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Michelle Obama Covers 'Good Housekeeping' May 2010

Michelle Obama Covers 'Good Housekeeping' May 2010

First Lady Michelle Obama covers Good Housekeeping‘s May 2010 issue!

Here’s what Michelle had to share (via ET):

On the First Daughters: “Our girls are pretty modest types, and they don’t like the attention, the hoopla. They will say things like, “Ugh, Dad, do you have to drive around with the sirens in the car? Do you have to block up all the traffic?”

On how Barack deals with stress: “His temperament for the stressful part of the job is amazing. When I’m getting antsy and frustrated and tense, I just say, ‘Talk me through it. Tell me why this is OK.’ He’s incredibly even-keeled, and he’s always been good at understanding the bottom line of what’s important.”

On raising her girls: “It’s just that the constant worry still exists when you’re a mom that the decisions you make in your life are negatively impacting your kids. I want to make sure that the girls are doing well, and that they feel like they have the love and attention they deserve from their parents, regardless of what positions we hold.”

For more from Michelle, check out!

Bigger cover pic inside…

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  • Neil

    Before you comment, think, and show some respect.

  • ally

    Jeez, unnecessary amount of photoshop.

  • executive training program

    I definitely want to read more of the article, and hope there are some pics. She is becoming a fashion icon like Jackie O.

  • MIMS


  • barf

    I thought it said: “Ugh, Dad, do you have to drive around with the sirens in the car? Do you have to blow up all the traffic?” when I first looked. I suppose he might do that whilst driving through Afghanistan at rush hour.

  • mov

    I’ve thought #1 and I think way too much Photoshop!

  • happy girl

    met her in person at a speaking engagement in nyc during campaign. she is lovely and so fit. and smart.

  • pop86

    Love Mrs O.

  • nobama

    What an eye-sore! She ain’t Jackie O. The media, press have been kissing azzzzzzzzzzzz.

  • bio

    what have they donee to her face???!!!
    Holy cow, shes absolutely beautiful, Why the horrible photoshop?

  • [marie]

    Here’s the part where all the anti-Obama Trolls thumb down positive comments about our First Lady..

  • christine

    HOT MOMMA! Wish she was the president!

  • Elin

    I think she´s graceful, intelligent and modest, go Michelle!

  • Backwards C

    You know even thought I hated Bush I didn’t attack his wife and family.Politic aside people talk about his wife and him and his children like they are some crackheads on the street. This man runs the free world and if you dont like what he is doing then vote him out, vote on a city level, a state level, fight for what you believe in but the stuff Americans have been saying is straight up racist and wont be said to any other president and that the mess up part. Bush was a bad guy we are in this mess because of him and Obama has become the escape goat for 8 year of wasteful spending and bad politics,I know what people are going to say but if it takes 8 years to knock down a house it not going to take one year to fix it. You want him to fail!!!!! so all you Americans who want our country to fell to prove a point i say pack your shit and leave because even when Bush was in office I all wanted my country to be on top. YOU RACIST ASSHOLE HATE OBAMA MORE THAN YOU LOVE AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ?? for you

    @Backwards C:

    So if people don’t agree with Obama’s policies and fawn all over him and his wife, they’re racist? Do you know utterly ignorant that comment makes you sound?

  • a realist

    I love her. She is beautiful, inside and out. Just a wonderful first lady.

  • pink roses.

    She is so pretty. I love her.

  • Denise

    She is as pretty in person, as she is in photos. She has such beautiful skin.

  • J

    So it was ok for people to hate on Bush and his family all they wanted but somehow we are suppose to show respect to Obama? If people could hate on Bush and it be accepted then the people who want to hate on Obama should have the same right. Matter of opinion.I think it is disrespectful to hate on ANY PRESIDENT, I don’t care who he is. I don’t like Obama at all, but I’m not going to wish him harm or talk bad about the man. What bothers me is people who try to say we shouldn’t be badmouthing Obama because he’s our PRESIDENT, when it was those same people spewing hatred toward Bush but it was ok then. Tit for tat.

  • No BO for me

    @Backwards C:

    Why do you think that people who don’t like BO are racist? That’s just ridiculous. And pretty pathetic that’s how *some* of the left think. The left want the race card to stop being played yet they continue to throw it out every single chance they get. I don’t agree with BO’s policies; I didn’t agree with Bush’s policies either and I think Sarah Palin is NOT what the repub party should be looking at for a leader. I just get tired of the double standard that the repubs were expected to turn a deaf ear to the Bush bashing yet the libs continue to bash him even though he’s out of office. BO’s grace period of blaming Bush is long past. It’s been mentioned even on the most far-left leaning sites that no other president except BO has had this long of a grace period to continue to just place blame a million times over on the previous administration. Why is that fair? Even the media is scared to say much against him for fear of being called a racist.

  • Ha!

    @No BO for me:

    Don’t kid yourself. For many, many of the people who don’t like BO, the underlying issue is race, although a lot of them would never admit it. They may also not agree with the policies he’s trying to push rashly through congress, but they might not object so adamantly if he looked more like them.

    That being said, did they cut and paste her head on another body? Because this picture looks completely unreal.

  • Pinkrose

    Whoever wrote this article, ought to learn some journalistic etiquette.

    She is Mrs. Obama and he is President Obama. They are not your friends. Nobody wrote and spoke about George and Barbara. Cut the disrespect and revert to the blessed days of good etiquette.

  • No BO for me


    Or the underlying issue could be that he’s a no-experience community organizer who’s trying to run this country. To disagree with someone because of the color of their skin is just about the more ignorant thing I’ve heard of but yes, I realize it happens. If everyone looked the same, can you imagine how horribly boring this world would be?

  • me me me

    blah blah blah… she’s just a mannequin who’s job is to look pretty for the camera and perfect her husband’s public image. and give some sterile speech every once in awhile about social problems without ever making a point. boring.

  • Ronda

    I love her!!

  • me

    Can you say PHOTOSHOP??? Wow, she almost looks like a cartoon

  • mindyourownbusiness

    Michelle Obama looks fantastic and her husband is an improvement to George Bush. Living in Europe I, like most Europeans, could never understand how a country like the US could not have health care and not feel ashamed about it. Nobody should die because of the lack of money to go to the doctors or to a hospital in an emergency!!! Especially not if, at the same time, millions are being spent on armament. George Bush was so thick, he was the laughing stock of the world, he has no idea about history, geography or politics and he was and is a racist who obviously had no idea about the little man’s life. You should embrace President Obama for the things he is doing.

  • The Doctor Is In

    Thanks JJ. I really needed to get my lunch up — there’s nothing like bulimia to help get into perfect summer shape. This photo just helped me reverse my chicken salad.

    Thanks again!

  • The Doctor Is Out

    Doc must have seen his photo in his mirror. The chicken salad got sick after seeing your ugsly inside.

    Out of the heart abundance the mouth speak. What is insde a man iis what defile a man.

  • julie

    love her.

  • XYZ

    Stop comparing her to JACKIE O. Its completely pointless! The cover is photoshopped to the maximum anyway. Did I say Obama is a deception too? I have much more interest in the fact that ppl are butchered in the Middle East or Somalia than in the fake cover of a magazine showing an ugly bitch.

  • pure

    She’s married to a demon and a fraud.

  • waffle bowl

    @me me me: And yours is… working at McDonald’s? BORING.