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LeAnn Rimes: Cowboys in Calabasas!

LeAnn Rimes: Cowboys in Calabasas!

LeAnn Rimes goes jogging on Thursday (April 8) around her neighborhood in Calabasas, Calif.

The 27-year-old singer wore a Dallas Cowboys shirt for her favorite home team!

LeAnn is scheduled to perform tonight at the Hollywood Palladium at a concert featuring the music of songwriter Diane Warren! Celine Dion and Gloria Estefan are also expected to perform.

15+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes going for a run…

Just Jared on Facebook
leann rimes cowboys shirt calabasas run 01
leann rimes cowboys shirt calabasas run 02
leann rimes cowboys shirt calabasas run 03
leann rimes cowboys shirt calabasas run 04
leann rimes cowboys shirt calabasas run 05
leann rimes cowboys shirt calabasas run 06
leann rimes cowboys shirt calabasas run 07
leann rimes cowboys shirt calabasas run 08
leann rimes cowboys shirt calabasas run 09
leann rimes cowboys shirt calabasas run 10
leann rimes cowboys shirt calabasas run 11
leann rimes cowboys shirt calabasas run 12
leann rimes cowboys shirt calabasas run 13
leann rimes cowboys shirt calabasas run 14
leann rimes cowboys shirt calabasas run 15

Photos: GSI Media
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  • yo sista

    Oh god! You can’t get any fuglier than that. Fugly tramp alert!

  • michaela

    Lovin’ it! All the photos and news of her new CD’s and the Diane Warren special on PBS on June 8, the fact that she opened her Twitter and I can tweet her.

    Eddie has an article on him in this week-ends Parade Magazine.

    Thanks JJ!!!

  • michaela

    I see the detractors are lurking but don’t want to add. It’s a competition, eh? Such silliness for adults, isn’t it!?!

  • Zoe

    nasty adulterous lying cheating trash. Leave his WIFE alone you b!tch!

  • Sandy

    Look at that determination. What I like most about Le Anne, after her music, is her strength and verve for living. I love to work hard and admire others who do, too. Go gurl!!!

  • FaithLynette

    *sigh*…as an avid EAGLES’ fan for over 40 years, just another reason to dislike the Cowboys…hehehe

  • asyesow

    Cowboy fan myself. Sing it Le Ann!

  • shaar

    not cute

  • Joey F.

    Since I’ve probably lived longer than most of you on here let me say from my own experience that some of the dearest and most wonderful women in my life were not the classic beauty. I love a woman with a vivacious personality, warm heart and womanliness. When we men are young all we think is breasts and attractiveness but as we age our values change and we look for deeper qualities. That is why I think the people here calling her nasty names are very young.

    As a guy I would appreciate and value the gifts LeAnn brings. God bless you darling!

  • jennifer

    why don’t you grow up all you haterz

    lets see a picture of you so you can be torn apart too

    I feel sorry for you people who hate

    Get a life or a job

  • happyfeet

    Ugh, this is reminding me I got to get myself back in shape. The arms look good and the face shows willpower. See you this summer. Hooray

  • klm

    My girl brings me up when Im down. Forever greatful baby. Once a fan always a fan. hugs and more hugs

  • michelle

    Joey F. @ 04/09/2010 at 10:34 am +1

    Since I’ve probably lived longer than most of you on here let me say from my own experience that some of the dearest and most wonderful women in my life were not the classic beauty. I love a woman with a vivacious personality, warm heart and womanliness. When we men are young all we think is breasts and attractiveness but as we age our values change and we look for deeper qualities. That is why I think the people here calling her nasty names are very young.

    As a guy I would appreciate and value the gifts LeAnn brings. God bless you darling!

    I am also older than most of the posters and would like to add that LeAnn’s behaviour over the past 15 months, her blatant cruelty towards her former partner and her lover’s wife (together with Cibrian himself) means that she has a LONG way to go before anyone can say that she is nice or kind or anything positive.

  • michaela

    hey betty aka michelle….morning to you! Thought you didn’t do multiples!!!

  • happyfeet

    LeAnn is on the east coast this weekend doing some concerts. Hope they turn out well!

