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Gisele Bundchen & Tom Brady: River Boat Ride

Gisele Bundchen & Tom Brady: River Boat Ride

Gisele Bundchen accompanies her husband Tom Brady on a romantic river boat ride with their adorable 4-months-old son Benjamin Brady on Friday (April 9) in Paris, France.

The 29-year-old Brazlian beauty was joined by mom Vania (a bank clerk pensioner) and fraternal twin sister Patricia.

The weekend before last, Gisele attended Patricia’s wedding at Laurentia Vineyard in southern Brazil. The whole Brady-Bundchen family attended!

25+ pictures inside of Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady‘s river boat ride…

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gisele bundchen tom brady river boat ride 01
gisele bundchen tom brady river boat ride 02
gisele bundchen tom brady river boat ride 03
gisele bundchen tom brady river boat ride 04
gisele bundchen tom brady river boat ride 05
gisele bundchen tom brady river boat ride 06
gisele bundchen tom brady river boat ride 07
gisele bundchen tom brady river boat ride 08
gisele bundchen tom brady river boat ride 09
gisele bundchen tom brady river boat ride 10
gisele bundchen tom brady river boat ride 11
gisele bundchen tom brady river boat ride 12
gisele bundchen tom brady river boat ride 13
gisele bundchen tom brady river boat ride 14
gisele bundchen tom brady river boat ride 15
gisele bundchen tom brady river boat ride 16
gisele bundchen tom brady river boat ride 17
gisele bundchen tom brady river boat ride 18
gisele bundchen tom brady river boat ride 19
gisele bundchen tom brady river boat ride 20
gisele bundchen tom brady river boat ride 21
gisele bundchen tom brady river boat ride 22
gisele bundchen tom brady river boat ride 23
gisele bundchen tom brady river boat ride 24
gisele bundchen tom brady river boat ride 25

Credit: KCSPresse; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Fame Pictures
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  • sonny

    Ben is not cute at all. Poor thing!

  • What an adorable family! But I still wish it was Leo with him and not Tom!

  • lisali

    They make such a beautiful family..Love them!

  • nadia

    So cute. They are with her family (mom and sister). Thanks for sharing those pics, love this couple.

  • Anon

    They are a beautiful family. Grandma looks so proud. Little Benjamin is adorable.

  • gfd

    big happy family. so cute!

    and wow how low to put down a baby? honey just put your hatred for gisele aside and acknowledge this is a normal baby just as any one else! Im sure you tell your friends and family that their babies are adorable right? lol but no its gotta be no good if its gisele LMAO.

  • getused2it

    according to giseles haters:

    she has ugly hair
    she has an ugly body
    she has the ugliest legs (that one really cracks me up!)
    ugly face
    ugly clothes
    ugly style
    she isnt famous
    she doesnt make as much money as she claims
    she isnt a good model
    her husband is ugly
    her baby is ugly
    her dog vida is probably called ugly!
    her feet are ugly
    her nails are ugly
    her boobs are ugly
    her butt is ugly
    her family is ugly
    her homes are ugly
    her modeling work sucks
    the list is endless.
    you guys grow up!
    quit stalkin
    quit hatin

  • Vida

    Wait, her sister just got married last week but is in Paris with her Gisele and her mother??? So much for a honeymoon.

  • omg


    omg what an all time low to call ANY baby ugly. they are gifts from God you freak!

  • gisele

    wow she looks so much like her beautiful mom! her mom has aged so well. good genes

  • crackle


    well Paris is a perfect place for a honeymoon! maybe she is there for her honeymooon!

  • Bos

    I love this family and so happy for them!

  • Rocky


    Just ignore the haters. They want us to respond. They’re like tape worms that need feeding all the time. Idiots!

  • CA

    Ben looks just like Jack when he was an infant. So cute.

  • chrissy

    aww what a happy family. they are so adorable!

  • lexy hates bilson

    I’m surprised they got a shot of the baby. She’s been very protective and I don’t blame her. They are a great couple and the baby is adorable.

  • luny

    ben is not cute at all?HE IS SOOOOOOOOO CUTE,ÜBERCUTE ! i think he looks like gisele now but he used to look like jack. his grandmother must be so in love with him after six girls and one granddaughter,at patricia’s wedding we could see that gisele’s dad is crazy about him!he must be the prince of the Bündchen family

  • kk

    aww he is so ubercute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lovely family I wish them all the best.

  • Soo Cute

    What a beautiful family. You can see how happy they are. They can’t keep their hands off each other and their baby.

  • Madeline

    Ben is so cute!
    Adorable family, gisele and tom seems so in love.

  • ??

    Thank god Tom is wearing a hat because his hair has been looking busted in the last few Photos i’ve seen of him

  • anonymous

    They’re the cutest family ever. Benjamin is sooo adorable! He kinda looks like both his parents, no?
    They seem like the happiest little family, love them!

  • cookie


    I think he looks like both a little! and also like his brother. awww.
    i think he has giseles beautiful eyes.

