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Robert Pattinson Has A Worldwide Following

Robert Pattinson Has A Worldwide Following

Robert Pattinson draws a crowd of fans around the set of the film, Bel Ami in Budapest, Hungary on Tuesday (April 6).

The 23-year-old British actor says he is still getting used to all of the fame. “You start getting a bit paranoid,” he admits. “Looking around when you’re walking down the street, in case you get mobbed by teenage girls.”

“I spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to not be seen,” Robert explained to The Mirror. “It’s annoying but the pay-off is infinite.

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  • amy

    this guy is not attractive, i don’t know what the fuss is.

  • Guest

    ^ agreed!
    Is it just me or does he still look like a vampire?

  • milan

    Poor Robert. But I’m sure he wouldn’t be nearly as annoyed if teenage boys were mobbing him.

  • hjkhjjk

    i don’t think he’s that hot. but i would totally have sex wit him…just cuz soo many people want him…that makes him more attractive.
    taylor lautner is way hotter tho.

  • Eleonora

    nah…I SURELY don’t like him: that ah-I’m-a-vampire-and-I’m-as-cold-as-ice face makes me laugh. I mean, he’s attractive in a way, but I don’t see how millions of teens can be so obsessed by him. Maybe teens just need someone who’s never going to be theirs. I say this as a teen, so..
    he’s just an actor like all the others…

  • yuk

    Young girls think THAT is handsome?
    Must be the raging hormones, because that man is NOT attractive.

  • Sol

    Robert is just adorable!! He is a breath of fresh air in Hollywood.
    Very handsome,very talented and funny :)

    @yuk, I am not a young girl, and I think he is very,very handsome,and attractive and his personality is just great!!.

    Love him!!

  • rocknmovies

    Rob looks great in a period suit. He looks hot as Edward Cullen (despite too white make-up), Tyler Hawkins and as Georges Duroy. Bel Ami indeed. Rob is perfect for this role of a lady killer.

  • luke

    worst actor of his generation

  • Val

    I love Rob and think he is very attractive. The pap picturesin this article snapped while he is working might not all be the best photos of him – but he is very, very attractive. I am not a teen either. I agree with Sol he is a breath of fresh air – down to earth and unhollywood.
    Love Rob and he is gorgeous!!!

  • to me

    He’s ugly.

  • gross

    he is a terrible actor, not attractive, i really don’t like!

  • eww

    eww U.G.L.Y.

  • Rocky

    He’s not ugly and he’s not ‘HOT’. He’s just OK. He’s nothing I would look twice at, but teenage girls like him. As far as acting goes, Daniel Radcliffe is hands down the best young actor out there.

  • Rocky


    OMG! Have you seen the nose on Lautner? I mean, you can store a small car in that nose. Nice body, face is just OK.

  • boston61

    The only he got started was because her LOOKS like a vampire. Too bad is is allergic to women.

  • Anon


    Apparently you don’t get the British humor. He said he was glad he was hungover, because he’s allergic to va.ginas. So tell me when you are allergic to something, what generally happens? Come on……think, British humor. So many people p.o. by that comment, but actually he was being very honest about a human reaction to having naked women around him for hours.

  • Bloodysaint

    Honestly, I can’t see what the big deal with him. He isn’t even handsome. He’s just weird looking, and not in a good way.

  • Anon

    Well, I have to say he looks better when his hair is mussed up and perhaps, if he had a nose job like every starlet does or HW young person does….but if you’ve read any of interviews fully, then you’d see why. Eh, give him time and don’t judge so harshly. He might surprise us all.

  • Twatlight

    He has a jacked up mouth and just an all around goofy face

  • bellamor

    He looks better dressed like that.

  • callmewhatever


    I keep hearing people say Taylor has a big nose. But isnt he part native american? His nose just looks ethnic to me. Maybe because im not white, I dont see his nose as “big” or “different”. I just think he’s hot. Im way too old for him but gotta admit the dude is handsome.

    Robert not so much. Robert isnt ugly but as others have said, I dont see all the fuss and before I saw Twilight I thought well he mustve had alot of sex appeal in that movie but then I saw it and the movie was one of the most overated in history and there was nothing that appealing about him. He was also the worst actor of the bunch.

  • quentin carmicheal

    i think that a lot of his adoring fans have totallly confused robert pattinson the actor/person with edward cullen the vampire. they think they’re in love with robert pattinson but they’re actually in love with the character he plays in twilight. let’s see if his fans follow him when he’s not playing edward cullen. how many films of his has been shown after he hit it big with twilight. has any of them been a success?

