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Katie Holmes: Chelsea Piers Playdate with Suri Cruise!

Katie Holmes: Chelsea Piers Playdate with Suri Cruise!

Katie Holmes carries her adorable daughter Suri into Chelsea Piers to play on the playground on Thursday afternoon (April 8) in New York City.

Meanwhile in Queens, the on-screen husband of Katie, Channing Tatum, was seen sporting a mustache for his character Jonathan White and shooting scenes without Katie.

Suri wore her favorite piggy slippers that she also wore to Alice’s Tea Cup earlier this week.

FYI: Katie is wearing Madewell overalls!

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise‘s Chelsea Piers playdate…

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katie holmes chelsea piers suri cruise 02
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katie holmes chelsea piers suri cruise 04
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Credit: Anderson/Vila, PPNY/GSNY; Photos: Bauergriffinonline, SplashNewsOnline
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  • Cayenne

    there goes sure again doing that protect the face and ear thing…don’t get that? seems odd to me!

  • Cayenne

    o, and forgot, what’s the slipper thing in the middle of the day? don’t get that either! seems odd to me!

  • tom dumped katie

    errrr is she seriously wearing overalls

  • FM

    Suri cruise with the same dress & same slippers = BORING!

  • clarence

    Katie wash that girl’s hair for heaven’s sake!! By the way, those pants are ugly

  • Why

    Piggy slippers out of the apartment in the middle of the day, yet eerily red colored lips!!!

    That feral stunt child refused to change before going out, yet insisted on wearing lip color! How come she knew at this tender age that she’s not pretty? that she needs the help of makeup already.

  • the greasies

    the kid has permanent bedhead…………not her fault.

  • Dean

    @FM: totally agree with u!

  • Why

    And what’s up with the horrific patched overall?
    This is ‘fashion icon’? This is some self -claimed fashion designer?

  • Haha

    the hobo duo

  • luxegirl

    Commenting on a child… wow, that takes a cold heart.

  • Harley Quinn

    suri is so little, so tiny, so cute!

  • Why

    Look at the last picture, the feral stunt child also wore eye shadow.
    How odd is that?

    Homely the hardly educated ‘fashion icon’ cannot make her daughter change, brush and wear proper shoes for the outing, however helps her wear makeup?

    Does contractual marriage damage one’s ability to be a mother?

  • Ginnie

    I don’t mean to re-ignite an old controversy but as I saw the pictures I thought Suri looked a lot like Chris Klein…. I may be wrong though!

  • tom dumped katie

    @Ginnie: it’s a shocker to me but I think she looks very much like Tom. That nose says it all. how did that happen?

  • roar

    @Cayenne: Maybe she is protecting herself against the flashs and noise the papz do.

  • roar

    she looks like a normal happy child, go help some homeless kid in the third world countries if you all care so much about childrens, or you people only care about how celebrity babies are raised?

  • Susie#1

    Suri is pale, underweight and has little muscle definition. Again, ungroomed. She should be in warmer clothing while she’s down at the Seaport because of the wind. Mommy has a sweater, why doesn’t daughter? I don’t think Katie is intelligent or cognizant of her daughter’s needs because she sure doesn’t see to them, in spite of what her cult says.

  • daffywak

    Suri always looks dirty and unkempt. Ugh!!! Disgusting!!!!

  • sigh

    This girl has one child and she can’t do better than this? Why can’t she do something educational with this little girl. Because how to apply makeup is not a class she needs at 4. And if the child is going to the park, than wouldn’t sneakers be more appropriate. I mean…if you wear the house shoes outside than their not house shoes anymore and exactly, how is the child suppose to ‘run’ and play with those big bulky shoes on?

  • sigh

    This girl has one child and she can’t do better than this? Why can’t she do something educational with this little girl. Because how to apply makeup is not a class she needs at 4. And if the child is going to the park, than wouldn’t sneakers be more appropriate. I mean…if you wear the house shoes outside than their not house shoes anymore and exactly, how is the child suppose to ‘run’ and play with those big bulky shoes on?

  • ola

    That nose says it all. how did that happen? Dr. Ivo! That’s how it happened!

