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'American Idol' Cast Gets The Simpsons Treatment

'American Idol' Cast Gets The Simpsons Treatment

Check out the American Idol judges and host Ryan Seacrest all Simpson-ized!

Randy Jackson, Simon Cowell, Kara DioGuardi and Ellen DeGeneres will invite Springfield bartender Moe Syzslak to join them on the Idol stage, according to People!

“Judge Me Tender,” starring the Idol cast, will air May 23 on FOX.

FYI: This isn’t Simon‘s first time as a Simpsons guest! He made a cameo on the show back in 2004, playing an admissions screener at a Springfield pre-nursery school where Homer and Marge hoped to send Maggie.

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Credit: Quantrell Colbert; Photos: Bravo
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  • Dan

    they totally f’d that up… Ellen has shorter hair and Simon always wears V-necks. Plus, Randy is not that good looking in real life.

  • Taly

    I love simpsons!

  • Jan

    I am watching DWTS this week. Adam Lambert should not be a mentor this week on American Idol. After his “not for kids” performance at an awards show, Adam defended his behavior saying, “I am not a babysitter. American Idol made a bad choice asking Adam to mentor.Adam wants to do adult performances and should stick to adult fans and leave these teens on the show alone.

  • Dan

    @Jan: get over it Jan, you stick up the butt cow. Adam’s performance was like at 11pm at night, kids are not supposed to be up that late anyway so how about shifting the blame to parents??? mor0n

  • mnj

    The simpsons are still on?

  • lindsay

    ryan should be shorter

  • Molly

    the real question is… why can i not see simon’s hairy chest??

  • March Hare

    AI is still on?

  • Jack

    @Jan: You’re a moron.

  • MiikeSnow

    @Jan: Teens? You haven’t been watching the show, have you? Don’t worry your bigoted a$$, he’s not even performing FYE or Fever so his performance is not going to be sexual or sensual. Have you heard his album? Did you watch him on the show last year? Every performance was different, each one told the story of the lyrics to the core. And he was dressed different every time. He was a completely different man singing Tracks Of My Tears than he was singing with KISS. He was a different man singing Beth than he was singing with Queen. Born To Be Wild was crazy, If I Can’t Have You was heartfelt. He’s not going to crotcgrab singing a song like WWFM. Why do so many people lack common sense?

  • MiikeSnow



    @Jan From his Twitter: “Don’t worry America: I will be beyond family friendly. Relax and enjoy. For Your Entertainment.”

    Many many many female and [straight] male performers who not only sing about sex, perform provocatively as well, have performed AND mentored on the show. But you only have a problem with Adam? I wonder why. Let me guess, bigotry aside, you’re a bitter Cook fan? Kelly? Carrie? Is it Kris? Funny you say “leave those kids alone” when a Journalist on the Vegas set where the mentoring took place today said the ‘kids’ were stoked.

  • rossy40

    I love it! People on here bitching that the IDOL GANG don’t “look right”? Grow up, will you – The Simpsons is celebrating its 20th Anniversary, & they’re STILL yellow. YELLOW! And Maggie’s still a baby who very rarely says a word.
    Seriously, how many guest stars appearing over the years have EVER looked like their real selves? It’s animation, a cartoon… Get a sense of humor.
    OT – Just heard some sad news: Fans of “Designing Women”, head’s up. Just heard a rumor that Miss Dixie Carter has passed away at the age of 70. Hope it’s not true. If it is – She was a class act & very talented, indeed. And will be dearly missed.

  • aron

    @rossy40: lol, there are only 3 comments, and i’m pretty sure they were joking hence the “simon’s hairy chest” and “ryan should be shorter” comments….

  • AFineFrenzy

    @Jan: LOL at “behaviour”, who are you, his teacher? Good lord you sound like a 90 year old cavewoman. He defended his PERFORMANCE which was on at 11pm, saying simply-put he IS a performer – and def. not a babysitter (no entertainer is or should be). The fact that little kids were up at 11pm is the parents’ responsibilities not his lolll. The parents of these kids should not have had their kids watching a show that right at the start had a very clear rating – ALL the performances were at a certain level. You do know that the performer onstage is him magnified, right? If he lives his life at 100%, he gives 200% onstage – by interpreting the lyrics to the bone. That’s what makes him kinda genius, combined with how versatile and strong his voice is – he makes you feel the song, whether it’s sexual or emotional, you feel it. What, you think he walks into grocery stores kissing the manager lol? Walks down the street simulating sex lol? This is so OLD but you clearly still have issues woman.