  • michaela

    I know of the one tonight and I heard something about on Sat. in CT but couldn’t find out anymore than that. Do you have more info?

  • Raquel

    She was my idol growing up so I am, always behind her. We might make mistakes but so does everybody. I am thrilled she has found a man like Eddie. We don’t know what kind of commitment they will make but right now I like what I see. If you didn’t grow up with her and are more of a hollywood type I can see how you might not take to her. But where I come from everyone stands with her. God forgives, we are not condemned to eternal damnation for an error like this. Things are going to work out I can feel in it my bones.

  • Raquel

    She will make a super mom one day. Don’t wait to long LeLe.

  • gwen

    Yes Thanks JJ for showing us that LR tips off the paps.

    Did I call it or what?

    LR twitters that she has been running with EC and what do we have here? Photos of LR running.

    Does LR do anything besides tip off the paps?

    How many times is she going to call in JJ to provide her with positive feedback?

  • gwen

    Where did all of these “fans” come from? Oh it’s just michela posting under several different names to make it look like LR has fans. So I take it EC interview and LR twitter page did even more damage to their careers.

  • gwen

    Raquel(aka MICHEALA)

    Leann will never make a supermom because she is too insecure. Just look at how she has been using her TWITTER page as a weapon agaisnt BG.

    You are thrilled that Leann has found a man like EC? So you think a man who has no qualms about breaking promises to his kids is prize?

    We know exactly what type of commitment EC and LR will make, just look at how EC has not kept any of the promises that he made to his kids. And that interview in Parade just made him look like a JERK.

    We do not have to grow up with LR to see what type of person she is. When she slept with a married man’s wife and then went on to use her twitter account to stalk BG, LR made it very clear what type of person she is.

    Where exacly is that you are from. No one stands with LR, that is why you are posting as RAQUEL, sandy, happy feet, Joey f, klm, jennifer, asyesow.

    What do you know about God? God is not going to reward EC and LR for their bad behavior. The major flaw in your logic is that EC and LR have not and still won’t show any remorse for their actions. Everything that happens to them is always someone else’s fault.

  • gwen

    MICHEALA=RAQUEL, sandy, happy feet, Joey f, klm, jennifer, asyesow.

    Since you are still posting under different names, that can only mean one thing. EC and LR career has taken a drastic turn for the worst.

  • coco

    I really doubt Leann tipped off the paps on this one… these are not the most flattering pics if you know what I mean! Think about it, I don’t think she would want these pics of her jogging to be printed all over the tabs.

  • gwen


    Leann isn’t very bright. Ever yweek she keeps trying to make people think that EC loves and isn’t using her for money and fame her despite the fact that EC doesn’t even love his own kids enough to keep the promises he made to them.

    Think about it. Where is Leann jogging? In Calabasas. This is just another attempt to make people think that EC loves her because they live together and to taunt BG wife.

  • gwen

    Just how low will LR sink this week to convince us that EC loves her and isn’t using her for money and fame?

    Leann is using TWITTER as a weapon to stalk and harass EC wife and now tipping off the paps to ASSERT herself as EC MISTRESS.

    From Huffington Post:

    From Michelle “Bombshell” McGee to John Edwards’ baby-momma, not to mention the 16 and counting Tiger Woods’ mistresses, the “other woman” is getting a lot of press these days. It kind of makes me wonder, when did being an adulterer become en vogue? And each time another “other woman” comes forward, her tell-all gets a bit more sordid than the last, told without regard for the woman suffering betrayal not only from the liaison in question, but from its being made public. I’m not so naïve to think that all women have the inclination to form a sisterhood against patriarchy, or that patriarchy is an evil institution that affects only women. And true, there’s no glass ceiling for self-opportunism. Still, the confessions (albeit for money and fame) of these “other women” strike me as an especially mean-spirited brand of girl-on-girl misogyny.

