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Gwyneth Paltrow Offers Children's Book Recommendations

Gwyneth Paltrow Offers Children's Book Recommendations

Gwyneth Paltrow takes a walk around downtown New York City with her son Moses, 3, daughter Apple, 5, and mother Blythe Danner, 67, on Thursday afternoon (April 8).

The 37-year-old blonde beauty shared about children’s books in her latest GOOP newsletter.

She wrote, “Some of the best memories I have from childhood are of my mother lying in bed with me and reading me stories. I can remember way back when books like ‘Pat the Bunny’ and ‘Goodnight Moon’ were appropriate, so we’re talking decades. We had a few greatest hits, ‘Elouise’ and ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ being frontrunners. That time together was pretty indelible. I’m always looking for great books I may not know about to read to my kids. We’ve put together some recommendations that are worth checking out.”

Check out Gwyn‘s children’s book recommendations at!

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  • HeyHowAreYa

    Apple is going to be such a knock-out when she’s older.

  • LuckyL

    There are book critiques for this dumba**.

  • j’adore

    The children are beautiful. Just like their mother and grandmother.

  • Caro

    Moses looks just like his daddy.

  • Whynot

    Beautiful Family. Where is Chris, Oh yea he is in the doghouse!!!
    What would he see in the balding little boy Kate Bosworth??? Stupid to risk soo much for that trashy famewhore Kate B.

    Kate B is this what you want ,Gywns life too bad, hopefully Chris M realized he was a fool to even fling with you!!! Watch your back. Hell have no fury like a women scorn and too bad for you Gywn actually has the power to blacklist you in hollywood and no one is to bame except for you. Too many sinle men tobe chasing married men!

  • Ben Affleck Qucak Quack!

    Love her. Her children are beautiful.

  • crackberry

    The children are adorable. The mommy not so much.

  • asdf

    @Ben Affleck Qucak Quack!: Ben made the right choice and married a naturally beautiful woman. This one is a plain jane.

  • Nic

    What a stunning mother daughters there, Paltrow has class and then some, besides she also has way more common sense than many celebs. Sure sometimes she says the darnest things, but she means well, and girl has STYLE!

    Her mom will always be beautiful, love her.

  • Halle

    Gwyneth and Blythe look around the same age.

  • Go Ask Alice

    Adorable kids.

    Yeah,I flame on the Katie and Suri thread so there too…
    Maybe her kids have on tee-shirts underneath their shirts.
    The girl could have had on jeans/pants.
    Both kids should have had on sweaters.

  • Taylor

    I see a strong resemblance between Gwyneth and her mother except Gwyneth is very awkward looking and her mother is lovely.

  • Jackson

    @Nic: Gwyneth doesn’t just say the darnest things. She has made many ignorant remarks. This woman does not have class. She lacks tact and sensitivity.

    Her mother, on the hand, is the epitome of class. Hopefully, she will teach her daughter a lesson or two.

  • xfiles

    The kids have a Children of the Corn look to them. They seem to take more after Chris which is probably a good thing.

  • julie

    seriously, why on earth would we want to take advice from someone, who is not as smart as i am, kids, grandma nice looking, mother? not so much.

  • Farmer Ted

    GP has great legs. Too bad about the horse face.
    They are cute children.

  • beats

    When did Paltrow get so awkward looking? She looks like a transexual.

  • whatever

    @Halle: Yeah, Gwynnie is not aging too well. Must have gotten the dad’s genes.

  • Teacher

    Mem Fox is one of the BEST children’s authors. She writes such meaningful stories! Check her out!

  • shaar

    Is it just me or does she look preggers?

  • Jason

    What a smokin’ older woman, the grandma not the manly mother.

  • YUCK..


  • YUCK..


  • curious

    I used to think Chris traded up but now looks-wise, I think they’re the same level. Gwyneth is a good dresser but she’s looking haggard. Hope she rests up for the IM2 tour.

  • hmm

    mini Chris martin. who does apple look like?

  • Sweet Pea

    I think the children do take after Chris Martin. Gwyneth does look around the same age as her mom, odd and probably more of a compliment to Blythe Danner.

