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Emma Roberts for Target? Never!

Emma Roberts for Target?  Never!

Emma Roberts gets a full fashion feature in the latest issue of WWD. Here are some choice quotes from the 19-year-old actress:

On her fashion obsession: “I would like to be recognized for my style, because I love clothes. Audrey Hepburn is amazing because she was so beautiful, but at the same time, she wasn’t a big-boobed bombshell. [Sienna Miller] always looks so cool.”

On launching her own line someday; “I want to do something in fashion that wouldn’t be cheesy. I wouldn’t do, like, Emma Roberts for Target. I’d want do to something more like the Olsen twins did, Elizabeth and James and The Row, something that is really cool, wearable and still unique.”

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  • kind of snotty comment

  • Liv

    The Target comment will offend a few people. Is she forgeting that the Olsen twins amassed most of their fortune by designing products for their Wal-mart line?

  • genahBean

    ^^especially for a girl who only got famous bcuz of her aunt

  • Laura

    is she retarded? Girl, Target wouldn’t ask you if they can get actual designers like Posen and Gaultier.

  • anon

    I’ll take fashion advice from Emma Roberts as soon as she lands a part because of her acting ability and not because of her famous relatives.

  • Holly

    Umm the Olsen’s made their $’s from a Wal-Mart line BEFORE elizabeth and james…target has only has REAL designers and famous architects designing for them like prozena, posen, gaultier, michael graves, betsey johnson….i don’t think they would want emma roberts and her nepotism…what a brat!

  • tal

    stuning girl ! love her =)

  • lindsay

    yeah she wishes she could sell clothes at target. i wouldn’t get her clothes even if they sell at the 99 cent store. oh wait she thinks she’s too good for that. cant wait till she’s begging for an acting job.

  • Dani

    She meant she wouldn’t use her own name for the clothing line…

  • Tina

    So Zac Posen, Rodarte and all the big name designers who designed for Target are “cheesy”?

  • Chau

    Who is this girl? Why is she famous?

    I agree that Target has had awesome big-name designers in the past…Posen is next! I wouldn’t buy her clothes if they were at a $0.99 store either. She’s so full of herself. She’s done nothing yet she thinks she’s the shiz. -__-!

  • pup

    Stuck up brat.

  • janelle

    I understadg that she’s saying she wants to work for a prestigious brand but you have to work hard to get there. She is a pretty girl but what she said sounds plain rude. She only gets acting roles because she is related to JR.

  • blahh

    wow how obnoxious of her

  • Kat

    I like this girl.

  • Sam

    It’s disgusting to see how degrading Emma is. Reality check! People only care because Julia ROBERTS is your aunt, otherwise reevaluate your words and thoughts and be grounded

  • sara

    she is really pretty and has some acting potential but she really needs to choose her words wisely. she sound like a typical cooky teenagers who think they are so unique and better than everyone else.

  • HeyHowAreYa

    yeah, there’s something about this chick that i just don’t care for. maybe it’s the way she acts so entitled. she’s not julia; she doesn’t have julia’s resume. her career is still very new, and she hasn’t done anything spectacular yet. why is she already blabbing on about starting a “unique” clothing line? spare me.

  • Jo

    Obviously what she said was obnoxious .. Yes she sheltered .. Yes she’s out of touch.. But sadly I don’t expect much more from the majority of girls her age famous or not..

  • Louise

    How arrogant.

  • mhhmm

    you’re not that great emma roberts. get a good movie and maybe i’ll reconsider. let me hear you name for best style NOT FROM A GOSSIP MAG but a LEGIT STYLE MAGAZINE and i’ll reconsider.
    but for now go somewhere where people don’t have opportunities as you and scrape your ignorance from your brain.

    ok cool.

  • Celia

    Target has some fabulous clothing lines. Some of the best designers in the world have created clothing lines for Target. I love their clothes.
    Emma doesn’t really have the fashion knowledge for a clothing line. You can tell she relies way too much on her stylist.

  • Celia

    I have to add…I used to like Emma…until I read a blind item about her on Lainey Gossip’s site. Apparently Emma got sloppy drunk at some party and embarrassed herself. I thought she was better than that.

    Here’s the blind item, which was revealed to be Emma Roberts:

  • mickey10

    the Olsen twins will never look down on Target. They have brands that cuts across all markets. And yes they made a fortune selling their brand at Walmart. Wow, i’m surprised to hear Emma’s comment. I never knew she was so stuck up.

