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Gwyneth Paltrow Covers 'Harper's Bazaar' May 2010

Gwyneth Paltrow Covers 'Harper's Bazaar' May 2010

Gwyneth Paltrow is living the golden life, gracing the May 2010 cover of Harper’s Bazaar, on stands April 27.

The 37-year-old actress opens up about juggling work, mommy-dom and why she’s been on a steady diet of fried chicken and booze. Check it:

On her lifestyle for two months in Tennessee while filming her new movie Love Don’t Let Me Down: “The director, Shana Feste, didn’t want me to have any definition whatsoever, so I had to stop working out… I was so bad with the food and alcohol in Nashville. If you saw me naked compared to what I looked like when I did Iron Man 2, where I was eating so well and exercising everyday…I’ll get it back together, but I just have never eaten so much fried food and white flour in my life, ever.”

On her husband, Coldplay’s Chris Martin: “He is so great because he’s so supportive of me as an artist. He loves the fact that I’m working and was so fulfilled by this job that I did in Nashville. He’s my biggest supporter. He’s always like, ‘We’ll make it work.’ I really lucked out with him. He’s deeply lovely and special.”

On the little joys in life: “When you’re having dinner with your kids and your husband and someone says something funny or you’re dying laughing because your three-year-old made a fart joke, it doesn’t matter what else is going on. That’s real happiness.”

Iron Man co-star Robert Downey Jr. on Gwyn’s personality: “She knows how to go large and she knows how to be that thing and that person and then the rest of the time she’s wearing a pair of yoga pants and steaming some cod or something.”

FYI: Gwyn wears black Givenchy and an embroidered layered-chiffon gown by Valentino.

To read Gywneth‘s full interview, visit!

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Photos: Alexi Lubomirski
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  • Rhonda

    is she still relevant?

  • Ice

    @Rhonda: No.

  • ka-blamo

    Praise be photoshop!!!!!

  • astro

    The way they styled her makes her look old.

  • dezzie

    A photoshop disaster.

  • Gen Y

    Normally I find her attractive but I’m distracted by how large her nose appears. Was it always that large or does someone at Bazaar have it in for Gwyneth?

  • um

    “fart jokes? um okay

  • Vivid

    Very unflattering cover. The eds are a little better.
    Why didn’t they use her for Vogue?

  • groovelicious

    That’s Gwyneth Paltrow?
    I thought it was Sondra Lee.

  • twin peaks

    I’m not against some minor editing/photoshopping but this is ridiculous. She doesn’t even look like the same person.


    A complete and utter shallow, vapid BORE.

    No, Ms. Paltrow, the world nor the readers of Bazaar do NOT ever THINK of the “definition” of your body, nor have they ever enough to compare it to the “definition”, in Iron Man 2? I’m quite certain that NO ONE ever thinks about you or your body. However, as you think and speak of nothing else, it must balance out.

    Let’s see…your husband is great because he is supportive of YOU? Really?

    Well, at least you’ve defined his greatest character trait for the ages AND in print, no less. How harming.

    Dear, Dear, Paltrow, please remove your GOOPness, you vapidness, and your complete boring self from the public eye.

    PLEASE, we beg you.

  • Farmer Ted

    Great legs. Still a shame she has a horse face.

  • Pisces Girl

    I think she’s rather plain. If she weren’t so tall, people probably wouldn’t physically take note of her. Her height makes her stand out. She is a good actress though and she really does have a body that can wear couture.

  • xoxo

    @Farmer Ted: I have to agree, Gwyn really does have a Julia Roberts horse-face going on in this photo:

  • bebe

    She’s on Bazaar? Last year they put her in Vogue.
    What a downgrade. Even the Olsen twins can land a Bazaar cover.

  • Josie

    meh, if i wanted a plain, boring generic blonde i’d take kristen bell.
    robert downey jr’s quote was funny though.

  • my3cents

    This is a good example of a beautiful editorial vs. being a beautiful woman. She is not a beauty like certain actresses or models, but she’s still striking looking. Agree, her height really helps her out. She’d be homely, even borderline fug, if she weren’t so tall.

  • Just Now Blog

    She usually looks very nice but that dress just doesn’t do anything for her.

  • A Must Read PRICELESS
  • just say no

    Go away boring, Goopy ****!

  • Wow!

    Wow! Her nose really does look huge in that photo.

  • Sannee

    Oh look Kate Bosworth and all her “friends”, stans, whatever are on here trying to make Gwyn look bad. No such luck honey!!! She still kept the guy, has the two beautiful kids, the CAREER, the awards, fashion friends, and whatever else Kate was jealous over. She “has” maybe in a round about though he won’t claim her Askars and everyone knows what he does on his jogs through Griffith Park.
    Keep trying Kate! Practice makes perfect.

  • LuckyL

    Has she used botox or something? I don’t know why she can’t recapture that beauty of Shakespeare In Love. Her eyes are beadier and her beak is larger. WTF happened?

