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Gerard Butler & Laurie Cholewa's Date -- FIRST PICS

Gerard Butler & Laurie Cholewa's Date -- FIRST PICS

Gerard Butler spends a romantic day out with French television host Laurie Cholewa on Wednesday (March 31) in Paris, France.

As reported earlier this week, the cute couple visited a few landmarks together, had on a lunch date at Café Marly and shared a dinner date on the Left Bank.

Gerry, 40, and Laurie, 29, met during their sit-down interview about The Bounty Hunter, his new film with Jennifer Aniston.

30+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler & Laurie Cholewa romantic date…

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gerard butler laurie cholewa date 18
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 19
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 20
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 21
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 22
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gerard butler laurie cholewa date 24
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 25
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 26
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 27
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 28
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 29
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342 Responses to “Gerard Butler & Laurie Cholewa's Date -- FIRST PICS”

  1. 1
    THE BUTLER DID IT........AGAIN Says:

    Really pushing this one. No pics of holding hands.

  2. 2
    Die Maniston Die Says:

    Ha-ha biitch!

  3. 3
    Dan Says:

    dude, seriously, of all the friggin women??????

  4. 4
    aha Says:

    This Gerald “finger in the rear end” Butler is such a player. I guess the Bounty Hunter is going down hill and he is already fulfill his pretense love interest of Jennifer Aniston.

    He is moving on.

  5. 5
    please Says:

    So don’t care.
    Why is this just now hitting Jared – and who still cares?

  6. 6
    kate Says:

    i can’t tell if they are into each other or not.

    they’re laughing and close, but then rigid and walking far apart.

    maybe hiding their affection once they see the paps??

  7. 7
    Allie Baby Says:

    This is the part where Jennifer Aniston starts sh*tting her pants. Expect her heartbroken interviews of a love that never was to surface. Pft, these people do anything for press.

  8. 8
    THE BUTLER DID IT........AGAIN Says:

    And of course, we can’t forget one of his favorite things………….

    The wonderful **** hat. Lovely attire for a first date. Must be an indication that he really likes her. “My c*ck is out for you, my dear” *snort*

  9. 9
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    G texting Alan ……
    ……”Are they getting the pix ??? “………

  10. 10
    dani Says:

    Poor Jennifer Aniston,,,, Her last chance is off the table!

  11. 11
    Gia Says:

    I mean with all the stunning women who throw themselves at him, he chooses this one? Really? Did anyone find out if the story about her slapping him in Belgrade is true or not?

    Anyway how weird to have your romantic date splashed all over the gossip sites. And the paps followed the whole day and they didn’t notice?

  12. 12
    jaliah Says:

    He looks very happy.

  13. 13
    Dani Says:

    Poor Jennifer Aniston… Her last chance is off the table now!

  14. 14
    sukar Says:

    Interesting but old news, the photos have been splashed all over the internet for a couple of days now.

  15. 15
    deke Says:

    I don’t think Jennifer A was ever into him. It was all publicity for the Bounty Hunter which is not doing well at the theaters.

  16. 16
    Amy Says:

    Why bother posting these pictures now? Everybody else had them a week ago.

  17. 17
    Dawn Says:

    Um, this was almost two weeks ago. For all we know it could have been just a one time date while Gerry was in Paris. He could be interested in another woman by now.

  18. 18
    CJ Says:


    And of course, we can’t forget one of his favorite things………….

    The wonderful **** hat. Lovely attire for a first date. Must be an indication that he really likes her. “My c*ck is out for you, my dear” *snort*
    I was thinking the same thing The Butler…very crass to wear that out with a woman beside you…but than again we are talking about G..♥

    Read more:

  19. 19
    susan Says:

    @deke: he was not into jennifer, that is why he denied they were a couple

  20. 20
    CJ Says:

    JJ is posting them now because it will still get the site a lot of hits wether its old news or not..

  21. 21
    sukar Says:

    He’s looking at the camera in a couple of photos, which means he knew the paps were there, so why did he go on with the date in public? Couldn’t they just have gone into something more private?

  22. 22
    Katie Says:

    aww he met her while Maniston wanted to be his g/f so badly.


    everyone escapes from Man. LOL

  23. 23
    Idiotnaiveloons Says:

    I wonder if she’s figured out she was used. Of all of the women for him to pick up to ask out on a date, he asks a reporter? Yep, he wanted to squash the questions of him and Jennifer so he asks out a reporter, and just so happens a photographer is walking around catching the whole thing for prosperity. Nice set up, NOT! By the way, i’m with the poster who said, ” he definitely could have picked someone better looking” because she is NOT cute at all. Jennifer Aniston looks alot better than this woman, and they had better chemistry. I, for one thinks she just doesn’t want to go there with Gerry. Afterall, she already has two dogs at home; Norman and Dolly.

  24. 24
    bruins Says:

    This was on March 31. hmmm how many days ago was that? In Gerry’s dating timetable that equals to millinium. He probably has hooked up with a dozen since these pics.

  25. 25
    meggie Says:

    they are looking right at the camera in a few of the photos. they knew they were being followed. gerry’s pr people probably called to set the whole thing up.

  26. 26
    teri Says:

    Maybe she’s really nice and not self centered or high maintnence. She’s also very pretty.

  27. 27
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    Smile for the camera G …..

  28. 28
    bruins Says:

    For once Gerry talks to a woman without having to lower his head feeling like talking to a child. They look good together as far as their compatible height is concerned.

  29. 29
    wow Says:

    I don’t believe this will go anywhere. They walk far apart a lot, and he keeps making or getting calls and texts, and at times not as attentive. She too, makes call and he seems to be trailing behind her at times.
    From what I can see, he was intrigued in the beginning and later reality set in – they live far a way, she has a child, she has a job – she can’t just leave and be at his beck and call….. But, at least it served to distance him from JA. He has probably moved on to someone new by now.

  30. 30
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    Perhaps G wears the c*ck hat to get girls to start talking about C*CKS ?!?!
    Great conversation starter ……

  31. 31
    gotta be kidding Says:

    talk about milking a photo op! these pics are old – jj is like perez hilton now! G’s moved on i guarantee u, hehe!

  32. 32
    Maria from Texas Says:


  33. 33
    bruins Says:

    G described his NYC apartment “gorgeous” “elegant” “masculine” and “raw”. I bet those are his preferred characteristics for women too. Does Laurie fit these criteria?

    I am just glad we now have a new thread even though these are really no news at all. At least now I can type without the cursor jumping all over the place.

  34. 34
    sukar Says:

    She has a child? That’s interesting. I like her.

  35. 35
    Trying to figure it out Says:

    Are we sure these photos were taken the same day? She is wearing different clothes and ankle boots in the day shots; different clothes and shoes in the night shots. She had time to change at some point in the day. No hand holding, what a surprise!

  36. 36
    Joy To The World Says:

    He looks so happy and relaxed. Must be having a good time. LOL @ Aniston fans getting all angry and s hh ii tt. I was never a fan of Gerard Butler but I so love him right now for two reasons; 1. he humiliated Aniston, 2. he is irking her fans. Nothing like bitter, raging Jennifer lunatics to brighten a lovely Sunday. Cheers!

  37. 37
    wow Says:

    I agree she’s very masculine
    Unfortunatly, Gerry will not take seriously any woman who has a child
    @Trying to figure it out:
    these pix were taken on the same day – they changed clothes for the evening date.

  38. 38
    bruins Says:

    People read tooo much into this friendly tour of the city. If I were in Paris I would like some locals to show me around too. Laurie was just showing Gerry some Parisian hospitality and it doesn’t have to be romantic; sightseeing and friendly socializing, nothing wrong with that.

    She must be not that well known or people would recognize her and stop her on the street.

  39. 39
    allie Says:

    Well well, He had his hand up Jennifers rear a few days before this and now with this homely French woman. I have no respect for this man. Single or not. I hope Jennifer stays away from him.

  40. 40
    frenchie Says:

    wow it only took JJ to post this a week. Isn’t he back in LA getting ready to leave for prague? Is this deflection for buttgate?

  41. 41
    allie Says:

    by the way, The Bounty Hunter has almost doubled in gross the budget. Almost 80,000,000 worldwide, Not bad at all. Not quite the loser that some have predicted. Its a good movie.

  42. 42
    allie Says:

    B y the way the Bounty Hunter has almost doubled in gross of the budget. 80 million. I would not call that a loser. Good movie.

  43. 43
    chipmunk Says:

    I wouldn’t hold is hand fresh from JA butt crack. ewww, funny prick has his **** cap on.

