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Kate Gosselin Stays on DWTS Despite Harsh Criticism

Kate Gosselin Stays on DWTS Despite Harsh Criticism
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  • Celeste

    The show is obviously rigged. There is no way that she was not in the bottom two and gets to return. She is the worst dancer on that show and obviously ABC likes the ratings so they keep her. Someone should investigate the voting numbers which are being tampered with obviously.

  • Whamo

    I have to agree Celeste, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a worse dancer on that show.

  • eagret

    Whoever does her makeup is doing a great job transforming her face. Anyway, she should’ve been out of DWTS by now.

  • dani

    Wrong person went home this week and last week. Should have been Kate. This is unbelievable. Not only is she a poor dancer, her body language and attitude is awful. Buzz was a riot! Positive, graceful and gracious.

  • Holly

    I told you it would be Buzz.

  • Fran

    You could go to any old folks home and find more lively people who could move their bodies better than this woman.
    I do enjoy watching her make a fool of herself.

  • akiko

    you know who’s voting for her? single moms wtih mouths to feed. single moms with a deadbeat divorcee husband who won’t pay child support. single moms who have to work to keep upkeep the household. not twenty somethings with free time to comment on blogs about how terrible she dances. like us.

  • Kate

    Kate will likely be next. Good for her for truly being a non-dancer and giving this show a try. She’s very brave and she has nothing to be ashamed of. It’s too bad that she can’t just suddenly get rhythm and do a lot better, because if she did, a lot of people would probably root for her.

  • Lillianne

    Of course they don’t want to lose her yet. Look how much publicity she gets for her “hateful b!tch” routine. She’s the most talked about (not nice) contestant. I predict she’ll be on another two or three weeks.

  • Sun

    At least she is there working her butt out and earning some $$ for her and the children unlike the loser exhusband of hers! It is just a TV shows ladies! dancing programme for the so called celebrities, they are not going to make a professional career out of this! Do you remember who won last year? does it really matter? it is meant just for our entertainment, so hold that hatred, it makes line in your face.

    Choose to wake up happy & positive today

  • Kate is a loser


    Hey, get your facts straight before you accuse Jon of anything:

    All we ever hear is “Jon’s a deadbeat, Jon’s a douche”. Well, he CAN’T work because he _can_ and _has_ been sued for it by TLC. Why? Because he’s UNDER CONTRACT w/ them… an exclusivity that Discovery Communication enforces so he can’t get a job on some other “reality” show (a celeb divorced dad club show, a celeb weight-loss show, etc.). Why, because these fame-whoring monsters _refuse_ to get 9-to-5 jobs because they’ve had that taste of fame and are selfishly unwilling to downgrade their lifestyle.

  • Toni

    I’m not trying to be mean and I know it’s wrong, but WHY WON’T SHE LEAVE????? OMG what’s wrong with people, I loved Buzz and I voted for him not becuase he could dance and not because he was the inspiratin for one of my favorite characters which is Buzz Lightyear, but becasue he was having fun and enjoying DWTS which is what Kate seems to not do. Heck even Bruno can’t stand her. If she doesn’t go next week, Iwill suspect this show may be rigged. And people have the nerve to talk mess about Jon. I knew from the beginning before their divorce that she was controlling and evil even my mom and her friend predicted that he would leave her becuase of her b*i*t*c*h*y and over controlling attitude.


    A disaster.

  • elisa

    kieran cullkin and emma stone dating is old news. they were seen together at a comic-con party last year while she promoted zombieland in cute, handholding very-together moments. someone reported they were dating in ’08 as well.

  • Sun

    @Kate is a loser:

    you guys should really get a life! the fact that you seems to know so much about certain people which is not related to you….rest my case! hahahahah dont you have anything else to do with your life????