  • YUCK…


  • Nic

    Hahah there she is on aonther HIGH PROFILE cover in the SAME month, take that Scarlett! LMAO at the moron in the UK Vogue thread who said she is not a huge star anymore! Oh really? Appearing on UK Vogue, AND US HB in the same month? After more than a decade of gracing all fashion magazine covers around the globe? Get real buddy, Platrow is a true fashion icon, that Scarlett will never be, because she has one look: SEX BOMB, and it gets old!

    Not even Vogue used Scarlett, they rather went with another style icon, SJP. Hahaha

  • YUCK…


  • Sannee

    BTW Gwyn looks gorgeous in these pictures!!! I don’t see Kate getting any covers except Italian vogue and who cares about Italian vogue? Anyways Gwyn has it all but above all she has class and grace. She would have never done that to a friend. Kate can keep running around hwood looking crazy and coked out while Gwyn travels the world working, living in her London estates, New York penthouses, LA mansions, and actually…sigh WORKING on something that people will actually see.

  • pr person

    @Nic: Vogue did not use Paltrow because she does not sell covers. SJP is very popular with women and is a huge seller for them. Not to mention that Paltrow has a supporting role in Iron Man while SJP is the lead in SITC.

    There is not much cachet to a Harper’s cover. It will give her some exposure yes, but it does not have the cred of a Vogue cover. Harper’s frequently uses lower tier celebs for their covers. Her being on this instead of Vogue signals a decline for Paltrow. She used to easily land U.S. Vogue, but they are getting more selective now in the current economic client and are trying to appeal to a younger demographic too.

    Also, look at the promotions for Iron Man 2. Very little Paltrow. Scarlett is featured more prominently in the poster and advertising. She clearly has a larger part and apparently the execs think she’s more valuable to promoting the film.

    Gwyneth will still land occasional covers when she’s in a huge film like Iron Man 2 but she’ll need bigger projects to land the major ones she used to easily obtain.

  • tiger

    @LuckyL: Her eyes do look beady. Is her nose growing or do you think they always just made it smaller with photoshop?

    Whoever chose that shot for the cover doesn’t like her.

  • Nic

    @pr person:

    You CLEARLY dont know what you are talking about!

    Gwyneth is the ULTIMATE Vogue cover girl, she is someone who has 7 US Vogue (not to mention all those UK, Spanish and German ones) covers since 1996!

    The reason she is not on the Vogue cover is because they are trying to change their cover subjects, and not be repeptitive, due to heavy criticism. It has NOTHING to do with her not selling, which is a lie, because her last cover sold very well (while the one with Weisz was the worst). So please sell that bs to someone who does NOT work in the mag industry, i know EXACTLY how this businness works. And i know that Paltrow has the ultimate status among the fashion magazines. She is featured in the new issue as one of the Great American Women, Vogue chose her as one of the great style icons of the decade.

    The fact 8no matter how hard, and pathethicly you try to belittle it) is she is on the cover of UK Vogue and US HB which are both high profile women fashion magazines in the world. And she will be back on US Vogue within a year when her new movie comes out. It has nothing to do with what movie she is promoting, bigger projects? I wouldn’t be surprised if you never in your life bought or read Vogue, if she could land the cover for Sylvia which was low-budget and independet, and many other actresses for far lesser movies, then please……call back when you know a thing or two about titles, and how they work.

  • Sweetness

    She must have friends in high places to keep putting her on the covers of magazines..she really is the most irrelevant actress, somehow she lucked out with being cast in IronMan but when IM2 opens with Scarlett J. as the sexy femme fatale it will definitely be “Gwyneth? who is she, was she even in the film?”

  • allmylove

    Has anyone ever thought it was perhaps her choice to not work as much due to her Children. She has had her fun and worked harder and had more roles before motherhood that she is not interested in working on larger roles. She has been there and done that, has already won countless awards and it is not like she needs the money.
    Her priority is not the same, her kids are important to her she would not want to be away from them months at a time with gruelling hours. She choses projects for that reason!

  • Whynot

    No that would be Kate Bosworth. At least the movie that Gywn works on do not go staright to DVD!

  • Malanna


  • LMAO

    Nic, she is not high profile anymore, the public doesn’t go see her on film unless she is part of a cast in a huge budget film like oh i don’t Iron Man1 & 2. Her last film bomded and that’s only bomb she is. The woman doesn’t have an ounce of sexuality to her name and most here are correct; the only reason she was EVERY considered beautiful, is because she hits America’s rather myopic standards of beauty: Tall, Blonde and Blue-eyed.