  44. 44
    sukar Says:


    Is it confirmed though that she has a child?

  45. 45
    nyob Says:

    She’s a man, baby.

  46. 46
    realitycheck Says:

    This was posted on the other thread.

    Anonyme @ 04/05/2010 at 9:20 pm

    Thumb up Thumb down +3

    I know of her. She has an child.

  47. 47
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    A few more pix …..

  48. 48
    wow Says:

    No. Maybe Mr Giggles can find something that confirms it.

  49. 49
    To Tell The Truth Says:

    The clothing suggests two separate outings. Hey, if she is willing to be seen in public with a c*ck hat, it might me true love.

    Somewhere, a midwestern unsatisfied housewife is crying into her diary.

  50. 50
    This Just In Says:

    What celebrity on his way to Serbia may end up having two ladies visit him on fight anyone!

  51. 51
    Butler is Says:


  52. 52
    Butler is Says:

    in SERBIA

  53. 53
    sukar Says:

    Two women on set? Is that why she slapped him? LOL

  54. 54
    I am telling ya Says:

    She looks like she definitely has the mix of northern African blood as many French do, just the way Gerry likes it. She is tall, raw, masculine and hopefully a sense of humor to go with it all. Hey this may go somewhere for Gerry.

  55. 55
    Manny, formerly ManLESSton Says:

    Hey JJer’s – conference in the war room. ;)

  56. 56
    He's A Lonely Guy Says:

    No handholding, no kissing? Hmmm…He’s definitely willing to snog in public, maybe SHE’S shy???… I’m surprised we don’t have shots of them saying/kissing goodnight…

  57. 57
    He's A Lonely Guy Says:

    @I am telling ya: Her surname is Polish. Is that her maiden name or was she married.

  58. 58
    This Just In Says:

    I wonder which woman Gerard will pick when they show up on the movie site..

  59. 59
    box office Says:

    The Bounty Hunter worldwide gross stands at 98 millions with 42 million from foreign market and 56 million from us market. The production cost is 40 million. Not great but not as darn as predicted.

    HTTYD’s worldwide gross stands at 282 million (with 165 million production cost). To put it in perspective, KungFu Panda, another DreamWork animation, made about 400 million worldwide when all said and done.

  60. 60
    aminah Says:

    her birthday is dec, 18, 1980, they will not make good couple.

  61. 61
    He's A Lonely Guy Says:

    @Manny, formerly ManLESSton:

    I’m new here…what is the war room?

  62. 62
    wow Says:

    On her My Space page it says that she’s a Scorpio. Where did you get Dec 18 as her birthday? Dec 18 is not a Scorpio. Scorpio ends on Nov 23

  63. 63
    MADDEB2010 Says:

    If you check out her My Space page, she’s got a kid and was/is married.

    I like the pix on the JJ’s site, lots of them I haven’t seen before.


  64. 64
    Tweety Bird Says:

    Both Cinthia and Laurie spotted in lounge at the Hyatt Regency, Belgrade, looking interesting at each other.

  65. 65
    Stinkylouise Says:

    @box office: Your foreign gross is way off. Try 17mil.

  66. 66
    wow Says:

    Her My Space Page doesn’t say a kid, unless she has 2 of them.
    Please post a link

  67. 67
    Fritz the Cat Says:

    @Tweety Bird:


    Well, as long as it’s not at the same time, I don’t see the problem. More power to him.

  68. 68
    chipmunk Says:

    He won’t be staying that long in prague didn’t it say it would just take a few days. Funny how he is hiding. Is there starbucks in Prague?

  69. 69
    Manny, formerly ManLESSton Says:

    So Booty Hunter is at $73.2 million. It only has $26.8 million to go to hit the breakeven mark. I guess we’ll see… ;)

  70. 70
    gg Says:

    They look cute. Who knows this could be the one for Gerry.

  71. 71
    sukar Says:

    She looks lovely on her MySpace, much better than the date photos even. Maybe she has the kind of face that doesn’t photograph well?

  72. 72
    laruj Says:

    Laurie is one of the girls sitting on the beach with GB in Miami, over the holidays, Jan 2009. She is looking down, reading a book. I recognized the bikini with the flowered top. Photo at GALS.

  73. 73
    Gerryfan Says:

    @chipmunk: It’s not Prague. It’s Belgrade. And he will be staying for more than just a few days. He’s got a movie to make. What the hell happened to this board? Moron take over?
    As for this chick, they knew they were being papped. total set up. We get it Gerard, you’re not into Jen.

  74. 74
    box office Says:

    @stinky louise, this is where the info came from.

  75. 75
    This Just In Says:

    Well if this is the one for him, he better keep his woman seperate when they all meet up in Serbia.

  76. 76
    He's A Lonely Guy Says:


    Link…so this “meeting during an interview” thing was a complete set-up?

    And, I want to say I’m totally loving these boards. I love love love the exchanges. It makes following Gerry really fun!

  77. 77
    @craigyferg Says:

    this girl is gerard butler’s type. if u watched the craig ferguson show when mindy kaling was a guest, craig told her very ernestly that gerard would really like her (mindy). gerard likes dark-haired beauties. he was never into jennifer aniston. if he slept with her, it was a mercy bang, nothing more. probably couldn’t even get it up for her so settled with fingering her. LMAO!!! go gerard butler!!!!!

  78. 78
    He's A Lonely Guy Says:


    Do you have a link to the photo?

    Just how busy does he keep his team with these set-ups? I wonder what his assistants think of all the subterfuge connected to his social life.

  79. 79
    Liza Says:

    There is one of them holding hands at Accidental Sexiness

  80. 80
    eria Says:

    Her bio says her b-day is on Oct.25 1980, which makes her a Scorpio.

  81. 81
    Liza Says:

    It’s the same picture here. They are holding hands.

  82. 82
    laruj Says:

    @He’s A Lonely Guy:

    No can link. Her pic is at GALS, on page 5, of “Parties, Events, etc”., Miami Beach Jan 2, 2009. She is in just one of the photos. Looking down. He is sitting next to her.

  83. 83
    Anonymous Says:

    Sorry but there are 2 pics of them holding hands and in either of them neither look happy, like they’re not of the same mind. In the first one they’re holding hands (it’s the pictures where he’s wearing a brown leather jacket), you look at her face and it doesn’t seem like she’s happy about it. Even he doesn’t look happy. Another picture where they’re holding hands, he seems to want her to go inside one restaurant and she seems to be arguing with him about. Then finally there’s that picture where she’s walking slightly behind him with her hands in her pockets and he’s walking abit in front of her and his left first is clenched and you can see something went wrong.

    The first pictures of them together and he has a black jacket they seem to be having a good time but those were actually taken by the photog from Direct 8 who was following them and Gerry’s PR was there too.

    Even in those first pictures you can see there’s a problem. There’s a picture she’s answering her phone walking ahead of him and he doesn’t seem that thrilled about it. There’s another picture where both are on their cells and both calls seem to be business. Even at the restaurant, they don’t look like a couple in look. In one close-up you can see she’s on her phone while he’s trying to attract her attention by joking but she’s totally into her conversation. I doubt this will go further than that second date where both were dressed differently and which was taken at night. Even Laurie has commented herself tongue-in-cheek that they should as him about it as she doesn’t know. Sounds like the date didn’t end well.

  84. 84
    He's A Lonely Guy Says:


    Are they kidding us with this? Pretending as if they just met. This photo is January 2009…over a year ago.

    I’m losing some respect for ol Ger. What is the deal?

  85. 85
    Boo Says:

    Thanks, JJ. I didn’t see these I am lovin’ them. Keep ‘em comi@ You are so good, JJ.

  86. 86
    He's A Lonely Guy Says:


    BTW, laruj, thanks for letting us know about that photo at GALS. :o)

  87. 87
    Curious Says:

    @Anonymous: I’m confused could you explain that to me again in a little more detail. Huh? Please help me:)

  88. 88
    eria Says:

    Yeah that’s her on the Miami pics. They know each other.. he probably asked her to do some damage control with him on the whole Jennifer Aniston rumors. Pretend they’re on a date and such.. cause let’s be honest.. if it was a real date, do you actually think he would PUBLICIZE IT? don’t think so…

  89. 89
    sukar Says:

    Is that the one?

  90. 90
    Set up Says:

    Is that Laurie? What’s going on here? They knew each other prior to this obviously.

  91. 91
    eria Says:

    yeah that’s the picture, they’re identical, don’t you think? they must know each other.. somehow after this pic, I don’t buy the whole ‘they just met in Paris”..he probably asked her to help him dispel the whole Aniston rumors.. that’s my guess..

