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Elle & Dakota Fanning: Gum-Chewing Girls

Elle & Dakota Fanning: Gum-Chewing Girls

Dakota Fanning and her younger sister Elle chew on some bubble gum after visiting a friend’s house on Saturday afternoon (April 10) in Studio City, Calif.

Earlier in the morning, Elle took a private ballet class and then was picked up by her dad Steve.

Dakota‘s latest movie co-starring Kristen Stewart, The Runaways, is still in theaters now!

10+ pictures inside of Fanning sisters Dakota and Elle

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dakota fanning gum elle fanning 01
dakota fanning gum elle fanning 02
dakota fanning gum elle fanning 03
dakota fanning gum elle fanning 04
dakota fanning gum elle fanning 05
dakota fanning gum elle fanning 06
dakota fanning gum elle fanning 07
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  • Celia

    Elle is 4 years younger than Dakota and she’s taller. They’re both very talented.

  • kvd123

    they really are scary looking girls

    they need some sun on there skin< they give the moon a run for it’s money

  • brightside

    Don’t these two ever go out in the daylight! They look like their skin has been molded from white plastic!

  • Catherine

    Dakota is as white as her shirt.

    And Elle must be the tallest 12 year old around :P Or Dakota is just really short.

  • ummahyk

    they both look so pale,Dakota is a fine actress.

  • honey

    Dakota looks old in these pictures.

  • Lu

    she is very tall for your age, looks like a model

  • jessy

    they’re both absolutely stunning! i think their fair skin gives them an amazing beauty

  • mikayla

    love themm!! they’re so talented

  • kayla93

    why are people so caught up on how pale they are?
    they dont need a tan to be considered beautiful and they don’t look ‘sick or scary’. They are both incredibly beautiful, in their own way

  • lexy hates bilson

    JJ are you kidding?? Both sisters are talented but really?? Who cares that they are chewing gum and running errands??

  • Raichill

    I also love their pale skin. It’s good to see young girls who aren’t orange or cooking themselves in the sun. I am so over the fake tan look or seeing the damage people do to their skin from sunbeds and and sun bathing. I do think they have chosen the wrong colour clothing to wear for their skin tone though.

  • stalkers

    Two sisters GUM CHEWING is NEWS? Wtf? Am I missing something here?

  • “Gum-Chewing Girls”

    ……………what the ?

  • Denise

    They’ll age a lot better without too much sun on their skin – they look great! (those baking in the sun now will have wrinkles much earlier). Tans aren’t healthy.

    That said, the sister looks much older than she is!

  • Terri

    I like their skin so flawless. Elle is so pretty.

  • an opinion

    They look better than skookie, Pam Anderson or Jennifer Aniston. Have you seen their skin up close. Skookie and Aniston’s skin look like leather and looks like it feels rough.

  • sara


    what’s all these comments about their skin colour?you people are nasty! it’s seems that they have the type of skin that is so white it doesn’t get tanned (it might only get red if they stay under the sun). it’s just like asking black people to stay out of the sun ’cause then their skin would get lighter. i’m black by the way but i think prejudice should stop both ways

  • AutumnM

    So what if they’re pale? It suits them. I think they’re both cute girls. I’m suprised Elle is only 12 though. She looks older than Dakota to me. Not just ’cause she’s taller either, she just has a more mature look imo.

  • scary

    Elle should smile more. She looks as if the world owes her something.

  • twilightdude

    I love that they don’t tan. Their skin reminds me of women in the 1800s nice natural skin.

  • Holly

    I like Dakota very much, she’s very good. I think Elle does a fine job too. At least these children aren’t the typical kid stars we see a lot of today. You know, those kids that are just a relative to a big star so “naturally” they are talented enough to be put in tv shows, movies, recording studio’s and whatever else. These kids have actual talent and do not have a famous family member that got them in the Hollywood doors.

    Having said that, I do not understand why they are getting so much paparazzi attention. Their not controversial and they’re still kids. Do the paparazzi not have any grown stars to chase these days or what?

  • Amy

    If the worst thing anybody can say is they are too white, they are miles ahead of kids in their age group.

  • Ali

    I hope Dakota is taking ballet class too so that she improves her posture. She’s a wonderful actress, but she needs to stop slouching and pulling her shoulder up in a hunch. Love Elle too. They’re both lovely and talented.

  • dfdf


  • Julia

    They’re so pale, haha. But definitely both pretty :)

  • Jessica

    These kids are classy, unlike some of Hollywood’s teen stars a.k.a Miley Cyrus who looks like trailer trash.

    Keep it up girls, and don’t listen to people who think you’re too pale. You two are beautiful.

  • dkalsd

    such talented girls! but i agree, they look frighteningly pale. someone introduce them to the sun. or get them some self-tanning lotions. lol

  • abby

    @Jessica: I don’t think its right to compair these two to Miley. Miley is 17 year years old, Dakota JUST turned 16 and Elle JUST turned 12. Miley has had to go thought a lot these two girls haven’t. Miley also had to grow up faster because well lets face it, Dakota might be an amazing actress but she isn’t in the news or followed by the paps half as much as Miley is. Miley is older then them and therefore I really don’t think its right to compair them.

    That would be like compairing an 18 year old to a 12-13 year old. IT just can’t be done.

  • james

    i adore these two. very stylish duo.

  • helen

    oh, i thought dakota was very poised, but her sister is even more! she’s like a girl from de 1800′s! very, very pretty.

    and guys, the hate on their skin is just as petty as hate on a black skin.

  • Nick Carter

    @abby: No, it would be like comparing an 18 year old to a 17 year old, which is what Miley is to Dakota. I doubt you can be significantly mature with a year’s difference. lol

  • MaryMary

    Their body types are so different! Cody is short and dumpy with that wide face, and bug eyes! While Elle is a natural beauty, so tall and graceful like a swan, just look at that long neck! She could be a model, no doubt. If she’s already turning heads at 12, she will be highly successful as an actress or dancer when she’s older, giving Dakota a run for her money. I bet she’s secretly jealous! Though, the coloring of their skin is amazing, looks like they were bathed in peaches and cream!

  • MaryMary

    @Nick Carter:
    Miles is 17 and Cody is 16, but looks 32. But, yea you are right. Like being a year older makes you any wiser? Haha @abby Dumb bitch!


    I think I remember where I’ve seen them before. Weren’t they cast in Village Of The Damned? Or was it Children Of The Corn? I forget..

  • me

    @abby: That would be like compairing an 18 year old to a 12-13 year old. IT just can’t be done?
    lol you make not one ounce of sense.
    miley 17 Dakota 16, Dakota smart grounded and respected by her pears. miley ha been acting like a brain dead child as soon as she became to big for the world i would say Dakota and Elle are way more mature than miley.

  • Scooby Doo

    Is my eyes playing tricks on me or is elle sprouting some boobage? Don’t act like you didn’t notice too.

  • amber


  • lymn

    Dakota is not really short,only slightly below average.
    Elle very tall for 12,possibly going through puberty early,
    or maybe even reaching 6 feet.

  • fm

    Love their tight bodies! Can´t wit to see them both completely naked.

  • JJ

    Yummy K.I.L.F!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yanie

    what is the brands of Elle Fanning floral tape ?

  • Cherry

    Elle is so pretty, love her clothes :)