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Bristol Palin: Behind The Scenes of Teen Pregnancy PSA

Bristol Palin: Behind The Scenes of Teen Pregnancy PSA

Check out this behind-the-scenes video of Bristol Palin‘s PSA for The Candie’s Foundation!

The 19-year-old daughter of former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin shot the campaign with her son, Tripp, for the spots set to air in May, which is National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month.

“I think people need to start talking about the consequences of teen pregnancy,” Bristol said, adding, “if I can prevent one person from getting pregnant as a teen, all of this will be worth it.”

For more info on the Candie’s Foundation, visit!

Bristol Palin – Behind-the-Scenes PSA Interview
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  • Amanda Dubs

    I guess some people learn the hard way.

  • happy girl

    Ah, hypocrisy at its finest. I did not practice safe sex but you should. I had a baby as a teen mother but you better not. And her mom says no to abortions even if teen girls are victims of incest. AND she wants women to pay for their own rape kits. Why don’t they add that to the PSA?? Hypocrites, both of them.

  • Mitchy

    she’s pathetic.

  • kath

    hypocrit all right. that is like saying, whilst holding her son, that he was a mistake. nice

  • Lily

    “Mommy, play the video where you (not very subtly) imply you I was a horrible mistake!” Ugh. It’s bad enough Tripp’s grandma is a loon, his grandpa is in favor of cession, and his dad is a douche. Even his mom let him down. Just, you know, all of you…keep your traps shut. For the sake of this innocent kid.

  • Lily

    Sorry about the second “you”. It’s late.

  • meh

    Sarah Palin is a disgrace to our country. She is an idiot and a mean-spirited, lying harpy.

  • Cathy

    Bristol the mother made a mistake like many other teenage girls do.
    The kid didn’t and i believe that’s quite clear. Whats even more clear is Bristol Pailin is giving the message NOT her mother.
    I also belive it’s a great mesage and it’s too bad so many of you only hate this b/c Bridtol Pailin is Sarah Pailis daughter. So what! it’s got Zilch to do with politics.
    And Yes she did make a mistake and is admitting it as she should and she won’t be the last..
    That kid will have more brains then you miserable dumb posters who hate the messsage again only b/c of who the mother is of the teen who got pregnant . How stupid can you be!
    I agree keep your traps shut. Take a good look around your own city and see how many teens are living on welfare not getting messages like this and having second and third children who live in squalor.
    It sure ain’t too pretty and the numbers are increasing every day, It’s a major problem just staggering but b/c Bristol Pailin is talking about it
    it is pathetic? LOL Get real

  • lisa

    Many of us make mistakes. We own up to it because we know we did. It certainly doesn’t mean our child made any mistakes.
    You learn very quickly after the fact how your mistake made your teenage life so much more difficult. If you have any brains you pick up your feet and it will take us longer to get there but we work get an education and the day comes where we make our child proud of us . The kids realize this when they get older and the main thing is that they know they are loved.

    Bravo Bristol Pailin. Nothing wrong with the truth.

  • ashlei

    So, the Candies foundation makes a PSA on teen pregnancy, yet has Britney Spears as the current spokesperson for their clothing line at Kohls. Makes a lot of sense there. Britney, who is certainly NOT a good, wholesome role model, who has a teen sister who got pregnant. That’s real hypocrisy. My brother had a baby at 19, so I get the point of the PSA – because its not easy for him, or any of us who that affected. But a company can’t be playing both sides of the fence. Promote safe sex, abstinence, but be like Britney Spears. That’s logical.

  • happy girl

    who needs a rich girl who has nannies, money and the right support telling teen girls how “hard” it is. give me a break! stop pimping your kid out bristol. face the fact that your mother was running around attacking people for not following their family values but you went ahead and got pregnant. and now, you want to make money like mommie and are going on a tour. please. enough. the whole family is annoying including the baby daddy who is a loser.

  • BeReal

    Leave her alone! She is trying to do something good. She knows she made a mistake! She’s not perfect and neither are you!

  • mousse

    Tripp should be left out of it, no matter what. There are enough married woman of his mother’s age that welcomed their kids without questions about itheir responsability a f t e r w a r d s.

  • Sam

    Her message says ‘need to start talking about the consequences…………’ Ummm, it’s been talked about and talked about for many many years! Teens (not all) are still not listening and think it will bring them ‘love’ with a boy, make the ‘boy mine’ etc.. As for the boy they are quite often still on the football field, out with their buddies and busy with a new girl. This is old school and the question is ‘will it ever end?’

  • NYC

    What a robot.
    Sarah Palin is like an alien inside this kid’s brain pontificating how she should think and feel about her son and her teen pregnancy.
    Palin has made her daughter ashamed and guilty for having a baby.
    I give her a lot of credit for not terminating the pregnancy.
    It might be hard now but in a few years, it won’t matter.
    I think teen pregnancy is an issue and teens should use birth control and plan their parenthood but this modern day “Scarlet Letter,” is a disgrace.
    Sarah Palin needs to back off and embrace her. She seems like a really good kid who got pregnant too young. The baby looks stressed out. Planning parenthood should be everywhere, for all ages.
    I see examples of unplanned pregnancies all over the world. This is not just a teen issue.