  92. 92
    He's A Lonely Guy Says:


    YEP! January 2009. Over a year ago…

    Looks like Gerry’s team didn’t count on the fact that some folks pay attention. Great find!! I am impressed by the memories and observations skills of you veterans.

    Memo to Alan and Joy: Next time find/hire someone new…

    And, I agree with Eria…”real” dates/love interests are not in the public eye. And, I have a feeling those are few and far-between

  93. 93
    Set up Says:

    But in this one it doesn’t look like it’s Laurie.

  94. 94
    Joy To The World Says:

    @Curious @ 04/12/2010 at 12:01 am
    LOL Good one!
    Poor Aniston fans, just accept it that he never liked Aniston and move on already, no need to bash the girl he does like. Well, he’s entitled to have standards and good taste, even if you don’t.

  95. 95
    Sadie Says:

    Way to go Gerard. I knew he likes them young. Didn’t fool the media we all knew he would just sc rew Jen and leave that old cow. Jen spread them to all of Hollywood. When the men get serious they move on to more of a real women. Nobody wants Jen superficial desperate old twat.

  96. 96
    busted Says:

    @eria: Uh Huh – that whole story of how he “cracked” for her when they met on the press tour was total bs. Is anything not pr with this guy?

  97. 97
    He's A Lonely Guy Says:

    @Set up: I think the sunglasses and halfher face being cutoff may be the problem. And if the first photos on their “date” were being photographed by her TV Station/Channel I would think that is a HUGE sign that this is a PR stunt much more than a date…
    unless hiring photogs to follow you around is a new trend…

  98. 98
    eria Says:

    One question: how on earth did you find her pic in the Miami ones? I don’t even remember what I did last night, never mind who and what Gerard Butler is doing.. unbelievable!

  99. 99
    Set up Says:

    Who knew JJ had some real sharp sleuths here. Well done folks.

  100. 100
    hellotheregb Says:

    Yep this is her.

  101. 101
    chipmunk Says:


    Wow that is her. Deflecting from Aniston a$$ grab. Good Job sherlock. Nice try though. By the way is she married?

  102. 102
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    If you still have any doubts ….. a quick comparison …..
    Laurie must be a long time FWB

  103. 103
    chipmunk Says:

    Has anyone seen the supposedly Bounty Hunter Interview with her and GB?By the way is JJ posting this pix just now? It makes it look like this just happened.

  104. 104
    busted Says:

    She’s wearing the same necklace in the gals pics as in the bauer online pics. Same girl for sure.

  105. 105
    wow Says:

    But she’s not just a friend. She must be a FWB that he has been seeing over the last year.
    maybe it’s becoming serious bewtween them and she is upset about everyone linking him to JA so they cooked this stunt together.
    There has to be some logical explanation to this whole incident.
    BTW, is everyone sure that it’s Laurie in that GALS picture?

  106. 106
    Dam turnip Says:

    2 women at the same hotel…linked to gerry…well knock me over with a feather…remember New York Fashion week one year?

  107. 107
    wow Says:

    @Mr. Giggles:
    great find – that’s her for sure

  108. 108
    eria Says:

    friend, FWB, girlfriend.. does it really matter?cause it doesn’t to me..I assumed they know each other.. other than that… I can’t pretend to know the details of their connection..I made an assumption regarding the whole damage control.. and even there, don’t take my word.. it’s just a guess…it’s all speculation

  109. 109
    Set up Says:

    Yup Mr. Giggles. Those pics of Laurie in Miami must be from the same Jan. 2009 trip as Gerry did.

  110. 110
    tallntan Says:

    Master manipulator!!! Love it! Part of the reason GB is so intriguing is because NO ONE really knows what he’s up to. He & his people are going to a lot of trouble (& probably a lot of expense) to make sure no one knows what his personal life is all about. Why is this?
    I have a friend who is gay…6’3″, big hunk of man like GB. You would never believe he’s not straight. He loves to go out with me, flirt, kiss me and act like he’s all into me. But really he wants the guys milling around trying to talk to me. He introduced me to his parents and told them that one day we will marry & give them a grandchild. I nearly fell on the floor!
    As much as I hate to admit it something is just not right with GB going to such lengths to keep his love life a secret.

  111. 111
    aimee Says:

    i remember those pictures from last year in miami. someone said that gerry’s date was there but in the background. guess it was true.

  112. 112
    wow Says:

    Well, I got to handed to him, he’s a smart guy for being able to keep her out of view for over a year.
    He seems to be in complete control of his life and not like we all thought that he’s a hot mess.
    He’s no mess, he’s just messing with everyone else.

  113. 113
    chipmunk Says:

    wonder if violin girl was also staged?Looking like it.

  114. 114
    cubedweller Says:

    Hoo-ah! I am loving this! Caught in his own web – too funny. This is validation for those many of us that called shenanigans on this from day one. I’m now hoping that all his FWBs and hookups and flirtations converge on Serbia to call him out once and for all. Can’t you just see them lining up, waiting to b!tch him out? Who are we missing? Oh yeah, Violin Girl. Let’s pool our resources and get her a plane ticket – she won’t want to miss this party.
    Absolutely no way this Laurie is his hidden gf. Not unless she is open-minded, and clueless enough to endure his trolling for tale from LA to India to New York. Not buying that.
    waves to the regs xoxo

  115. 115
    chipmunk Says:

    I just remembered after the violin girl incident on people magazine there was some kind of event in People Magazine Demi Moore asked GB and his friend if the were going in on the prowl again. It just sounded odd it sound so staged. Is he hiding his sexuality? or is it a relationship?

  116. 116
    sukar Says:

    My god this is so funny. You guys rock! But if they have been in a relationship for a year, then why did he kiss violin girl?

  117. 117
    wow Says:

    “wonder if violin girl was also staged?Looking like it.”
    He has been staging all these encounters with other women on purpose just to hide the real one he’s dating. I guess now he’s ready for people to know he has a girlfriend again.
    “Absolutely no way this Laurie is his hidden gf. Not unless she is open-minded, and clueless enough to endure his trolling for tale from LA to India to New York. Not buying that.”
    Look, they’re both Scorpios so they understand each other. On thing Scorpios are big on is privacy and secrecy. They probably both wanted to keep the relationship hush hush for a while. Scorpios go to great length to keep their secrets. Only a Scorpio understands another Scorpio instinctively. Everyone else has to be informed about this tendency for extreme secrecy, and they either understand and live with it or leave the Scorpio. He may have finally found his match. Let’s see what happens.

  118. 118
    AreYouKiddingMe Says:

    He’s such a manwhore. Double bag it.

  119. 119
    Set up Says:

    So they met before, so? They never said this is their first meet; it’s the tabloid call this a “date”, right? This could very well a meeting between two friends; with one showing the other around the town. I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt without any ulterior motives.

  120. 120
    sukar Says:

    Loooooooooool you guys are awesome. Gerry is probably having a heart attack right now :) Anyway if he has been dating her for a year then what was up with violin girl?

  121. 121
    Lina Says:

    @sukar: You’re joking right?
    So let’s break this down…this guy keeps her under the radar for a yeat BUT goes on to kiss randoms in the street, date an indian actress and hook up and chat women up in Rio, etc? Seriously? And why would the agency release those exact photos of this Laurie in Miami?

  122. 122
    postwatcher Says:

    Look how smiley and giggly they are in the photos. Total fake fake fake relationship. Grown ups don’t act like this. They are playing it up for the camera. Same old song and dance from Gerry. Just like the
    boardwalk carnival girl and the violin girl. Very convenient after the
    gay condo. How many stupid ccock hats does this guy own?

  123. 123
    postwatcher Says:

    Also, if he was dating her for a freakin’ year, why was she absent from every stupid Bounty Hunter premiere? There were like 100 of ‘em…hahaha

  124. 124
    sukar Says:

    If he has been with this chick for a year than no one will believe Gerry again when he says he is single. He has said it a hundred times this year the last of which was on the Ellen show last week.

  125. 125
    I heard Says:

    he likes threesomes? a few willing women perhaps?.

  126. 126
    spanky Says:

    Never have so many talked about so little for so long….two threads now…thanks JJ

  127. 127
    chipmunk Says:

    I just wished he spent more energy on his acting than this stupid intrigues. He should put his energy developing his skills in acting than trying to manipulate the media.

  128. 128
    Gerryfan Says:

    @Lina: Exactly
    @sukar: You really are slow.

