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Suri Cruise: Bunny Ears with Katie Holmes!

Suri Cruise: Bunny Ears with Katie Holmes!

Suri Cruise wears her favorite pair of pink bunny ears while visiting the ABC Carpet & Home Co store with mom Katie Holmes on Saturday afternoon (April 10) in New York City.

Hollywood babies must really have loved celebrating Easter with their bunny paraphernalia. Yesterrday, Knox Jolie-Pitt accidentally dropped a stuffed bunny off his family’s apartment balcony in Venice, Italy.

This past week, Katie and co-star Channing Tatum has been shooting her new movie, Son of No One.

FYI: Katie is toting around a Chloe “Marcie” top handle bag.

Suri Cruise visits Katie Holmes on Set, 4/9
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suri cruise bunny ears katie holmes 03
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Credit: Jackson Lee; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • FM

    hey I think Easter is over. more over, whats the relation between the stuffed bunny and bando with Easter? LOL. btw, at least her hair looks much better in here..
    and fyi, I’ve had enough them, so please paparazzi to stop stalking these 2 people.

  • danny

    My God! this is ridiculous.
    This girl looks as a clown, THIS SEEMS MARKETING.

  • http://deleted Jo

    Awww Suri is talking! Her voice is cute

  • lisa does Knox holding a bunny have anything to do with Suri wearing bunny ears..

    kids have a variety of stuff toys they play with all year round.. bunnies, ducks, elephants, bears..

    Why mention Knox.. is it to make Suri wearing the ears after Easter more normal..


  • http://deleted Jo

    btw is she talking to her nanny? the woman with purple(?) shirt and ponytail while they are walking?

  • Jill

    KAtie should stay away from short skirts. Her legs are very unfortunate.

  • Jill

    KAtie should stay away from short skirts. Her legs are very unfortunate.

  • 7

    Im with Danny. Why would security let papz so close to set? Back up .

  • Ali

    I always remember Jackie Kennedy talking about the need to shield children from the media because it makes them become false to themselves – they develop a false persona and lose their authentic self. That is why this is no longer cute. It’s actually dangerous. If this child is special, as they seem to think, they should allow to grow up naturally. Rent a place in the Hamptons – have a good nanny for her who will play with her on the beach, riding bikes, with other children – and take a helicopter to the set and home again, until the movie is finished shooting.

  • Taly

    How can you all look at yourselfs in the mirror?
    Why trash mom and daughter like that?
    What’s your problem?
    How would you know about he health and well-being?
    Go take care of your damn kids instead of seating in front of computer saying bad things about babies.

  • potato

    I love Suri’s features. From her nose till her eyes. She’s very smart.


    Yesterday does not have 2 r’s – I still love you Jared.

  • to “truly”

    that video was scary to look at….wow.

  • Josie

    People need to be more respectful when there are children involved!

  • K.Robinson

    I don’t think this kid is special. I don’t know why they want to make us think she’s so special. You can open catalogs with child models and see kids way cuter. Just because she’s Tom Cruises’ kid doesn’t mean she’s the most beautiful, unique and special girl in the world. You should open your eyes.

  • troi

    Why was this child on the set anyhow? She could have stayed in the trailer, but no, that means Katie wouldn’t get as much pap attention. Wasn’t Suri midway thru the tape saying “Please make it stop?” The child would have been fine in the trailer for the time it took to do the scene or even better-she’d have been fine in their NYC apt. But noooo, Katie has to pimp her out.

  • sarah

    @FM: totally agree with you!!

  • Cayenne

    something is just wrong about this!

  • Liza

    @FM: yup! i guess so. im so bored to see these 2 people and it’s just not interesting anymore. you’re so damn rite!!

  • Where is Tom hiding?

    I can’t watch that video from my iPhone. Is it the same one from the last thread that shows poor suri reaching for her mom-nanny? :(

  • Where is Tom hiding?

    At least she looks happy in this photo op.

  • Suri Wants Nanny VIDEO
  • marie

    why do people (media mostly) treat them as if they are some kind of royalty????

  • NG

    I think the video is a new feature with Just Jared. I like it. Its almost like X17 online. Videos give one a different prespective from just looking at pictures.



    she turns 4 next saturday

  • me

    Why the xenu people copy the jolie-pitts in the way that annoys me and I am sure other people? I just say the very recent thing. Gwenth said she is sad for Brad and Angie for being a tabolid target which I found very unique of her since she was not even able to say congradulation for the birth of thier children when she get asked at the time. But now she talking all concerned about them because she has a movie to promote so we get her reason. What funny is the scientology freaks automaticaly copy that and made that freak julliete to say the same thing about Tom because he was hated . The difference is Tom acted werido and his ever calculating ways made him to be hate by many. The other is when they heared Angie is smiling katie will be out of her robot bride self for one thing and smiling as though she is human for a minute. I can go on and go on from the past but you got the point.

  • Pac Man

    So much for Suri Cruise never looking happy with her mom…

    A helicopter, #9? That’s a little excessive…

    Who said this kid was special or is implying she is, #15?

    I don’t think she said that, #16. The pair were coming back from a trip it seems.

    No pimping. She’s famous enough and she’s a mother that wants to spend time with her kid.

    So what if she does, #20 and #21? Now you think this nanny you’ve never seen before is more loved by Suri Cruise based on the kid simply reaching for her for who knows what reason? At which point exactly in the video does that happen anyway?