  • LMAO

    That’s because she is Chris Klein’s kid. As if any seed of Tom Cruise (if he had any viable seed that is) would ever be born with out that honker that everyone in his family has. His nose is like Jolie’s lips…dominant gene.

  • UpYours

    Bashing a small child, way to go you cold hearted hypocrites (yes you are, no point denying it)

  • Adrienne

    Suri should be having play dates with children her own age not her mother constantly. Katie has emotional problems obviously and cannot separate from her child. It is not normal for a mother to constantly drag her child around wherever she goes and keep her isolated from other children. Very weird…maybe it’s a Scientology thing.

  • cindy

    What’s the deal w/bunny slippers. Oh…it’s a April Fool’s Joke? Instead of shoes wear slippers. I got it! HAHAHHAHAH.
    As for Katie’s appearance, I’ve seen many times in person and she’s usually doing a “cleanse” She looks better with makeup and dressed up. Other than that BOO! She has a ghastly, I mean ghostly appearance.

  • to why

    Look at the last picture, the feral stunt child also wore eye shadow

    suri is not a wild animal, idiot!!! i suggest you go and visist a competent therapist to help you discover why you have such aggressive tendencies towards a small child. you need a lo of help.

  • bebe

    She’s not wearing makeup. Her face is just like that. I’ve noticed that many fair skinnedkids are like that. Look at Violet Affleck for example.


    110 times cuter than the JOLIE PITTS thats the problem AT LEAST Suri has a mother who takes her everywhere, instead of sticking her in some castle or gigantic mansion somewhere in the world , only coming out cccasionally, when she wants to be seen , and that those kids exist.

    Come on morons ———————–let it begin———————can’t get too much worse

    TRUTH HURTS SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Why

    @<a href=”/2010/04/08/katie-holmes-chelsea-piers-suri-cruise/comment-page-2/#comm@bebe: ent-16854639″>to why:

    Stop fooling yourselves!!!
    The child is wearing lipstick and eye shadow.
    I cannot make sure about eyeliners here.

    She looks like a feral child, maybe feels like one too.
    her major purpose to Kaka Homely is to serve as a pr accessory, non-living object, as least I refer to her as a living being.

    You’ve got a problem with that? Glad to know that you don’t consider yourself an idiot.

  • to why

    oh really! the child is wearing lipstick and eye shawdow. this is surely the greatest crime ever committed. never mind, that little girls her age to the same thing. but, you wouldn’t know that. poor dear, i think you should go and find your minders; you need your meds.

  • martha

    At least the bunny slippers are childish… not the miniature adult high heels she’s usually seen in.

    But really… what’s with Katie and the set up photo ops? It’s time to stop the foolishness.

    If this was a normal child, born to and raised by normal parents, she’d be playing with kids her own age, out of camera range, at someone’s home or a private school playground. Poor kid is being exploited terribly. Shame to Katie and Tom for this aberrant childhood.

  • ??

    @TRUTH: why does scientology freaks attack Angelina Jolie in every Tomkat thread? is it because she can dress all 6 kids in warm clothes and katie can’t do that for 1 kid? Is it because brad Pitt is with his kids when Angelina works and Katie and suri are left with the nanny and bodyguards and no Tom?

    Is it because brad still has his career and Tom’s career all depends on the craptastic Knight and day? Cameron diaz is the only thing that will draw viewers to the crapfest.

  • http://google toni

    #25 I think is good relationship between mother and daughter to be able to spend times together, and is nothing wrong for a mother to be so over protective of a daughter.
    I spend alot of times with my daughters too, everywhere I went I always have my two girls with me, my youngest is 5yrs and sometimes she like to be carries, so what is wrong with that?

  • Sam

    I think Suri gets what Suri wants. If she doesn’t want her hair brushed and put up, it isn’t. If she doesn’t want to wear shoes, she doesn’t. Nothing wrong with a little independence but you have to teach her that some things we HAVE to do.

    Bunny slippers? I thought they were piglet slippers.

  • essie

    woahmygod… that’s a lot of cameras.. holy heck i’d cry at that!