    Relationships are complicated, and each encounter we have with another is something unique. As long as we’re human, there’s no absolute way to qualify the types of relationships we forge. We’ll also probably always have the urge to judge our own and others’ entanglements. That said, a woman who knowingly sleeps with someone else’s husband or partner and then has the urge to “come forward” like she’s unearthed some hidden treasure leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I’m not suggesting we brand these women with scarlet A’s, and I’m not forgetting the adulterous man in the equation, neither the media outlets that dole out dollars for salacious stories, nor the public that consumes them. In this way, blame is really useless. But back to the confessional “other woman.” Something besides gold-digging and fame-seeking is at play – namely the “other woman’s” warped sense of entitlement. She feels entitled to speak, and that’s somewhat interesting. As the “other woman,” she represents a wanton rebel, a direct threat to the sanctity of the American family. Yet as the “other,” her position in the love triangle is secondary, and many would argue there’s some void in her self-esteem that leads her to seek intimacy with someone not fully available. But with a very public tell-all, she has her chance to stake her claim.

    Psychologist, professor and Second Wave Feminist, Dr. Judith Kuppersmith explains: “Men are still born into this world as the number one sex, and as such, they have automatic power and move into the and through our social environment. They don’t have to speak – they just have to take action – to move and push things out of their paths. Women, born the second sex, have to earn any kind of power they may want, and because they are born with less muscle and physical power, they attend to the ‘other’ in the social environment. It’s also true that the little girl speaks earlier than the little boy and girls are encouraged to develop their social speaking as a power and control mechanism.”

    So by speaking, the “other woman” finds her footing, and earns power by confessing dirty little secrets.

  • Mer

    Hi Michaela, Hi cbme – Hope all is well! Seeing LeAnn jogging reminds me that I need to start back. Thanks so much for the info about the PBS special (looking forward to seeing it), and the article about Eddie in the Parade magazine. I will definitely pick up a copy of the Sunday paper for the magazine.

  • gwen

    mer (aka cbme, aboveboard, michela)

    Wow, you can’t be serious? So when LR doesn’t have the public support, you are just going to change your name and post under a different name?

    Keep the “fans” flowing because you are just making it even more obvious that EC and LR little pr stunts all backfiring. All LR has is JJ. So JJ is going to post daily photos of LR. Well good, because it just highlights that LR is tipping off the paps.

    You are still posting under all of these different names, so we know that all is not well with LR.

    Seeing LR jogging just means that LEANN is an attention seeker. When she said that she and EC go jogging, I said that we were going to be treated with a photo-op. So all you, LR, and JJ proved is that LR is tipping off the paps and paying the media to post “nice” thing about her.

    Why are you thanking yourself for posting the stuff about the PBS special? That’s right, you have to create the support because you can’t get other posters to agree with you,

    Of course you are looking forward to seeing the PBS special, how much did LR have to pay you to say this?

    Wow, you just do not realize how bad that article makes EC look do you? So what you are saying is that you are going to buy several copies of the parade article to compensate for the backlash that EC is receiving because of that article.

    Wow, things are going to be very bad for LR and EC when famlies read about how disrespectful EC is to his family in that article and how EC plays the victim knowing full well that he can avoid the paps when he doesn’t want to be seen.

  • gwen


    Is that code for Leann thought there were a lot of married men in her neigborhood and so she decided to tip off the paps, oops I mean go jogging?

  • gwen

    Look at her face.

    No wonder EC is always drinking.

  • Mack nj

    Oh baby you put on a show me and my people will never forget. Thanks LeAnne.

  • ummmmmm yeahhhhh

    Yah got an old crank on here. Dry up dem bones that way.

    Gotta say lov the Le Ann and her new beau.

  • Maddie

    This is really an interesting thread. This thread was posted on the same day as LeAnn’s other thread where she was ripped to shreds for once again taunting Brandi. So what does LeAnn-the-puke- Rimes do? She slips another thread to JustJared and then floods the thread with her PR peoplel. LeAnn, why post a thread where only your PR staff is commenting? This diversionary stuff isn’t doing you any good. So what if LeAnn pays people to post nice. The public knows Rimes is a mean, nasty, selfish, taunting piece of crap!!!

  • michaela

    No Jason or whatever hat you’re currently posting under, the public does not consist of you and gwen and your multiple personalities. I gather, you think if you repeat yourself tens of thousands of times, you might have an effect to your liking. Seems like your efforts are falling on deaf ears and are in vain.

