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Elisabetta Canalis Visits George Clooney on Set!

Elisabetta Canalis Visits George Clooney on Set!

George Clooney walks hand-in-hand with his girlfriend, aspiring actress Elisabetta Canalis, on the set of his new movie, The Descendents, in Hawaii on Thursday (April 8).

Earlier this week, rumors surfaced that the couple split but George put those stories to bed. The 48-year-old actor had said in a statement, “Once again the story is made up, spread to other outlets and now denied. But don’t let facts get in the way of a good story.”

Pictured below: George holding hands with co-star Amara Miller. On-screen daughter?

Anyone know who the girl is on Elisabetta‘s t-shirt?

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Credit: Hypnotics/Starsurf; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • rachel

    This fake couple is boring.

  • Sheigh

    George, you’re old, fat and disgusting! Leave this girl for young guys plizz!
    This romance smeels like boooobooobooo!

  • Deedz

    Looks more like damage control.

  • Infamous

    Im really surprised they are still together!

  • Nora

    What the heck is she wearing??
    They are starting to look like the beginning of Michael Douglas and Katherine Zita Jones…

  • jane

    I like them, they are sweet and nice together.

  • peter

    SHe is really ugly. Total damage control I agree

  • busted

    Was this the same day.. Why did she change cloths and get her hair done.

    Hope George is happy.. that is all that matters.

  • Susi

    maybe she’s pregnant

  • Rob

    is she a man?

  • kate

    Kirsten Dunst from the cover of Lula magazine.

  • marmot

    The release timing of these photos is interesting. George’s shirt is the same from the March 14 shoot. The denial press release, which was actually written by Canalis and not by Clooney, went out yesterday. It’s possible that Canalis timed the denial press release to go out after she met with George, hence he wasn’t aware that she was planning to do that when he met with her. She may have even faxed the denial press release from his trailer, when he wasn’t looking, and she timed the release of these photos to come out the day after the press release. Pretty crazy.

  • boston61

    George is a very old looking 48. I’m the same age and I think I look a lot younger.

  • r.

    Uhhh, why do you think SHE put out the statement when it says George did? Why do people always have conspiracy theories over such silly things?

    And I can’t believe anyone would say she is ugly. You must be God’s gift to the world if you think she’s ugly. She’s gorgeous. Hopefully not a gold-digger like his past girl. I’d say it’d be nice if he finally found someone that made him want to stop being a playboy. He is getting a bit old for that. ;-)

  • marmot

    r., if you go to George’s IMDB board, there is a very detailed analysis of the press release. It came from Canalis.

  • trey

    She looks like she was born without ovaries.

  • marmot

    ROFL trey. Now I’m going to have “The Crying Game” song going through my head all day.

  • marmot

    Canalis gets Clooney to let her visit him on set and have pics taken. Canalis wants to extend her publicity ride on Clooney’s coattails for as long as possible, so she holds onto the pics until the right moment. She knows that news about a split is going to come out eventually, and she wants to shut that down when it happens. The Grazia article comes out and gets picked up by other sites. Canalis then writes the denial press release with some help and sends it to People. Other sites pick up the denial story from People. Canalis then releases the photos of her on set to back up the denial press release. Canalis gets a little more time on the publicity ride. Bridge to Clooney is forever burned, but she doesn’t care.

  • Mia

    horrible cap but I like the hair

  • TheCloseUpsWillKillYa

    It is hard to imagine a relationship between two people who do not speak each other’s language. At least not one that will go anywhere. George is very handsome and she has her moments, but overall not the best looking girl but maybe in this case love is blind and deaf …she looks like a slob in the photos with him and the one where she is alone she looks better groomed and mugs to the camera. I think that is the real love affair here. Maybe George has decided he will never find true love and so he helps models/harlots er starlets with their careers in exchange for sex and companionship. It is an empty way to live but maybe it works for him and they’re not hurting anybody.

  • Katsaridoula

    I would really like to see all these fugly peple who commented on this thread so far (those bitter ones) you must look like from hell yourselves!!!!!!!

