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Sex & The City 2 Trailer: Aidan's Back!

Sex & The City 2 Trailer: Aidan's Back!

Check out the newest trailer for Sex and The City 2!

Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda take another bite out of the Big Apple in the sequel to the 2008 summer blockbuster.

The movie, out May 27, fast forwards two years in the ladies’ lives when the four friends decide to take a week off and venture to Abu Dhabi for a break from real life!

Things turn troublesome, though, when Carrie runs into her ex, Aidan…

FYI: Miley Cyrus, Liza Minelli and Penelope Cruz all have cameos in the film!

Sex and The City: Trailer #2
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  • anii

    i will miss Smith:((

  • LMAO

    And this is different from the 1st one…how? Jeeze SJP is like Aniston, she can only do one thing and one thing only. old hags trying to play young…brilliant.

  • Nic

    Can not wait to seen, sexy, and cool, glad they did something different for this movie.

  • jen

    OMG… AIDEN!!!!! yeeeeeeeeeeeeessss.

  • boston61

    Kim was always the real star of the show. Sarah is weak actor. She just has a good gimmick going.

  • Tiffany

    Yes Aidan!! i know she’ll prob. end up with Big at the end of the movie but i cant help it. I was always on Team Aidan.

  • oy


  • Tia

    I agreee with #5 about Kim. I was always exited to see STC because of her.

    Not to be mean but ever since I saw the South Park episode with SJP, I can’t help but thinking they were right on…her face is odd and with this piece on her head in the desert scene, she does look like she could be hunted…like South Park did…..ahahahahahah!!!!

  • blahh

    YAY AIDEN!!!


    Aidan is my favourite of all boyfriends Carrie had..he was perfect,i would have definitely chosen him over Big..and he is hotter than big it would be nice seeing him in the movie

  • caxposed

    YES! Can’t wait!

  • Jenny

    Wow, this looks good!!!

  • callmewhatever

    Team Aidan 4 LIFE!!!

  • hun

    It looks fabulous!!!!!!!!! Can”t wait. Love SITC!

  • Mike

    Oh my god. It’s back! The shoes, the fashion, the trends, the drinking, the skylines…with it coming up on May 27, can the buzz grow any stronger? Whether the movie is great or terrible, girls will be in line to see it just the

  • Bonnie


    I know right!! OMG OMG OMG John Corbett!! I LOVE HIM!!!

  • milli

    I know its stupid, but I will watch it for sure. BTW, how do they dress so revealing in Abu Dhabi?

  • LuckyL

    LMAO @ 04/09/2010 at 11:49 am

    And this is different from the 1st one…how? Jeeze SJP is like Aniston, she can only do one thing and one thing only. old hags trying to play young…brilliant.
    LOL–you think Anus girl is on SJP’s level? Tell me another HA. And one’s happily married sweety and a style icon.

  • LuckyL

    An*s Girl Anuston*

  • Logan

    Loved the show, hated the first movie. One trend that I see happening in the movies is filming out of NYC, which was a costar in the tv show. Very disappointing. I do love Aidan, but Carrie did him wrong and never deserved him.

  • Carlos

    OMG the closet! Can’t wait!!!

  • AmandaBrook

    Aidan “You broke my heart” sigh!!! Big fan of the show, not so big fan of the movies. Sorry everyone but I hated it and thought it should not have been made. Now we have #2. Carrie is not the same city girl I loved, Samantha looks like a Tranny, Miranda is in real life a lesbian and that ruins the romance for me (Sorry lesbians). Even cute little Charlotte is looking a little chronically-challenged. Too much as happened since the show first started and it should be put to bed before they ruin it for me, but I still have SATC reruns nightly to look forward to.

  • media robot

    AH! That clip gave me chills beginning to end…Glamour…Drama…Girl Power….Jared you rock!

  • Rosalia

    AIDEN!!!!!!!!!! At first I was like why did they quit doing the show if they’re just going to keep doing movies. I honestly wasn’t going to see it, but the Carrie, Big, Aiden factor changes it and I’m curious. When she last saw him he had a baby I’m pretty sure he wasn’t married because he “Tates mom,” not my wife… I’m a nerd because I remember that from season 6 part 1….

