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Gwyneth Paltrow: No Advertisers for Goop Newsletter!

Gwyneth Paltrow: No Advertisers for Goop Newsletter!

Gwyneth Paltrow heads out for a jog around her neighborhood on Saturday morning (April 10) in New York City.

The 37-year-old actress recently covered the May 2010 cover of Harper’s Bazaar. She explains to the mag why she likes to run her Goop newsletter.

“The hotel concierge is not telling me where to get a facial, Christy Turlington is. Doesn’t everyone want to know that? I would want to know if you went to Mario Batali‘s house what he made you for dinner and could I have the recipe. So why not?” Gwyn asks earnestly.

“There was a brouhaha in the beginning there, which I thought was very interesting, because people don’t like you to step outside of your box,” she says. “Also, journalists are terrified of celebrities having a journalistic voice. You can spend your life worrying about it or you can just do what you’re doing. Especially if you’re doing something just to be nice, just to share and have fun.”

Gwyn adds, “I don’t have advertisers or anything, and I would never want to.”

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  • holly

    She looks weird…

  • lil

    Now I see why she was dumped by Brad.

  • Cinn

    Sorry, she does not have a very attractive face. Nice body, yes, but the face is not cute.

  • scarlett

    Speaking of advertisers, maybe we should contact JJ’s. The constant recycling of the same celebs on here is boring.

  • two dollars

    Paltrow is a butterface. Good legs, below average face.

  • Josie

    typical bland generic overrated blonde.
    hollywood just loves pumping these ones out – hey white privilege won’t die if you change it up a bit, h-wood! don’t be afraid to show a beautiful brunette every once in a while or even a minority! people don’t buy the SJP and aniston crap you love to brainwash people with, it’s not working! we see through you.

  • Jess

    The Iron Man promotional tour hasn’t started yet so I’m not understanding why there’s so much Gwyneth on this site while more talented stars get hardly any coverage.

    I love the pictures on this blog but your bias towards certain celebrities is getting way too obvious. It makes me think this blog gets paid to post about certain actors and actresses.

  • franknbeans

    She isn’t really pretty. She’s just a tall clothes hanger that wears designer gowns well.

  • beautiful couple

    @scarlett: Agree, it’s making this site very dull. There’s got to be celebrities other than Paltrow, Bosworth, Rihanna, and Holmes out doing things. Diversity is good. Try it!

  • cruz

    Actually Gwen is caring but she just decides to focus her good nature to folks who can afford facials where Turlington gets them from! Now we all see why for some reason his relationships although seemingly perfect from outside, never seemed to mesh with Angelina he really has the total package and then some. Angie could care less what restuarants make the best sushi! her message is always about children, refugees, helping those who really need it. All three are hollywood actresses but one is so not hollywood at all.

  • June

    Wow – jealousy is alive & kicking! Why all the disparaging remarks about G? She’s just an ordinary person who is lucky enough to have an extraordinary life in the public eye. She’s no worse than most of us, I reckon. If she wants to blog and share recipes, good on her. Stay the course girl & stay positive, all!

  • Nickie

    @cruz: Gwyneth is more shallow in her pursuits. I’m not a huge Angelina fan but she seems be the real deal when it comes to her causes and charities. Gwyneth seems in it for the notoriety and the freebies she gets from designers.

  • astro

    @June: There’s nothing extraordinary about her. She is a competent but exceptional actress and rather average looking. I think people wouldn’t pay her any attention if she wasn’t so snarky in her interviews. But I suppose that’s how she manages to stay in the press.

  • i heart that

    I’m not jealous of her. I just find her dull and rather plain. I think her agent pays this site to cover her. She’s not very popular.

  • Ali

    I am also quite put-off by how negative people can be to someone they don’t even know. It looks to me like she is trying to live a good life. Do good work. Be a good mother and wife and person in the world. I don’t think she ever claimed to be the most beautiful woman. People need to look at why she triggers so much negativity in them. I admire her desire to stay connected, alive, relevant, and generous. And I LOVE her GOOP newsletters, videos on cooking, book recommendations. I’d love to know exactly how Christy Turligton lives her life too, and how she maintains her gorgeous skin.

  • lsally

    this woman is stunning and is a true inspiration

  • Jingle Bells

    @Ali: Just read her interviews. She’s often trude and makes negative stereotypes. It’s pretty easy to understand why she inspires such a negative reaction. She should try truly nourishing her inner aspect instead of passing off surface interests as deep material. She seems like an unhappy person.

  • pavlo

    What an ugly woman.

  • Farmer Ted

    She does have excellent legs. Too bad about the horse face.

  • Sadi

    @I heart that-I agree with you. I believe her pr team pay this and other sites to cover her. Nobody care that much about her. So they are+ trying to fake up attention and they start real early. Her pr people are the same as Jennifer Aniston. Expect Paltrow to be shove down your throat while they promote this movie.

  • Comic Con

    Paltrow’s been working out like mad. I guess she must be feeling the pressure of having to walk the red carpet opposite a hottie like Scarlett.

    Can’t wait for Iron Man 2!

  • YUCK…


  • Anna

    ‘a journalistic voice’? you gotta be kiddin.
    so recommending cocktail bars counts as a journalistic voice these days.
    oh my. this chick is beyond pathetic.

  • YUCK…


  • truly

    when gwyn was younger she reminded me of grace kelly. now she looks masculine and like a poor man’s jan brady. weird.

  • to “truly”

    Pale people tend to not age so well…that why gwyneth and aniston and the likes tend to exercise like crazy. Much like guys who go to the gym and get buff; they are trying to compensate for that unfortunate face.

  • lizk

    A “journalistic voice” – what a joke!

    GP wouldn’t know journalism if it hit her in the face.

  • willya

    Whatever. The woman is gorgeous and you’re all ridiculous. But bully for you if it makes you feel better to bash her. Losers.

  • Free People

    I don’t find her attractive. If others do that’s fine. I don’t need to bully them to share my opinion.


    No journalist is afraid of her “journalistic voice”, as she has none.

    Smug, vapid, boring bimbo.

  • goopy


    GP was dumped by Brad becaus eshe cheated on him when she was making a film in the UK. How stupid do you have to be to have Brad Pitt call you “my angel” in public while accepting his Golden Globe award and then **** around on him?

  • Louise

    Why are all the Angelina stans coming to attack Gwyneth. Gwyneth’s never said anything negative about her. Who cares if she dated Brad at one point-they both have moved on, I suggest you doing the same. Some of the stans are obsessed with Brad’s exes, particularly Jennifer and Gwyneth. Move on folks!

  • Louise

    @goopy: Both Gwyneth AND Brad have said there was no infidelity on either side more than once, despite all the tabloid stories. Gwyneth was very young at the time and she was not ready to settled down and have children or give up her career which was just taking off despite accepting Brad’s proposal, so they broke it off. They have since seen each other and made amends. Why are you and others still holding on to the past and being so bitter? Get a damn life.

  • Siobhan


  • gambit

    @Louise:A few comments about her past relationships and rumored infidelities is not a stan attack on her. Pitt/Jolie are rarely brought up in Gwyneth’s threads and usually it’s by a Paltrow stan. Same with her husband. It’s like these subjects are taboo. This is not a fan site so we should be able to discuss these things.

  • Twister

    Goop is still a crappy title for a website and newsletter no matter how she wants to spin it.

  • Patricia

    Gwyneth was very young at the time and she was not ready to settled down and have children or give up her career which was just taking off despite accepting Brad’s proposal, so they broke it off. They have since seen each other and made amends.