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Adam Lambert Caffeinates Before Visiting Canada

Adam Lambert Caffeinates Before Visiting Canada

Adam Lambert gets his caffeine fix in West Hollywood on Wednesday (April 7) as he drinks a Starbucks Frappuccino drink while out and about.

The 28-year-old entertainer is gearing up to play a series of shows in Canada before coming home and mentoring contestants on American Idol! Adam’s playing a show tonight in Coquitlam, British Columbia and one tomorrow in Richmond, B.C.

“Looking forward to meeting new and familiar fans!” Adam tweeted.

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Photos: Agent 47/WENN
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  • http://justjared anita

    Lambert certainly hasn’t had enough long term sucess in the music business to be a credible “mentor”. If any idol alum could be considered for the mentorship role, it would have to be carrie or Kelly

    By the way Jared, why do you feel it necessary to rpeot on every damed thing this man does… he buys coffee , so what ????

  • http://justjared sandy

    many other Idol contestants and Idol winners are getting ready to perform all over the place or are performing all over the place. What is so speciall about this one ?

  • Jory

    Love Him So Much <3

  • hazal

    Well anita all celebs be phtografed buying a cofee or doing anything else and if u don’t like him then simply don’t post anything and he deserve to be on idol as a mentor !!!!!

  • Gina

    Thanks Jared, for keeping us up to date on Adam’s latest news. Your photos are always the best :)

    And don’t worry, many many of his fans know EXACTLY what’s so special about “this one”!

  • Jory

    Wow the haters is always the 1st to comment , Awww How passionate you’re ” Your Resentment Is So Delicious ” keep going Plz hehe :P

    Just Jared Plz Ignore the trolls and keep posting Adam’s News we appreciate it, Thanks :)

  • Katie

    Ahhhh I can’t get enough of Adam!! He’s just too cute and talented! Can’t wait for his U.S. Summer Tour!! Oh, and he’s 28, not 29 :)

  • Yo

    Te quiero Adam!! El mejor mentor de Idol y lo mejor que ha dado ese programa al mundo ;)

  • Amy

    Awww, he is such a cutie! Can’t wait for Idol next week, it will be the first time I have watched this season.

  • Judy

    Lighten up folks,mentoring isn’t rocket science ! Adam’s just as qualified as any other Idol alumni ! It will be a blast,he’s super talented ,fun,honest and very supportive of other artists ! Like Adam said sit back,relax & enjoy !!

  • Dave

    @anita: Obvious question: If it so bothers you then why are you reading it and why do you bother to comment?

  • Carly

    Love the pics!! Thanks. Yahoo Adam. He’s HEADLINING two concerts!! One tonight and one tomorrow!! Both sold out in under 10 minutes!! Love ya Adam!!

  • Amy

    @anita: Why do you find it necessary to comment on every Adam related thing on the Internet…so you are jealous of Adam’s what?????

  • Lena

    The 28-year-old entertainer…

  • MarkM

    Thanks for the pics. My neice has tickets to one of Lambert’s Vancouver shows.

    Oh, and he’s going to make a great mentor on Idol. He ruled the idol stage last year.

  • joker

    @anita: so go away then….your opinion is just that, you don’t know anything about what is right for a mentor …. it is just so amusing how people who claim they don’t like Adam ,will not watch Adam are always the first to say they just won’t be there, yet here you are… very sad
    Rockon Adam, you are a budding superstar and the music industry knows it, that’s who’s opinion and know why really count!

  • laura

    His creativity and self assured swagger is exactly what these newcomers need! Adam entertained to the max. last season and was confident from day one. He was not afraid to take chances in the name of entertainment! He took songs and made them his own and did the actual song artists proud more than once. Many who won on American Idol were unable to do what Adam could. Last years contestants have said how much he helped them (even the winner). I’m sure that is why they chose him. He has a natural God given talent and knows how to use it to get to the top. Can’t wait to watch next week!

  • Moo-moo

    he look so cute! :3 major babe :3 btw:is it just me or does it look like he cut his hair???

  • Thenetbabe

    Who doesen’t need some coffee, or like Starbucks? Adam has good taste in coffee too!!! Love it! And come on people, lighten up, give the guy a break! He has worked his a** off, and deserves to be where he is! Music is supposed to be fun, wild and enjoyable! It’s not like he is running for a political office….it’s the entertainment industry! Thanks for the pics, and ignore the negative comments Jared! :)

  • Carly

    Yes, he did get his haircut and Jared he just turned 28 at the end of January.

  • Kelly

    Hell, who cares how good a mentor he’ll be (probably will be v.good), he’s so charismatic, I’ll be happy just watching him.

  • Mentor?

    Will Adam show Idol contestants how to camp it up and turn people off?

