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Rihanna: 'American Idol' Rock Star Performance!

Rihanna: 'American Idol' Rock Star Performance!

Clad in a sexy custom-made catsuit, Rihanna performs her new song “Rockstar 101″ on the results show of American Idol on Wednesday (April 7) in Los Angeles.

The 22-year-old admitted to Ryan Seacrest that she is dating LA Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp. She shared, “He is my boyfriend and yeah, it’s new and fun. It’s nothing too serious. I don’t want anything that’s going to take up so much of my energy and time in a bad way. I just wanna have fun, and that’s what it’s about.”

Watch Rihanna perform “Rock Star 101″ below!

Rihanna: ‘American Idol’ Rock Star Performance!
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rihanna american idol rock star performance 02
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Photos: Michael Becker/FOX
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  • MollyMakeout

    she is so bad!
    at least before she was cute and sang cutesy poppy songs to offset her horrible voice. but now shes just all-around horrible.

  • roar

    Amazin! I am impressed.

  • cute

    Cute girl. Bad voice.

  • Burishe

    Ugh..yeah.That’s bad.No voice,no show,no song.So..Rihanna who?

  • Ninja

    I’ll give her credit. If we were to go by pictures alone, it looks like she’s putting on quite the show. Too bad the voice does not match the photos.

  • my3cents

    Her cat suit is awesome. The voice not so much.

  • beautiful day

    For once, I like her costume.

  • beautiful day

    Now if she would do something with her hair and learn how to sing.

  • tal

    stuning !!#@%%$^##$%
    love her so much! =)
    RIRI !!

  • twisted

    Why do they put her on these shows? She butchers her own songs.

  • uh oh

    She looks like a man in drag.

  • Lalique

    It’s a good thing she didn’t have to get her career started on Idol. Simon would have butchered her. She wouldn’t have made it past the audition phase.

  • dal

    She is like Milli Vanilli. She cannot sing or even perform. She was using the guitar as a prop – she wasn’t even playing it.

    Now that is a diss to real rock stars.

    I don’t understand why Idol continues to put mediocre “stars” on their show- they preach one thing and then put on people who can’t sing or perform.

    Do they think we are that stupid?

    I never got what people ever saw in Rihanna – except for a pretty face.

  • Mike

    Wow – what a night. Shocking doesn’t describe it. I definitely did not think that Michael would be eliminated – and I also don’t think the judges used the save properly. Michael’s now damaged goods – he’ll be going home next week or the week after anyway. The more interesting detail about last night? Katie & Tim’s avoiding the bottom 3 – could they possibly be dark horses this season? More analysis:

  • who?


  • blue bear

    @Lalique: Agree, she would have been cut early. Lucky she has a cute face.

  • LadyCaca

    Go Rihanna! Cute performance.

  • boston61

    She was so generic. If I had to pick her out on the radio I could not. That goes for Beyonce and lot’s of others. Adam Lambert does seem like the real deal.

  • Adriana

    LOVED it. I still would have perferred “Te Amo”, but “Rockstar 101″ is a fun and bad ass self-empowerment anthem. She was sexy, sounded strong…She could have just destroyed the guitar after she played it, that would have been rad.

  • Timothy

    It was good considering that half her band in missing, they made it up right on the spot and Rihanna had to squeeze this performance into her tour rehearsals. She was good and looked good too. That catsuit is dangerous. She looks like a futuristic sexy robot alien girl rock chick from outer space.

  • true blood

    Pretty face. Rihanna should be a model not a singer.





  • meow

    sorry, rihanna can’t sing or dance, but she does look hot in that black suit.

  • jj fans

    The poor audience.
    Agree, she wouldn’t have made it on Idol.

  • xxx

    I cannot stand this “woman”… doesn’t write any of her songs, can;t sing for crap.. she;s just an image.. nothing more.. its all computers and people working for her… so fake and pathetic.
    I hate how when she was promoting her new cd she was all like “oh yeah this ones deeper” “blah blah emotions blah hurt blah whatever blah”

  • vanessa

    trop kiffe

  • mousse

    Find a hair stylist, find a latex catsuit, and do as if you are the star of the century.
    Rihanna is , as many others are, very overrated.

  • free PR site

    This show was absolutely amazing, I loved it!

  • bajan


  • Whamo

    Catsuit LOL she should have performed in a doggie bag instead.

    She has no talent and as some else had suggested, she has a very generic sound. If you listen to the top ten songs they all sound the same. And what’s with that effect most of these pop stars are singing through? Almost all of the new songs coming out this same sound effect that tweaks the voice to a “mechanical” sort of sound. It’s irritating and I would think covers up the poor singing and many imperfections a lot of these “artists”

  • LOl

    That was horrible. She can’t sing. If it was not for Jay-Z floating her she would be no where. She better thank him because she would not get hired to perform any where.