  • Ummmm

    WHERE’S TOM????

    We never seeTom with Katie anymore. They must be broken up and on the edge of breaking up.

  • Cindy

    How long will Suri be carried? I wonder if she still gets a bottle at home? I agree with Adrienne. I also think Katie may use Suri to shield herself from Tom. For a guy who finally has his own biological child, he sure isn’t around much. All very strange.

  • Xenu
  • bebe

    For a guy who finally has his own biological child, he sure isn’t around much. All very strange.

    Well, in addition to his “bio” child, he also has 2 other kids who live in L.A. full time. Should he abandon them to follow Katie around when she’s working?

  • will

    They’re cute together!!!!!

  • @ #27 & #28

    Very true this child used lips gloss / lipstick , why you said idiot to other people, this is homely fans react to every post.

  • slambang

    Why doesn’t this child have any friends her own age?

  • Maruko


    If you had the choice to take your child to the park, take them out shopping etc, wouldn’t you? Or would you rather hire a nanny and have them do the work for you? I think it’s admirable for celebrities to find the time to be with their children, it’s all about priorities.

    To each their own people!! How would you like it if everyone judged every little thing you did?!


    Why is this woman one of he worst dressed in the world, especially when she spends the most?

    Amazing feat, really.

    The prison marn shoes were obviously purchased in every color are will be the shoes of summer, for Ms. Holmes AND female prison guards EVERYWHERE!

  • mimi

    Suri is the cutest celeb child, but seriously- highlights at the age of 3?
    It’s better than to bleach the hair like Violet Affleck, but still, what is wrong with having a natural dark color, likw her parents?

  • Cameron

    # 46- mimi….

    u are so silly! I could care less about bimbo Katie or her brat….but, I am pretty sure that Violet’s hair is NOT dyed.

    Don’t say things you don’t know for sure. For example….my own hair and my kids hair always get naturally lightened by the sun.

    silly you!

  • tina

    Cause every child should run around and play in huge, clunky, piggy slippers. WTF? Be a parent.

  • Pac Man

    It’s probably just her kid’s latest infatuation, #2. Who cares? It doesn’t matter.

    Quit playing shrink and doctor, #18. You don’t know these people at all. Stop telling other people how to raise their kids.

    Let Holmes decide where she wants to take her kid, #20! And she does take take her to museums and such already. Anyway, you’d then complain that Suri Cruise should be out having fun instead. Always a catch-22 when it comes to TomKat.

    That’s idiotic, #23. You can’t predict what genes someone will get. It’s not proof of no paternity at all.

    That’s Tom Cruise’s kid. Give it up already. You and #14 and others are only a few that even believe this silly rumor.

    Quit playing shrink too, #25. You don’t know anything about these people. Let the PARENT decide how to raise their kid.

    Also, it’s one thing to say that you’d like to see her play with other kids but another to say that she’s intentionally being isolated from other kids. It’s nuts.

    What set-up, #32? There’s no logical gain to any such charade.

    You don’t know that she doesn’t play with kids her own age and they can’t help being in the camera’s range.

    Aberrant childhood? Suri Cruise looks like a pretty happy and content kid.

    If only you actually knew TomKat to know if you were giving accurate advice, #35…

    OR he’s just busy, #37. Whenever they’re seen apart, they’re breaking up. Whenever they’re seen together, Cruise is keeping an eye on her.

    WHY can’t they just be a normal and happy couple with no hang-ups?

    She was walking yesterday but you guys complained about that then, #38. How can Holmes use their daughter to shield herself from her husband? Why would she even do that?

    Exactly, #40. How ignorant of her.

    She does, #43. You can’t assume she doesn’t just because you barely see paparazzi photos of them.

    Right, #44. It’s SO easy for these cowards to criticize celebrity parents when they don’t know what they’re talking about.

  • susie#1


    You don’t know WTF you are talking about. I’m not playing psychiatrist, but as a parent and a Child Protective Worker, I do know what’s appropriate parental behavior, children’s clothing and diets.

    Why not study your navel in-depth and stay off this site. You really are shallow, save your insights for your own family.

    Lots of us will be happy!!!