  129. 129
    options Says:

    If this is the “secret” girlfriend, he surely wouldn’t be parading around Paris with her and “leaking” that they just met.
    1) She is one of these EX gfs that he stays friends with.
    2) She is just a friend who agreed to help him out with whatever this all is… as long as she benefits as well.
    3) He’s actually married 10 years with kids and he keeps them locked in the upstairs of his NYC apartment that Arch. Digest didn’t photograph.
    4) He really is with Aniston and all this is just red herring cr/ap to throw the tabs off track.
    5) He really is gay and his longtime lover is Ariel.
    6) Everything about the guy, from the very slickly packaged stories about alcohol & law school & how he got “discovered” has been entirely fabricated. He’s been struggling 30+ years to break into the biz and nothing happened until he created this clever “product.”

    So many options. Get the popcorn.

  130. 130
    wow Says:

    technically he’s single. single means not married. so he wasn’t lying

  131. 131
    realitycheck Says:

    Set up @ 04/12/2010 at 12:51 am

    Thumb up Thumb down +2

    So they met before, so? They never said this is their first meet; it’s the tabloid call this a “date”, right? This could very well a meeting between two friends; with one showing the other around the town. I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt without any ulterior motives.

    My thoughts exactly. Well, said.

    As far as Scorpios go, they are also very possessive and are not willing to share. I know this because I am married to one.

  132. 132
    Barbie Says:

    @ Mr. Giggles… yes that’s her!
    Obviously they had known each other prior to The Bounty Hunter promo tour….so why are they saying Gerry and Laurie “met” during their sit-down interview about TBH?

  133. 133
    sukar Says:


    When Ellen told him that women want to know if he is single or not, she meant if he is in a relationship or not. That’s what women want to know. He lied.

  134. 134
    wow Says:

    Actually, option 1 could be plausible – they had a short relationship, it’s over now and she gas agreed to help him out in dispelling the JA rumors.

  135. 135
    eria Says:

    I have to say that Gerard Butler must be JJ’s BIGGEST CASH COW.. the threads that multiply exponentially within a matter of minutes when he posts something about Butler are insane. All the hits = advertising $$$$
    He must worship the ground he walks on. LMAO!!!

  136. 136
    Witch Says:

    I’ve tried to post three times tonight and then get a message that the page cannot be found. If this makes it, has anyone else had a problem tonight? HELP.

  137. 137
    wow Says:

    of course, based on the real meaning ofthe question, he lied. But not technically.

  138. 138
    Gerryfan Says:

    @sukar: How did he lie? Why are you assuming this? You’re so quick to jump into conclusions. This guy is a master manipulator. No real girlfriend would endure all the hook ups he had this past year. Where was she when he was with Pryanka in India? I mean come onnn!!!!

  139. 139
    Frenchie Says:

    Girl in Florida photos IS NOT Laurie. NO WAY. Get over your conspiracy theories. But, it’s all for a (Paris) TV show. Just wait a few months. You’ll see. NO relationship here. Just work.

  140. 140
    he was Says:

    never with PC, rumour started by a rabid fan of PC

  141. 141
    WTF Says:

    @Frenchie: you are full of it

  142. 142
    realitycheck Says:

    @Frenchie Sorry, but the pictures in Florida are of Laurie. It’s very obvious.

  143. 143
    options Says:

    Um, Frenchie, I think you need to take a look at the pics on the Bauer Griffin site. Not only is that Laurie, but Bauer Griffin KNEW that was the same girl and posted these photos of her in Miami today.

    All these pap photos are labeled and cataloged. She was somewhere under “Pieces of Butler” “Cholewa” or Chalupa, whatever her name is.

  144. 144
    wow Says:

    Well, biting your tongue could have great rewards in the long run. After all, she could land GB so she was willing to play along. Scorpios also have a lot of patience and wait for just the right moment to do something. If that’s what she was doing, I’m sure her patience is starting to run thin. If she is truly dating him, she must be sick and tired with not being at his side at social functions. So possibly, he now decided to bring her out slowly but surely. But I also think that option 1 could be true. Honestly, this is all speculation.

  145. 145
    eria Says:

    Yeah they could have posted any OTHER pic of her, if you do a search of her online, you’ll find plenty of nice pics of her… BUT conveniently and oddly enough they chose the MIAMI ones… Bauer Griffin definitely knew..

  146. 146
    I wonder Says:

    if Mr. Butler thinks the price of fame is worth all this invasion into his personal life?

  147. 147
    Frenchie Says:

    WTF: Just wait. I’m not full of it. I suppose you think they are madly in love, and Aniston will have his baby to remember filming BH?

    he was: Never any more than friends with piggy. Those two cultures would never mix. And as fascinated as he was, he knows better. I don’t agree about the rabid fan. The rumors were started because he has an interest in India’s culture. And the India gossip press is worse than the same in the US.

    Good lord, if any of us believed all the stories about him, he’d have bonked about 10,000 women by now.

    Breath deeply, and just let it go. He may be pretty, but he’s not that good/bad/unbelievable.

  148. 148
    wow Says:

    They’re talking abut us as we speak at the Bauer Griffin site:
    “they didn’t just meet last week. they have known each other for over a year. someone at just jared broke the story. this photo proves it.
    April 11, 2010 9:42 PM

  149. 149
    WTF Says:

    @Frenchie: no not in love just exchange a disease or two and be done, it is the same girl .

  150. 150
    options Says:

    @I wonder:
    Are you kidding me? Of course it is! Dude’s pulling down major bank, riding this stock market to the top, where he’ll convert it all to gold and real estate. When the SHTF in the worldwide stock markets, he’ll make a nice getaway to South America and disappear, laughing all the way.

  151. 151
    WTF Says:

    @Frenchie: not in love just sharing an STD or two.

  152. 152
    Witch Says:

    Back a few pages someone mentioned the same necklaces. Could someone with brilliant computer skills please show that to us? Side by side or at least on the same post? I’m skeptical. While I think Frenchie is full of bull, I kind of agree that I don’t think they look like the same person.

    Hey, did this actually post?

    Lord, I’m getting embarassed that I’m so into this stuff. Oh well, some people follow football or basketball, I follow GB. My hobby.

  153. 153
    WTF Says:

    frenchie about the double post the site is f.u.c.k.e.d.

  154. 154
    she Says:

    @Mr. Giggles: have you seen ashraf?

  155. 155
    I Wonder Says:

    if his riches can buy back his dignity then, Options.

  156. 156
    Frenchie Says:

    Now I’m confused.

    options: Yes. The most true post of the day.

    But if it’s the same girl, what’s the end game?

  157. 157
    eria Says:

    Any actor/actress in Hollywood has employed PR stunts, publicity games with the media etc. It’s par of the course and profession. So before anyone jumps him on this…he’s not the only one, he’s a Hollywood actor.. what did you people expect??

  158. 158
    If we Says:

    concur that Laurie is a girlfriendish type person that he has been with for awhile now then why is lunch girl( Cynthia?) in Belgrade, is lunch girl a cousin as some one posted a while ago or a PA?

  159. 159
    lola Says:

    film is to fool the paparazzi, jen and gerry are complicit, you’ll see we’ll still talk to jen and gerry and laurie has denied a romance with the newspaper in France with gerry, it’s a buddy she said and have known him for some time

  160. 160
    eria Says:

    And to add… the pr games are nothing in terms of selling your dignity for the price of fame compared to what some Big Wigs at some big corporations or corrupt politicians are doing in terms of abuse and manipulation.. this is really nothing in the grand scheme of things..
    Butler and any other actor’s job is to provide entertainment.. whether in the form of movies, gossip, publicity etc….

  161. 161
    ashley Says:

    On a different note… this is pretty funny.
    The last post of some gal phannie is priceless.

  162. 162
    Expect? Says:

    @eria:oh i don’t know, how about being a credible actor who takes his work seriously and advances his career through his abilities and not who he sleeps with.

  163. 163
    phannie Says:

    eria: We expected the beauty of his soul. LOL. Sorry, just joking.

    But, if any of this is to be believed, Butler hard core fans seem to harken back to the 1940s and 1950s when the studios reigned supreme and they owned their actors and their personas. The fans apparently want him to be NOT REAL. They want some imaginary lover. Poo poo that if you want to, but it’s the truth. For some reason, Butler hits something with the imagination like no other has for a long time.