    You could almost accept it but then she opens that obnoxious mouth and inserts that rather large foot of hers and that’s when the public decides that they’d rather see any movie but hers. So her agent thought of a way to serve her in small doses oh lokk, there she is in the cast of Iron Man maybe that will help…it didn’t. Now she’s back for Iron Man 2 but now she’s got Scarlett Jo to contend with because Scarlett has more screen time and is actually playing a character worth watching instead of the side kick ditz. Sorry Paltrow’s time has come and quickly gone. She was never a strong actress and the little talent she has can’t stand up against the current round of her fellow Oscar winners (Kate W, Cate B, Abgelina J, Marion C, Sandra B, Monique, etc.) ALL of whom are stronger on screen than she will EVER be. And she’s on the cover of Bazaar because the marketing team of Iron Man 2 put her there, not because she’s so High Profile.

  • Whynot

    Hilarious, funny how Alex S looks like James Dean on the cover perhaps he has something else in commm with him … being Gay.

  • athena

    She looks great. Classic.

  • j’adore

    I like her look. It’s uniquely hers. She has the best legs in Hollywood, by far and has the perfect body for couture. Her family obviously comes first and the people who actually know her, like her and are very loyal to her.

  • Kate Bosworth

    @ All the Gywn Haters
    OHH MY God! Kate B stop posting here we all know you have the time to post Gywn, but please it is soo obvious it is you. Is this the only pathetic lame attempt for you to get Gywneth back for outting you.

  • Next

    @LMAO: True, and Sylvia was 7 years ago. Foreign editions of fashion mags frequently recycle NA articles. There’s not a lot of prestige in that. Gwyneth’s last Vogue cover was the 2nd worst seller aside from Weisz’s. She does not sell mags. Even EW refused to use her for their Iron Man cover story and she was rumored to have deliberately skipped Comic Con as a result. They went with ScarJo instead because she has a larger storyline and she appeals more to men and teens.

    “The woes for Vogue’s 2008 shape issue continue this week. You know, the one with the controversial cover shot by Annie Leibovitz of LeBron James and Gisele Bündchen that evokes King Kong? Right, who could forget. Condé Nast announced yesterday it was the worst-selling April issue since 2001, moving just 350,000 copies off newsstands. By this time last year the issue had sold 452,207. What’s more, since we all love to read about diets and fantasize about getting “bikini ready,” the shape issue usually does above-average sales.
    However, that issue shouldn’t feel too bad about itself since it’s not the worst seller of the year. That honor belongs to the May issue with Gwyneth Paltrow on the cover. That one sold just 310,000 copies on newsstands.

  • Sigh

    @Sannee: Yeah…i dislike Kate Bosworth too. She’s another obnoxious waste of space. Paltrow is such bore. She wants the world to believe she’s so high brow…so intelligent and then she opens her mouth and this falls out:

    “He is so great because he’s so supportive of me as an artist. He loves the fact that I’m working and was so fulfilled by this job that I did in Nashville.”

    wow…sooo deep. LOL!!! what a narcissistic cow. he’s great because he supports MEEEE. He loves the fact that IIIII was fullfilled by the job IIIII did. LMAO!!!! Wow…woooo…I hope she doesn’t tire that ego out, Iron Man 2 doesn’t come out for another 3 weeks.


  • WOW

    In reference to the Madonna comment that Gywn made for the interview, who in the right mind would want to wait hours to see a friend! Is it snobby to say that, I doubt Gywn makes madonna wait that long, on the contrary it is called consideration, I find it hilarious that Gywn called her on it. Also, it is implied that the friend in which she states she has problem with now, is not Madonna but Kate B.

  • idril

    I don’t understand why everybody hate her some much? Did I miss something?

  • LMAO


    Thank you! Maybe Nic should pay attention to your facts, but then I don’t Nic is really interested in fact…just fantasy


    This is what Gwyneth Paltrow told Ben Affleck .. Don’t do premieres
    and public appearances together .. do it separate.. That is why
    you never see Chris with her anywhere…. Scarlett plays a main
    character… Super Hero … that is why Gwyn is there as his asstant
    same can be said about Robert and Mickey Rourke ….Mickey has
    more time in this movie.. Vince the director said that he did a better
    job on this movie.. AGAIN SCARLETT PLAYS SUPER HERO



  • Ali

    I think she’s fabulous. She seems to have a good life – hope her relationship with her husband is as good as she describes. But her children are the most adorable. I’ll go see anything she is in. Love her style. I’m’ tired of people ranking on her.

  • canuck

    Not loving the cover. Her hair is nice and silky but that colour is too light and washes her out. The angle is not very flattering either. Does look like they digitally enlarged her nose. Odd. She does get ranked on but she also constantly puts her foot in her mouth and can be insulting with her stereotypes. She could learn a lot from her lovely and nice mom.

    Still looking forward to Iron Man.

  • DarkEmpress

    I really like Gwyneth. She is a great actress. I love her style. People dont like her because she seems very prim and proper- even snobby. I appreciate her ladylike qualities. Im tired of bimbos who can’t put a sentence together and just sell sex.

  • Drive Bye

    Geez, Louise, look up Bruce Paltrow on the ‘net. Whence comes the beak. She looks like her Mom, but her Dad’s are in there as well.