  • Gloria

    Weird pictures. I think Ive seen them before

  • marmot

    She’s looking blatantly into the camera as she pulls her t-shirt tight across her belly and sticks her belly out in an effort to look pregnant. A pregnancy rumor buys her more publicity, which is what she wants. No way is pregnant by Clooney. Satan, maybe, but not Clooney.

  • sara

    va bene tutto ma lezioni di stile e di eleganza dagli americani proprio non li accetto mi risulta che il set è alle hawaii come doveva vestirsi secondo voi?

  • Nefelai

    prima di giudicare, che guardassero i loro divi, come si conciano, come si vestono, gli scandali sessuali, i rehab , le dipendenze da alcool e droga e ecc ecc… non che sia fan della Canalis, ma in America c’è veramente di peggio… UN BACIONE A TE… hai scritto una frase meravigliosaaaaaa


    e brave a voi, basta parlare male della Canalis, che si guardassero come va in giro Brad Pitt in Italia. Viva Canalis, fagli vedere a sti americani che si credono chissachi

  • Emma Howard

    Dale Hope, author of The Aloha Shirt and then art director for Kahala Sportswear, commissioned my textile studio to design this print using hand carved blocks. It took us about 6 months from pencil sketches to 18″ x 24″ artwork on paper that was sent overseas to be printed onto 3000 yards.

    George is wearing images of surfers, fishermen,canoe paddlers,surf shacks/houses and an island with a mountain.

    Thank you,

    Emma Howard

  • Aloha

    Clooney is becoming a more and more pathetic old goat by the minute. Split rumour and two seconds later the ‘girlfriend’ is by his side. How predictable. How sad. No chemistry whatsoever between these two. Love looks very different. She looks like the cat that got the cream and given Canalis’ sleazy topless career, PR hunger, arrogant attitude and terrible reputation in Italy – this is her moment to shine. Enjoy honey. But seriously George, couldn’t you at least have paid for a stylist, I mean the MMonroe shirt and camouflage cap, it is atrocious! Canalis makes his previous girlfriend, the Las Vegas hostess look like she was classy. I used to like George Clooney but his behaviour is increasingly pathetic and I, for one, am starting to HOPE that he is gay. If he is straight and the Canalis relationship is for real, he is one pathetic man/male chauvinistic b***** and needs to seek help urgently.

  • Cora

    I see Canalis had her hair and makeup done in advance of her paparazzi shots. I love it when they think we’re stupid.

  • Gerry!

    She should date Gerard Butler instead. She seems like his type….an exotic looking, tough, brunette.

  • Rapid Response

    This is one of the most pathetic celebrity stunts I’ve ever seen.. Truly. They’ve spent maybe 4 days together since February and the very DAY after break-up and denial stories appear there she is! Clooney you’re better than this. Where’s your pride? Where’s your common sense? This glorified groupie is after nothing but the fame and pay off money. She’s using you like a dish rag, George. Your reputation is in shambles. What the h.e.l.l. is wrong with you? Nothing good will come of this. STAN ARE YOU LISTENING?

  • Chris

    Kika and Sara: are you Elisabetta Canalis?

  • anonymous

    Geez. I’ve seen classier women in trailer parks. She just needs a ciggy hanging out the corner of her mouth.

  • anonymous

    Don’t want no more of the crying game.

  • Elisabruta is girl on call!

    A few things of note:

    #12 Marmot – A reasonable explanation for George’s attire are that those are his wardrobe clothes. Depending on what day/scene he’s shooting, that’s what he’s wardrobed in. If 20 days later they shoot a scene that takes place on the same day, he would more than likely be dressed the same unless his character is supposed to have changed clothes. It’s called “continuity”. If he shot a re-shoot or even an insert 6 months later of the same day in the film, he’d be in the same exact clothes. Movies are shot completely out of sequence with regards to the scenes as a general rule, so his clothes in the photo have absolutely nothing, zip, zilch to do with your theory.

