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Rachel Bilson: Preen Pretty!

Rachel Bilson: Preen Pretty!

Rachel Bilson looks stunning in a Preen dress while walking the red carpet at the Gen Art Film Festival screening of her new movie Waiting for Forever at NYC’s School of Visual Arts Theater on Thursday (April 8).

The 28-year-old former O.C. actress was recently asked by Cleo magazine if she was a shopaholic and she responded, “I’ve really gotten into online shopping; it’s so much easier. I’m not a shopaholic in the sense that I spend lots of money; I definitely love vintage and I love finding deals just like anyone else. But I do like to shop!”

FYI: RB is wearing Brian Atwood shoes and carrying a Cecelia Convertible Python Clutch.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson arriving Preen pretty…

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rachel bilson preen pretty 01
rachel bilson preen pretty 02
rachel bilson preen pretty 03
rachel bilson preen pretty 04
rachel bilson preen pretty 05
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Credit: Astrid Stawiarz; Photos: Getty Images
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  • Ahari

    If I didn’t despise this little fame wh*re so much, I’d actually be embarrassed for her. That’s the most ridiculous looking thing I’ve ever seen. She tries entirely too hard for a so called “fashion icon.” She should be hiding right now. Wow. Just wow.

  • mbeezy

    see people she is an actress!! she has an actual movie!!

  • MAC

    ugly dress ever!

  • Cindy

    She doesn’t have the boobies to fill that out. On the left side you can really tell that there’s nothing filling it out because it kind of “dimples”. And her hair is boring as usual. Why does she never do anything to her hair? For someone who is supposed to be some kind of fashionista, she always gets it wrong on the red carpet. But her shoes are great.

  • Kelly


  • ocsethummer
  • C

    I would not call this a stunning look.

  • Heehee

    Did someone forget to put their top on? She’s 28? Looks much younger than that.

  • Cheery

    This chick doesn’t DO anything, why is she always on this site???

  • :)

    Let’s see..It looks like she wore her bra and wrapped tissue paper at the bottom. Is she trying to go for the “Porn Fairy” look?? Thumbs down on the ugly dress!

  • Shan

    the top looks like a bra….thats fashion?

  • janelle

    At this rate, we’ll still hear about her Cleo interview in July.

  • sheila

    She’s dressed like that to distract people away from the terrible reviews she’ll be getting for her acting in this flick.

  • lisa

    She copied somebody else’s designs for her own fashion line. Now she’s copying somebody else’s bra.

  • Allie Baby

    Is there a part of this dress she forgot to put on? It looks like she’s just wearing her bra and a slip.

  • zzz

    gorgeous. not sure about her choice of dress this time though.

  • Tina

    Oh Jared. I just noticed you used another Cleo question in your post. Are you really that hard up on information about her? How many questions have you used so far?

  • another lisa

    @Ahari: Really Ahari, you’re going to hurt yourself putting so much energy into despising someone who isn’t in your workplace or your next door neighbor or in your world.

  • Ahari

    No, #18, I just hate to see mediocrity rewarded.

  • anna

    I HATE HER DRESS!! apart from that, she looks pretty!

  • graybeard


  • g

    Does this movie already have a distributor?

  • http://deleted adambrodyrocks

    she looks awesome, but the upper part of her dress looks like underwear.i will watch this movie.

  • brightside

    My mother has that bra! She swears by the support it gives her but then she has more to support.
    Still think you should just have put the entire Cleo article in one post, JJ. A Cleo/Bilson interview by drip feed only intensifies the boredom factor.

  • annie

    seriously, a movie she cannot act but she does grocery shop. run hayden,run, fashion icon ha,ha jared is her only fan,you must manage her. bad hair dumpy clothes,no smarts.

  • Gemmat

    I bet this dress will haunt RB forever. She wanted to be little edgey. So typical.

  • Sweetie

    I think she is so cute and tiny! I mean she is beautiful.

  • Sweetie

    Kudos to her, she has REAL BOOBS!!!!!

  • facts


    EXCEPT I’ve seen the film and it’s fantastic. You guys are in for a real treat. haters hold your breath :)

  • viper

    Like I said earlier this is a joke wear not fashion, not attractive it’s as if she forgot that the wonder bra isn’t supposed to be worn as outer wear. What’s next her B/F’s balls as accessory jewelry god knows she has stupped to this level of obscured trying to drive some point that she believes this looks sexy GOD if she knows the jokes that are being made of her. I swear one more Cleo article piece and JJ will be a hunted man how much does she really pay to keep reusing the same old artical Sh*t all the time. Granted it’s a no nothing magazine and I guess she feels special b/c they gave her time to place her in it. But, figuratively speaking the article and Bilson are a waste of ink. If JJ or Bilson management team were smart they would use less of the quotes this way maybe the 4 fans she has will actually want to buy the magaizine. B/C posting all of the interview will not sell any of it ppl won’t buy what is being sold for free online.

