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Kate Bosworth's on Third

Kate Bosworth's on Third

Kate Bosworth enjoys a relaxing lunch with friends at Joan’s on Third and then heads off to buy some beauty supplies in West Hollywood on Friday (April 9).

Looks like Kate is keeping it healthy with a salad!

The 27-year-old Blue Crush actress stepped out last night with a mystery male (not rumored boyfriend Alexander Skarsgard) to grab dinner at Madeo in Hollywood.

15+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth on Third…

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kate bosworth joans on third 01
kate bosworth joans on third 02
kate bosworth joans on third 03
kate bosworth joans on third 04
kate bosworth joans on third 05
kate bosworth joans on third 06
kate bosworth joans on third 07
kate bosworth joans on third 08
kate bosworth joans on third 09
kate bosworth joans on third 10
kate bosworth joans on third 11
kate bosworth joans on third 12
kate bosworth joans on third 13
kate bosworth joans on third 14
kate bosworth joans on third 15
kate bosworth joans on third 16
kate bosworth joans on third 17
kate bosworth joans on third 18

Photos: WENN, Fame Pictures
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  • dipsy

    “I Whore, I Whore , it’s to … I go? …no that’s it………anyway, I whore, I whore…

  • kneepads

    I wh*re, I wh*re, it’s off to…….work I go, la la la laaaa laaa la la laaaa laaa laaaaaaaaaaa…….. I who*e, I who*e, I who*e, I whhhhoooo****eeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Movie Watcher

    Is she going bald?

  • peanut

    Awful dresser.

  • Listen

    This girl is not very attractive.

  • twitters

    I think Kate is developing a receding hairline.

  • Gen Y

    She looks like she buys her clothes are goodwill.

  • Gen Y


  • villa

    I think she calls the paps on herself. She’s photographed almost as often as Katie Holmes. I’m not a Holmes’ fan but she does sell tabloids. Bosworth doesn’t so why would the paps be trailing her unless she tips them off?

  • ??

    The gal with the gray boots, is she A.S.’s best friend’s wife?

  • black is beautiful

    This one’s getting worse than Rachel Bilson.

  • whatever

    I’ve never seen a celeb photographed so often for eating.

  • eightball

    @black is beautiful: At least Bilson changes clothes.

  • Silence of the Hams

    She has man hands.

  • kate bosworth

    omg shes so fat! girl needs to stop eating for real!

  • t

    @kate bosworth: hahaha

  • Metro

    The girl really needs to eat a cookie and burn those ugly boots.

  • curious

    Sorry, but her knees are hideous.
    Agree, she probably is ill.

  • ??

    I got thumbs down for just asking a question?? sigh….

  • Tek

    Too many posts about Rachel Bilson and Kate Baldsworth.

    Please, some different celebs. Thanks!

  • ha!

    @Gen Y: Goodwill probably has better outfits. Even decked in designer duds, she looks like a hobo.

  • xfiles

    If Kate wasn’t being trailed by photographers, no one would probably recognize her. She’s very ordinary without the stylists and designer gowns.

  • who?


  • Pepsi

    Her face is sort of cute but she dresses like an anorexic, teenage hooker.
    Hope she puts on some weight and buys some flattering clothes.

  • sharpie

    I’d like to see her wear something other than beige, tan or gray. It’s a shame she’s going bald. She was adorable in Blue Crush.

  • jamie

    Kate Baldsworth needs to stop being on this website for NOTHING!!! The girl is absolutely pathetic and calling the paps just shows how desperate she it. Yes, Kate, we all know you know Alex’s friends and we all know they jock you b/c Bjorn and his wife are also pathetic(I mean she is dressing like Kate now even down to the boots but she is WAY too OLD and FAT LOOKING to do that look) since they follow Alex and you around wherever. They have a daughter but looks like they never take care of her since they are running around trying to keep up with you. Nevertheless, Kate is and will always be a BAD actress, coke head, pathetic, homewrecker who tried to destroy her friend’s marriage. Why Alex would like to be associated with that is beyond me….bad taste, stupidity…I mean Orlando dumped her b/c of her severe emotional problems? She has no real friends anymore b/c of what she did with Martin so she has to hang with nobodies now.
    JJ please put people on here who actually do something with their lives other than not eat, snort coke, call the paps, do bad movies, and bald their hair all over hwood. Sam Worthington’s non famous gf is more compelling to put on here than Kate Bosworth. How about Jessica Szohr? Penelope Cruz? Zoe Saldana? Emma Watson? I mean they are good actresses who actually work!! Why not them? Is Kate paying you? LOLOL!!!

  • ridiculous

    mrs. bjorne and kate wear the same boots
    ok this is getting ridiculous
    who is the single white female in this new budding friendship?

  • Sigh

    Sigh, yuku hate crew. You guys are soo predictable. And prolific. Wow at the time you spend on Kate if she’s so boring. Nanny nice to see you getting creative with your names. But you forgot to include your “straight to DVD” line in your post.