  • anonymous

    How can a woman look so good in no make-up, hair clipped up, jeans and a blazer? Just…how?
    She’s so effortless and non-flashy.

  • comma


    yeah tell me about it. she is a natural. she always looks like she could be in a photoshoot to me. lol but without even trying to look that way. its amazing

  • sara

    @2 Sorry for you. But Gisele wanted never marry ugly DiCaprio ,because he was not the love of her life. TOM IS THE LOVE OF HER LIFE. She said that so often in Interviews

  • not famous

    @sara: She dated him for a long time anyways !!

  • http://j ivanka

    they look cute:) and in love

  • Renata

    Benjamin is vey cute!!!!!

  • mickey

    They’re a gorgeous couple. Cute baby too!

  • LILY!

    @anonymous: cool sunglasses do a lot for girls, not saying she is not pretty but sunglasses an foundation do A LOT for everyone :)

  • donna fulcher

    what a gorgeous baby . beautiful family . you can tell how loved he is . what a beautiful lucky baby. tom and gisele really do look so in love . i wish them all the best

  • not famous

    If you say that you’ve seen her in real life and she’s extremely beautiful. How is that her modeling shoots are very photoshopped??? lmao

  • callmewhatever

    I personally think Giselle is gorgeous. Always amazes me when I read so many women say she’s not. Love her nose as well, gives her character. Baby is beautiful. Never cared much for Tom Brady though. He’s very lucky to have HER.

  • barbie

    omfg cutest pics ever!

  • abby

    this family couldn’t be anymore perfect!

    why did alessandra and her family only get 12 comments? LMAO.

    and in my opinion if a woman can take a beautiful photo , she IS beautiful. look at many of gisele’s modeling shots. girl can take some breathtaking pictures. Im sorry but the average girl could never. that to me tells me she is beautiful. even if not in all pictures. and if you read twitter sitings of people who just met her, they always rave about her beauty in real life. she has even been known to turn people into fans, that never were before after they meet her.

  • kittycat


    Its only the catty,gossiping,immature type of girls (which there are many of those!) mature older women have nothing but nice things to say about Gisele. Im glad she has a grown up fan-base other than 15 year crazed fan girls. no offense to them, but they are annoying fans.

  • toka rein

    i can’t beleive anyone would be so rude about a baby. he is beautiful .if you don’t like gisele and tom why are checking out the pictures . could it be jealousy? i think so

  • kittycat

    notfamous are you implying about yourself in your screenname? lol

  • HK

    Looked at a picture of John (aka Jack) Moynahan when he was Ben’s age. They look nothing alike. Completely different eyes, nose, mouth and face. The only thing that is similar is that they both have fair skin. Personally, I think Jack is so much cuter (not too crazy about Ben’ eyes), but I think Bridget is also much more beautiful than Gisele. To me, Bridget has a more natural look than Gisele who needs makeup all the time. Without makeup, Gisele doesn’t look all that great.

  • Star

    Why do people still wish she was with Leo? Leo never wanted to marry her or have kids. Gisele is obviously very family oriented, and Leo clearly wasn’t the type.

    She seems much happier with Tom.

  • tb12

    okay that was cute now time to go back to training tom, football season is coming tom and last year sucked tom that can nv happen again tom team mates need you in boston not frolicking in paris in front of the paps with our new baby its cute but come thats not how you when a super bowl … jk but really

  • anonymous


    First of all, its really wrong to compare two babies and say which is cuter. Its actually really creepy. They’re both adorable.
    Second of all, Gisele rarely wears make-up…she’s a natural beauty. Even when she goes to major events she barely wears make-up so clearly you have no idea what you’re talking about.
    I personally think both Bridget and Gisele are gorgeous. However, I don’t think you can compare them. Bridget does have a natural beauty, but she’s also like “normal” “girl next door” beauty (which some people like more). Gisele, on the other hand, is a unique, stunning goddess.
    I guess it just depends on taste.

  • anonymous

    Tom and Gisele seem to be truly in love, They’re such a cute couple.

  • sheely

    totally agree with you #43. It so silly how people automatically wanna compare babies/women LOL. so silly.
    both kids are cute! if anything they look alike to me!
    I think both women are gorgeous too. but in different ways as you pointed out. it all just comes down to a matter of presonal taste/opinion. that is ok. Gisele hardly wears makeup ever. prolly why you see so many superficial people saying mean things about her here. but when she does wear hair,makeup,gown, the works. wow hide your men ladies! haha. she is a total unique,eoxtic goddess. bridget is pretty but in a girl next door type of way. gisele is a sex bomb.

  • Shell

    I love how quickly Tom forgot about his other child when this one was born. Classy!

  • mimilala

    not THIS is what a happy family and a couple in love look like! those pics are so cute!

  • Star

    Tom hasn’t forgotten about his other kid. Bridget has full custody of him so he is naturally with her most of the time.

  • not famous

    @kittycat: are we all that just because we don’t like Gisele??? Stop judging someone you can’t even see. And girl, I didn’t insult anybody

  • NOSE

    she has a beak of a nose her new name LA BEAK ck out her profiles yuck big bird