  164. 164
    lola Says:

    look on a picture, it has the right hand on his leg and left hand is closed what he does every time he is away from the person he loves

  165. 165
    eria Says:

    I don’t understand why some people are disappointed in him as if he has promised something and has not delivered?? He’s just an actor, not a friend of family member. why do some act with entitlement as if your investment options are going down due to poor performances or script choices from Butler??
    If you feel let down by an actor, my advice is to recheck your priorities…

  166. 166
    Spanky Says:

    All that walking on a date ….i am surprised he had any energy left over to bump uglies…..looks like he covered half of Paris that night……lol

    @Expect?: well said

    @ashley:best laugh of the night thanks

  167. 167
    sukar Says:

    If he has known her for a year than the slapping story makes sense. I mean you don’t slap someone you just met but if they’ve had a long relationship and he has annoyed her…

  168. 168
    tallntan Says:

    I can just hear him….”Come on Laurie. Just put on a comfy outfit and let’s walk around Paris for the day, go to the museums, have lunch and maybe even dinner. My treat. Oh and there may be some photographers following us the whole time. That’s no big deal. Just smile a lot and act like you’re having a great time. I need to shake up my fans a bit. Keep em guessing. They’ve never seen me do anything like this.”

  169. 169
    Fritz the Cat Says:


    That’s profound!

  170. 170
    i want to know Says:

    @eria: what are your priorities? hanging out at a gossip site? Looks like you are just as invested as the rest of us, get off the soap box honey.

  171. 171
    ashley Says:

    @sukar: OMG That was a fake story LOL!!!!!!!!!

  172. 172
    I'm not Says:

    disappointed in him in any way. I’ve loved him since Attila, and he’s given me a lot of great entertainment since then in movies and in his life. I think he’s the best thing in movies since the beginning of the industry. He’s got more charisma than anyone has ever had. He’s in a league of his own. John Barrymore would have liked him.

  173. 173
    picture? Says:

    what picture are you referring to?

  174. 174
    eria Says:

    @ I want to know
    Invested? no
    here for purely entertainment purposes? Yes, it’s called being bored

  175. 175
    Heidiho Says:

    Sukar: You are usually right on. BUT, HE was NOT even in the country when that stupid story was fabricated. Get some sleep, sweetie. No one slapped anyone. The story was a FAKE. He was still in LA doing voice overs for the HTTYD DVD.

  176. 176
    Orchid Says:

    Gerard and Laurie are just having fun in Paris. Maybe it’s already over while I’m typing this! LOL
    I like her ankle boots.

  177. 177
    Again Says:

    I’m not in love . . .

  178. 178
    there was an article Says:

    @Heidiho: that he was in belgrade april 10 for a conference with Vanessa Redgraves it is on the other thread! voice over was last week.

  179. 179
    Bounty Hunter worldwide 98 mil Says:

    The Bounty Hunter worldwide gross stands at 98 millions with 42 million from foreign market and 56 million from us market. The production cost is 40 million. Not great but not as darn as predicted.

    HTTYD’s worldwide gross stands at 282 million (with 165 million production cost). To put it in perspective, KungFu Panda, another DreamWork animation, made about 400 million worldwide when all said and done.

    Read more:

  180. 180
    bubu Says:

    wowww and where is ” chiniston, the women whom gerard love to death… ha ha ha it’s so funny… gerard you rock… gerry chiniston don’t deserves you, this french lady is better than this forever “the girl nest door”

  181. 181
    gill Says:

    maniston will cry seeing this…

  182. 182
    lennie Says:

    Poor Chinnifer Maniston. So you guys think that she is hotter than this girl? Come on you, maybe she is hotter to Gerry simply because she is 29. An 41 oldie for him is just a “friend with benefits”. And obviously he has much more respect for this one than for your oldie idol because he didn’t allow himself to finger her in public. Poor chin chin. All those photo ops for nothing. All that finger humiliation for nothing. My mommy always said respect yourself than men will respect you. BTW my mommy is just few years older than Chin CHin, and my mommy is hotter!

  183. 183
    sukar Says:


    God what is wrong with you? I totally believe that your mom is Jen’s age because you sound like you are 12! They have BOTH denied there is any relationship so why would she be upset by the photos?

    PS: Stop going on about the chin. Laurie is pretty but her chin is bigger than Jen’s!

  184. 184
    THE BUTLER DID IT........AGAIN Says:

    Well someone in G’s camp didn’t do their homework. PR people read over stories before they are released. G, ya might want to proof read this sh*t yourself. You now look really, really stupid.

    Good job all for locating pics, same face, same necklace, etc.

    Oh! If it looks like a c*ck and walks like a c*ck, it must be Butler.

    @ Maria from Texas Post #32
    WTF are talking about? Sorry, not a troll or a sock for BET.
    And why are you screaming at me assuming I was on JA’s side? Are you high? I’m glad you know for sure he was having a nice time, though. Oh, wait, was that you on the phone with Gerry during their “date”? I suppose he was telling you what a nice time they were having. I bet he let you in on the little secret that they have known each other for over a year and this was a little pr stunt and she was just playing along. Jeez, you could have told us that in your post, it would have saved us some time.
    And I’m certainly not a JA fan, either dummy. Just because I make a joke, don’t go all Christian Bale on me and make the leap or assume I’m defending her. If you hate her so much, should I assume you’re a AJ fan? With your rational, one would think you were.

    Let it go! sweetie. The Gerry & Laurie pr train left the station awhile ago…………when you were in the bathroom snorting coke.

  185. 185
    cubfan34 Says:

    Maybe they were no longer in contact with one another and that’s why he went “crackers” when he saw her again,.

  186. 186
    Curious Carla Says:

    I think a lot is being lost in the translation of these photos. It has been said by Gerry in the past that he is very good at keeping his real relationships private and concealed (under the covers, so to speak). Anyone he tends to parade in front of the cameras is always just a friend, someone he doesn’t really care about in a romantic sense. He has been photographed with other women before, not on an actual “date” like this is, IF this is truly a date. He didn’t seem to mind the photos from Rio, and he knew the cameras were on him there, as well as at other times. He was seen with women in Miami, and there were pictures. But none of these women, so far as anyone knows, have turned out to be serious relationships. I think the Kristy Korzek incident was a set up thing as well. Whether or not any of this has been staged to help deflect the Jennifer Aniston rumors – of which now there are reports out there that she is truly pregnant with Gerry’s baby, confirmed as such, which I don’t believe a word of and neither should anybody else, as it is obviously just an “extension” of the OK article that someone has chosen to add to – all of this “dating” thing may just be to help deflect from all the other rumors going about him right now. The gossip magazines, tabloids, and press all over the world have played up the “romance” between Gerry and Jennifer to the point where I’m sure both have become uncomfortable with it all, at least Gerry has, I doubt Jennifer has, as she seems to thrive on this type of thing, and in her desperation for a man, she is in agreement for anything to be printed about her, as long as it keeps her involved with a man. So, if Gerry has to use tactics such as this to help dissolve some of the rumors, then so be it. I tend to think that Laurie is a friend of his, and I would like to see it go further than just friendship. Time will take care of this, one way or another. I’m sure at this point, he regrets ever signing onto The Bounty Hunter movie, as I’m sure he has gotten a lot more than he bargained for, most of it not good. His “recovery” from all of this insanity over the past two years is going to be interesting to watch. Maybe this “date” with Laurie is a start, and hopefully these next two movies will help to get him back into good graces. But it seems that the Butler/Aniston rumors are accelerating rather than diminishing and they should be over and done with by now. So whatever it takes to help that along, I’m sure his PR team will employ, as it doesn’t seem that they will go away any other way. Aniston and Huvane are tenacious and will stop at nothing at this point to save face for Jennifer. It’s a vicious cycle.

  187. 187
    sukar Says:

    I wonder what he is thinking now? And also who is this person who managed to identify this girl? I mean no one has such a good memory, especally considering how old the Miami photos are. I think the person who posted this knows the girl.

  188. 188
    daffodil Says:

    Why so long for the photos past tense and as for Jen to much of a mature woman for Gerry to handle should not touch what you can not afford just sayin

  189. 189
    Are They Aren't They???? Says:

    I have to hand it to whoever realised Laurie is same girl in Miami pics as it definitely looks like her. Yes it looks likes he’s been caught out on a big PR trick but Gerry’s people as far as im aware have made no official comment on any of the Laurie speculation so far. So if called out on this it can be explained as pure press speculation/unreliable sources and its nothing more than 2 old friends enjoying a day out in Paris. I think his people have veen very wise to have remained tight lipped up til now.

  190. 190
    THE BUTLER DID IT........AGAIN Says:

    You’ve got a point, unless this person, laruj who posted, was scouring over photos for over a week to see if this girl was previously with G, that is some f*cking memory. There must be a gazillion photos on Gals. Said she remembered the flower bikini top. Hmmm, maybe Huvane’s people are on it to embarrass Gerry cause Jen’s due in about 7 months and she’s already picked out baby names for the triplets. Oh the mudslinging.

