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Anderson Cooper: New Talk Show Format!

Anderson Cooper: New Talk Show Format!

Anderson Cooper hasn’t been doing too well in the ratings with his evening newscast, Anderson Cooper 360. (His show gets beaten by repeats of programs on MSNBC and HLN.)

CNN is trying to switch things up by adding a live studio audience to the mix, according to THR.

Two special episodes in this “conversational” format will be taped April 15th and 22nd, but no air date has been set.

WOULD YOU TUNE IN to watch Anderson Cooper interacting with a live audience?

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  • Sue

    I have a new found respect for Anderson after he busted his butt in Haiti.

  • lavender

    fire him, he’s just a skinny Jay Leno

  • well

    CNN needs to stop trying to be FOX light

    They need to pound on Fox and punish Fox for being the dishonest, dangerous propaganda arm of the Republican party.

    Tear up FOX – then we’ll watch.

  • Anon

    Well, well….’well’….well damn said. Yeah, what #3 said.

  • just do

    what Jon Stewart does – expose Fox News’ lies every day.

  • LuckyL

    What the other logical ones said,

  • Afrika

    Anderson Cooper is overrated. Glad to see that the public has come to their senses.

  • Anna

    Always! Sure I would :-)

  • casmir

    Unfortunately, Anderson Cooper’s program is too intelligent, too fair and too balanced with real newsworthy factual reporting – sadly, not popular in this day and age’s need for hype, gossip, one-sided, mean-spirited speculative ‘stories’.

  • Wishdone

    There’s no such thing as a “good, honest news channel.” They are all government or corporate controlled, and there isn’t much difference between government and corporate controlled media; government controls media to sell us their agenda and corporations control media to sell us their stuff. Poor Andy is just caught up somewhere in the middle of this storm.

  • Mah Boo!

    Love you Andy

  • busted

    This is because people would rather see gossip crap all day and night.. The dumbing down of the world..

    and they blame the educational system.. NOPE kids are dumb because they come from homes that know more about the K Gossling dancing, Tiger Scandal or Jesse James.. and who won on American Idol then the name of the people that represent them. If the story is not sensational then people turn a blind eye.. Why did they watch the Haiti coverage.. because they were pulling people out of the wreckage alive.. and that was exciting.. Sad..

    And read some of the comments on some of these treads.. It will make you pull your hair out.. A bunch of idiots with a computer..

  • [marie]

    Nope I’d rather watch the re-run of Olbermann…

  • Lisa2

    I know Anderson likes to do serious news stories but I don’t think that is what the viewer wants to see. I think by the time he comes on the air at 10pm (east coast) we have heard all of the major news stories and just want to be entertained. I know he has traveled to Haiti, Bosnia, Somalia and other dangerous places, but I don’t think American viewers want to see that for a whole hour. I know it’s important to know what is going on in the world but I think at 10pm the viewer wants to be enterained and not have such serious stories before they fall asleep for the night. I think he would be better at doing stories about real people here in America. It could be about investigation stories, or maybe an interview with business leaders and how they became successful such as drug companies, food companies. Health issues. I think the show sometimes does stories like these, but I haven’t watched in awhile since it’s mainly so depressing. It’s not the last thing I want to think about before I go to sleep.

  • Lisa2

    @busted: I agree but you have to admit, that is what people want to see…….. So, then when it comes to ratings? Do you give the people what they want, or do you do a show that people won’t watch. Like I said in my comment, I admit, I don’t want to see people dying in Haiti even though I know it’s going on. People want the shows like Leno, Letterman and reruns of Will and Grace before they go to sleep…

  • offtheproperty

    He works hard and does a good job and he’s one of the only anchors I can watch, but he thinks his liberal/equality world-view is reality and it is not and never will be.

  • I N F A M O U S L Y C O O L

    i have tooo admit that even though cnn isn’t good on ratings at least they report good honest news without an ulterior motive like Fox. msnbc is just the reverse of fox, insteadof being on the far right they are on the far left, and HLN is just a glorified E! news, all they report on is entertainment. Cnn is just right, in the middle.

  • offtheproperty

    He’s one of the few anchors I can stand to watch — because he’s committed to his ideals. He doesn’t seem to push a gay agenda nearly as much as CNN’s black anchors, who are awful, pander theirs. Now CNN has Lisa Bloom, who represents the bitch demographic.

  • EEG

    Guess if he had the ratings of Fox he wouldn’t have to be changing his format. Fox outranks all other cable news networks. Try delivering some serious stories without insulting viewers (teabag@ers). Bye bye Communist News Network…

  • shaar

    what #9 said. I actually like AC360!