  • H.N

    She needs to learn that she can’t offend millions of people if she plans on sticking around in this business for any length of time. A lot of people, especially younger ones that would be interested in her, do shop at Target.

    And as already mentioned, the Olsens’ started making clothes for Wal -Mart originally. Someone should really do their homework before they shoot their mouth off.

  • LameSon

    Wow. That is really rude. Not everyone can afford to shop at high end trendy boutiques but they still want nice things and that is were Target comes in. Some of the high end designers understand that and have created more affordable lines to carry in Target. Also this creates brand loyalty and when someone one day can afford a high end item they will think back to the designer they bought at Target when they did not have as much money.

  • c

    what a spoiled, average looking, little snot!

  • oy

    she wants to be recognized for her clothes but so far not one thing she’s ever worn has been worth recognizing. She dresses like all of the Hollywood robots.

  • AutumnM

    I never cared for this little girl. Emma Roberts has always come across as having a bad attitude to me and being a bit of a snob.

  • Terri

    She is young and privileged.

  • wofsdsd

    I don’t like her.

  • Deedz

    Cheesy? The Olsen twins are worth 150 million a piece. Follow their lead.

  • AutumnM


    And so? There’s a lot of young and privileged kids who don’t act like this snot nosed brat. Emma has a sense of entitlement about her and I really don’t know why. Her Father starred in a few movies here and there, but was never a big star. Her Aunt Julia is the main reason why anyone has interest in her and why she’s getting work in the first place, but who is she really to have this big attitude? What has she accomplished? She hasn’t gotten anywhere on merit alone. It’s all because of family connections.

    I hope she grows out of this bad attitude though because it is not becoming. Emma Roberts does not come across as likeable to me at all.

  • annasaurus

    Stop trying to make Emma Roberts happen. She’s not like the rest of her peer group because she is so unremarkably untalented.

  • Audreylol

    This is what happens when children become famous at a young age. They need to suffer a little and see that life is not a bed of roses.

  • lululu

    dumb arse

  • MollyMakeout

    you guys are taking it as if she was dissing target or cheap clothing. i don’t think she meant it like that. she just meant that if you do something like emma roberts for target its bound to be a crappy line that was handled a lot by people other than you. also something like that doesn’t last long the way an individual label does.

  • Rosalia

    Before Elizabeth and James the Olsens had a line at Wal Mart and they have one for JCPenny’s so she needs to be more educated on her examples…

  • Ali

    she has nothing unique about her. even her acting is nothing special. she should be quiet and develop herself first. the olsen girls have money to burn – and they’ve earned their stripes interning for various designers like Karl Lagerfeld. Because she is JR’s niece, she has to improve herself to the point where she makes an impact on her own.

  • emmaHATER

    Uh, didn’t Mary-Kate and Ashley first start off at like K-Mart or something? This is truly offending, seems like there’s a separation of lower, middle, and upper class.

  • caxposed

    Whoa, wait just a minute miss, “Singer”!

    I’m pretty sure most of your wardrobe from your “Unfabulous” years came from retails stores such as Target and I didn’t hear you complaining then. Why you gotta hate, “Addie”?

  • georgie

    Obnoxious, self centered little beast. Should fit right in the Hollywood scene.

  • Jordan

    What’s wrong with Target? that rogan line was kickin. Emma can’t act, screw her and nepotism

  • Ginger

    Bi|tch, I like Target! I buy workout clothes from there! She’ll be lucky if Target want her clothes therebut she is NOT that famous at all cause I don’t know who she is…

  • she shall remain nameless

    Well I guess she proves how stuck up she is, trying to become a high end designer when she doesn’t have the skill! Honey, you won’t ever be a successful designer like Chanel, Gucci, MK and A because they have the brains unlike your airheaded self. And why would Target ever want to partner with you??? They have already worked with designers who have REAL talent and are not as snotty and self absorbed like you!!!

  • Celia


    This is what happens when SOME children in the US become famous at a young age.
    Dakota Fanning seems to have a nice head on her shoulders and all the HP bunch have grown up to be very well-rounded young adults.

  • Amy

    Target has Gautier right now… so… yeah don’t diss the Target fashion. What’s wrong with real women being able to AFFORD your work?

  • Miss

    This trick sounds really, really dumb.

  • whatever, yo

    this is coming from a girl who starred in a movie about a dog hotel.

  • emilie

    this girl is such a poser
    very annoying