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Rihanna is the Last Girl On Earth

Rihanna is the Last Girl On Earth

Rihanna and her BFF Melissa Forde step into a medical building on Thursday afternoon (April 8) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 22-year-old “Rock Star” singer explained the name of her tour yesterday before performing at American Idol. She told ET, “I like to think about myself as the Last Girl on Earth because sometimes people make decisions based on the outlook of others and, you know, to me, my life is my life. It’s my world, and I’m going to live it the way I want to. That’s how I think about everything, that way I’m focused on me, and my work. It’s a really narrow space, a focus.”

Rihanna is also busy planning Katy Perry‘s bachelorette party.

10+ pictures inside of Rihanna, the Last Girl on Earth

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Credit: Agent 47; Photos: WENN
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  • dingolay


  • sara

    love her style

  • julie

    she’s cute, good luck rhianna

  • Adriana

    That’s right Rihanna. It is all about you and that is how it should always be. Haters can hate and say what they want, but at the end of the day they don’t matter. The only thing that matters is personal happiness and self-love and respect.

    I am a Last Girl On Earth too, and I love it.

  • hmm

    She looks decent for once..

  • faizz

    She been going for this really nice retro, simple look lately. she’s really pretty!!! tall, good size and hot.

  • weirdo

    I’d bet she got preggers. That’s why she confirmed Matt Kemp this morning. What a bad timing before the big tour.

  • Adriana

    @faizz: I think she’s been really working out, her body is much better than it was. That cat suit from American Idol…My lord, I was thinking “How the hell did she get into that thing”.

  • Farmer Ted

    Another one that looks like a man.

  • cute

    Cute girl. Bad dresser.

  • Afrika

    She is so inarticulate. How does being focused on your work and living your life how you want make you the last girl on earth? SMH with all the money def jam is pouring into this b*tch, one would think they would at least hire an English/communication tutor.

    Talentless and irrelevant. NEXT!!!!!!!

  • uh oh

    Rihanna’s pregnant?

  • greenfan

    @Afrika: She barely has a H.S. education and the girl doesn’t seem very bright.

  • faizz

    @Afrika: how is she wrong? She said she sees herself as the only girl in the world, so no-one steers her decisions. She’s very right about that and it’s a smarth thing to do. You on the other hand using “SMH”… that’s not very “articulate” now, is it?

  • H.

    The ho is pregnant already?

  • Top Gun

    The girl has fantastic skin and legs. Time for some Rogaine now, Rihanna.

  • xcited

    Pretty eyes but she looks like she’s sporting an Adam’s Apple.

  • ++Logan++


    She looks absolutely gorgeous!! Hope she moves away from the total head to toe 80′s look that she was addicted too for a while. A little bit of 80s is good…not a lot.

    Love u riri, so beautiful in these pics.

  • will

    soooo cute, hot too!

  • Seriously?

    Is that really a woman?



  • Josie

    nice even smooth looking skin? yes.
    nice legs? lol come on….no!



  • Wilson

    That’s a wig. She has early onset female pattern baldness. She should speak out about it.

  • Wilson

    She could help a lot of women.

  • cold case love

    How can people sit here and question whether or not she is a woman? I mean really? People can’t hate on her for her opinions, so they call her a tranny which we all know she isn’t. Its her opinion, her outlook, her point of view, why the negativity? Rihanna keep doing you, with your ALL NATURAL, AMAZINGLY TALENTED ASS

  • Genesis

    She is gorgeous.

  • LadyGagaRihannaMadonna

    @ all the people calling her a tranny…Seriously? I have never thought tranny when I looked at a Rihanna. She’s beautiful and so what if she wants to dress fierce. We all know she has the ability to be pretty….Like Tyra says…Perhaps she doesn’t want to rest on pretty and just be herself without caring what people thought of her. It’s really funny because people call Lady Gaga and Madonna tranny….Does being the #1 female singer equal tranny? Apparently. Also, apparently everyone is cool with trannys except gossip bloggers. I do hope you bloggers know that the person who runs this site loves Rihanna and is also gay…The irony in some of your comments is pretty funny. Expecially from Gross who has been at this site since I can remember but the ONLY thing he says is “Gross…Tranny-hanna”. What a total loser.

