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Garcelle Beauvais Calls Out Cheating Husband Mike Nilon

Garcelle Beauvais Calls Out Cheating Husband Mike Nilon

Actress Garcelle Beauvais has been married to Hollywood agent Mike Nilon for nine years but for five of those years, he has allegedly been cheating on her.

Earlier in the month, the 43-year-old NYPD Blue star sent an email to Mike‘s colleagues at CAA talent agency. Page Six reports the subject line read, “Tiger Woods/Jesse James/Mike Nilon.” Ouch!

The email continues, “What do they have in common . . . I found out today that MY husband of almost 9 yrs has been having an affair for 5 yrs with some slut in Chicago. I am devastated!!!! And I have been duped!! Our [2-year-old twin] boys don’t deserve this!”

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  • Rocky

    What the hell is going on with these men? They’ve got gorgeous looking women and children and they have to ‘jab’ someone else. I just don’t get it? CREEPS!!!

  • ??

    She is gorgeous and he’s ugly. She can do better.

  • Nic

    Men just make me sick sometimes!!!

    I hope she moves on, keeps it civil for the kids, and finds someone who will treat her with respect, we all deserve that much!

  • Insider

    I have known Garcelle for 10 years and she is a CLASS ACT! What a shame – she does not deserve this. Stay strong Garcelle!

  • SayWhat?

    What! Wow! That’s terrible.

    I think too many men think that this behavior is ok! It’s not!

    Some man interviewed on the news was saying that what Tiger ( tiger Tiger pants on fire) did was not a good thing BUT THAT’S WHAT MEN DO! Really?

    Huh! Soon enough it would be so acceptable?

  • LuckyL


  • Ladyb

    That’s sad. Those are twins? One looks more black and the other one is more white..cute.

  • Amber

    Such selfish men. Such a shame they can’t think of their family’s needs before their own. She has every right to call him out and embarrass him! He made her look like a fool.

  • teri

    Oh wow, just shocked that all these nice women are getting cheated on. Is it just that hard to be honest and get out of the marriage? If she had done this to him I’m sure he’d blow a fuse. To many young desperate women/girls can’t wait to hook their paws into a rich man regardless if they are married with kids or not. These men are simply jerks and also very stupid. Marriages with kids involved just burn my a.. because the men don’t care.

  • Butter_Fly

    I just don’t get it. WHY get married if you don’t want to commit? I mean, is it really THAT hard? lol. I guess it is.

  • BeReal

    He is a tool. He’s not evening playing with a full deck so what did you expect? He’s your typical self-entitled twit….

  • the african darkside

    5 YEARS?

    I think the question she should ask herself is. ” How could i have been so dumb?”

    Cheating men is not new nor is it real news. Women should be smart enough to know the nature of some or many men.

  • Whatevah

    Why would she write an e-mail about this and allow it to go public? Yeah her husband is an a@@hole, but she’s looking for attention here.

  • mickey

    Why do men get married? None of them want to be in committed relationships so why don’t they just stay single? It would be easier for all involved. These men should just tell women, “I just want to get laid with no attachments.” Then everyone is being straight with one another and we don’t have to deal with women hating each other over men who don’t want to be monogamous in the first place.

  • Rocky


    She’s not looking for attention. She’s looking to kill him in the press and GOOD FOR HER!!

  • Rocky



  • Maxine

    Wow men are disgusting. I’m ready to give up on them completely and try batting for another team!

  • shaar


    No, she’s a woman scorned and she wants to humiliate him as he deserve. Too many men get their way with cheating, if they knew they be exposed to the world like this, some of them might be scared of from cheating.

    I’m w u Garcelle, u n ur boys are cute!

  • mari_p

    THIS IS AN EPIDEMIC. People, especially men, who are more insecure than women and need their egos constantly stroked, no longer respect their friends, lovers, partners. It’s truly disgusting.

    How can ANYONE judge her for expressing her utter disbelief in the man she devoted herself to, who she had children with in ANY way she sees fit….she is probably out of her mind in shock and horror.

    @ the african darkside – “Women should be smart enough to know the nature of some or many men”
    HAHA, that makes no sense. So because most women are all painfully aware that many men are cheating sons o’bitches we should just throw our arms up and crawl into a ditch, resigning to be alone? That was a completely useless…..let’s all become heartless cynical creeps who desire no love or respect, let’s see how the world turns out then….

  • Dreads

    The twins are so darn CUTE =)

  • Josie

    Wow. just wow. Garcelle is beautiful, inside and out. I hope for the sake of her children she divorces this ahole and moves on.
    What a prick.

  • lexy hates bilson

    I can’t believe she’s out there airing her dirty laundry! Show some class like Tiger’s wife and Sandra Bullock and shut up and divorce him. Celebs are always complaining about privacy but when they need to reboot their career they suddenly don’t care!!!

  • Sheigh

    Honestly this guy is a jerk, but Garcelle was totally blind not to see the cheat on her during 5 YEARS OLD!
    Sista, you know, make babies to keep a man is not the solution!
    Holy crap!

