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Adam Lambert Joins 'Celebrity Treehouse'

Adam Lambert Joins 'Celebrity Treehouse'

Scope out this new outtake of Adam Lambert from Paper‘s Beautiful People issue. Check out what else the 28-year-old glam rocker opened up about:

On becoming a member of the “celebrity treehouse”: “I was fascinated with Madonna, so meeting her was pretty wild. In general, all of a sudden it’s like I’m part of this exclusive treehouse. Celebrity culture is really interesting. All of a sudden I have people coming up to me saying, ‘Hey! I like your work!’–and they’re people whose work I admire. Just to be considered a peer in this industry is quite surreal.”

On possibly starring in a movie musical: “I would love the opportunity to cross over into film or television. I think that would be really exciting, especially with movie musicals being so popular right now.”

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Photos: Dan Monick
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  • Kaoru

    Love Adam Lambert! Thanks so much for the scoop. Love Papermag’s pictures and the video of that photoshoot from FashionAir: ( TY TY! :D

  • Tan

    My mate him and his band yesterday…..let me find the pics wait

  • Tan

    *met him and..


    he’s cute , love him <3

  • Tan

    K, I only saved the Airport ones of TJ and Adam:

  • Treehouse

    I can’t believe so many legends want to hand out or work with him. Celebs as well, Demi Moore made a blee-line just to talk to him, that’s pretty neat.

  • Treehouse EDIT

    HanG, rather.

  • Tan

    He said they were all really nice even though they’d just got off the plane and were exhausted. LP’s a little off his head/in his own world but still personable and smart-sounding when he talks. Monte (Pittman – some also know him as Madonna’s guitar player and friend) is the MAN. He’s known Adam since he was very young, so he’s not just his guitar player but a friend for life through thick n thin sorta thing. They’ve worked together to the top for over a Decade. Cam the keyboardist was the quietest but maybe cos she’s new. Tommy (TJ) was adorable (my friend got him talking on video lol), and Adam was a sweetheart and funny even though he was shi-tired. Still waiting for Jack to return from the concert to see how it went.

  • Kamal

    I don’t like next week’s theme for Idol, now I understand why they chose Adam (infuse drama/life/excitement), but I just don’t like the theme. I don’t think even Adam can make it work.

  • IIImogen, 23

    @Tan: Do bar piercings hurt more than normal ear piercings? I want to get a bar in my left ear. Anyone know?

  • CynicSon

    @Kamal: So? if the contestants are bad, they’re bad. A lot of people watch the show BECAUSE of how bad the contestants more often than not are. If it’s a circus, all the better. It’s entertaining. Lol.

  • trex

    @Kamal: ….well i’m watching the tuesday show just to see lambo interact….so if they suck i don’t really care lol. it’s not like i’m voting for them.


    LMFAO what is he on about??

    ” In the jungle- the Lion fades tonight. Turn page. :) “

  • golfrapp He’s high. lol

  • GChelsea Put down the Vodka Adam. Ugh I love him.


    On the roof. Seeking proof.

  • josh pass the bong lambert

  • ;)

    @GET HIGH MOAR ADAM:A crow moans in horny recovery

  • OhWiseOne
  • skyline I think he was just expressing how he feels tonight :) He’s tired so he’s saying goodnight I guess. The tweet previous said “Lion-hearted”. Then weeks later said “Lion-hearted and fancy-free”. Tonight it says, “The Lion fades tonight – turn page”

  • dirtydiana

    @skyline: nah there’s more to it. if he was just sayin’ night, he would have ended it with that. he’s talking about a chapter. either in his life or in the world right now as we know it

  • FooFight

    He is………unreal LIVE. You know if you see him perform well on YT or on TV? Now times that by 200. That’s how f*n great he is live, it’s so different. His voice fills every corner of the arena it gives you chills. He never performs the same way twice, not just in his performances but in his soundchecks as well. And technical perfection aside, his voice is just pure sexy whether he’s singing uptempos or acoustics. You need to see him live once before you die, trust.

  • Shontae

    adam fkn lambert if you are reading this……..GREAT FKN SHOW tonight. tight band. and there are no words for how gorgeous you are in person, wtf?! your eyes killllll. and you have the most near-perfect side profile lol. get it gurl.

  • Ilia

    This guy is friggin’ AWESOME!

  • hyu

    @Shontae: wrong, it’s perfect: don’t you think? :)

  • LuckyL

    Haha, onward and upward brother.

  • Q.

    How do some people get Blue usernames? I’ve never been able to find a Sign-Up or Register tab on this site?

  • Treehouse

    EDIT again jfc: BEE-line, not blee. lol.


    I loved his outfit tonight, plain black suit over t-shirt, long thin scarfy thing, really hot boots, shorter soft-ruffled hair, he looked hot, he’s so tall and has amazing legs. I hope he looks hot on Wed and Thurs – airs a day later over here in London.

  • Saun

    @IIImogen, 23: It’s called an Industrial piercing & here’s the A to your Q:

  • Carly

    He’s so much fun!!

  • -
  • emma


  • yuk

    Adam looks like he fell out of the “Celebrity Treehouse” head first.

  • Jory

    I Love Him <3

  • Wicked Glitter

    I think it’s just rumor about the theme for next week. Maybe if all of Adam’s fans get the message out that we think a different theme would work better it would happen. I think ‘The year you were born’ would be better. There are so many more songs to choose from, and as we all know ,Adam shines when it comes to song selection. Plus that was the week he got a standing ovation from Simon.

  • Wicked Glitter

    @jory, I’m reading this because of you. I think you are amazing. I love Adam<3 too! I’m following you on twitter. My twitter name is Blueglittergirl. Very nice article ‘Just Jared’. Thank you for all of your Adam Lambert news.

  • -
  • Jealousy is a beautiful thing

    @yuk: Cry more

  • Specsavers

    @yuk: Not only are you a shallow, ugly, bitter ******, you have visibility issues too, clearly. You’re so see-through.

  • -
  • -
  • ooooo

    @yuk: Why you so obsessed with me boy I gotta knoooww

  • -

    ..Won’t post the floor one, it’s a little x-rated ;)

  • pock mark

    @yuk—- I agree ! Adam hit every limb on the way down and did a face plant in a thorn bush. hee

  • :)
  • CT

    His Celebrity treehouse: Demi, Queen, Slash, Steven Spielberg, Zeppelin, Gaga, Steven Tyler + daugther, Tim Burton, Paul McCartney, Rob Marshall, Muse, Madonna, Rivers Cuomo, Selena Williams, LPerry, Steven Fry…..that’s only a quarter of it. He’s so talented and all about love, he deserves nothing but love, happiness, health and success. Buddha bless ya Adam <3

  • kerri

    @CT: lol bluddha that’s cute : – )

  • Jonsii

    @Wicked Glitter: Err they can’t just change the theme, they’ve got the trip all set up. I think they filmed part of it today.

  • ia