  • poo

    hmm not quite. you can clearly see whos the younger one…….lol
    some people on this site I swear. such haters! it only makes me wonder what yall all look like to be that spiteful! haha

  • say


    i was thinking the same thing.. she looks like she is trying to hide her belly too..

  • Winter

    @poo: Agree, they look about the same age. Also agree, GP is not ugly, just plain. That’s not spiteful, just a statement of the obvious imo. If you want to see what spiteful looks like, just look at the blonde in the pics above wearing black. She makes spiteful remarks to the press all the time.

  • brneyes22

    The little ones are cutie pies! I think it’s probably the dress. Chris and her don’t seem to be together that much so I’d be surprised if she’s pregnant.

  • BeReal

    Absolutely adorable children!



  • ++Logan++

    She’s very lucky, both her kids are beautiful, how could they not be, with such a gorgeous grandmother.

    Moses looks like his father, while Apple looks like a perfect split between Gwyneth and Blythe. :)

  • issie

    All children are cute. I do not see a lot of Gwyneth in either child. They seem to be all Chris. They look very happy. Her mother, Ms. Danner, is so pretty. Gwyneth is a plain version of Blythe.

  • Miss Tolerance

    Y’all are hatin’ a little TOO much!

  • always

    @Miss Tolerance: Well, this is not a fan site, people don’t have to post only positive comments, but I see tons of nice remarks about the kids and Blythe. Much nice than for other celebs. Gwyneth has never been popular so this is probably as good as it gets.

    ITA – Gwyneth does look like she has a little belly. I like her outfit but she’s looking rough in the face here.

  • http://justjared Bijoux

    Am i missing something? Who is the third child?

  • Ali

    I loved this list of recommendation on her GOOP site. It was really great to hear what books others like that you might not have heard of. Love Gwyneth and her mom. Her kids are two lucky and lovely children.

  • Really


    OMG Nanny shut the **** up already.

  • happy girl

    wonderful book recommendations. she missed a few i like but nice list.

  • juniper

    Maybe it is just her dress, although it looks like she is trying to cover a baby bump.

  • Sassy

    Those kids are freakin’ gorgeous! What a beautiful family.

  • kay

    Jared, who’s the stranger kid with the tantrum? Anyways Apple and Moses are quite cute and adorable. I know everyone resents GP, but I like her. Her new Vogue interview was refreshing and she seems down-to-earth and her quotes seem to be misconstrued all the time from any interview, so people are always going to hate. I love her dress here she has great style.

    P.S. Did Blythe Danner get work done she def. doesn’t look like herself.

  • Whynot

    Is that you Kate again?
    Or are you another pathetic homewreker like Kate. I can see why you would feel the need to defend a fellow slut! You must have a lot in common with Kate to go to her defence, are you anorexic and going bald too? Or better yet you must be on Kate B payroll on JJ.

  • shaar


    ummmm, let’s just all relax a bit…….. Breathe in, breathe out :) Let’s remember that it’s just gossip, it’s not that serious

  • jazzy

    The contrast between Gwyneth and Blythe is amazing, So much alike, but Blythe still looks stunning. Gwyneth was very attractive when she was younger. Not so much now.

  • Raven

    What happened to Gwyneth’s face? She looks different. Her nose actually looks bigger. I never realized what a rough profile she has.

    At least she looks happy. No Chris around though, huh?

  • tom is MIA

    @Raven: I think the same about Julia Roberts. it’s like all of her facial features got huge and she looks weird now.

  • Whynot

    Tell that to Really
    I am just stating the obvious if she does not to hear the haters of Kate B she should go to Popsugar where no one even cares who Kate B is. Wow, Kate only recieved one comment over there obviously she was looked over or no one knew who she was. I am not saying that I like Gywn, but Kate is worse. She soo pathetic calling the paps for herself so she is going to have to deal with the neg comments!

  • Kate

    Why all the neg feedback for Gwyn? People calling her a cheater now , when has she cheated since she has gotten married?
    Has she been chasing married men? I think some have her confused with Kate B, The only difference is that Kate is short and is supposedly going bald. Both plain Janes though I can see why there is confusion!!!