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Gisele Bundchen Flip Flops in Paris

Gisele Bundchen Flip Flops in Paris

Gisele Bundchen (in purple Herve Leger) presents the new line of Ipanema flip-flops at Grand Hotel Intercontinental on Thursday (April 8) in Paris, France.

Over the weekend, Scrubs star Zach Braff joked that he would honor Gisele with the “Brazilian Supermodel Award.” Hah!

Yesterday, Gisele‘s Colcci ads were revealed for the Fall/Winter 2010 collection. It was her first photo shoot since giving birth to her son Benjamin Brady!

15+ pictures inside of Gisele Bundchen flip-flopping in Paris…

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gisele bundchen flip flops paris 01
gisele bundchen flip flops paris 02
gisele bundchen flip flops paris 03
gisele bundchen flip flops paris 04
gisele bundchen flip flops paris 05
gisele bundchen flip flops paris 06
gisele bundchen flip flops paris 07
gisele bundchen flip flops paris 08
gisele bundchen flip flops paris 09
gisele bundchen flip flops paris 10
gisele bundchen flip flops paris 11
gisele bundchen flip flops paris 12
gisele bundchen flip flops paris 13
gisele bundchen flip flops paris 14
gisele bundchen flip flops paris 15
gisele bundchen flip flops paris 16
gisele bundchen flip flops paris 17

Photos: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty
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  • kyle

    she’s so beautiful. haters get off your computers, go jog, and dont look at her if you dont like her.

  • marcie

    nice color on her. she looks great! very pretty and WOW what a bod. Im jealous

  • kimmy

    she has some lips! beautiful straight white teeth. love her smile she radiates happiness.

  • kim

    Ugliest skinniest legs EVER. She looks like a giraffe (as usual).

  • linds

    I love her confidence. she hardly wears makeup other than some lipstick and some mascara, yet is so confident and beautiful. go gisele!

  • tamra


    hmm you sure about that? im sure rosie o donnell and oprah’s legs are much uglier, LMFAO

  • OMG…

    Manfeet alert! They are huge!

  • townsend

    Q the hater/stalkers/weirdos/psychos in 5,4,3,2 oh looks like one already is here. you know kim you can always go to the zoo to see a giraffe you dont have to sit on your a** all day and stare at them. get up, go walk. get the cellulite off your legs.

  • cris


    last time I checked tall women dont have small feet. they look fine to me

  • one2envy

    she looks good. some people here sound like they are 12 seriously. grow up.

  • sittingpretty

    wonder how much mrs GB made for this? probably a killing! her sandals line are the most popular and successful sandals in the world. she’s laughing all the way to the bank.

  • roar

    she is gorgeous.

  • lisali

    She is so freakishly beautiful…one of a kind!! Love the dress also.

  • misskooky

    wow she’s gorgeous

  • robert


    I agree. so supermodel-y. she is classy looking, never trashy or cheap. she looks so expensive. what a beautiful face

  • monica

    shes so gorgeous and lovely!

  • janis

    she is more beautiful than alaessandra

  • rtd

    hey I thinks its pretty cool she wore her own sandals to her launch! so un diva like. she rocks

  • sickofMANISTONchinchin

    she looks like a horse..always has

  • ohyeah


    did you compare their career stats and paychecks? it’s a given. no comparisons.

  • ohyeah


    no she reminds me of a siamese cat. she almost resembles the beautiful catherine zeta jones. a blonder version.

  • Taylo

    G’s photo promo is a FLOP in Paris. Her heart isn’t with sandals in Paris. It’s with her family and son, where it indeed should be! You can see it in her face and smile. She’s putting it on, but she ain’t there…

  • Taylo


  • tryagain


    nope try again. i read on a brazilian site her son is with her. its his first international trip according to some websites.

  • tomm


    well horses are more beautiful animals then beavers or chipmunks doncha think? at least they are more expensive muahhhhaahahahhaaha. every human has an animal equivalent.