  • Candice

    Come on you Rimes PR people. LeAnn is paying you good money to get it right the first time. Yesterday you posted a very unflattering pic of LeAnn’s fat thighs so today you post this thread to divert our attention away from your screw up. GET RIGHT!!! That poor girl is working her butt off to pay for these threads, paying people to post positive comments and let’s not forget that lover-boy of hers isn’t cheap either. If LeAnn is ever going to get out of the shadow of country music’s top ten ladies, she’s going to have to get a better PR staff.

  • J-LO-LO

    Why doesn’t LeAnn submit better pictures of herself? Everytime I see her looking like this (which is almost all the time) I can’t help but think how Eddie must feel waking up in the morning. It’s no wonder she continues to act like a 14 year old taunting Brandi. LeAnn has to be insecure when she looks in the mirror with her man-hunk standing behind her.

  • michaela

    Jason or whatever personality you’re here under….get a life! If you don’t like her why are you here bothering your eyes with someone you don’t like. Hope the pay is, at least, decent!

  • Melody

    LOL funny. I still can’t believe people posting here think that these pics are taken by paps. Almost all of LeAnn’s pics are taken by her staff i.e., Mexico, Aspen, Paper Towels, Shopping, Christmas Tree Lighting, Jogging, Shopping, Shopping and more shopping and more jogging. There are at most 10 people interested enough to even look at these pics and LeAnn is smart enough not to pay the paps when a simple digital pic taken by a friend and submitted over the web with a caption costs almost nothing.

  • michaela

    Jason, sour grapes as usual. Looks like the avoid tactic flopped…so here we are whining about the past and about something you can’t change. Why do you keep staring at something that gives you pain and indigestion?

  • hole in one

    Forever with you LeAnn. I need what you’ve got, bountdless energy. Hugs.

  • BlackSabath

    Is that you Hole-in-One-Tiger? I remeber those days of boundless energy too. We were both insatable.

  • michaela

    Just saw a ticket page saying tonight’s show is sold out.

  • You Idiot

    That’s a Greig’s list scam you idot. It’s a private performance. The NJ gig had 40% of the tickets unsold. Christ you’re stupid!

  • michaela

    Jason…………you’re a fool forever. You’ve been unsuccessfully trying this foolishness for many months now.

    The concert tonight is sold out. It’s at one of the big Indian casinos. Last night’s was packed.

    I remember Stan/Jako pulling this garbage on x…..and I even kept the ones I needed and you know why.. Ha !!!!!! Ha!!!!!!

  • michaela

    I see that Deane got a chef’s job at a Japanese restaurant in NYC. Luck with the new line of work, Deane.

  • Sarah

    Love you LeAnn from when you were young and a sensation. Best regards to you, the doggies and family.

  • http://deleted cbme

    Good to hear from Mer again and all the fans who have joined in to, as Gwen puts it, slap down the troops. I cannot see, and don’t think any of you do either, anything ugly about LeAnn. Know that some of the “nice folks” who are doing a job would like to input that into other people’s heads, but it” ‘aint” so. Ask anybody who has seen her live. Gonna have to do better , troops, than you are doing. Not many plusses on your side is there? Who did you say had the most fans? Everybody has to be somewhere so we will keep looking for you on these posts to see what you have cooked up to entertain us. Try to get something new, will you?

  • Could it be?

    I read a post on this site by Darth Vader a few weeks ago. Is it just coincidence or insider information???? Hmmmmm

  • Carrie D.

    When is the new music coming? Has anyone heard a date?

  • michaela

    LeAnn will be singing the National Anthem for the Dodger’s opening season this Tuesday.

  • http://deleted cbme

    @J-LO-LO: Appears to me that LeAnn has a lot of confidence – could you look as good as she does after a run? Perhaps she is brighter than you are since she knows that she looks like a real girl – no fake boobs – no fake accents (valley girl) – when she sees E standing behind her. What he sees is what he gets and it appears to please him, doesn’t it? She is a really strong, independent, active, beautiful and real woman and shows it. Can you say the same? She has a lot of self confidence and a beautiful talent – can you say that?