  • Lindsay

    M…Mind Blowing

    A…An Asset

    All the ingrediants for an awesome mentor ! This is going to be EPIC !!

  • LMAO

    Love him so much! <3 I don’t care how many pics get posted of him, I just like looking at him lol

    Can’t wait to see him on Idol next week, will be the only good thing about this season.

  • glambert4570

    adam is such a babe <3 i cant wait for his summer tour! i will def be there!

  • Adam looks old and nerdy

    Why doesn’t this nerdy Jewish kid show his white unathletic girly legs?

  • lara

    He’ll be around for a while,maybe a year or so, not for ever and then he’ll be forgotten just like the rest of today’s popstars.Don’t shoot me, glamberts, i’m human and have an opinion, just like you do.Respect.

  • http://google indigo

    @Adam looks old and n erdy: Did you read your post? why must you hate another human being? what you wrote shows how low class you are, Adam has done nothing personally to you ,for you to write such hateful words. Adam is everything that is right in the world and people like you is what is wrong in this world

  • claudia

    Adam Lambert – Acoustic Whole Lotta Love *IMPROVED VERSION* Fantasy Springs

  • Adam the Mentor

    Male Idol Contestant to Adam : What do you think about me wearing an over sized black jockstrap when I perform?
    Adam : It’s an okay idea, buuut you may want to make it leather, and add a few dozen metal studs.
    Male Idol Contestant : Super !, I didn’t think of that.
    Adam : You can borrow my BeDazzler

  • claudia

    Adam Lambert – Acoustic Whole Lotta Love *IMPROVED VERSION* Fantasy Springs

  • Penelope

    Adam is going to ROCK Canda tonight and tomorrow!!! It’s pandemonium on the floor, cause everybody wants a little more! They wanna ride on our rocket ship, right round the moon for a velvet kiss!!

  • c

    He’s soooooooo cute! He’s looking so pretty lately!

    Thankyou Jared!

  • popoki

    Coquitlam is where the pig farmer murdered all those women……..UGH !

  • Jame

    @anita: He has been in the Industry for over a DECADE.

  • slambang

    Adam is AWESOME. Love him!

  • sizzlingsmile

    Wow, I sure love it how Adam gets everybody’s attention. Thank you. One picture of Adam drinking coffee can do it. Loves this man and can not wait for next week! Oh yes, there some other good singers out there too, but Adam is one of a kind and we all know it.

  • snowgreen

    @lara: Ehhh, I don’t think he will be forgotten at all. I think him and his band (at least his longtime friend Monte, not sure about LP, TJ & Cam since they’re still new) will perform ’til they’re old. That’s what I think.

    Adam said if he hadn’t gotten into the Entertainment/Music Industry, he would have gone into Social and Psychological work. He gives out a specific energy, and is extremely smart, and also warm.

    People have gone to him his whole life. He accepted his role as care-taker even down to his family and personal relationships, even when he needed someone to take care of HIM. But he accepted it. We’re all on this Earth for a reason. You know that one friend that is the one everyone goes to for whatever? He’s that guy. His song Broken Open talks about that:

    “It’s basically dealing with……helping somebody be vulnerable enough…to just CRY. Just to fall apart. And it’s a very very personal thing….It’s been happening my whole life, to this day…but there was a period in my life where it just kept REPEATING itself. I would meet people, either they would be close friends this would happen to but more often it was people I kind of would have chance ecounters with, whether it be a lover, or just a friend, that I would meet, that I didn’t know that well…….over the course of a couple months…were…………choosing me……to just…break open to. And often they would be the unlikeliest of people, with such different and tough exteriors pouring their pain/problems/souls/eyes…..out – showing “weakness” as most see it. Umm it just kept happening..and I was like wow….what am I, a therapist?? What’s going on here? What is it that I’m giving THEM, that……allows them to feel that way. But it meant a lot to me…because it meant that I was making someone feel safe…and I was making somebody feel like they could be….imperfect…..with me. ~ ‘so imperfectly, what you should be.’ ”

    It’s a very powerful thing, giving off a certain energy like that, that makes even the most manly dudes sob in front of him. Even when their own friends and families hadn’t seen them cry, and Lambert would let them, he would just be there. Something about him gets people to open up. Whether it was his mother, or his ex boyfriends, or his friends, he was always there for them.

    And last Year, the Idol House said exactly the same thing. He was the one they all leaned on and went to for advice, the one that held the group together. He supports others’, empowers and boosts people’s confidence all the time because he knows how it feels to be on the other side.