  • janelle

    I’m glad shhe called him out. She’s beautiful and a devoted mom while he has been cheating on her. What a dog!

  • Haha

    Yeah, add Tiki Barber to the list.

  • ??

    @Maxine: some lesbians are just as bad as men. LOLOL

  • faith87

    How could he take all he has for granted. Look at the beautiful kids she gave him.

  • Rocky


    Yeah, add that a**hole to the list as well. To think I liked the guy. What a d**k he turned out to be!

  • Josie

    @lexy hates bilson
    like tigers wife? lol she chased the dude with a golf club, yeah really classy ::rolls eyes::

  • Maria

    I am shocked! I remembered when they got married. Sad. She’s a classy lady and didn’t deserve this.

  • cindy

    Adulterers. Cheaters. All of such are becoming the latest “trend” in today’s society. Why do people bother getting married if this is always the end result? What a waste of time. It seems like dating is the best option these days. Maybe people want feel so bitter or betrayed.

  • sillyme

    Just goes to show (again!) that you can have a gorgeous wife, and it doesn’t mean the man won’t cheat. Maybe these guys are just marrying for the image and not necessarily marrying the kind of woman they want to be with. I know an accountant like that. Has his own firm, makes loads of cash, has a gorgeous wife and family – but he LOVES ghetto chicks and always has one on the side.

  • Status quo


    Exactly, its complete bull shit! I also blames these hoes who mess around with married men thinking its ok. These people disgust me. If you want to cheat, at least have the decency to tell your wife before you do it, so that she can dump your nasty ass. There are too many STD’s floating around and some of them are PERMANENT.

  • mln

    is he really going to find someone prettier than her? (i know that isn’t what its always about but still- he can’t do better)

  • peter

    who cares whta color the kids are. You can’t always come out lokking the same. Your comment is racist

  • lexy hates bilson

    And you were you in Tiger’s house and that’s how you know what happened with him and his wife? Whatever happened it was THEIR business. She wasn’t trying to get on the cover of People to tell her story of “heartbreak”
    Now I see why Kate remains on DWTS – lots of bitter women who have been cheated on! Maybe this one can get a reality show too or go on DWTS!! I’m sure Sandra Bullock will be thankful that this woman WANTS to have her business out in the press. Perhaps they’ll leave her alone!

  • shaar


    wondering who u r replying to?

  • Shell

    Its a shame. I always see them out and about and they looked like a happy little family.

    These women with such low self esteem they would be content with being someone’s hoe on the side should be dragged out of their homes, tarred and feathered. Like the good old days! Instead they get a spread in Vanity Fair. LOL!

    Breaking up a relationship is one thing but destroying a family is quite another. These women should be ashamed of themselves! She should publish his mistress’ name and address!


    Beautiful wife, 2 cute baby boys, and he still is not satisfied. LOSER!!! I am glad she called him out on it and hope she leaves this idiot. He is nothing close to her in the looks department. She will find a better looking guy with a good heart!

  • http://JUSTJARED WHO


  • Zsizsi

    What I find really disgusting and unforgivable, that these guys make babies with their wives while having affairs with other women…most of them without protection…jeopardizing not only their unsuspecting spouses’ but also their unborn childrens’ lives and health!!!
    I’m sorry, but the conclusion is: MEN ARE PIGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • FoxyRoxy

    At least she didn’t bust him upside his head with a hot skillet, because that’s sure what the hell I would have done.

  • lips,tits & ass

    Guest she wasn’t sucking his DICK . WTF is wrong with these men?

  • Wow, just wow!

    I feel for her but I prefer how Sandra is handling her marital issues.

    I believe Sandy probably dusted Jesse’s ass but she kept it between them and probably very close family/friends. No need for the public’s opinion/input on your marriage when they don’t know you and your husband personally other than what you see on screen and what the tabloids try to tell you about who they are. Especially, when there are children are involved.

  • micahsteele720


    @ Maxine

    I hope that other team is the asexual team, because if you mean dating women they can be just as bad when it comes to monogamy.

  • hmmmm

    As Grandma said “Don’t air your dirty laundry in public”.

  • Pandora

    What the hell? Why not “air their dirty laundry”? Why not let the public know these men are skum bags. Why should they roll in *hit and come out smelling like a rose? Ha! I like how she handled it. Poor woman. She’s very attractive and the kids are adorable. Him? Nothing to look at in the least. And I have no idea, not the slightest clue, why women w/ means (Tiger’s wife, Sandra B., etc.) give these men another chance. I’d be outta there like a bat outta hell. Some say it’s for the children, but I say it’s unhealthy to put a band-aid on a wound that’s so deep. Ultimately the kids are no better off.

  • happy girl

    i am glad she sent the email!!!! i am tired of women being quiet and classy about it when the men themselves were classy!!!! expose them! garcelle you deserve better. you are beautiful and nice. take your beautiful boys and run. when a man like this cheats, he is cheating on the children too.

  • happy girl

    sorry, tired of women being classy when the men were NOT classy!!!! way to go garcelled. get outta there quick! team garcelle!!!!

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