  • linda lee

    This looks amazing.
    Can’t wait.

  • ttt

    omgggg I got chillls seeing aiden! lol WOW this one looks MUCH better for me! the first one was so SAD and left me leaving the theater depressed feeling lol. this looks happier, just like the show was. more girl times (which the 1st movie lacked as well) and looks like more S E …..X….haha. for me this one already looks miles better! cant wait!
    i smell trouble for carrie, lol

  • Queen-of-the-damned

    As much as the script writers want to contrive that BIG is the love of Carrie’s life, I’ve never respected any on-screen chemistry between them. Besides, BIG is not an attractice older man like Pierce Brosnan or Antonio Banderas. I agree the Samantha character is the big draw in STC . I don’t care what a bunch of 10-panel critics have to say, but SJP is NOT the best of actresses on that show. She plays Carrie in every damn movie she gets a role for, where she talks in that little girl’s voice all the time.
    I was on team Aiden all the time. Woot woot, I hope to be surprised!

  • Jane

    I agree with LMAO. I cant belive that after 10+ years, these ladies STILL have the same original hairstyles………I hope this movie wasnt as dull as the first one.

  • Michele

    One word: wow! OK two more: can’t wait!!

  • Maddie

    If Carrie cheats on BIG I will have a heart attack. LOL. Looks great. I freaking love that they are doing a 2nd movie. :D WOOH!


    i just sphitzed! (or however u say it!)


    and YES! i just did that sittin next to my man during his Phillies game, i don’t CARE!!!!!!

    the same man who bought me the entire sntc dvd series in its pink velvet case (yes, i know) for xmas 3 yrs ago…

    anyway…this trailer looks SO…MUCH…..BETTER…than the 1st movie (which i still don’t own…boo.)

    I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!


    STANFORD NUPTIALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SAM GETTIN-HER-GROOVE-BACK-NOOKIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    YES! YES!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amber-louise

    I liked Aidan’s character too, but Carrie was such a bitch to him and they had nothing in common. He was outdoorsey, down to earth, liked quiet nights at home. She just wanted to go out all the time, shop for shoes & other shallow stuff and when they got engaged she wore the ring he gave her around her neck & cheated on him too. Only in the movies would a guy take back someone as annoying and self centered as the character of Carrie. LOL. Anywho, Ill still watch. Samantha really did make the show for me too

  • Michaela

    This is so exciting!!!

  • michaela

    It’ll be on DVD yes?

  • Dasha

    Aidan’s back, i’m so excited!!!!! I always loved him more than big.

  • Bloodysaint

    The next generation of “The Golden Girls”!

  • Judy

    LOVE IT!!! Cant wait<3

  • morchebba

    I can`t understand what Lily said at the end???!!!

    Please someone help me! LOL

  • SATC Fan

    So excited that Aidan is coming back. He was such a sweetheart to carrie. He’s almost too good for her. But they both have amazing chemistry. and i truly believe she should be with him. I was sooo pissed when carrie married big, especially after he left her at the alter, for his own selfish reasons. it was her first wedding and all he could do was think about his past mistakes. God I cant stand that man. and how pathetic was it that he copied and pasted some poems. We need Aidan back. Its time I dont care how the producers have to do it, or the fact that he has a kid. Obviosly he is not with his wife anymore, i mean the guys not wearing a wedding ring for F&*#k sakes. Just bring him back and get rid of Big.

  • Tee

    I need a team Aidan tee!!!! He was my fav boyfriend of Carries =) Makes me wanna watch some episodes

  • Laura

    If she finish again with the arrogant bigggggggg…i promised myself I will not watch sex and the city again. She can not be so choose BIG again….but we all know that she is I guess we all know the End, she will run to BIGGGG again..anyway looking forward for the movie and looking forward for Aidan….

  • eliasgay2010

    oh my good!!! is aidan?? yes yes yes yes yes yes…