  • juniper

    The woman is no “rock star,” maybe an over produced ‘pop star’.

  • Lucy

    that was hilarious and totally a sham. Air guitar play? LOL. She thinks like she fakes vocal she can fake also instrumental play?
    She’s such a talentless “performer”.
    Her time is past.
    Her look is awful.
    Her tights are HUGE and fat.

  • Khristi

    She is really beautiful and so is her boyfriend….but she needs some vocal prowess. I happen to like her music though-it’s fun.

  • Sacha

    Well I loved it, it was hot. In fact I think her voice and attitude suits rock a LOT better than pop.

  • Jack

    @boston61: You know what? Adam wouldn’t want you praising him after your ignorant comments about Bisexuality, and personal attacks on other members of this site, and their orientation.

  • Deedz

    Enough of this try-hard.

  • so kill me

    I THOUGHT IT WAS HOT. Ultimate fantasy: hot girl in a tight leather catsuit playing the guitar, playing a rockstar. Don’t take everything so seriously, it was just fun!

  • pfft

    @so kill me: Fergie did it better.

  • leroyJ

    That was total crap, even in that outfit she still has suasage legs!

  • JMO.

    Ryan is the gayest ‘straight’ man ever :P The 2nd pic is hilarious. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate Ry, he is funny with Simon, very hardworking and professional at his jobs, but dude, just come out already LOL. Stop always talking about how into girls you are allll the time, it gets weird. Esp. when no one’s ever seen you actually date a girl, just PAY for them to court and sleep with o_O. In every interview he makes sure to mention chicks, and sounds awkward instead of charming or even a pimp and playa. Is it just me that gets the gay vibe from him? As for Riri, I don’t hate her, her voice is definitely….um…subjective…(she has a thin nasal tone and goes off key a lot) but I don’t love her either. After each performance, even if you end up enjoying it in the moment, you kind of forget it the next day/by the next week. Her priority seems to be her image, instead of her VOICE or SONGwriting. She doesn’t have the wow factor as a performer/vocalist, only her body/looks is “wow” to most. Imagine if she was short and fat and ugly….people wouldn’t be buying her albums and watching her videos. A ‘rockstar’ will create an impression on a mass audience no matter how they look LOL.

  • Kaye

    She tries so hard for a Beyonce type performance with the ungodly voice and stiff whore moves.


  • QB

    @boston61: Bish please. Adam is fierce but don’t be bashing his girl Beyonce who’s fkn FIERCE. No matter how hard she tries, Rihanna will never be able to sing/dance/perform pitch-perfect like Beyonce does – acoustic, uptempo, jazz, rock, R&B, Blues, choreography – everything. She’s pure class no matter how ‘dirty’ she’s getting onstage, she’s still a lady, and an amazing live performer. Rihanna will never be on that level, she just doesn’t have the independence and talent. She should have gone into modelling. She has never been able to sing LOL:

  • http://Rihanna Jeannie779

    Rihanna Your comeback is inspirational ,Love your stories in your music! –U GO GIRL!!! HUGS AWESOME!!!

  • happy girl

    love riri. but wonder what the judges would have said if they had to grade this performance. flat vocals but super hot singer. nice bod.

  • waffle bowl

    I won’t bother writing a full paragraph on why that performance sucked, cause that’s obvious to anyone who can hear. But I will single her out for pretending to play an instrument. That’s a giant slap in the face to the real instrumentalists out there who spend years honing their craft. If you wanna play guitar for real, then LEARN to play it properly before you take the stage with it. If you wanna play air guitar to look like a rockstar, then just use your hands, but don’t get an actual guitar and pick and act as though you’re doing something real. Cause you’re NOT. Now I’m doubting if she really is learning to play the drums, for we all know she might be faking that, too. Uncreative, unoriginal and untalented. The complete package you were looking for when you signed her, right Jay-Z?

  • LadyGagaRihannaMadonna

    @waffle bowl: Whatever. She has the #1 song in the country, her album has sold over 3 million copies in just four months, she looks amazing and she can sing her heart out with ease. Obviously JayZ knew what he was doing when he signed her. People like you are so ignorant. And also, you did write a whole paragraph. How does it feel to know that you wasted your time trashing an artist when really, what have you done that so great in life? Get over it, she was fine.

  • tante augustine

    Meh, only one person can rock this type of outfit:

    Rihanna’s version looks very inspired from this to say the least.

  • hmmm

    @tante augustine:Bill K? LMFAO. No. Rihanna looked HOT. Get it gurl.