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Kate Bosworth Makes it a Madeo Night

Kate Bosworth Makes it a Madeo Night

Kate Bosworth and a mystery male — not rumored boyfriend Alexander Skarsgard — grab dinner together at Italian restaurant Madeo in West Hollywood on Wednesday night (April 7).

Alex is featured on the May 2010 cover of Details! He’s one of three covers for the issue — co-stars Ryan Kwanten and Stephen Moyer are on the other two. More from that issue soon!

FYI: Kate is wearing the Paul & Joe Sister “BadBoy” jean jacket.

10+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth making it a Madeo night…

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Credit: Kokopix; Photos: WENN
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  • true blood

    Jared, that’s an old report. E! is just recycling the story about the 1st lunch.

  • whatever

    What’s going on with her hair?

  • Sway

    I think you’re jumping the gun describing this guy as her bf given that he still says he’s single and she’s been spotted with other men.

  • high five

    She looks very tired.

  • cute

    Cute girl. Too bad she’s losing her hair.

  • Tamsin

    Sorry, she’s looking haggard.
    Rest up, Kate!

  • just saying

    Why is she always photographed? I don’t see more famous actresses photographed this often. Does she call the paps on herself?

  • Olivia

    She’s so pretty!

  • Hot spotter

    Who is the new boyfriend? He looks old.

  • me

    Her feet are friggin huge!!

  • Just Jared

    @true blood: You’re right. Thanks!

  • mickey

    Kate used to be so cute. What happened?

  • blue bear

    Is Kate going bald?

  • John C.

    @me: You’re right. I never noticed that. She does have big feet for a tiny girl.

  • likE

    EVERYBODY knows that madeo is center of paparazzi. Famewhore nothing else.

  • justme

    I think her feet and head just look huge because she’s so damn skeletal. For someone who is always photographed at restaurants, I’d be surprised if her daily calorie intake is <25.

  • Nine

    She has an odd old/young thing going on in the face.

  • groovelicious

    i used to find her adorable but she’s sort of fug when she’s not made up.

  • Katy

    I think KB would look better if she wore more makeup.
    She looks very plain w/o it. Just a little lipstick would do wonders.

  • incognito

    I’m glad to hear that a talented actor like Skarsgard has landed the cover of details. I wish this girl would be in the news for something other than going out to eat but I guess that’s to be expected with the way her career is going right now.

  • Drive Bye

    How many other Actors has this clothes hanger been with — I’ve lost count already!

  • Wilson

    @whatever: She has early onset female pattern baldness. She should speak out about it.

  • Wilson

    She could help a lot of women.

  • fashionista

    She has a cute face but she’s a very boring dresser when she’s not at premieres. Even Sienna and Gwyneth have better style.

  • vids

    Kate Bosworth = Rachel Bilson 2.0.


    Again she is only on here for where she goes to eat and nothing else. And to have just wrote about Alex’s cover of details on her story proves she is only milking his fame to get herself mentioned. Alex should not have been mentioned during this story. She wasn’t mentioned during Alex’s story. Seems suspect on your part JJ. And they are not bf/gf. SHE wishes!!! and she has been with everyone in hwood including actors, producers, and directors. She wants to be with someone super famous again and Alex is the perfect prey for her famwhoring a**! She is disgusting!!


    And from what is being hinted at Gwyneth P. is out for some revenge now!!!


    BTW heard their movie Straw Dogs sucks!! Definitely not going to that one!!! Will wait for the DVD.

  • Hey

    isnt this that film producer or financier or film industry guy she was seen with at a party around the holidays when everyone started wondering what happened to James?

  • Wanda

    I love her and I love the cover of Details Magazine!

  • susan

    I think Kate is a VERY cute girl. She looks better blonde so the new color must be for a film. Kate has always had an enormous forehead, like a five-head. When light reflects off that sucker it makes her hair line appear thinner. Her hair is ok i think. I like Kate, you guys are way hard on her.

  • lake86

    i’m sorry but i always find the timing of kate bosworth pics suspect. it seems like everytime is alex is seen having lunch or dinner, either that same day or the next day we see bosworth. like today his details mag cover is released and *bam* there she is.

  • justme

    @susan: A film? Seriously? Like this chick works.

