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Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green's PSA: Say No To Cuts!

Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green's PSA: Say No To Cuts!

Megan Fox and boyfriend Brian Austin Green create a new PSA to speak out about the budget cuts affecting teachers and kids in California.

The couple hopes to block the nearly $2.5 billion in proposed education cuts from the California state budget, which is due for a vote at the end of April.

For the PSA, Megan, 23, Brian, 36, and actor Geoff Stults partnered with Parents from the Wonderland Avenue Elementary School PTA in Los Angeles and

Watch the PSA below and visit!

Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green’s PSA: Say No To Cuts!
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  • kvd123

    arrrrrrrrrrrgggg hate to admit it but they make a good couple and megan is my dream girl< no hope !!!!!!!!

  • jelly

    Good for them!
    California schools are absolutely a mess.

  • Anonymous

    California students receive $12,000 per student. Thats 4 times the cost to privately educate kids. 60% of CA’s budget goes to education. Its absurd! There is more than enough money. The problem is..its wasted! Too many administrators and Unions get in the way. We all know what the real problem is…its just no one is willing to say it.

  • kira

    love them perfect couple

  • Josephine

    this is really cool! good for her! they make an awesome couple and i bet she’s a great step mom

  • jessalyn

    I’m very impressed. Good for them.

  • mickey

    Geoff Stults was funny. The rest of it is too true to be funny. It’s all just sad. Whether the money is wasted or simply not there, something needs to be fixed. Education shouldn’t be a privilege.

  • Sugarnspice

    That was actually really good. Go Megan!! And her acting is a lot better here too…

  • sjk

    Thank you! I am a teacher and am waiting until May to see if my contract will be renewed for next year. I have been in the classroom for 15 years and have invested in middle and high school students for approx. 27. We need someone to wake up and see how these budget cuts are adversely affecting our kids and in time our society as a whole. Kuddos to Brian and Megan !

  • coos

    wow, she’s still hot… pssst

  • gayteacher

    If this is funny tell me whats really funny.

  • Verónica

    This is not funny, but i love them and i love that Megan is really acting against the budget cuts (i’m not from usa, im spanish). I don’t know how school works there but in time like these, i think our schools are all a mess.

    Gluck with everything, and specially with the kids. They’re our future and they need to be fine!

  • Josephine

    this kinda makes me like her! it’s cool she’s using her celebrity to bring attention to something so important. im from new york and had no idea of this situation in california.

  • hazal

    Ohhh good for her, but she is trying TOO hard to be angelina!!!

  • hazal

    PS for megan:what u are doing won’t make u angie the goddes

  • Verónica

    I’m tired of this bullshit. Why the hell everyone’s saying she wants to be Angelina? She’s obviously not!
    She’s in the same relationship for 6 YEARS, she’s a normal girl and Angelina wasn’t/isn’t never. She’s not adopting kids as Angelina (she’s looking like the octomom!).

    I’m glad her rep FINALLY saw that the character Megan was playing was offensive. This is REALLY Megan Fox.

  • Verónica

    BESIDES, she has been ALWAYS doing charities. She said once that she wants to keep that (or the organizations) secretly.

  • Eva


  • Bonnie

    wow, finally something good coming out of her mouth! stay like this Meg, ppl might like you more..

  • keam

    What a disaster. From the actors and actresses to the situation.

  • ck

    California is in a mess financially. The public employee pension funds are short 500 billion dollars. 500 BILLION!!! Where is this money going to come from? They can ‘t just keep taxing people and business into oblivion. And if what the previous poster said is true, and California spends 60% of it’s budget on education, then this what happens when the economy tanks and the $$$ stops coming in.

  • Ladyb

    So are the stars Donating their money to help california, or all they are allowed to contribute is a psa

  • Wes

    Megan is still HOT and will always be, but she needs to chill with all those tats. Big turn off

  • Dog Lover

    Let their taxes be raised then.

    I pay over 50% already.

    They can contribute their millions.

  • DIMwit CHICK

    I wish she had not had the brow lift, lip injection and nose job; her face was fresher and prettier in the first Transformers with a little character, now she looks like a fake/dead/cookie-cutter starlet.

  • jdub

    i like that PSA

  • Lei

    It wasn’t very funny, but it was a good PSA. I wasn’t fully aware of the the extent of the budget cuts.

  • Dante

    wondered why all these left wing celebrity advocacy PSA were coming from funny or Die… looked into it a bit and found they are funded by left wing groups like George Soros foundation and others, it just a way to spread their propaganda using celebrities to get to more people…..

  • the african darkside

    Although i agree. I also know,ms fox should be smart enough to understand average folks employment is suffering or disappearing,and the subsequent affects on tax collection. But this effort reflects on her maturity,good for her and green.

  • kate

    she’s BEAUTIFUL :]
    they are great together.

  • SubSub

    Too bad these actors and actresses don’t make hundreds of millions of dollars a year after taxes which they can easily save CA schools instead of donating to their local plastic surgeons and hummer dealers. Too bad.

  • Queen bee

    I’m sorry, but her acting is horrendous. I see no passion, though this seems to be an issue Megan and her boyfriend care about. It’s good she’s trying to draw attention to a cause with her celebrity, but sorry again guys, THAT MEANS SHE’S CHANNELLING ANGELINA!…


    Also, I don’t think she looks that great here…..she looks like she has on too much make-up, not enough of a ‘natural beauty’, and her face just look…odd, not young for being a 23 year old.
    C+ for effort though.

  • efron

    @SubSub: because thats not their responsibility you dumb ass, that’s why we have a government system which is supposed to care after us, not celebrities.

  • MR

    @Anonymous: There is a reason you refer to yourself as Anonymous…… Do you even know what you are talking about??????
    No, we don’t know what the REAL problem is enlighten us wise-one!!!! As an educator in California, making minimal money for the work we do and education that we have. I know what it’s like to see these students with minimal supplies, NO air-conditioners, NO internet access, unhealthy lunches (because it cheaper) and a lack of resources!!! As a teacher, there are many certifications required of us and much continued education that is required for us to remain credentialed yet our pay remains the same!!!!!!!!
    Prisoners in California have more rights then our students!!!! In prisons they receive more benefits and have more resources than our students!!!!!
    Great Job to these celebrities for using there voices for more than entertainment!!!! Maybe someone will listen and some actions will be taken!!!!

  • MR

    @Anonymous: OH, and one more thing !!!! I don’t know where you got your incorrect stats from…… but, you are totally wrong about how much money is given to each student and what % of the CA budget is spent on education!!!! For everyone else in the world that wants accurate information you can see what the real budget is and the new proposal at

  • ella

    She’s probably did this PSA because her older sister is a P.E teacher in Florida

  • Hahha

    This my friends…is what we call a good little PR spin. Home girl needs to fix her image, first a ‘serious’ interview in Harper’s about her cartoon character image and now a little PSA. Hitting the hearts of Americans, “ohh look she cares, omg i love her, lets go see her movie.” God I love this industry…and you all are just so easily duped by easy marketing. HAHAHA.

  • furryfrog

    Actually, the Harper’s interview was a fairly typical one. She said similar stuff many times before, it’s just that gossip blogs didn’t happen to pick it up then, instead focusing on her “outrageous” quotes. So it’s funny that you think you are so clever, when in reality you also know only as much as whatever stupid celebrity media throw at you. You’re just as clueless as everyone else, just more cynical.

  • Say No To Cuts

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    Help stop the proposed California budget cuts of $2.5 BILLION in education services across California.

    At you can sign a petition to Governor Schwarzenegger, find telephone numbers to call state representatives including the Governor, and other ways to make your voices heard.

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