetham; Photos: Bauergriffinonline, SplashNewsOnline
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  • Felicity

    If I were Jessica Biel (of course I wish I were… she’s got the whole package) I’d be fuming right now.
    Who wants their boyfriend to work with their beautiful ex-girlfriend? (and maybe even kiss her…) wow. so inappropriate.

  • stephanie

    i love me some justin but i have a feeling this movie is going to suck so much. idk. also if it’s coming out in 2012 why are the filming it this year, it seems a little too early.

  • ace11

    im sure justin and cameron are keeping things platonic

    yeah right…

  • kiwigirl

    Yes, I want to know why on earth they are filming so early too. Should be released next year or around Christmas this year.

  • Dreads

    HA. Yeah, even with the highest level of professionalism, ex’s will be ex’s. What woman in their right mind would let their boyfriend make a movie (in which he will probably have a steamy scene with) with his ex? That’s unbelievable. Even the most trustful guy would be tempted to go beyond the lines. You know what I mean. Jessica is a fool. And I know they probably think it’s okay but it’s not. I would laugh if Justin cheats on Jessica a la Brad Pitt (even though he and Angelina actually met on set and first hooked up from there). Cam is looking rough though. Her face ugh. I hope Justin will love the muscular body over the nice body. Lol.

  • Dreads

    And I also wonder why they film it so early! I usually think they film movies very early but I think this is breaking records.

  • w

    I doubt this gets released in 2012. Unless there’s some special effects aspect to this film, which I know there isn’t, then this will be released next year. Probably in the Spring or Summer.

  • sheila

    Cameron Diaz is really getting old, even her body is getting braid!
    Justin Timberlake looks like a corpse just lifeless! Jessica Biel is killing him!
    Too much sucking on him?

    Justin Timberlake has to understand yet that sucking is not everything that you feel good on life!

  • HeyHowAreYa

    Kudos to Justin, Cameron, and Jessica if they’re all really fine with this situation. I’m WAY too petty and insecure to handle this sort of thing…as I think most people are.

  • mia

    Justin Timberlake is always too overdressed!
    NO fashion sense at all, he should be a designer?
    What the hell is he wearing?
    Nothing is fitting him in anyway!

    !!!!! SOMETIMES LESS IS MORE !!!!!


  • Nic

    Um when you are a grown up, and your relationship didnt end messy, but maturely like with them, then why not work with your ex? Its clear they are having a blast, and Diaz must be the most easy going cool of all the actresses.

  • BBperfume

    Above all ppl to pair in Hollywood??? Jessica better check his pulse when Jutin gets home!

  • Dieter

    Cammy D. still has the tightest buns in holy wood and tightest buns in holly wood = tightest buns in the world. I’m gonna have a wank on her buns right now. Thank you Jared !!!

  • Lisa


    Justin has already cheated on Jessica ,there are too many rumors about that showmance

  • lexy hates bilson

    I think it’s great that they are still friends. As for Justin cheating…there are always rumors but is there any PROOF!! If there was you think Justin Bieber would be on the cover of People??

  • maya

    Jessica doesn’t care if he is cheating on her or not!
    She clearly don’t love this!
    She is with him stil together because of his fame and richness and she will stay by him even if he cheats on her every day!
    If she would have any feelings for him she would have already react or done something! But she is could and rapacious!

  • karen

    Cameron looks horrible in this shot. She must have a problem because she’s 37 years old and she has never been married or has had kids. Thousands of boyfriends maybe??

  • anonymous

    Cameron and Justin laugh and enjoy each other during thier break

    Biel just picks up dog poop while walking his dogs good occupation

  • i-i

    Considering it’s Justin Timberlake, who can’t act to save his life, I think any chemistry between the two will fizzle on screen.

  • yo sista


  • LadyCaca

    Wow, Cameron looks about 89 years old in that pic. She needs to stay out of the sun, she used to be hot.

    Justin? He’s gay.

  • WOW

    omg she is so fugly.

  • Divine Goddess

    @Felicity: jess is 10000x hotter than cameron so im sure she isnt worried. justin would be an idiot to cheat on jess for a woman thats like 10 yrs his senior. jess is a bombshell

  • Divine Goddess

    @Dreads: not all exes would cheat on the people they love. ugh. some people have a thing called self respect. justin can act with whoever he wants. he’s broken up with cameron. if he had feelings for her he’d be with her. its called acting for a reason. not everyone who does a sex scene in a movie falls in love.

  • marissa

    @Divine Goddess:

    yea she is a butch bombshell. cameron works more than biel, and her confidence makes her cute.

    Team Cameron

  • Magnion

    Cammie and Jt were great togother. she is such a fun girl any guy will be lucky to have her. Glad she and Jt are still close friends.

  • HP

    Tom Cruise was visiting Cammy a week or so ago.. hmm

    wonder why no one picked up on that. And why is he never with Katie and his child.

  • tasha

    JT looks like a Zombie! Love that!

    Monkeys love theatre so much that they don’t see what a mayhem they cause! They forget to calculate that every theatre has also an end! The question is how much can they rescue from the damage they create? Normally they like the easy way and like to run away but sometimes they fall in their own snare of their play!

    I don’t care for him or his haggardly, kinky, greedy prostitute girlfriend much!

    Just happy not to see his evil grin anymore!

  • irene

    he must be trying to get her into scienttology,,,
    he’s filming a movie, so probably his clothes are picked up to fit his character in said movie…

  • emileee

    Justin is the worse actor ever and Cameron’s face is not aging well – it looks red and hard.

  • agnesa

    Justin is a weird creature, i don’t know what woman see in him! Jessica Biel just see his money!
    But his other ex’s can do much better, he not even a handsome man or smart he is just a skull head stature!

  • Missb

    I don’t know what people see in her. She reminds me of a bullfrog. NOT a beautiful woman.

  • Lake

    He’s so fugly and such a mediocre actor wannabe…
    Cameron’s body is hot for her age, but my oh my, her face is so cracked that it pairs with his fuglyness majorly.

    This movie will bomb.

    They will let PR fullfill rags with fake revelations on rekindled romances.

    Justin is the fakest celebrity ot there: all he does is planned, served to media, and totally staged.

    What about the gay p*rn he had in his pc and Jessica Biel (another famewh*re) found out?

    Disgusting person u are, TimberFake.

    And not even remotedly as talented as the press keep boosting you to be.

  • Cammie

    I’ve always liked Cameron.

  • aka

    @ Lake

    Such exact good arguments about wanna be hot actress (actor) Justin Timberlake!
    He is the biggest Hollywood male fame whoore and the most narcissistic!

  • skinny jeans

    If you’re mature, you can even be friends with an ex, so yeah, I see no problem working with one. Only problem is with that shot of Cameron, just strange.

  • alexa

    Of course they can be friends! Justin has never loved Cameron really, they just had a sex and hung up together relatonship! Cameron had has a lot of those relationships! If they had loved each other that much there would have been more problems or they wouldn’t work together!

  • camila

    everyone is tired to hear she looks old, but okay, cameron is well!

  • Luscious Moi

    They are all gay! They are each other beards… This is all showmance and showdrama for us sillies.