  • LadyGagaRihannaMadonna

    @Afrika: Really? How does a talentless and irrelevant pop singer have the #1 song in the world and in the United States? Rihanna is not inarticulate at all. When she speaks, it’s honest and true and from the heart. She is very honest, she;s never had plastic surgery, she doesn’t trash other artists, she is strong…She’s doing her job pretty damn well. Not many could take as much hate as she has had yet still come out on top. Rihanna is amazing and very smart. There are some idiots who smoked pot every day of their life and partied every night yet they still graduated from HS…A HS diploma doesn’t mean anything especially in the US.

  • Drake

    @LadyGagaRihannaMadonna: Gross is right. She does look like a tranny at times and not in a good way. I guess you don’t have cable. She looks just like those hooker trannies in that HBO documentary. Sorry, but she is not beautiful and you really can’t state objectivity whether she is or isn’t. I know you stan(s) try but it’s a subjective thing. Dressing fierce? Not unless you consider Lil Kim fierce or stylish. Rihanna is a slightly less bargain basement version of her. .Agree, Rihanna’s not resting on pretty but she’s not resting on anything interesting or distinctive either. She’s a very repetitive singer. Most of her songs blend together. No comparison between Rihanna and Lady Gaga — who can actually sing — and even Madonna who at least has ambition and drive.. The person who runs this site is gay and loves the paychecks from Def Jam and certain celebs’ publicists who pay him to incessantly post about these stars. You can always tell when check has bounced or the money has dried up. Suddenly those posts get less frequent.

  • um

    @Drake: You’re saying she doesn’t have ambition and drive….ok. Have you watched any of her interviews? She has SO much ambition and passion for what she does.

    Hardly anyone is as cut-throat as Madonna was, Gaga is cut-throat and incredibly smart and resilient – so hardworking, but there are only a few Gagas and Madonnas in this world. Not everyone is programmed like that. Rihanna comes from Barbados, a country famous for it’s laid-back people. Why must people constantly compare one artist to another? It doesn’t make much sense. Btw it is sad and infuriating that people use “tranny” in a derogatory term as trans-sexual people can not help the way they are, it is so ignorant, and hurtful – you realize trannies also read this site. You are essentially calling her “gross” for looking like one, which she doesn’t, she has total freaking feline features for goodness sake. Anyway, I can understand not liking her voice, not liking someone’s music, not thinking she has much stage precense…but the hate she gets, I do not understand. She is a sweet, real girl. She is young, she has fun, she is friendly when she gets to know you. She’s not pretentious, or bit.chy, or obnoxious, never has been. If the over-exposure annoys you, why would you willingly click to see more of her? When she’s on TV, simply change the channel. As for her appearance, looks like you’re the one who can’t be objective. My mom hates her voice, hates her videos, but acknowledges that she is beautiful, one of the cutest faces, beautiful skin, a gorgeous and healthy body. Personally, I still hate her hairstyle, but she is so pretty. And endearing in interviews. And almost all of her songs have cute beats.

  • meme

    You both have way too much time on your hands to be writing essays about why you like or dislike a celebrity.

    You’re not making any sense either. You’re stating someone isn’t objective if they don’t find Rihanna attractive. You’re trying to apply your own personal opinions about beauty as fact. Not everyone finds her pretty or talented. GET OVER IT.

  • swifty

    @weirdo: I don’t think so. Men can’t get pregnant.

  • metanoia

    hater bitches trying to bring the rihncess of pop down. THAT RIHANNA REIGN JUST DONT LET UP

  • bajan


  • Kacy

    @swifty: that was funny and she does look like a tranny at times and she is very stupid, not intelligent at all I’ve seen her in interviews and the girl does not even know singular from plural. BTW ugly outfit…as usual.