    Rut Ro! Lucy, ju got sum splaining to do!
    Gerry, your turn.

  191. 191
    sallyo Says:

    nice sleuth work!! since its established that this is his friend/fwb she must have run all her comments by him first
    also noticed when they described him as completely cracking ofr her they used a french turn of phrase – made me think it wasn’t his camp that released it. ‘completement craque’ is more a french way of speaking.

  192. 192
    angel of music Says:

    laruj – is Laurie’s enemy

  193. 193
    jojo Says:

    Gerard is a pig and it shows

  194. 194
    THE BUTLER DID IT........AGAIN Says:

    Good call! I think you’re right. Put out by her people with his OK.

    I wondered about that phrase, completely cracked. Sounded funny to me, but I figured, eh just go with it.

    Certainly keeps us guessing.

  195. 195
    deanie Says:

    Well choice,Gerald ! I one congrat u.

  196. 196
    Grace Says:

    They lied to People. Gerard knows this girl, was photographed on a vacation with her in Miami a year ago and she has a baby, probably his.

  197. 197
    This Just In Says:

    Well wether he is her baby’s daddy or not I heard from my sources again that there is a third woman due to show up in Serbia…maybe a show down? It would fit in with the theme of the movie.

  198. 198
    sukar Says:

    The baby being his is a bit of a stretch. The boy looks like a toddler so that was the time when Gerry was with Jasmine and Bianca. Anyway I think a lot of fans will be annoyed. Not because he is in a relationship but because he’s been lying through his teeth for a year and a half. Why all the secrecy? Bigger stars confess to relationships!

  199. 199
    No Conspiracy Says:

    Yes he met her before, but only briefly they remembered meeting each other when she interviewed him and they hit it off end of story.
    FYI she doesn’t have a baby

  200. 200
    THE BUTLER DID IT........AGAIN Says:

    Annoyed? Probably. But don’t think this has been a steady ongoing relationship. Why bring it out now? Yes, bigger male stars, sex symbols even, are married or have out in the open relationships and it doesn’t affect their box office clout or fan base.

    It does make you wonder. Is he afraid some hard core fannie will attack his “real” women? I know people get nasty in calling some of his “outings” ugly, but ya gotta be more thick-skinned than that in this business. Or is it something else? Oy veh!

  201. 201
    gossiphound Says:

    Gee did they get enough photos already, why so late, trying to drag it out whilst Gerry en route to Serbia or something?

  202. 202
    THE BUTLER DID IT........AGAIN Says:

    Ya think.

  203. 203
    sallyo Says:

    Now gerry’s her baby daddy?
    I love this thread.

  204. 204
    hahaha Says:

    Man is liar, I mean a lawyer. Cmon smell the coffee. This Frenchie thing is a deflection. No denial from Rep means they are trying to ride this one. As for JA they are all in cahoots look at the AD magazine.GB and SHuvane featured in a magazine layout c’mon. Two months prior was JA in AD. Violin girl deflection from golden globes display by the way were sitting together because Sony made them sit together yeah right and suppose to be kissing and Aid for Haiti together again. Beatriz deflection JA birthday party in Mexico. As for Frenchie either from the butt grabbing or his Ganymede tendencies. But since his bisexual prank for April fools day prank. I am leaning towards JA. He’s a bit twisted. Another thing that annoys me is why he is he suppose to have suprised his mother and step father’s anniversary when people know he was suppose to be in the UK for easter? Anniversary is suppose to be in the same weekend.

  205. 205
    Fritz the Cat Says:

    Whether this is a PR maneuver or not, the “completely cracked for her” during an interview is bogus. What gets me is…why expend all that energy and trouble,,,ie…walking around Paris with cameras snapping away? Whether Laurie is a pal or something more….the stink of Aniston must be REALLY bad to put on this kind of display.

    This reminds me of that Robertson Blvd. nonsense a while back.

    He’s very shrewd.

  206. 206
    greenlawns Says:

    My guess is Gerry has his women in every major cities around the world so whenever and wherever he travels he will always make sure he has some company. He doesn’t travel with female friends at all, only the male buddies. But when he stops by a place while on business or leissure travels he makes sure he has local women he knew from before, being an ex gf or female friends available for entertainment, not necessarily for sex. He likes to be surrounded by friends including FWBs when at home, no exceptions when on the road. Laurie is his Parisian woman, to be there for him to spend some time with so he won’t feel lonely.

    A lot of businessmen are like that having local women around when they are in town for business. Otherwise, can you imagine how lonely and boring that would be when the business meeting is over and they get stuck in their hotels for the whole night by themselves. Of course it all depends on each individual. For Gerry he is a very sociable person so I am not going to judge him for being pictured together with friends.

  207. 207
    Why not just admit Says:

    that they were old friends/acquaintenances not: OMG he cracked over her when she interviewed him. An old friend showing him the town is a nice story. Faking the date thing…seriously…what is he…12 yrs old?

    I wonder what kind of texts and calls are flying between him and his team now that the truth is out.

    “Alan, Joy, we gotta talk…”

  208. 208
    Sam Says:

    lol rofl you are so comical oh dear i just cant stop laughing lol rofl you are so funny

  209. 209
    sol Says:

    @THE BUTLER DID IT……..AGAIN: ja ttink so too.

  210. 210
    Stinkylouise Says:

    “……….the stink of Aniston must be REALLY bad to put on this kind of display.”

    EXACTLY Fritz. And as Curious Carla pointed out it seems to be lingering.
    I think G has been selected as JA’s permanent fauxmance-go-to-guy. She’s got 2 films with married co-stars and she’ll need the usual tabloid cr*p to sell the movies.Isn’t the first one out this summer?

    I can’t believe someone recognized and remembered Laurie from Miami. LOL. Maybe she’s the French ex he once mentioned.

  211. 211
    Nobody You Know Says:

    In an interesting connection, the black guy in all the Miami photos with G is a reporter for Extra, I believe. (he works for the same show as Maria Menunous)

  212. 212
    Poor Poor Maniston Says:

    just love how Gerard has thoroughly humiliated Maniston. Manny was really hoping that Gerard would fall for her & that she would be in a relationship with him. Since the filming of Bounty began that is what she was anticipating. Her self esteem must have sank lower, because if a handsome, good looking SINGLE guy like Gerard can’t fall in love with you, then you have a BIG PROBLEM. Anyway she looks like a Man, and is not pretty or attractive, just blah and hence Gerard refusing to go for her. I know she is hating Gerard for this, becuase right now she would have been the envy of her looser fans, parading him all over. Poor poor Jen, men keep RUNNING AWAY from her and hooking up with other women. Common Jen, you must be really unattractive inside out. And a very LOUSY LAY in bed as John Mayer alluded in his famous interview. No wonder, men can’t stand you.

  213. 213
    Barbie Says:

    @ Stinkylouise…interesting! Maybe she IS the French ex girlfriend…the one who gave him that silver “to the one I love” ring…he had that ring forever, it must have been hard for him to let go…

  214. 214
    hahaha Says:

    @Poor Poor Maniston:

    I thought GB prefer women that look like men. So there. This she is so needy, I don’t buy it. and she is attractive. Stop hating. Some of this GB fans are hating on her because maybe they deep inside they wouldn’t be able to handle the truth. Those two are in cahoots.

  215. 215
    Anon Says:

    It is easiest to start checking who the reps are behind celebs when they appear in mags or movies together or bash someone else….it usually leads back to their reps. Most likely the Brother combo of Huvane.

  216. 216
    ChickenSammich Says:

    Haven’t read all the comments because life is too short for all that. I prefer to be uneducated.

    When I first saw the pics on the dailymail site they had just the ones that kinda, mighta, almost looked like they were holding hands and getting cuddly. Nobody seemed to notice that the clothing changed from day to night, so instantly everyone was all over the big all-day-date story.

    Looking at these, the whole thing was a huge crock of sheet, because it was a slow news day and they had nothing better to talk about. Newsreader offers to show buddy the town. He had to work, so did she, the met up for dinner later, which he probably bought as a gift for showing him the sights.

    And she gets a big@ss career boost out of it. Looking at her, she needs all the help she can get. Poor dear.

    Is anyone else getting sick of all the butler stories?

  217. 217
    Hi PR Joy Says:

    Joy’s husband supposedly works for Extra or Access Hollywood.

  218. 218
    greenlawns Says:

    Clearly Gerry is the one who carries BH at the box office. The Switch (formerly known as The Baster) will bomb at BO mark my word.

