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Alexander Skarsgard: Sexiest Arms in Details Magazine

Alexander Skarsgard: Sexiest Arms in Details Magazine

True Blood hunk Alexander Skarsgard shows off his sexy arms in this new teaser picture from the May 2010 issue of Details Magazine.

The 33-year-old Swedish actor is just one of three True Blood-themed covers. His equally as sexy co-stars Ryan Kwanten and Stephen Moyer grace the other covers.

Next week, Ryan and Stephen‘s covers will be officially rolled out and tidbits from all three of their interviews will be released.

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  • true blood
  • VILF

    So many skargasms today

  • Sannee

    He is hot but he lost a lot of appeal when he started messing with Kate Bosworth. Kinda went down in my eyes….

  • tracey

    hes ok, i prefer dark haired men.

  • L

    @Sannee: Oh, get over it. He wasn’t going to be single forever.

  • The Comedian

    3 words : sex on legs..

    Kate, you lucky B !!! ;o)

  • Josie

    meh, you’ll find a lot of swedish guys who look like alex here in sweden. NOW GIVE ME TOM WELLING!!!

  • caxposed

    Alright, Jare, enough about Alex, I wanna see Jake Gyllenhaal’s May 2010 GQ spread?!

  • swedie

    @L: He’s still single. I’m sure he’ll settle down some day..probably with a nice Swedish girl, but he’s enjoying the Hollywood scene right now.

  • Lola

    @Josie: Do you want to swap houses? I NEVER see men like Alex in LA!

  • L

    @Josie: You can find a lot of guys that look like Tom Welling in North America, lol.

  • HBO

    @Sannee: The beautiful, smart girls he stars opposite are usually taken, so he hangs with what’s left over for now. Once he starts getting better roles and hanging with higher quality actresses, he’ll upgrade his FWB to a real girlfriend.

  • Deedz

    Hottest I’ve seen him look in a while. Holy, I’m about to lose my sh-t over here.

  • Liz

    I cannot wait for more of those articles, especially on Stephen Moyer.

  • Peaches

    He look great from what I can see. The photos are a little blurry.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …i just saw him in zoolander. aahahahahahahahahaha.. that was pretty fcuking funny.

  • yeah

    Jeez this man is going ot give me a heart attack. Absolutely beautiful, just damn…

  • essence

    He reminds me of James Dean in those pics.

  • sweetie

    beautiful and talented actor. :-)

  • jamie

    He is really beautiful but I agree Kate is way trashy and skanky for a decent guy. He seems like a decent person and she is just working this for her benefit only. She has a horrible rep in hwood and his star is on the rise but lately every single time I hear his name mentioned someone is tagging her too. Annoying. He is so great and will get even bigger. She is a loser with no career to speak of and dragging his image down. People even allude that he is into drugs now too. So sad for him. Just want him to get bigger and better roles and get a decent beautiful woman on his arm. Kate is not it nor was Evan. Both bad.

  • Georgia

    good looking boy, crying shame he’s boinking Bosworth.

  • Hot spotter


  • gemini

    Love all the covers. Props to True Blood!

  • Celia


  • Celia

    ALEX needs to be cast to play Blomvist in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo even though he’s too young, he would still be perfect.

  • Rachel

    He’s talented, smart, charismatic, and sexy… I kind of wish we could clone him. Ha ha!

  • kaye

    Alex looks great.

    He’s been rumored to be seeing Kate B. But that’s just it, a rumor, it may or may not be true. It sure is a step up from Evan. I haven’t been a Kate fan since after Blue Crush. Especially w/ the whole “anorexic look” going. But I read somewhere that she has a pretty high IQ. So maybe there’s something in between her ears to add to her appeal. Dunno. Just hope everyone’s happy is all. :)

  • crackberry

    @kaye: I’m not a big ERW fan but she seems much smarter than KB. KB sounds like a space cadet in her interviews. Hard to believe she completed HS let alone got accepted into a top college.

    The webmistress who runs ASkars’ largest fan site says he’s not dating anyone. She’s been reliable in the past so I’m inclined to believe her.

  • Georgia

    Love AS. Love KB. If they’re a couple, hope they’re happy. They sure are gorgeous!

  • Maria.

    @Josie: lol Your comment made me laugh!! I wanna go to Sweden nooowww!!!

  • testarossa

    I am so moving to Sweden if all the men look like him. He is so lovely and i really have a thing about arms.

  • GreenCAT

    OMFG!!! Alexander looks efin HOT!!!!!

  • Pixie

    Kate got into an ivy league school due to legacy points just like George Bush got into Yale and Harvard. I would not call George Bush
    Brillant. If she were indeed smart she would not have chased after Gywns husband CM. At most she is cute, too bad she is balding though!

  • jangles

    Good lord. Where do I start??? (I know he’s exceptionally talented and smart and funny and all that, but I’m going to blatantly objectify him here for a moment or two. Again.) The arms? The eyes? The face? The legs? The arms? ***thud*** I think I literally squeaked in a failed attempt to stifle a gasp when I opened these pics at work. Yep, I’ve decided. I think he’s trying to kill me. Sexy beast! Once again, thanks for posting JJ, but you really should warn a person before they open something like this. Those puppies are lethal.

  • monki

    Prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Love him as an actor and as a man. he should feature most magazines, a lot.

  • zee

    Not really feeling the spiky hair but love EVERY.THING.ELSE.

  • micki123

    Why isn’t Lafayette included in this? He’s effin’ hot. Boo to Details.

  • yo sista

    Most GORGEOUS man EVER! God please more pictures! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m ready to visit this site just for HIM.

  • It’s Amazing

    I’m always in the mood for new pics of Alex. These are another aspect of what he can do as an actor. The interviews lately have been the same old info and that’s gotten boring. Just wish he’d get some real acting work. A remake of a grossly violent old movie and trashy True Blood don’t count. Ryan Kwantan is worth looking at too. As for Moyer, he makes me nauseous, as himself and as Bill.

  • really

    baby daddy!

  • really

    @Josie: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, PLEASE!

    not even in the same league of beauty! tom looks BORING.

  • British Latin American

    Some might say that Tom is just a side dish – Alex is the main course!

  • No

    Are you serious? Lafayette is ugly as hell. Especially those dark blue lips. Ewww.

  • Britt

    too gorgeous for words!!!!!

  • Elshaya

    @It’s Amazing:
    Stephen is just wonderful, so beautiful and talented so why do you say that? You don’t have to like him but you really shouldn’t say mean stuff about him!

  • heidi

    Lovely pics of Alex and now I REALLY can’t wait for season three. I like all the True Blood guys, and Ryan’s and Stephen’s covers are also sexy–if not quite in Alex’s league. But why no Sam? I’d take him over Jason and Bill any day. It’s a bit peculiar to me to choose Ryan Kwanten over Sam as a True Blood leading man.

  • kits

    looking through many of his pictures and i must say wow how much hotness can a man have