  • Kacy

    @metanoia: more like the princess of trash

  • Kacy

    @um: what the hell do you mean transexual people can’t help the way they are? no-one told them to go change their asses! gimme a break you must be one!


    @Kacy:Put a lid on it you sound so jealous stop hating of what u could never be post a picture of u an give me and others a chance to critique, your a reject in every sense of the word get a life an fast lol.

  • proof of human stupidity

    @Kacy: Umm, that was a little ignorant of you. Its generally acknowlegded that homosexuality is derived from a chemical imbalance. Well, thats according to a gay friend of mine and his gay friends and their gay friends etc etc. some people dont feel right, balanced or complete as one sex or for that matter, the other. They cant pin point why, they just dont feel right as either a boy or a girl. society has-supposedly-become more accepting of diversity and sexual and gender orientation and so to be a transexual has become less of a taboo, I guess. That is why it is derogatory to call Rihanna a tranny when clearly-especially if you were nosey and pervy enough to seek out her naked pics, she is not. You people use the word as if it is a filthy, disgusting thing where an intelligent, compassionate human being would not.

    It really is sad to read the small minded, ignorant, often racist and derogatory posts on here. However, its kind of good to know that the people doing it must really having nothing better to do with their lives and so, instead of getting out there, making the most of life they are inside somewhere on their computers, festering with hatred and lacking a sense of purpose. It is also highly amusing to read-or attempt to-when so often the posts have no coherency what so ever and lack any form of spelling or grammer. And they are on here complaining Rihanna makes no sense when she talks…some ought to look in the mirror.

    I think its quite a fitting fate.

  • RihannaFan22


  • Kacy

    @proof of human stupidity: um how nice of you to sit and write essays about Rihanna and homesexuals. BTW, homosexuality is not a chemical imbalance, that’s just an excuse homos use for their craziness that quiet frankly goes against every right, everything good and everything christian.

  • proof of human stupidity

    @Kacy: Oh get the #### over yourself. It is, that is biological fact. No matter how religious extremists want to term it to make excuses for their discriminations, evils and homocides against fellow humans simply because they are different and have different beliefs to them, homosexuality is a chemical imbalance in the brain…pretty sure humans would not want to engage in that kind of behaviour without knowing why unless there is a very good biological reason.

    Unless, of course, like all other christian, good and close minded sheeple out there you are just too important and you and your beliefs are all that matter and is the only way the world should be. Not including those that may not have such a narrow view of the world.

    Homosexuals, transexuals, tranvestites etc etc are out there, regardless of your religion, and they have a right to be, just like every god damned human on this planet.

    Oh, I am terribly sorry, did I just commit a bit of blasphemy?

    You need to learn to open your mind, my friend.

  • Kacy

    @proof of human stupidity: As I said, you must be one and it is not about being opened minded, it is about what is wrong from what is right. If someone was supposed to be man or woman they would have been born that way, but they were not, so accept your self the way you are. It’s not that they don’t feel right being the sex they are, they are sick and don’t wanna feel right. Homosexuality and transsexualism is wrong. period. You need to learn some morals.

  • Haley

    A man in a farmer’s hat and high heels.

  • proof of human stupidity

    @Kacy: They are the way God made them which means they feel they need to alter their sexual orientation/sex as they do not feel right or comfortable the way they are. Almost every single person will at some stage not like who they are or how they look etc etc, especially in this material, modern world, and try to alter themselves. Perhaps you were raised in a religious family or perhaps you turned to God because you felt lost or you didnt like yourself or whatever, in some way you may have seeked to change yourself from the person you were, how is this different from someone who feels tortured as a girl and feels instead they should have been born a boy? Do you realise homosexuality occurs, more frequently than many people would think, in the animal kingdom too? Especially amongst birds. should someone who has violent tendancies who murders people also just accept that is the way they are because God made them that way, to have these violent tendancies? Does that make it OK for them to take anotehrs life just because since before they could remember they have felt the need to maim and kill?

