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Taylor Momsen: Gossip Girl Goner?

Taylor Momsen: Gossip Girl Goner?

Taylor Momsen and her band The Pretty Reckless perform at the Vans Warped Tour 2010 kick-off party held at Key Club on Friday night (April 9) in Los Angeles.

SPOILER ALERT! The 16-year-old actress won’t be in an “unspecified number” Gossip Girl episodes at the beginning of next season for “creative” reasons.

“When you watch the finale,” an insider tells EW, “you’ll see that we’re doing something very big with her character.”

10+ pictures inside of rumored Gossip Girl goner Taylor Momsen

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taylor momsen gossip girl goner 01
taylor momsen gossip girl goner 02
taylor momsen gossip girl goner 03
taylor momsen gossip girl goner 04
taylor momsen gossip girl goner 05
taylor momsen gossip girl goner 06
taylor momsen gossip girl goner 07
taylor momsen gossip girl goner 08
taylor momsen gossip girl goner 09
taylor momsen gossip girl goner 10

Credit: Aaron D. Settipane; Photos: WENN
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  • Kim

    Ieww.. She looks like a monster. I’m glad she’s absent for several episodes.

  • Catchy

    wtf it’s scary!

  • 1j2s3a

    EWWWWW. Can they just kick her off for good? Her storylines are effing boring anyways. And woah since when was putting permanent marker all over your eye considered makeup?

  • w

    Good. Can’t stand her or her character.

  • dundies

    the kraken

  • Insider

    Bad actress
    Bad attitude
    Bad weave
    Bad storyline
    Bad singer

    Go away. Truthfully, NO ONE cares an ounce about you. Seriously. No one. Bye bye little nobody!

  • CJM

    she’s a mess.

  • Bethany

    goodbye taylor.

  • lindsay

    god, could she chill out with the eyeliner!

  • o

    maybe she isn’t so busy right now. so she’ll go for haiti for help.

  • MollyMakeout

    @Insider: totally agree. could she try any harder?

  • faith87

    I think shed look so much better with dark hair


    Uncle Fester called. He wants his eyeliner back.

  • jock

    She’s hot!

  • michelle

    i’m going to venture a guess and say—rehab??? (in real life hopefully, i don’t care what they do on the show)

  • zaraaaa

    can i say wtf she’s 16! hahah wow this girl will be dead from overdose at the age of 20

  • kris

    damn. Is that eye liner or did she accidently miss the paper and sharpie her face :/
    not attractive.
    she needs to stop acting like she’s so badass because she cusses in interviews and smokes… Seriously, she’s not all that. Her band sounds horrble, gossip girl is soon to be cancelled any day now, and she’ll just be a washed up wanna be somebody.

  • waffle bowl

    WTF?!?! Homegirl looks like a raccoon!!! She tries SO hard to be this cool, rocker-type chick, but she fails. Whatever happened to just being yourself?

  • marina

    dawn of the dead…

  • Amanda Dubs

    I accidently saw her in concert last summer. Seriously. I did not know that she was opening. Anyway, her band was pretty good, I would check out her music if she actually ever releases an album. But boy does she need to lay off the eye makeup. And dress a little more her age. This look is grandma conservative compared to what she wore on stage last yeah when she was 15.

  • wofsdsd

    she used to be pretty.
    now she just looks nasty. ew.

  • helen

    too much eye make up?

  • Lisa2

    yuck to the “racoon eyes”…. :o(

  • Corbin


  • DaleMurph

    Are they going to kill her off?

  • anon

    She really should really let someone else do her eyes. It looks like what happens when a little girl gets make-up for the first time.

  • the_boyfriend

    wow, i’m in the minority here because i think her storylines have been some of the best this season, although they should of had her lose her V to the drug dealer or had her on drugs.

    she is gorgeous, esp on the show, the other actress really can’t hold a candle to her look.

    i want more of her, not less.

  • Sweetness

    say hello to the new Nancy…she’s missing her partner Sid Vicious.

  • riz


  • emilie

    i really hope that that “something big” is her character getting killed
    she ruins the show

  • SachaK

    LOL at the shot of her wearing a cross with suspenders. Reminds me of the photos of her at the beginning of the year going to Church with her mom in nothing but a see-through shirt, heels, fishnets and suspenders, I was like w.t.f. I’m surprised she’s actually wearing jeans in the top photo. God, I can not STAND this girl. In every interview she acts like the person she’s talking to is dirt, as if she does not want to be there and swears randomly. It’s so awkward, she makes everyone around her feel totally uncomfortable. Idk who she thinks she is lol. And her comments about Haiti were one of the most ignorant, selfish, horrible, STUPID bimbo comments you could make. Can you say attitude problem? Honey you’re not coming off as cool or bada$$ and free, you’re coming off as idiotic and rude and totally whorish. How old was her last ‘boyfriend’? And she’s 16. Jfc.

  • crazy

    @SachaK: what she said about Haiti was what made me notice her – and hate her. she is so immature and just rude. so annoying and rude. she needs to grow up.

  • Dee

    She looks like Satan with all that eye make-up on. I’m over her and her I-don’t-give-a-shit attitude.

  • Jordan

    DIAF Taylor. You and your bad attitude are the worst

  • Jess

    Ugly bitch,looks old as hell

  • Jess

    she is the ugliest one on the show.

  • Celia

    What’s wrong with this girl??? I hate to say it, but I hope they kill her character off Gossip Girl.

  • brightside

    Panda or Racoon? WTF…either way she looks like roadkill!

  • Bunny

    Not too fond of the wannabe badass eyes and the dark to white to yellow hair. It all looks horrible!

  • jeff

    i find her quite amazin, her music is guenius and her make up is beautiful…… babhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahah

  • Laela V.

    uhh, obviously you guys aren’t picking it up. here comes ‘The It Girl’.

  • Wes

    What happened to the old HOT Taylor from season 1 of Gossip Girl that looked sweet and normal? Bring her back, not this gothic punk rocker chick.

  • jess x

    i dont hate her but i think she should put less eye liner on

  • georgia

    i am her friend she is really nice i tell her to change n stuff but she doesnt listen so i just leave her do what she wants 2 do i like her 4 wot she is x

  • David

    .. geez, you guys really hate er :S
    i admit she has a lot of make up on her eye, too much for my taste
    but hey, is she likes it, let her be!
    you say she’s not being herself.. wtf? you know how she is? maybe this is being herself, just because you dont like her makeup or her style doesnt give you the right to pull her down, get a life.

  • nosey

    oh David…hush up! YOu sound exactly like an immature teen.

    She either belongs to the raccoon family OR she’s nuts.

    this black makeup seems to be a black marker. bimbo!

  • alex p

    she has black eyeshadow all over her face LOL

  • jaye

    Yikes! What crypt did this Ghoul crawl out from? She’s not a bad looking girl, but why does she have to go out of her way to look like the crypt keepers daughter?

  • s

    that little brat should be kicked off the show. do some damage to her ego. i still cant get over how she responded when asked in an interview about haiti. for those of you who didnt hear about that, she basically said she didnt care and that she couldnt be bothered to worry about that because she had other things to think about (such as “getting through” filming gossip girl and getting her new album recorded). poor little baby…must be hard to be earning tons of money when you dont even deserve it.

  • s

    @Celia: girl dont hate to say that! it’s alright, we all feel exactly the way you do. (: jenny’s gotta go.