  • brightside

    LMAO at Bilson believing that is sexy outfit! Stupid…yes…sexy…definitely not.
    I expect lots of ‘Where’s the top?’ comments…..and why does she never do anything with her hair?
    Even if the outfit were sexy, her straggly, mare’s nest of a hairstyle would have let it down.
    Fashion relevant….ha!
    It’s true….you can’t turn a sow’s ear into a silken purse!

  • So many fake names

    Yeah you are the question however is why you bother to waste your time….guess nothing better in life to do.

  • aberfitch

    RaTchel looks like a “p0rn star”… oops no… not a star… never will it happen… so its just “p0rn”.

  • V

    Is a trailer out for this movie yet?

  • Tina

    @ 34

    I haven’t seen one. Maybe it’s because the movie doesn’t have a distributor. I think you only get a trailer when you have a distributor and a release date. We’ll see what comes out of this one. It has already premiered at two different festivals and nothing has come of it.

  • So many fake names

    Actually it received best film at Vale–sorry for the 3 hate people but it’s the truth if you can find yourself here to comment I’m sure you can find the link–unless you are really that stupid.

  • viper

    Reason is b/c it’s not a good movie hard to get anyone to take you seriously when the movie is crap. If it was really good or any good someone would have bought it up after the first festival. Now it’s second time around and still having an issue with promoting it. Expect this to go DVD the studio can get back it’s money faster that way.

  • blairite

    - Everyone here is free to post on how this so-called movie had fared in the festivals but if its all just lip-serviced & self-claimed; look who’s just really playing stupid here?!

    - And so if & ever this Waiting For DVD err… Forever (that Rashchel just filmed 2 years ago & in less than 5 days) gets somehow a film distributor, will it give at least “1 percent” at her pathetic Rotten Tomato Radar?!

  • Lara

    She’s really pretty but she should do sth. with her hair…those two brown tones just don’t look good.

  • LuckyL

    Her face simply cannot be elevated from average.

  • reidell

    It looks like that RB is wearing a “nightie” w/c is just innapropriate unless she’s just looking for attention w/ I dont have any doubt at all lol!
    Anyways, she’s just a pretty bit ordinary looking… and NOT a w/ an IT &/or an X Factor Hollywood pretty…

  • bebe

    weird dress up. i mean, should she is wearing bra only which will be wonderful without scratch dress and i dunno, her sense of high fashion perhaps.

  • amaranth

    The lesser the outfit, the lesser the looks, talent and among all other things that surrounds to this vapid, insecure & useless little tabloid muppet!

  • ella

    It looks like as if she’s only wearing bra and high-waist skirt, i really don’t like the dress IMO

  • jaeger

    RB is only pretty when she covers her face with her greasy hair and sunglasses. She needs to chop / change her consistently bedraggled hair-dont already – as she always reminds me of a “cocker spaniel” whenever I see pics of her here in JJ.

  • lexy hates bilson

    @ So Many Fake Names – once again you’re talking trash about people getting a life and yet here you are – “wasting” YOUR time – not even talking about Rachel per se – just talking trash about those of us posting. So…why don’t YOU get a life b/c clearly YOUR life revolves around arguing with people on the internet who don’t like Rachel Bilson.
    If this movie is so great why did it’s premiere location get changed? Originally JJ said it would premier at The Zigfield – where many a premiere has been held in NYC. The premiere got downgraded to some art school – not even a real movie theater! Also why can’t it find a distributor?? Why no release date?? And what theater did you see it at? Clearly you were the only person who thought it was good.
    P0rn fairy – that sounds about right!!!

  • brightside

    @So many fake names:
    That’s Vail, you knob! VAIL – not vale. Nice scenery but it’s hardly Cannes!
    I guess they fell in love with the ‘forced scenes’ and ‘turgid dialogue’….or maybe Jaime King’s acting, which was good, although she didn’t get much screen time.

  • Chloe

    I love her dress so much. But cant say that I’m into white.
    I’m supriced that most people hate. It really suit her.

  • happy girl

    oh dear. bra out in public.

  • the truth

    Can’t much about her this time. Why didn’t hayden come with her? he was here a week ago.Like someone said a day ago they can’t be a couple when they don’t support one another and share things.Not being together when it counts like being at one’s premiere.Nice dress.