  • nanny825

    I only post under Nanny at every site I visit. I have no problem letting people know how I feel.

  • Good Grief

    Identical boots and unzipped, good grief what next

  • eathealthyplease

    seriously????? only a salad???? wtf??? she needs to eat real food or she’ll dissapear soon…i think that’s why she’s losing her hair…she looks ill :(:(:(

  • leed1959


    Ok – you think Kate is too skinny, but Lisa Larsson is too fat? Double standard much? The Kate hate is unbelievable here! Just because she is dating Alex? People, get a life. He’s a beautiful man who obviously likes thin women. So what? You Yuku stans will hate anyone he dates. No one will ever be good enough for your boy!

  • yuku hate crew

    what is yuku? is it where all the dentures forum ladies moved?
    I want to seeeee!
    is it even more entertaining than here?
    poor girl all this hate just because she is slim and lucky with hot men :( though orlando is pretty meh but askars is unf unf unf

  • peter

    she looks bad.Her clothes aweful. Hair aweful.

  • DJ

    @yuku hate crew: The denture forum ladies vs the fat ugly fangirls! Everyone grab some popcorn and enjoy the show.

  • sad

    I guess her career now is all about going to restaurants.

  • Annie

    She is so beautiful and fresh but I definitely feel like she’s is a bit pretentious.

  • Sasha25

    only salad????? thats not normal. and i dont believe she is dating Alex. but she probably wanna be

  • lilly04

    she really looks ill….

  • R&M

    KB was unpopular long before any connection to the True Blood guy. Her reputation of casting couch auditions, cheating, and hooking up with married men, has been following her for YEARS. Add to that she can’t act and is a phony poser. That’s why people don’t like her, no big mystery.

  • Ugh

    Truck stop hooker chic. Coming soon to a Walmart near you.

  • Sasha25

    i absolutely agree. and plus – everyone knows she is D-list actress

  • boyfriends

    mostly she is being hated because of her ‘hot ass of the moment’ boyfriends..
    both OB and AS have (in case of OB ‘had’) equally unstable way too passionate fanwoman

  • Sasha25

    eeee, to be clear – i agree with R&M. she is like….not good person (her reputation was and still is bad) and awful actress, sorry, but i understand why people dont like her. she needs to EAT, too. thats not healthy…she needs help….she used to look ok but now…..

  • Nikki

    No one has EVER liked Kate Bosworth except for those pathetic girls she inspired to be anorexic. She makes people think she has style but not so. She copied Sienna Miller’s style like a fiend. Kate is just pathetic and desperate to stay famous in some way that it is actually quite sad. Everyone makes fun of her in Hollywood and she knows this so in order to seem like she is relevant she continually calls the paps to take her pics running around L.A. and tries to appear to be dating hot famous actors. She is the one who is desperate to appear to be with him everywhere. The whole we don’t like to be photographed together is completely him not her. If it were up to her she would have a sex tape out already. Anyways the word is that this is just a friends thing and nothing more. Alex is messing around with lots of women but needs the Kate thing to get more press for both of them. He apparently is a big swinger and doesn’t want a serious relationship for now. But who knows. She is just quite sad. Especially after the whole Martin thing and now Gwyneth is everywhere looking beautiful with a string of movies coming and Kate’s are probably going straight to DVD!!! The director came out recently to try to do damage control about the movie’s bad rep but it’s not working. It has NOT received got response at all.

  • @”nikki”


    Nanny dear you misspelled your name again. N-A-N-N-Y, not N-I-K-K-I. We all know it’s you; why lie?

  • Gail

    She looks like a HAM=HOT ASS MESS

  • LoveSkars

    SERIOUSLY JARED! Can you please STOP mentioning Alex every time you put a picture of up of this woman! Are they joined at the hip or something? It’s getting to the point where I’m thinking she’s paying you to keep linking their names together. GET OVER IT, I’m about to turn you off like I did Perez!

  • Pixie

    Oh my god…… why are all these pathetic Kate DEFENDERS claiming that there is someone posting with many names. There is enough haters of Kate B to not do that ,as opposed to that pathetic loser who keeps reponding to a Nannyperson. Kate B is that you, honey I know you are not busy but don’t you think that it is pathetic enough to call the paps on yourself that yo have to post yourself!!!!, or.. someone you pay, ha ha ha……. Get over it Kate defenders she is a pathetic skank with a receding hairline.
    P.S Alex S is gay, not evenone in in to him!!!!!

  • Whynot

    Is that you Really, it seems that you are the one who is getting creative with your names……I was wondering where you went ,have not heard from for you some time…sorry if all these Kate B haters are posting soo much ,I quess we do not like homewrekers, balding skanks, and famewhores!!! who have no talent. People are getting soo tired of this bitch here, it is perhaps the only site that would put her on, on popsugar people do not even comment on her they overlook her!!! Perhaps your a whore too because who in there right mind defend her.