  219. 219
    gossiphound Says:

    @Dam turnip: forgive me if I am not buying the two women in Belgrade story, not yet anyway, we already had people making up stories on the weekend

    Well well so the PR team got caught with their pants down and here is another angle – if the paps start digging around and find out they knew each other before and she has a young child, depending on how old the kid is – put two and two together and guess the headline- even if not true not very bright..

    Yes I suspect we are never going to see a Direct 8 video of Gerry which just further confirms we’ve got the PR team redheanded. Bravo and Brava.

  220. 220
    It's obvious Says:

    he’s gay/bi…all of his pr with women is .too contrived. Bianca = beard. Jasmine=beard, etc.

    Miami pictures – she could have been with anyone else there….the black guy could be her boyfriend!

  221. 221
    It's obvious Says:

    Heck the black guy could be Gerry’s boyfriend….he does like them tall, dark and manly looking! LOL!

  222. 222
    gossiphound Says:

    Never seen photos taken March 31 – yet did JJ have photos showing Gerry in Madrd on March 31 – taken so long to surface.

    I wondered why Bauer Griffin posted that bikini photo – how come they didn’t call the story out directly?

    Ah never a dull day in Gerryworld. You do wonder why all the game playing unless he just likes playing games. Or who put out the fake story in the first place, do we give him any benefit of the doubt?

  223. 223
    sallyo Says:

    @gossiphound we need whoever spotted lola vie in the miami shots to track down who gave the original ‘they met when she interviewed him for tbh’. once we know the source, the rest falls into place.

  224. 224
    gossiphound Says:

    @there was an article:

    that is not quite right, previous articles on the film said that he was expected April 10 or mid April depending on the article but the latest news from a spokeperson said Redgrave and Butler were expected this week and a press conference will be held, it never said which day this week. she also clarifed rumours that Gerry was already in Serbia last week which he was not.

  225. 225
    hahaha Says:


    Wasn’t it Bauer Griffin the first one that posted violin girl?

  226. 226
    gossiphound Says:

    They were indee@hahaha:

    They were indeed.

  227. 227
    I think Says:

    she is just a ploy to divert speculation about him being gay (after AD photos) and to dispel the JA rumor mill.

    Alan is taking the pictures. I think they may have met in Florida, but she was probably with someone else. Alan probably has speadsheet somewhere with all the six degrees of separation. Were is the french interview anyway?

    Remember the girl on the beach and coming out of the bar with him when he was in Israel a couple of years ago? She was also in Florida walking on the beach with all his friends. If someone has the pictures of Israel and then the Miami shots you will see her.

  228. 228
    bauer griffin Says:

    @hahaha: BG did buy the rights to the violin girl photos first but not the video.

  229. 229
    gossiphound Says:

    @I think:

    Ariel Vromen is Israeli, perhaps his squeeze of the moment?

  230. 230
    229 Says:

    Well, then Israel girl was In Miami the same time Laurie was. LOL

  231. 231
    LauraS Says:

    Congrats to whoever discovered the french girl was in Miami….so enlighten me: is GB in Belgrade and exactly how many women does he have with him?

  232. 232
    Stinkylouise Says:

    Pffft,forget the herd.The man has got a worldwide harem.LOL!

  233. 233
    His Type Says:

    may not really be “his type” Every time he is photographed with a girl with long dark hair, it is just assumed she is with him. Maybe this is all part of his game.

  234. 234
    gossiphound Says:

    Oh dear it appears Vanessa Redgrave’s brother Corin died last week and today was the funeral in London.

  235. 235
    greenlawns Says:

    Maybe Gerry’s PR team feels that the story of the date with Laurie has been carried too far by tabloids and sort of beat the original purpose – to deflect JA rumors. So Gerry’s PR team, via Bauer Griffin, leaks the photos showing that Gerry and Laurie are really just old chummies and it is not a date per se but a friendly meet up of old acquaintances.

    Somehow I just don’t buy the idea someone here on JJ had such good memories and familiarities with every details of hundreds of Gerry’s photos to recognize the identity of Laurie. It smells like a leak from Gerry’s people.

  236. 236
    gossiphound Says:

    @greenlawns: It does not put either of them in a better light though, since she was interviewed and neglected to mention they were old chums so it still smells like a PR stunt. OR the media outlets that supposedly interviewed her neglected to mention that fact Because yes that happens too, the gossip sites do not want their fairy tales muddied with facts.

  237. 237
    235 Says:

    “Somehow I just don’t buy the idea someone here on JJ had such good memories and familiarities with every details of hundreds of Gerry’s photos to recognize the identity of Laurie.”

    LOL – You don’t know his obsessed fans that well.

  238. 238
    Tonto Says:

    Wow! Ain’t we got fun here with this thread? I’m guessing some of you work for the FBI or the CIA. It won’t be long before we hear he’s got ten women waiting in Serbia for him and Laurie is leading the troops to victory. This is playing out like a sick soap opera. Speculation running a muck. I don’t buy any of it. But, hey, ain’t we got fun?

  239. 239
    good work Says:

    @Mr. Giggles -Thks for that link to Bauer Griffin. If you hadn’t posted that, we would have never put together that Laurie and Butler were friends for a long time.

  240. 240
    Serbia Says:

    Maybe fryguy will be there.

  241. 241
    the real cece Says:

    @235: ITA. Some of them could tell you what cologne he was wearing just by looking at the photos. It’s scary.

    I check in and see it’s the same old same old. Gerry’s gotten boring. He needs to work so he’s more interesting.

  242. 242
    Freaking out Says:

    I can’t say why but I am sort of freakin. Let’s say my intuition guided me on this one.

    He keeps many options. Laurie and Cinthia are two. He has strong connections with both I see. Lauri and him think alike I suspect. Yes he has long term relationship that go nowhere. If he is now seen with this girl in Paris, it means she is helping him with PR or he is giving her some respect as some significance. A scorpio woman would not want it any other way. They will not show unless they need to.

  243. 243
    if she Says:

    lives in Paris, she wasn’t just coincidentally in Miami when he was. Seems more reasonable that he brought her there. He probably knew her well before Miami.

    And the Louvre seems odd. She lives in Paris, he grew up in Europe – certainly both have been there many times. Not that you could ever see all there is to see there, but it would seem that for a date, or for “friends catching up”, a local would have some other ideas of where to go.

    Hey, let’s go stand in line with a couple hundred gauche tourists in track suits to look at the Mona Lisa again! Great, sounds like fun! I mean, did they really stand in line down at the little turnstiles and buy tickets and everything? Really?

    The Louvre is just so uber public. The only other spotlight that would have been bigger would be the Eiffel Tower. Or possibly to stand atop the Arc de Triomphe and shout Look At Me.

  244. 244
    Augusta Says:

    I’m not sure I get why people are so interested to know if they knew each other previously, like it’s some giant conspiracy. Gerry never has said anything about her, let alone that they just met and this was a first date etc. etc. That’s been the gossip sites’ bag, starting in Paris, not anything out of his mouth.

  245. 245
    Well well Says:

    Well folks yesterday he was in Haiti just seen a post from Accidental Sexiness with pics. Good for him

  246. 246
    Stinkylouise Says:

    He’s in Haiti:

  247. 247
    gossiphound Says:

    @if she:

    The Louvre argument doesn’t wash, per se, you can spend days in the Louvre and not cover all of it and they bring in special limited time exhibits all the time to keep interest in the musuem and some people just dig museums. For example the King Tut exhibit is making the rounds, it is in Toronto now. I’d like to go see it before it leaves. Maybe there is a Sparta exhibit, LOL.

  248. 248
    hmmm? Says:

    @Augusta: Gerry always hides his interests and displays all others. He will never show them in public or mention their names. That’s why people are having fun with this one. She has been with him a year before and who knows how long.

  249. 249
    slgirl Says:

    I think the violin girl did a waaaaay better job…at least she got to snog him =)

  250. 250
    LauraS Says:

  251. 251
    asdf Says:

    the Louvre is very touristy and usually unpleasantly crowded. It’s not like you wander the empty exhibits in peaceful, solemn contemplation. It’s like you try to see things over other people’s heads without getting stepped on.

  252. 252
    hahaha Says:

    He is Haiti

  253. 253
    amen Says:

    @Stinkylouise: He said he was going. I was wondering if it was before or after his Serbia shoot. It’s like a tour group of celebs.