    Secondly, well it’s blatantly obvious that both of these two clowns are TRYING to make it seem like a real “relationship” as much as possible. Any time the press calls out celebs on their relationship troubles, said couples conveniently show up in public together to refute those claims. That is: real couples do that. If they were trying to appear as a real couple, than they are playing the same game. The truth is, though, that she is an actual call girl. (And he truly believes no one knows!!) He calls, she comes. It’s that simple. It’s also why he hasn’t blasted back at persons such as Lainey at LaineyGossip for libel. It isn’t libel when it’s true. And the last thing he or his team would want is to try and prove she ISN’T on a contract because they couldn’t. Simply put, she is on a contract with him for the sake of mutual publicity. That’s a PAID ARM CHARM … a paid “girlfriend” … an escort … a call girl … a w-h-ore. Different names, same meaning. And everyone knows that at this point. You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig. And this girl’s a total pig. He likes pigs. Remember Max? Ever wonder why he was given a pig, of all animals?? And don’t forget the old saying: Roll around with the pigs and you’re bound to get dirty. All of his previous women have had their names and reputations soiled even further than they were before having met him. And most of them are still as lonely, aging, and desperate as they were before him. They’re just more pathetic now. Look at Krista. The only one who escaped it with a modicum of grace was Lisa and she’s still old and alone.

    The only persons who don’t seem to think anyone’s caught on to this stupid and trite stunt are George and this hopeless horse of “woman” he’s leading around. That’s why she has a contract to appear as his girlfriend. It may be “month-to-month” so-to-speak at this point, but it is nothing more than a poorly thought out campaign for some direly needed publicity. His movies aren’t fairing well at the box office and his public persona is slipping away down the tubes, while the crux of society is catching on to his duality: the oh-so-charming man who cares about people and is a ladies’ man, and the controlling, fitful drunk who cannot fathom having anything else in his life but fame and endless publicity and a shovel for the wads of cash he likes to be able to dump into his accounts. It’s the curse of Hollywood. Fame goes to most persons’ heads and they’ll go to any length to wh-ore themselves out. He’s no stranger to that. He chases after wh-ores and he himself allows himself to be w-h-ored out. Like attracts like. Law of attraction. He hasn’t had real love because he doesn’t feel worthy of it and knows he’s got little to offer. If he could step out on that ledge, I am sure someone wonderful would find him. But he’s an emotional midget who’s self-centered. Haven’t you heard half of Hollywood’s women even confirming what a “male wh-ore” he is? You have!! Everyone has!! It’s kinda like the beginning of the end. It looks even worse when it happens to men this fabulously gorgeous and at his age – and they pick up the ugliest of women on the planet. And Elisabetta is nothing short of a fame w-hore that resembles a worn out horse. She is the one reading these comments and she is the one who, like Vegas escort Sarah Larson, will come to realize the harder and longer she tries to pull of this ridiculous stunt, the worse her image will fair. Just wait until the public gets a taste of her laughable “acting” skills. She will most assuredly fade out fast and she will definitely crash and burn. At least Sarah Larson had the saving “grace” of being so dim-witted that she thought of a “career” like personal training as a cop-out after the entire world caught on that she was nothing more than a greasy Vegas escort at a casino who liked showing her vag meat in publicity photos and videos for that same casino. Classy. No doubt Elisabetta will end up smoking or drinking the rest of her life away or will end up pregnant very soon to some other F-list celebrity. – Like a soccer player whose better days are behind him.

    The worst, or maybe even the best, thing to come of this is the kind of aftermath it will

  • marmot

    The shirt may not be relevant, but the timing has been manipulated. I guarantee you that Canalis is who controlled the timing of the denial press release and the on-set photos. She waited until the first story of a split was published, then sent the press release or had it sent, then sent the on-set photographs or had them sent.

    There are detailed analyses of the denial press release on George’s IMDB page, for anyone who is interested. Clooney didn’t write that press release.

  • Rapid Response


    Marmot why do you think Clooney keeps letting her get by with these tricks? It’s not like it’s the first time she’s done something like that. Before this I couldn’t imagine him putting up with these types of games. He’s always the one to control. Now he just looks weak and used.

  • marmot

    RR, I don’t know, but I think he has been trying hard to honor his end of the deal. He had to drink to excess in order to stand being around her during their last two outings in L.A., the last one being the Oscars. The press release thing should burn the bridge for good. But she probably has more photos that she is going to slowly release over the next days or weeks to try to extend her publicity ride.

  • Consider …

    They’ve both got their mitts in this. You cannot rape the willing. Plain and simple.