  • the way

    that Fox gets all the aging, fat, drooling mouth breathers to watch is with pure T&A. It’s all t/its and a/ss. Short short skirts. Greased bare legs. Spike heels. Super tight, low cut tops. New bunnies! LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR. It’s really that simple. FAMILY VALUES!

  • Justme

    He is too good to do gossip news. I hope he ends up doing the evening/nightly news some day as opposed of him doing let’s say LIVE with Kelly Ripa if Regis decides to retire. Have you seen him co-host? He sounds ridiculous with all the uncomfortable laughing he does. It’s just not him. Serious news reporting suits him better, and if you don’t like it, don’t watch.

  • SachaK

    Love ya Coop.

  • I N F A M O U S L Y C O O L

    @EEG: the fox network does not in any circumstances have good credible news sources. They are just a bunch of fat lazy a$$holes who dont ever want America to change for the better. the only reason that it is number one in the ratings is because the majority of americans are idiots when it comes to getting their news sources. Period.

  • happy girl

    he is so hot, it hurts. anderson, come to mommie!

  • happy girl

    why low ratings? because smart, progressive people are out working and have jobs unlike the overweight, cottage cheese thighed soccer moms who eat cheetos, sit with the ir beer belly husbands watching hatenitty on faux news. see it has been proven most liberals and cnn watchers have college degrees and are smart. who has time to watch tv when you went to yale instead of junior college?

  • sarafina

    I like to watch AC360…………………………You know what Oprah needs to give him a permenant job on her new Network…………. Fantastic…….. He is smart and deals with the serious issues……….. Good for him.

  • John

    Thank God for Fox news! All you obama zombies are gonna wake up very soon.

  • it’s amazing

    how people will admit to, even brag about, being weak-minded and stupid enough to fall for Fox News lies. Pathetic. Some people are really too dumb to be allowed to be citizens.

  • MM

    Andy rocks.

    I’m on a different continent right now. I wish to watch the video.

    Go Andy, go!

  • I read a

    story a few weeks back, where the author asserted that the reason for Fox News’ big ratings had to do with the fact that Murdoch has – ahem – strong ties shall we say – to Nielson, the ratings agency. The author seemed to think that, given how Fox claims such big ratings and such a massive following of supporters, then it would be improbable that Fox lost the elections in 2006 and 2008. Yet Fox did lose those elections – its alleged massive ratings did not translate into votes, calling the entire scheme into question.

    My theory is that most people watching Fox are there for the t/itties on ready display and don’t give a damn about the “news”.

  • here is

    proof that Fox is nothing more than soft p/orn

    Fox inserts inappropriate sexual imagery in almost every story.

    The conservative “family values” lizard brains can’t resist being lead around by their dumb sticks, can they.

    (you can go to youtube and do a search on “Brave New Films” “Fox Attacks Decency” if you don’t want to click on the link)

  • jade

    I love Anderson and AC360. I love the compassion he has for people.
    I would watch him interacting with an audience. I would also watch him, if he leaves CNN.

  • Cara

    Anderson is just a gorgeous man. I watch AC 360 regularly, but i don’t really know if i’m watching it for the news or just watching it to look at him. Maybe the problem is, Anderson is just too gorgeous for his own good. But from what i’ve seen, Anderson seems to be the most fun and interesting on the lighter moments on AC 360 or when he’s on Regis and Kelly. I think his strength may be in the more light hearted, funny and personal comments/experiences part of the current issues. If Regis retires, Anderson should definitely take that spot.

  • boston61

    I believe Anderson Cooper is a Republican! He is closeted in more ways than one.

  • Well,

    I love Anderson. He’s so professional and nice. I love his reporting. It’s probably a lot of men who don’t want to watch him because he’s gay and that’s so not right.

  • No way

    Cooper is a talentless fool who comes across as a weak, sniveling pussy. Not strong enough to be on the air which explains his awful ratings. No audience. Fire him.

  • Misha

    Anderson’s simply one of the coolest people walking the face of this earth. He’s smart, funny, adventurous and willing to report anywhere at any time. He’s done so much with his life in a relatively short period and I admire him greatly. I’ll watch him in anything.

  • nooneyouknow

    I already do watch his fine ass every night! He may be gay, but damn! He’s so hot.

  • Infowarrior

    All mainstream media is Gover-Corporate controlled, wake up you lot, independant journalism is the new way to go. Such as the infowars website.

  • c moss

    Look everyone another government convert…..believe all the politicians tell you@well:

  • c moss

    Fox is bad and the other media good haha come on do you really believe that. Who sponsors all the good politicians. Check it out. Our Media in general sucks.

  • Patricia

    I think the show sometimes does stories like these, but I haven’t watched in awhile since it’s mainly so depressing. It’s not the last thing I want to think about before I go to sleep.

  • NANA

    Casmir You are so right!!