    The media treats ALL celebrities like royalty, #23.

    Next sunday actually, #25.

    Why does the world revolve around Brangelina to people, #26. No one is copying anyone.

  • laurie

    Off to the playboy mansion already..

  • susie#1

    Jared this is just tasteless: from the continual crowds of paps to the videos and you seem to feel compelled to show everything. Katie Holmes is a poor mother for allowing this to happen, and if Tom Cruise didn’t want Suri filmed, he has enough clout to stop it. I feel sorry for the kid and the nanny; it looks like Suri turns to her for help and protection.

  • me

    pac idot I will point it out for you when the next ” revolve happens” idot. This is something probably the xenu people plan. I mean they unite when it come to the leader tommy werido.

  • Kaka human waste Homely

    What a horrible pimp!! Enjoy a little child’s suffering while smiled like an idiot!

    Poor feral child, she didn’t choose this. Her heartless pimp forced her to freeze in the bitter cold wind and stressed out by the crowd and the paps.

    Now she’s dressed like a mini ho\ play mate of April to make sure all the pedophiles out there are satisfied!
    yeah, it’s marketing and yeah, someone is seriously delusional.

  • Haha

    @Taly: Hey, this is a free country. Just like the way you criticize people who make negative comments about Katie and Suri, people can criticize Katie and Suri, too. Why not?

  • peezy

    #1 can suri walk?
    #2 wear are her shoes?
    #3 why is Katie getting so fat?
    #4 how did Katie produce such a cute child?

  • kit

    She’s always comfortable when the nanny is nearby.

    Katie’s right to spend more time with her because otherwise her daughter will be closer to the nanny than to her parents.

  • ashley

    It’s clear why Katie always carries Suri. It’s really scary being followed by such a big crowd!!

  • boston61

    She’s gonna have a big old honker like her Dad.

  • happygirl

    isn’t easter over? and grandma always said not too wear slippers and rollers out in public. i guess grandma did not believe in xenu. lol.

  • http://JUSTJARED zce

    This child is soon to be 4y/o, when is she going to start walking on her own? is something wrong with this picture, everytime you look they are carrying her like she can’t walk.

  • Denise

    The child is not pretty, she is just plain little big nose girl.



    HOWEVER, THEY CAN BE WORN WITH A DENIM SKIRT AND TOP. THE BAG IS CASUAL AS WELL. The Truth, Holmes looks better when she wears cheap clothes. Perhaps it’s because it’s the real Katie Holmes.

    The legs are the legs, it’s Summer, she needs to wear Summer clothes. A longer skirt would be more flattering to her obviously.

  • Jennifer

    I say that girl is going to be effed up, when she grows up.

    Still on a baby bottle at 4 years of age.

    Still wearing diapers at 4 years of age.

    Still being carried like an infant at 4 years of age.


    The Video is extremely disturbing.

    There is absolutely NO reason to drag this child with Katie back and forth to the trailer when Holmes KNOWS what will ensue.

    The child could stay with the nanny and be waiting for a visit with her mother.

    Holmes is using this child for media attention and it’s VILE.

  • Katie worse mother award

    Katie uses that little big nose pie faced girl as a shield. And it is sad.

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Found something else to be nasty about…….Suri and the nanny. Lets see how long this one is going to get milked.
    I think it would be sad if Suri hated her nanny, not that she likes her, she is in her care. !!!!

  • busted

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with carrying your child.. One day they will be to big. They group so fast. do it for as long as you can.. We have see Suri walking .. don’t know why people get so upset when adults carry their children..

    Do it and one day they won’t turn away when you need to be carried..

  • Pac Man

    How is she allowing this to happen, #29?

    What do you mean that Cruise has enough clout to stop this? You mean push for a law against this?

    I didn’t understand your nonsensical post at all, #30.

    YOU’RE the delusional one, #31.

    You’ve only seen this nanny twice before since yesterday, #34! Jumping the gun much!

    Exactly, #35.

    So what, #36? Why the need to point this out?

    She walks on her own ALL THE TIME, #38! Who cares about when or why she’s carried?! Will she die or something?

    How do you use a kid that doesn’t do anything for media attention, #42.

    That’s HER kid and she wants to spend time with her! They have a right to walk in public!

    Shield for what, #44?

    Right, #45.

  • Taylo

    Don’t get the mom-in-jacket and kid in sleeveless dress.

  • susie#1

    @Pac Man: Just WHAT don’t you understand? Suri and her “mother” are being over-run by the paps and the videographers. If Katie and Tom are at all put out by the chaos they’ve subjected Suri to, then they have sources they can contact and put an end to continual pap coverage. Katie and Suri could also leave by other exits in privacy. Don’t you understand what “clout” is??? It’s influence and money. Cruise has the influence to make deals with whomever he needs to, to bring an end to this ridiculous swarming of the media. Further, in CA someone offered up a non-stalking law, but I don’t know how far it went, if it even made it to a committee. What all this says about the Cruise family is that they are shallow and obviously not above using their daughter to enhance their images. And Pac Man, STFU. Idiot!

  • Jeff

    OMG, did you see the video? Her mom allowed Suri to have a large mouse toy. And did you see how Suri placed her arm on her mother’s shoulder? This is getting rediculous. And the most egregious moment was when her mother had the nerve to open the door to the trailer and allow Suri inside. Can you believe it?

  • Emma

    Suri is not cute