  • No crocidile tears, only jeers

    You’re forgetting he went through this same crap with Larson. If he didn’t learn from that nightmare of choice, he’s a glutton for punishment. And no one’s to blame or leading his hand into this but him. He honestly thinks it’s a good choice. I hope the woman he (hopefully) ends up with smacks him around a little ….. or a lot (not literally, but figuratively). It’s as if his brain has leaked from his thick skull. He agreed to be wh_ored out in this manner. Many celebrities do. Some go the route of who-ring out their childhood, telling their stories of woe the rest of us would rather not hear. Some wh-ore themselves out to reality television. George just wh_res out his sexuality all at the expense of his reputation that he thinks is still stellar. Which is more than likely why he drinks his life away in the meantime … because he KNOWS he’s a wh-ore. Kind of sad & pathetic if you ask me. If this is what fame does to a person, imagine what true LOVE could do? But he doesn’t want to risk it. He won’t be able to recognize, find, or trust in finding true love until he starts to treat himself better. And right now he treats himself like the ska-nks he surrounds himself with. Nothing says more about a person than the company that they keep. Like attracts like. Think on it. You cannot rape the willing.

    “marmot @ 04/08/2010 at 8:19 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down 0

    RR, I don’t know, but I think he has been trying hard to honor his end of the deal. He had to drink to excess in order to stand being around her during their last two outings in L.A., the last one being the Oscars. The press release thing should burn the bridge for good. But she probably has more photos that she is going to slowly release over the next days or weeks to try to extend her publicity ride.”

  • will

    George is lookin’ old… losing the hot!

  • http://justjared bored at work

    This showmance has just become so generic and predictable. I am done wasting my time seeing his projects. If he has such little respect for himself and even less for women in general (a reflection of the type and quality of woman he chooses to parade around to the paps as his “chosen one”) then I am done seeing his films, seeing what products he supports or what charity work he does. If you don’t have integrity in one aspect of your life, you don’t have integrity. Full stop. Enjoy the press interest for the next couple of days and in the next cycle of mags, but the next film isn’t coming out until Sept – what desperate PR ploys to you have planned to keep you in the public eye til then? To think this guy was actually nominated for a Best Actor Oscar only a month ago? And this PR crap is what he is reduced to. Loser. Time to walk away from being the leading man and start directing full time.

  • lela

    she eats cookie like a ruminant!
    they’re a ridicolous couple!!! no word on relation ship and sometimes bad photos together! she’s a only a ugly old pathetic than plays the latest chance! no one want her in Italy, even the saddest of soccers-players!
    wake-up George! you are so ridicolous with the biggest italian!

  • Ily

    Kikka, Sara, nefelai you’re Canalis or her pubblicist! you’re so pathetic!!!

  • http://justjared bored at work

    Why two outfits whilst visiting her boyfriend on set? Either she is a diva and needs to have a costume change throughout the day; the t-shirt, shorts and the makeover were for the planned staged on set pap shots George arranged to sell her as a wholesome nice girl but they didn’t expect the other paps to turn up and get shots of them before and after the planned shots; or she changed on set because she has been given a part in the film. He has a history of acquiring work for her through friends and favors. If she is in the film, that would be hilarious. Like he will even remember her name when this comes out. She will be long gone.

  • callmewhatever

    She looks like the trainer from Biggest loser. Whats her name? Jillian MIchaels?

  • Marco

    She has always released photos of her flirtation on the beach, on the yacth, in disco, with G.Muccino, V.Rossi, C.Vieri, Ronaldo, a lot of black soccers…she called paparazzi and sold photos to gossip papers when she met her men! that is always been her gain, this is well know in Italy! Clooney is not a execption! It’s so evident she searches only money, success, world wide attention in George! the patethic old’s last chance! but she’s unactractive, used and wasted horse-face-man!

  • Antonio

    she doesn’t speak english” says George at the Oscar but she doesn’t use her wrinkly mouth to speak, ask to her several black soccers!
    !she doesn’t put together 2 italian words!


    @Chris: no siamo solo vip: very italian person ah,ah,ah ah, ah

  • Vee

    You’re so mean and I don’t understand why!! She’s ugly?!?! Are you serious?? Please, you have to be objective on that. She’s a beautiful girl. Why so jealous?