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Tiger Woods: New Nike Ad Revealed (VIDEO)

Tiger Woods: New Nike Ad Revealed (VIDEO)

A somber Tiger Woods appears in a new ad for Nike, out today.

In the spot (shot at his home course in Orlando), Tiger‘s late father, Earl, speaks to his son, saying, “Tiger, I am more prone to be inquisitive, to promote discussion. I want to find out what your thinking was. I want to find out what your feelings are. And did you learn anything?”

“We support Tiger and his family as he returns to competitive golf,” Nike spokesman Derek Kent said. “The ad addresses his time away from the game using the powerful words of his father.”

The ad debuted Wednesday at 6PM ET on ESPN and The Golf Channel.

Nike is one of the few corporate sponsors to stay with Tiger since his sex scandal. Companies like Gatorade, Proctor & Gamble, AT&T and Accenture pulled out of their endorsement deals.

Tiger Woods for Nike
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  • Tia

    Let me get this straight…some words of wisdom from a father who cheated on his wife to his serial cheater son???? FAILED…..

  • she-whom-shall-not-be-named

    Dammage Control.., anyone? He’s just sorry he got caught!

  • ms beth

    Wow! That was HEAVY…Enough said.

  • n.o.l.a

    WORK IT, Baby, WORK IT!! I am looking forward to the Masters.

  • ka-blamo

    Stupid and shameless

  • mimi

    Tiger Woods makes me sick.
    He is a disgusting man, and we now know what an A hole he really is.

  • Vickie


  • unbelieveable

    Haven’t u people taken your pound of flesh from this man yet? Geez he made a mistake we all do so unless u can walk on water how about u back off and let the man move on with his life.

  • oh please

    Give me an f-ing break. True as per above, this is damage control. This stuff about sex addiction really is rubbish (both him AND Jesse James); it’s just a way of rehabilitating their image, not them as people.

  • um

    Nike supports the money to be made off Tiger. Let’s see what happens if he starts , um, not winning….

  • junebugz

    Wow, way to make a buck off someone’s sleazy personality. So long Nike.

  • bick


  • Sarah

    Yeah he learned that it was a real bummer to get busted for being a PIG.

  • Coldplayer

    Tiger can look like a sad puppy all he want! He is still a cheetah! I dont feel sorry for him!

  • john

    How shameless to use your dead father to rehabilitate your image, I didn’t think he could sink lower but he has and Nike are doing what Nike does stand by losers no matter how deplorable they clearly are. TIger you are nothing but a sick pig.

  • Amy

    And Nike supported Tanya Knee-Basher Harding too. They don’t have standards.

  • team tiger!

    I support Tiger and his family as he returns to thegolf course.

  • enoughalready

    Don’t think I’ll be buying any more Nikes! This is pathetic. Tiger is a low life who thought he was (and is) above the repercussions that come with being a lying, cheating a-hole. He’s the kind of guy that gives men a bad name, and sex addiction as an excuse?! Whatever! That’s beyond poor.

  • I Love Money

    Seriously, what difference is this ad supposed to make? People have already made up their minds about whether they like or hate Tiger. This commercial won’t change that.


    Sickening! I’m boycotting NIKE!

  • Cherie

    Ridiculous. Absolutely shameful that Nike continues to support Tiger. They could care less about his family. All they care about is the money that Tiger brings. Even more shameful? Bringing his deceased father into this. The father who also was a cheater.

  • Rustic

    Hahah this is gonna be good

  • SAM

    Wow! So not only does Tiger use his extramarital affairs but now he drug his dead father into this. Just when you thought he couldn’t get any lower.

  • josh

    Failed..if he didnt get caught he would be still screwing those woman..thats the truth

  • Keep It real

    I hate golf and can careless about Tiger ” call me anything but black” Woods. So no I’m not giving up my Nikes..LMAO Now if it was Reebok or Adidias I might be with yall. LMAO.

  • Nora

    Those words hit home. But it’s only words.

  • Ali

    he looks like a sad little boy. to use his father in an ad to sway the public? I don’t think so. Won’t work. He needs to be a man – grow up for pete’s sake and act like a man. enough with the pr pandering to the media. he’ll either play great golf, ordinary golf, or loser golf – what does it matter. he needs to first grow up and become a man.

  • hesanidiot

    He’s an idiot! Let’s remember there was a camera, lights, make-up people, a stylist… and we’re supposed to believe his sorry expression. Oh please, people, the media is manipulating for money. He’s proven time and again he can put in the hole, now he needs to go down it!

  • blah

    YOu people are such hypocrits. So what Tiger made a mistake, who are you to judge him? Why dont you worry about your own sorry lives and let the man try to fix his.

  • Aimee

    @Unbelievable…he didn’t make one mistake…he made 13 mistakes…numerous times.

  • AkaBash

    Jesus teaches us to be merciful and to be quick to forgive. If you have never done anything wrong then go ahead and cast your stones, but remember He who had no sin, also told the woman caught in the very act of adultery that he also does not accuse her and to go and sin no more.

  • T pain

    Cannot care less about Tiger Woods before the scandal, during the sandal, and after the scandal..

    He’s a golfer..nothing special..

  • Al

    he’s just nasty and deserves to go away for good!

  • black


    Americans are crazy as hell———and so damn shallow…..

  • rhymes

    Some of us are only interested in the game so let the man dominate the sport he was intended to play already. I’ll be watching this weekend which is sure to be the highest rated Masters ever.

  • katy

    The ad is insane! Creeps me out, just like Tiger does. Nike has got this all wrong – that’s what happens when you sell your soul to the devil, all to make a buck!
    Tiger’s Dad’s voice? Give me a break – he’s the guy who taught his son how to cheat!

  • Pinkrose

    First of all, if you knew anything at all about Earl Woods, he would have definitely wanted his voice to be used in that commercial – dead or alive!

    Secondly, Earl did not teach Tiger how to cheat. All these publicity hounds coming out of the woodworks talking about Earl cheating have no idea what went on in the Woodes marriage, including Tiger’s so-called ex-girlfriend.

    People need to stop feeding on the endless made-up garbage being sold by these so-called mistresses who are making a bag of money off the Tabloids, who are making a bag of money lff the society by selling smut. They are so many more important issues for this society to dwell upon. No wonder Tiger felt so entitled. It is the media who is built him up to the super human persona and the same media intends to turn him into an OJ Simpson or a Michael Jackson. But Tiger will not succumb to drugs or slide into crime or anything more sordid than the sex. The media will never break Tiger. Watch the Phoenix rise from the ashes.

  • boston61

    He is very unattractive when not smiling. He has a killer smile.

    He has a need to get WHITE women to act like whores. Like him.

  • observer

    Tiger brought this all to himself regardless of whether people judge him or not. He’s learned his lesson and will now be a humble person. Let’s see about his game.

  • carrienae

    For me, personally, his cheating doesn’t affect my life. I still admire what he had done to the community. His faults are lessons to be learned and thought of by himself and every human being… that every actions and decisions you make have consequences.

  • E

    WHO WANTED TO RUIN NIKE AND RUIN TIGER WOOD’S REPUTATION EVEN FURTHER? That’s is what I wanted to know…Time heals – not going back to a problem on a commercial. So, now we should dislike NIKE and in turn, like Tiger Woods. I guess it’s just MARKETING. Let’s focus on his sport…he’s a great golfer, and to me, THAT is what matters.

  • imafatchipmunkface

    what a disgrace!

  • Watch Online

    I agree with you totally, and i dnt know who thinks oposite.

  • Paras Pikavippi Pankkitunnuksilla

    Ain’t the initial commenter telling the real truth or what??

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