  • Just Joanie

    @Wilson: That’s so sad and at such a young age. I wonder if she’s tried Rogaine? If you’re reading this, Kate. I’ve heard there’s lots of products out there now that can help. : D

  • Shecky

    The green-eyed monsters are so so sooooo funny . . . and pathetic! Of course you’re going to race here to deny any jealousy. Right!

  • Eileen

    She’s cute. I like her.

  • http://justjared the home wrecker

    She isn’t with Alex she is waiting for Chris to divorce BUT SHE WISHES HE WOULD LEAVE HIS WIFE AND KIDS .

    Having said that WTF happened to this girl sleeping with half of Hollywood to get roles is really is really catching on to her I guess karma is a bitch I actually found her really cute and even beautiful (sometimes) during the Orlando Bloom area and it seemed she would make it big but she screwed up a franchise like Superman LOL and it’s sad to see what has became of her “career” .

  • Dan

    @Shecky: I think women must be into her cause I don’t know any guys who find her hot. Back in the Blue Crush days, she was smoking but not anymore. Yeah, she’s too young to be losing her hair.

  • margurite

    About Kate’s hair loss; there are certain drugs that make you lose your hair. Also some antidepressants make your thinner, in some cases a lot thinner, almost bald.

  • Nikki

    @Lake86 I also find that her timing is very weird. She always makes sure to pop up when Alex has something going on. Because everyone is so into him then she gets mentioned b/c of the hints that she and her people put out there about them constantly. She is totally piggy backing off of his skyrocketing fame at the moment. She is not going away any time soon b/c this is her last chance at “real” fame.

  • margurite

    I just wanted to add that I don’t mean to imply that Kate is doing drugs, I just wanted to point out that drugs can be one of the causes of hair loss.

  • margurite


  • Sheigh

    She was ugly before she lose weight but now that she ‘s a anorexic she ugliest than ever ! If she doesn’t eat anymore she’s gonna died soon! but she is too silly to understand it !
    so pathetic but so true !!!
    But after all who really cares ? Even Orlando Bloom doesn’t care !

  • outra

    Someone in Twitter said that this Monday night Kate & Alex were seen in The Mirage Las Vegas attending to the Circle du Soleil’ spectacle “Love”…Face it, They’re a couple and when they don’t wanna be seen they get it

  • Whynot

    Is that you Kate,
    Please we all know what a famewhore you are, you honestly believe she would not tipp off the paps when that person from twitter saw them at Circle du Soleil. So many phones out there that can take photos yet no photo. Kate watch your back I have a feeling your days are numbered in Hollywood, really stupid to mess with Gywn. I quess you finally messed with the wrong married man.

  • Pixie

    Just……. when I thought she may have taken the hint to stay out of the press, here she shows up again, not even a week. This balding women is soo pathetic. I quess she want to prove that she is not THAT friend Gywn is talking about in Vogue. We all know it is you!!!
    Alex S take the hint from Gywn and run away has fast as you can. Find yourself a beautiful women who is beautiful not only on the outside but inside as well, being that you find cheaters morally irreprehensible!

  • Malanna

    @ Magurite
    Anorexia can also cause hairloss. Also she should stop bleaching her hair so much being that it is thin to begin with. She hair barely any hair left on her head !!!

  • Chloe

    Actually Pixie, if you get a chance to read GP’s Vogue interview you might change your mind about the identity of ‘the friend’ and whether she is out for revenge at all.

  • will

    very cute!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pixie

    @ Chloe
    Actually Chloe I did read the interview, who else recently cause Gywn humilation to habour hateful feelings other than a backstabing homewreker Kate B . I feel she did the interview to let everyone know that she is not completely oblivious to what is going around her!!! Also she probably did the interview as a warning to Kate B. Gywn hardly ever talks about her private life, so when she starts talking about that Friend to which she stated she has a problem with I said finally !…, People tend to say one thing do another, so if Gywn did do revenge more power to her! Kate defenders goo away no one is to blame other than Kate B, her trashy ways have caught up to her. Gwyn has too much class to say in an interview that Kate is indeed that Friend. The only reason the story in the mag did not go any further is because Gywn knows some of the people who work for the mag. Some actors have that sway, likewise Sandra Bullock, the mag tipped her a week before the mag even broke the story, both these women are well respected in the industry.