  • Kristin M

    I don’t believe this commercial for a second. Yes, she’s rich. Yes, she had support. We all know that. I don’t want to hear her contemplating about what could happen if your mother isn’t Sarah Palin. I’d rather see a commercial with a teen that doesn’t have all that. Then I’d pay attention to the commercial. I’d rather hear the facts of what could happen if you become a teen mother from a teenage mother who’s having a hard time.

  • Backwards C


  • Marissa

    Wow. Lovely message.

    “Here’s my son Tripp. I named him that because I tripped up and made the idiotic decision to have sex with my immature boyfriend. You know, the one who posed for Playgirl? Anyhoo … not all of you are as privileged as me and you weren’t raised with money and plenty of moose burgers. So do what I say and not what I do … don’t tripp up and have a Tripp of your own. He’s a big old mistake, see? Smile for the camera, Tripp. Let them see that you are a product of badness, mmmkay?”

    Sickening and revolting.


  • john

    She made a mistake and is trying to help others think before they make the same one, what’s the problem with that?

  • Shell

    Do as I say, not as I do. Typical. Hypocrisy at its finest!

  • anne

    I’m a republican, but I wish that the entire Palin family would just go away.

  • No BO for me


    Can you imagine if Obama is elected for a second term and one of his girls get pregnant? Then teen pregnancy will be all the new rage!

    Leave the kid alone. Just because her mother is a moron (look – I can hate Obama AND Palin at the same time) doesn’t give lefties the right to attack her. You’re the first to jump to the defense of anyone who says one nasty thing about Obama and any of his family. Show some respect no matter how much it pains you.

  • mb

    hypocrisy? how is that hypocrisy? its not like she’s still out there trying to get pregnant again. how about learning form your mistakes? how the hell are people going to learn anything if people haven’t already made mistakes to learn from? so a person who tells kids not to speed in that car after getting in a wreck for speeding is a hypocrite? hmmm. Ya’lls theory is flawed. I’m not a big fan of the Palins, but i wouldn’t necessarily call it hypocrisy.
    wanna know something hypocritical, though? Saying we need to take troops out of Iraq, and then send more troops over to Iraq. Good one, Obama.

  • Pinkrose

    What is wrong with the American society? Everyone wants to be a TV star / Celebrity and earn an easy living. Bristol is just setting the stage for her PR company that she is opening, by putting herself out there.

    Which 19 year 0old who barely finished up her GED opens a PR company? Fame-whore ! Think about your son. Why put it on record, so indelibly, that he is a mistake. He won’t live that down…or he might just chose to live down to what he (and his peers) will perceive to be circumstances of his birth. a mistake!

    And Sarah Palin had the balls to criticiuze Obama as being a celebrity. Yet she and her daughter are running full tilt at Hollywood, where they have already earning a reputation for cleaning out free gift rooms at celebrity events.

  • Lilly

    Bristol is pathetic. She needs to be quiet because nobody respects
    her and never will. She and Sara are famewhores they will sell anybody out.
    I believe Sara and Todd are separated, both of these women can’t hold on to a man to save their life. These Palins are looking for a free ride every where they go.

  • seattle

    i posted a comment yesterday Jared, that you did not OK! what, worried about what i wrote?

  • NYC

    I feel so sorry for this sweet, little baby…..

  • Keep It Real

    Sarah should of tossed her idiot daughter on the street old school. Teens are DUMB. Teen pregnancy is 100% preventable. Bristol and Levi have NOTHING. Just because her parents now have money why should they be stuck paying for Bristol’s bastard son.

  • Keep It Real

    Would someone please look up the definition of hypocrit. Bristol is not on she a HORRIBLE warning for other dumb girls and boys.

  • anon

    Why is she referring to her child as a “mistake”. This poor little boy is going to grow up knowing that he was not wanted and that she regrets having him. Stop pimping your son and live with what you did…love him and keep living. It is hard to learn from the mistakes of a hypocrite.

  • Cali

    Someone should care enough about that Palin baby to get him off camera. Broadcasting ‘look at my mistake’ can’t be great for a child’s self esteem. Tripp will always have that Candies PSA to remind him that he should not have been born?

  • elsie

    Mother (Palin) and daughter (Bristol) are pathetic — there are no other words to describe them. If she want her daughter’s name restored or whatever, this is not the way, they appeared a pair of phoneys!

  • mellisa

    Of course her PR company will make money . . . she does not need to have an education — the Palins will just hire an MBA who’ll run things and thinks for Bristol, then Bristol will get credit for everything . . . her clients? daughters of Palin’s die hard Republican adult fans . . .
    All mother and daughter has to do is dress well . . .

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  • Web Design Southampton

    A source hilariously tells Radar Online, “There’s a lost Chihuahua that has been hanging out around Jesse’s office for the last two days and Jesse has been trying to lure the dog over to him so he can get him back to his owners.”

  • Web Design Southampton

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  • SP

    Thank you.