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Lourdes Leon: And I Am A Material Girl!

Lourdes Leon: And I Am A Material Girl!

Lourdes Leon hangs out outside her family’s place in London on Saturday (April 3) wearing cute flowery leggings.

The 13-year-old daughter of Madonna is teaming up with her famous mama to create a fashion line for juniors called Material Girl!

Lourdes has an incredible sense of style and her point of view on fashion has definitely been an inspiration for the line,” Macy’s chief merchandising officer Jeff Gennette told WWD.

Pieces will range from $12 to $40 and will include apparel, footwear, handbags and jewelry in the first collection. Beauty and fragrance products may follow next year!

Also pictured: Madonna‘s boyfriend, Jesus Luz, out and about in London. 15+ pictures inside…

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lourdes leon flower leggings jesus luz 01
lourdes leon flower leggings jesus luz 02
lourdes leon flower leggings jesus luz 03
lourdes leon flower leggings jesus luz 04
lourdes leon flower leggings jesus luz 05
lourdes leon flower leggings jesus luz 06
lourdes leon flower leggings jesus luz 07
lourdes leon flower leggings jesus luz 08
lourdes leon flower leggings jesus luz 09
lourdes leon flower leggings jesus luz 10
lourdes leon flower leggings jesus luz 11
lourdes leon flower leggings jesus luz 12
lourdes leon flower leggings jesus luz 13
lourdes leon flower leggings jesus luz 14
lourdes leon flower leggings jesus luz 15
lourdes leon flower leggings jesus luz 16

Credit: Almasi/Torres; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • janelle

    She looks older than 13 because she has a mature look. Lourdes is a beautiful girl.

  • sarafina

    Cute………………….beautiful girl…………………

  • ts

    Vadge is just trying to stay “hip” with the youngins by using her daughter.

  • catalina

    What style? Her sense of style is that of any teen mallrat.

  • bebe

    lucky girl and smart one. madge is a great mom.

  • claudia

    Do kids that age even know or care about geriatric Madonna? Macy’s might as well have hired Ethel Merman’s daughter to impress their teen customers.

  • Sgt Friday

    This girl is one of the most beautiful celeb kids I’ve ever seen. She should be a model.

  • oops

    omg… she really has AWFUL tastes !!! That’s the worse style ever seen.

  • Jen

    I’m going to assume that you are being sarcastic. Her beauty line should definitely include some heavy duty tweezers.

  • anonymous

    no wonder madonna disrespected and defamed the Catholic church because of the HYPOCRISY. seems to be grooming her daughter to be an independent thinker. Lola may get a pass from the scandal of her mother’s antics. I hope she will continue to expose the nasty, amoral, disrespectful, child-molesting pedophile priests of this vile, ugly religion that condemns abortion, but also protects child molesters and murderers.

  • executive training

    I guess first were the celebrities themselves and now the kids are to follow with their fashion lines. Too bad it all looks pretty much the same.

  • thats_right

    imagine in couple of years Madonna’s young boyfriend Jesus can date Lourdes wow

  • Pink Sofa Bed

    What a waste? Beautiful with bad taste.

  • Venom

    Lourdes is beautiful.

  • pak

    beautiful girl!!!!

  • milan

    The fashion line should be called “Silver Spoon”. Some people study for years and then work as an apprentice . Lourdes, on the other hand, just shopped at Topshop for a few years and — voila! — she’s ready to be a fashion designer..

  • Emma

    Oh come on, she’s ugly since she was born, don’t be ridiculous, she’s now taking care of herself but still ugly the same way

  • jay


    Exactly! I think she is doing this under the guise of helping her daughter achieve her dreams, but it’s ultimately self-serving, to keep her name in the press, to keep getting money. Madonna never does anything unless it serves her needs first. I mean this is the same woman who refused to pay for her grandmother’s care, somewhere around 400/300 a month.
    come on. To me if you can’t help your grandma out with a measley 300 a month, yet you have half a million dollars, then you’re just plain evil.

  • jaliah

    @Milan 16
    Yup, silver spoon and nepotism to ensure the extension of Vadge doesn’t let her down. To hell with studying your craft…..who needs it when you have a mother’s money.

  • jay

    sorry half a billion dollars..not million.

  • bt

    now grown men ( Macy’s dude) have to kiss Lardass’ asz to please her greedy mum

  • mel

    for some reason I really can’t stand Jezus Luz. there’s just something about him that’s very creepy, mainly the eyes. he always has that psychopathic stare.

  • joi

    I think she is a happy child.

  • re

    I just hope Lourdes gets 80 percent of the profits since SHE will be the one designing the clothes.

    Somehow I don’t think that will happen.

  • aj

    Clothes for juniors? Why doesn’t old Madge collaborate with Depends and design a fabulous line of incontinence products.

  • Holly

    I cannot stand Madonna. I think her intentions suck and all she cares about is making sure she remains in the spotlight.

    I find it amazing that she took so long to adopt a kid. If no other celebrity had done it and received such positive feedback for it, David and Mercy would still be sitting in an Orphanage in Africa.

  • NYC

    She has “style” ??????????
    I have never seen it. She dresses like a slob.
    When is this kid ever in school?
    I know it’s Spring Break but this kid is never in school.
    What a shame.

  • AutumnM

    Pretty and fashionable girl

  • boston61

    She seems so much nicer than her nasty mother. Can’t believe there was time I like Madonna.

  • boston61

    She seems so much nicer than her nasty mother. Can’t believe there was time I liked Madonna.

  • infamous


    thanks for saying what I am thinking!

  • bae

    She looks adorable.. she is going to be a knockout in a few years time.

  • infamous

    It really should be called ‘I am a Spoiled Girl”

  • nolo

    I totally agree.

  • A

    To me, she’s a beautiful girl. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Madonna wanting to remain famous and successful. She has a lot of drive, and people like that are always looking for their next project. It’s not like she hasn’t worked her tail off and earned her way. It’s nice that she and her daughter are doing something together that will help Lourdes start her own source of income. I think it will be successful and a nice first step for Lourdes. All the teenies like the 80′s style right now.

  • Mai-Tai

    She’s a beautiful girl. Don’t be a jealous of a 13-year-old child. She has access to elite fashion designers that can show her more than anyone will learn by studying. It’s not her fault she was born into the position.

    Look at Dakota Fanning. She was the ugliest little girl and has turned into a beautiful young woman. Lourdes gets more beautiful as she gets older. Stop hating!

  • callmewhatever

    She looks just like her mom in the face wow. Dont think she is beautiful. She was as a baby but looks average in the face just like her mom but there is something already appealing about her at only 13. She’s got that “it” thing about her that her mom has always had.

  • jen

    Whenever the girl is by herself, or with her dad, or anybody BUT her mother she is smiling. The minute she is with her mother, she becomes dead serious. That says a lot, no?

    Madonna has no shame, but we already knew that. She no longer wants to wait until Lourdes is 18 to get into fame and all that stuff, as she herself said, she wants Lourdes to finish school first.

    But the minute Mommy Dearest needs a clothing line to revive her fame, she pimps out her daughter faster than you can say, GREED, and now all of a sudden it’s ok for a 13 year old to be thrust into the spotlight.

    So beyond transparent. Madonna exploits people, and she is not above exploiting underage children who are still in middle school.


  • Kristina

    at least she shaved her mustache

  • lol

    this girl has been the same sorta age for so long in my mind! its like she doesnt age

  • bryan ruales

    hola es muuuuuiii linda lourdes mi sueño es conoserla soy del Ecuador sona rosa