    He said one of his least fave. Idol performances was Black & White because the song meant so much to him but he wasn’t happy with his vocals – but I loved that perf. so fkn much, it worked, the lyrics are so powerful and he sang each line with so much energy and demanding-emotion. “I’m tired of this DEVIL; I’m tired of this STUFF; I’m tired of this business, Sew when the going gets tough; I ain’t scared of your BROTHER; I ain’t scared of no SHEETS, I ain’t scared of nobody, oooh when the goin’ gets mean………And I told about EQUALITY – don’t tell me you agree with me when I saw you kickin dirt in my eye…..if you’re thinking of being my baby, it don’t matter if you’re black or white”

    When the Idol House were asked who they all went to for ADVICE/who held the group together/who they leaned on….they all said, “Adam”. About music, life, everything.

    Kris Allen said: “Adam is just so easy to talk to, and gives amazing advice. He has so many words of wisdom, real genuine ones. He’s just an all round great guy. He always makes you feel comfortable, and confident. The best you can be.”

    And even ex-BIGOT Michael Sarver a changed man, that’s kinda crazy:

    When he was asked who he looked up to he said, “Actually, the coolest person I’ve met is Adam Lambert, as far as teaching me the most. And it has nothing to do with music, eveything to do with character. And not seeing the difference before you see the person, seeing the person first. I have to say if I have grown the most from any certain individual it would have to be Adam Lambert. Just, this guy’s heart and soul is amazing. And he always has something positive to say, no matter what we’re faced with, no matter what life throws at him. I can say I’m a changed man because of that guy, I am thankful for that.”

  • sizzlingsmile

    Oh, I will sit glued to the tv screen next week during the Idol shows and I will take in every Adam moment to the fullest! Can not wait for his summer tour!!!!!!!

  • James

    Now that we know next week’s theme, it makes sense why they chose Lambert. I wish the theme was different, don’t like this one. They should have gone with the Zeppelin songbook but I should imagine Plant and Roger (who cleared their song for the first time in Idol History last Yr. for Adam) wouldn’t want this Year’s bunch murdering them. But anyway, I can def. see why they chose him now, hopefully he will help them infuse their performances with more energy, life, drama.


    @anita:Let me break it down for you. 1. Lambert brings in the ratings. 2. He makes sense with next week’s Theme. 3. He has a single and Tour he will promote, the two you mentioned don’t. 4. Carrie is boring. 5. Kelly’s relationship with Idol is rocky. ETC. ETC. ETC. ETC. Kelly Clarkson and Adam Lambert are the only 2 Idol alumns that are known Globally. And as I said, Kelly’s relationship with Fuller and another one of the producers is rocky, and she has no new single or a tour to perform and promote. Adam makes sense with next week’s theme. I bet the performances will be trainwrecks tho. All the more reason to watch.

  • Issac

    @Adam looks old and nerdy: You’re using Jewish as a degrotaory term? WTF?! Lambo is DOPE btw

  • maryann

    Adam looks so, so cute and adorably handsome…..just cant get enough of the man!!!! I love, love, love, love, love, love him so, so, so much!!!

  • ?

    He flies from country to country and is always on the road and gets little sleep and prob. lives on coffee, doesn’t he get tired? I didn’t sleep for 1 night and felt like a zombie the next day

  • JLM

    Adam is so adorable, even just getting coffee, but on the other hand why are you taking the pics? Those who think Adam won’t isn’t the right mentor, have you seen this years show? These kids don’t need business advice – they need to learn to pick the right song, make it their and perform in an exciting manner. Who the heck could do that better than Adam. He was the most exciting contestant they ever had – love him or hate him. He made the show exciting. Besides last years contestants all said they went to Adam for advice – he’s a natural.

  • Heny

    @Mentor?: Well they will NEED to camp it up for next week’s theme. Glam-rock means freedom of expression and satirical, tongue in cheek *campy* fun, ridiculous humor. Do you like or dislike that? If you dig it, cool, if not, focus your interest elsewhere. I don’t get your comment – Adam doesn’t do things to mass-appeal. Even though he is popular and even though he has a lot of performances in his CV that mass-appeal like Tracks Of My Tears and MW but he is polarizing and he thrives on that, prefers it. He would never tell others to copy him. Be your OWN person.

  • ffffuuuuu

    my mate just tweeted from adam’s vancouver show, him and his gf have front row seats

    i can’t wait ’til adam comes to LA it will be mad

  • Terrence

    @Adam looks old and nerdy: Kid? How old are you, 80? Way to show your ignorance using Jewish as a slur, moron. You know what’s funny? You would be ashamed to even say that to his face. You know why? Because he’s just such a f——g NICE guy. On second thoughts, you wouldn’t even have the balls to say it.

  • ;_________;

    nooo i miss his longer hair!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • California Dreaming

    So happy to hear Adam will be mentoring on idol this coming week, as well as performing. He is a true artist and will do well giving them the honesty they need to hear. Love the new single, too!

    On a side note, he looks very cute in these photos!