  • littlemisssunshine

    she’s adorable!

  • Anon

    She’s a cutie. Beautiful body and face, plus she’s a generous soul.

  • braziliangirl

    what I would do for cheekbones like she has! beautiful woman. she looks so nice

  • tryme


    and you probably look like a cow lol

  • Luna

    gorgeous hair!

  • bboobybob

    I love that smile

  • anonymous

    WOW! wow! wow!
    How anyone can say this woman is anything short of stunning is beyond me- they must be blinded by their jealousy.
    She has a gorgeous, exotic and unique face, the best legs in the world, toned arms, totally flat but not too muscular stomach, a butt I would kill for and everything about her is pure perfection!
    Gisele so rarely dresses up, and while I love her natural look, its nice to see her all dolled up every now and then.
    wow! Go Gisele!

  • anonymous

    She has such an unreal body- she’s tall and skinny with long, toned legs and arms, but she still has curves.
    The only thing that’s changed about her body since she had the baby is that her boobs are even bigger now…supermodel luck, right?

  • anonymous

    I’m sure her heart is always more with her family now but Gisele is a professional. Whenever she has a professional commitment somewhere, she’s there 100%. Also, this isn’t like every other product she promotes, this is her own line of sandals and a percentage of the profits go to various environmental causes- an issue that is very close to her heart.
    I’m sure she only had to be away from Benjamin for a couple of hours. I don’t see anything forced in her smile here.

  • tampar


    it is beyondddddddddddddddd me too! all I see when I look at her is beauty. I know everyone sees different things. some like short stubby women with huge butts, some like blondes,some like redheads. but come on….she is a friggin supermodel for a reaosn! she is incredible looking from her head to her toes. face is beautiful (you dont think so, go f yourselves and show yours with a link to you picture why youre at it) lol and her bod she has the perfect models bod. she can wear sexy dresses, gowns,bikinis,lingerie,jeans you name it. perfect.

    the only people who would EVER have audacity to call her too thin are the 400 pounders. then I can see why youd think that way, lol.

  • anonymous

    I know! I’ve always said that she has the best lips, but usually people are distracted with her other perfect body parts.
    She always radiates- love Gisele!

  • lALA

    well since this site is haters paradise, I will come here one time to comment on my fav celeb. Gisele you are gorgeous!!!

  • big nose

    shes nothing tall thats all ck out her beak of a nose ugh shes gross

  • anonymous

    I didn’t realize until a few pics in that she’s wearing flip-flops and not heels! Her legs look like that in flip flops???

    And again, Gisele Bundchen reminds everyone why she is the world’s top supermodel!
    Also, with these sandals being launched in a new country every year, she’s only getting richer…I would hate her if I didn’t love her for being so awesome.

  • tatas

    the nose thing is so old. I dont even think its that big. I consider huge wide FAT ones to be gross. hers is long and regal. just like she is

  • pam

    Just when I don’t think its possible for her to be more perfect…

  • tatas


    its so funny she has so many comments already while other new topics don’t. haters I hope you realize you are only making her more relevent, not less. lol good publicity/bad pulicity, its all bettter than NONE>…

    I bet she made a few million on this trip.

  • jilley

    her nose is big and she has a bad profile noway shes more beautiful then alessandra ambrosio or adriana lima noway saw all of them giselle has height thats it the other 2 are naturally gorgeous giselle looks like big bird wht do you think victoria secret dumped her shes a hasbeen

  • ugly

    shes a nothing

  • greg

    shes fu–able

  • miia

    she needs a nose job and new feet eeeeeeeeeeeew

  • tatas


    hasbeens dont get Vogue usa covers.

  • townsend


    lol new feet? now thats one I havent heard before (chin implants and cheekbone implants yes) but new feet surgery? hmm.? miia/jilley scitzo girl stfu. you sound so dumb.

  • crappyppl

    I LOL when people think victorias secret is the only modeling out there. LMAO.

  • abigail

    she sure looks amazing in purple!