  • Robsten Forever

    Wow, there are some nasty remarks here. Why are you reading about Robert Pattinson if you don’t even like him? Why are you wasting your time posting about someone you don’t enjoy? Get a life! Robert Pattinson is gorgeous. He is fantastic in ‘Remember Me’. Have the haters seen him in this movie? If not then you should know he can act.

  • luke

    I have seen Remeber me and he is terrible in it.And by the way the ny times and every other top critic is with me on this.

  • anonymous

    I think he’s gorgeous….too bad he “outed” himself with the “I hate vagina’s” comment. Kidding or not, that’s pretty telling. Yes, I think he’d be more comfortable if it was the boys that were screaming for him. Poor Robby…….

  • emilia

    i like this look

  • innusikod

    can not understand, why to argue?! Each person has his/her own taste. And if somebody likes him/her, what right do you have to claim they are wrong?! Maybe you are wrong, due to their opinion.

  • rpatzfan

    ugly ? a lot of blind girls

  • bella (thats actually my name)

    @ Luke: Robert Pattinson is amazing in Remember Me and is definately not the worst actor of his generation. Just because he is in the Twilight Saga movies doesnt mean he is a bad actor because he is in a mostly teenage genre movie. It did him good because he is noticed now, and now he can make more movies because he is a great actor. I also doubt this movie will be bad. I cant wait to see him yet again in a different role.

  • bella

    @ Luke: I saw Remember Me and it was amazing. And he was amazing. hes is a great actor. So just because he is making the Twilight Saga movies doesnt mean he is a bad actor even though it is a mostly teenage genre. I doubt this movie would be bad. I cant wait to see him in yet another great movie, and a different role. (:

  • close-up EEEWWW
  • elsa

    phew! I doubt he said those words! The mirror had been caught publishing quotes that Robert Pattinson DID NOT SAY.

  • boast

    what a boastful guy! thinking all teenage girls are so gonna mob him! the best way for you not to be seen is for you to stop acting!

  • nana

    I don’t understand why people get on these blogs if they don’t like someone?? he is not ugly at all and he is not gay and for some of you to be making nasty comments like he like’s little boys? is insane and offensive and should be removed for slander! it’s one thing to not like Robert, it’s another to make accusations this man is ino young boys. and I personally don’t care for the looks of taylor lautner or his non acting skills but I think as far as the franchise of twilght is concerned and the lines they are given to read, he did well in new moon. I think Robert has potential to be a good actor with better training and better scripts and I definitely see the appeal he as on both young and old.

    It’s funny how people hound these young stars for interviews and want to know all about them and when you have someone like robert who seems to be a good person and passionate about love and life and respect women, he is cast and judged as a whimp or gay or not a man fir beibg respectful and not ashamed to say he is non violent and intelligent. Wow the world really is a strange place when good is now bad?? how does that work??

  • patry91

    some people are really ridiculous! he’s ugly?? Are you kidding me?? he’s really a great guy, and a great actor! don’t come here if you don’like him!

  • pineapple girl

    @milan: @Rocky:

  • bogi

    haha it is really not funny. maybe he said it about the fans but not about hungarians. i’m from hungary though i’m not saying it because of my nationality…but he admitted that hungarian people are calm and nice. we/they never shouted or screamed after him and things like that, we don’t attack him or anything like that what mostly americans do. which is strange because he spends the most time of his life in america nowdays…you can see him “everywhere”!

  • haha

    Remember me fell to 28th over the weekend. To put that in perspective, it was two places BELOW Tooth Fairy. Another bomb of a movie that has been out for 12 weeks.
    A movie that has been out for THREE MONTHS was seen by more people this past weekend than The Hobo’s.
    Can you say BOMB!?!?!

  • Linda

    he isn´t that atractiv
    i liked him in Twilight but that´s all about him
    he is good as an Vampire but well at movie premieres (and other)
    I don´t like him because he seems so boring

  • Linda Smith

    He is good looking! Can’t understand the people that are so critical of him, do we really need your nasty opinion, it means nothing. I guess you just don’t like all the attention he is getting. Jealous, right!

  • Fiona

    Where can I get a top hat like that?

  • bbbbbbbbbb


  • dog

    like my baby

  • se

    i like rob

  • tom

    rob is in twilight?

  • ice breaker

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