    The atrocities commited in the name of God are too long to list. And the fact that a man would prefer to have sex with another man because he feels at peace by having this sexual orientation we refer to as homosexuality just pales in comparison. same goes for someone who would want to have their sex changed.

    If you are all for what is right and good and fair then you need to take a long, hard look at the kind of sh#t that has happened in the past and that is happening right now because of religion. I hope that you know that according to some religions, which account for almost three billion of the worlds population, view America as a cess pit of evil.

    It is not about whether a guy wants to stick his di#k in some other guys a##, it is about accepting others for who they are, even if they cannot accept themselves.

    People like you are why I cannot stand religion. I dont have a problem with people who chose to follow it, its not my business, but when they go around waving their freaking morals, shoving their Godly opinion down everyones throats and insisting that they, and only they, know they way and can be right, then that f#cks me off. In saying that, however, I had a friend who was very Christian in college, she was a wonderful person, how ever she was also anorexic. To the point where she almost died. she was trying to change who she was and what she looked like because she could not accept herself the way she was. Does this make her wrong and horrible and ungoldy and lacking morals?

    It is about opening your mind.

    Oh and yeah, sure, I am a tranny, if thats what floats your boat. Pity I never really felt the need to change myself or my body because I like being a woman, and I also like men, especially my boyfriend. But if you want to keep thinking I am a tranny because I am too open minded not to be, you go right on ahead.

  • Kacy

    @proof of human stupidity: WOW! do you have a job? do you work? apparently you have nothing better to do than sit and write epistles to defend the trannies and homos alike. BTW, I’m not waving my religion in your face I’m simply telling you what is right, not my opinion, not what Christians believe but what is right and homosexuality and transsexualism is NOT right so whether you like it or not that’s the fact. whether they became the way they are intentionally or not, it’s still wrong and nasty and filthy. Concluding, let me just say that it is not only Christians who view these things as wrong but other ppl as well so you just stop attacking religion please.

  • Kacy

    BTW, I know you think I’m a christian, but sad to disappoint you but I am not, I just have morals.

  • proof of human stupidity

    @Kacy: I dont think I said anywhere that you were christian, you just mentioned that it goes against everything fair, good, bambi, butterfly-ey, rainbow-ey, wonderful, sugar coated and christian. so you bought christianity into the argument. Hence christianity is in the argument. But unlike you thinking Im a homo or a tranny or whatever, I didnt think you were christian. Just a narrow minded bigot.

    I will attack religion all I like if you are going to insist on attack people for doing something that has sh#t all to do with you.

    I have a job, thanks a bunch for caring, but I havent been able to work for the last 7 months thanks to a major injury. However if it confuses you that I can type 40 words per minute and can rat out a so called essay in under 5 minutes, maybe you should just learn how to type. spending 15 minutes a day on the internet does not mean I have nothing better to do. I just find it highly amusing provoking small minded bigots into revealing just how dim witted they really are.

    If you find that sad and pitiful and laughable perhaps you should have a look in the mirror and stop giving me bait with which to goad you.

  • proof of human stupidity

    @Kacy: And any way, since when did the opinion of a religion, several religions or a group of people become fact? Just because they view it as un-bambi, un-good, un-etc etc etc, that makes it so, makes it fact? You cannot prove it, scientifically or any other way, that homosexuality is nasty or filthy, that is simply your opinion. And so that little fact of yours will remain as nothing but an opinion because you cannot prove something such as nastiness or filthiness, not in the sense you are meaning it. Example-I do not view homosexuality etc as nasty or filthy. In fact, if you care to look at homosexuality in the animal kingdom, you will find it is quite natural. Thats my opinion on it. Yours is opposite. But just because yours is supported by other small minded bigots who parade under a banner of whatever religion it is that gives them an excuse to discriminate against others, that does not make it fact.