    These kids sat through:
    Eminem rapping about having RAP.ED 17 women – R.A.P.E [hellooo!!!!!]

    Janet Jackson feeling up then grabbing her dancer’s crotch in such a rough manner that he fell forward and then bent that same male dancer over to get “butt access”.

    The fabulous Gaga smashing whiskey bottles with her crotch and bumcrack out in a see-through outfit whilst singing about sex

    The gorgeous Shakira in a tiny skirt singing about sex with an army of dancers shoving their vag.inas in the audiences’ face

    The show was full of sex driven performances with half naked dancers and performers.

    These parents – I’m assuming you’re one of them, sat through all these performances, and allowed their kids to watch. As Ellen said, “If you’re going to be offended by a display of sexuality, you should be offended by ALL displays of sexuality.” You can’t just pick n mix, it makes you look like an idiot.

    Had Britney also been there grinding against her male dancers singing about threesomes, I bet you the kids would be singing along “1, 2, 3…”.

    If Christina Aquilera is riding men in her Dirrty vid, even she is not gong to get on the Idol stage grinding and riding is she – and telling the kids to do the same? Adam on being a role model said: “Don’t do as I do, do as YOU do. I hope young folk feel empowered to freely be whoever the F they want to be! xoxo” He performed at 11pm on a show full of sex – and violence courtesy of Eminem & Co., to an audience of musicians (who are now friends and fans of his) and Industry people. There were no kids in the audience, he comes from the stage. He caters to his audience. He’s not going to get on Idol and perform like he would at 11pm, just like he did not perform how he did at Mardi Gras when he performed acoustically on Sunrise TV the following morning.

    And he’s going to be an awesome mentor (I hope, I don’t really like next week’s theme). But technically, he would make a great mentor:

    When the Idol House were asked who they all went to for advice, who held the group together, and who they leaned on – they all said, “Adam”. About music, life, everything. Kris Allen said: “Adam is just so easy to talk to, and gives amazing advice. He has so many words of wisdom, real genuine ones. And he’s so honest, trustworthy. He’s just an all round great guy. He always makes you feel comfortable, and confident. The best you can be.”

    When Texan-born ex-bigot Michael Sarver was asked who he looked up to he said, “Actually, the coolest person I’ve met is Adam Lambert, as far as teaching me the most. And it has nothing to do with music, eveything to do with character. And not seeing the difference before you see the person, seeing the person first. I have to say if I have grown the most from any certain individual it would have to be Adam Lambert. Just, this guy’s heart and soul is amazing. And he always has something positive to say, no matter what we’re faced with, no matter what life throws at him. I can say I’m a changed man because of that guy, I am thankful for that.”

    So yes, he should make a great mentor if he’s his natural, funny, supportive, honest self, he said he needs to work on not being SO honest, though. He’s very, very honest and smart-sarcastic and comes from a hilarious family that are the same, short snippets do not do his sense of humor justice. You won’t get it if it’s edited short. Btw, everyone’s making this a huge deal when in reality, the footage will most probably be short, the focus being on the contestants’ performances, their trip to Vegas, how to infuse their performances with some energy & life, not be scared to risk-take & jump out of character.” I don’t know how you can judge without having even watched.

  • AFineFrenzy

    & The Simpso@rossy40: Read about that today : [ She was so fierce, RIP. Condolences to her widow, Hal Holbrook.

  • AMI


  • Chris

    Look at Kara, hahahaha. Seeing that animated version of her is so hilarious. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! I find Ellen’s animated version of herself very attractive!!

  • SimpsonsBluRay

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  • downloader

    Stupid commentators, funny comments, lol

  • Patricia

    Seriously, how many guest stars appearing over the years have ever looked like their real selves? it’s animation, a cartoon… get a sense of humor.