  254. 254
    LauraS Says:

    ups others beat me to it….at list he is doing some good while we are analyzing his life :))))

  255. 255
    just sayin' Says:

    guessing that his PR people and he were angered by the direction the pregnancy rumors were going. If she decided to inseminate herself at 40th birthday time (probably didn’t tell him anything about it) and she uses the timing of a much publicized vacation with hunky co-star to exploit for speculation for next 9 months. I know, it’s a stretch and she might not be pregnant at all, but the situation is rich with possibilities for a predatory media wh*re like Aniston. So maybe the Laurie situation is sort of like retaliation and “b’bye I’m outta here.”

  256. 256
    CJ Says:
    Caption…”Come, Lets eat, laugh and sing a little karaoke and confuse people.”…♥

  257. 257
    gossiphound Says:


    I believe he has not been to Serbia yet. The Serbian government is helping Ralph with the PR on this, they are hoping the film will repair Serbia’s global image and they have been bending over backward to give Ralph whatever he wants or needs including free PR any chance they can. When Gerry and/or Vanessa hit Serbian soil, we will know. Probably a welcoming commitee of paps at the airport like in Rio.

    It certainly makes more sense for GB to go down to Haiti with a group than by himself and later rather than right after the disaster though things are still bad there apparently. The camera person seemed to love Ben Stiller and Gerry and Demi Moore LOL.

  258. 258
    CJ Says:

  259. 259
    To people who know: Says:

    When he was with Bianca, Jasmine, or any of his long terms, was he ever photographed with them.
    Did he ever acknowledge that any of them was a girlfriend?
    Does anyone have any pictures of them together?

  260. 260
    spanky Says:

    LOL…in Haiti whatta ya know?…still like the b.itch slap from Laurie and him with the two girls in a Belgrade hotel better. Made for a way more interesting thread.

    As us Canadians would say “Nice save GB”

  261. 261
    LauraS Says:

    It’s interesting how they used his name in title, not Demi Moore’s or Ben Stiller’s….maybe it’s just because Rosy from AC is a Gerry-fan?

  262. 262
    spanky Says:

    @CJ: nice pics CJ……wonder what he’s eating as Harry Levin from TMZ would say….oh i know a “HAM “sandwich….33333333333333333333333333333

  263. 263
    spanky Says:

    @spanky: scrap that a “HAM” croissant

  264. 264
    Stinkylouise Says:

    New thread.Haiti pics.

  265. 265
    CJ Says:

    LOL Spanks…♥♥♥♥

  266. 266
    Anonymous Says:


    She has her cellphone to her ear and he’s laughing and I don’t think she’s laughing about his joke but something the person on the phone has told her.

  267. 267
    Anonymous Says:

    @To people who know:: He was seen at enough places that were not official with Bianca for it to be convincing that they were together.

    She crashed the 300 party because she was pissed at him so should be enough to let you know she was a jilted girlfriend.

    I saw a picture of him and Jasmine at a private dinner that somebody once shared but I guess the person removed it. I also saw him in December 2007 in south Miami at a party and when he left Jasmine was holding his arm and she was with him walking on a NY street in August 2008. So I’d guess Jasmine was one of the 2 long relationships (Bianca was only there about 8-9 months) that he kept so well hidden that not many people, unless you’re in the same line of work as I am, knew about it.

  268. 268
    ivermom Says:

    Gerry’s excited…he has a new b#tt hole to stick his finger in. hahaha~!

  269. 269
    To people who know: Says:

    Thanks for the reply.
    On famous hookups, it says Bianca was 2 years and jasmine was 1 year, so apparently no one has the correct information on this guy. A lot of it is hearsay.
    Regarding Bianca, I heard it ended on a bad note because someone at his camp accused her of using Gerard to promote her career. Of course, I tend to believe that jilted is more like it. Probably cheated on her too.
    Why do you think he broke up with Jasmine and why aren’t there any pictures anywhere? I find that so amazing.
    There aren’t any good pictures of these 2 girls alone either. Are they not famous models?

  270. 270
    notafan Says:


  271. 271
    JJ Says:

    Wow, you can really see the age difference. He’s a good looking middle-aged bloke, but a little too knocked-kneed even for this minor french tv presenter!

  272. 272
    why?? Says:

    The guy from TMZ is Harvey Levin, not Harry Levin.

  273. 273
    Anonymous Says:

    @notafan: O.K.! What did poor Jennifer whom I happen to know and who’s a very nice person, totally not wasting her time hanging to the past and that means thinking Brad will come back to her someday and for the record, she’s not even desperately looking for a guy, has done to you for you to hate her like? Even Angelina Jolie who’s also somebody I know is not hung up on hating and belittling Jennifer. They don’t socialize but that makes sense. Would you socialize with your ex-husband’s mistress? I don’t know many saintly women who would btw.

    For the record also because I’m tired of seeing 50-60 years old fans being bashed, some of them are even hotter looking than some of the desperate to brag about it 18 years old who comes to his parties wearing low-cut decollete with the hope of getting laid by him. I have seen him spending more time around some hot-looking 40+ who were not moaning about him but would have normal interesting conversation with him.

    The worst thing you can do around him is to look like a moron, making a total fool of yourself thinking because you’re in your 20ies that if you wear a low-cut decollete you’re spending the night with him. He usually has a date to those premieres and she knows better than showing up with him but usually if you stick around long enough you will see him leave with her. Some of them are women he has an understanding with and they’re just there to be with him when he wants to see them and some others are friends, sometimes even ex-girlfriends.

  274. 274
    spanky Says:

    @why??: oops sorry there..Harvey…still a funny guy…love how tmz takes the mickey out of celebs especially Butler!

  275. 275
    too much Says:

    I think it is amusing that everyone knows about Biana and Jasmine, but he claimed to have had 2 relationships and said he managed to keep them secret. Huh? If indeed he was referring to these two not much of a secret. Maybe the two relationships he is referring to were with men.

    Also just because this girl was pictured in Miami does not mean THEY were together, she is in a bathing suit, yet he is dressed for what?……This whole Paris thing is a joke too. She probably is a GF of his who may have also been in Miami!

  276. 276
    too much Says:

    oops I meant This whole Paris thing is a joke too. She probably is a GF of a friend of his who may have also been in Miami too!

  277. 277
    gossiphound Says:


    I just don’t get the appeal of being one of Gerry’s non-dates or secret girlfriends.. Now if one was a paid escort, makes perfect sense then because at least you are getting paid to twiddle your things and be bored for several hours in an evening that may or may not result in any decent sex later. Why even bother going to a premiere if he has to avoid you all night. Call me when you are done for the post premiere booty call. Or the post premiere post after party booty call. Sad really.

  278. 278
    gossiphound Says:

    I didn’t mean twiddle your things, that’s Gerry’s department I meant twiddle your thumbs.

  279. 279
    TOO MUCH Says:

    Frankly, IF he was in 2 long relationships and he said that no one even knew about them doesn’t even make sense. Then how did WE know about Bianca and Jasmine. He brought B with him to parties were they were photographed. Maybe the the relationships weren’t with them. IF he even had them.

    Maybe they were with men.

  280. 280
    to Anonymous Says:

    What parties of his are you talking about? Or do you mean night clubs that he goes to with his entourage?
    As far as his spending time with hot 40+ year olds, you never see that. Instead he’s always photographed with under 30 year-old women, which is OK as long as they’re not too young. Also, I’m hard pressed to believe that many 18 year-olds are interested in 40 year-old men.
    “He usually has a date to those premieres and she knows better than showing up with him but usually if you stick around long enough you will see him leave with her. Some of them are women he has an understanding with and they’re just there to be with him when he wants to see them and some others are friends, sometimes even ex-girlfriends.”
    So what your saying is what we’ve all suspected, namely that he has many FWB to satisfy his sexual needs, which leads one to believe that he doesn’t need a “clingy” girlfriend and is not the “marrying type” as he stated many times. From his perspective, why get married if I have dozens of females willing to be FWB with me.
    Since you know a little bit about him, what’s your take on the French girl and the publicity surrounding this whole thing? Do you think he’s is or was in a relationship with her?

  281. 281
    SBGB Says:

    @he was:

    more like PC was not with GB! He tried! But she’s not easy.
    They like each other though. Alot.
    Dissapointed JJ never managed to get a picture of these 2 together from her time in the USA.
    Must comment, some of you regulars are quite outstanding.
    Lastly, GB never appears to “boring” amongst his contemparies.

  282. 282
    @ Anonymous Says:

    You don’t know anymore than anyone else here. Everything you stated we all have seen and read on the sites. The picture of he and Jasmine on NY eve in Miami – posted on GALS. the episode with Bianca showing up at 300 – posted with picture –

    What idiot women would “hang aound” until after the parties without being seen with him? If she has any self respect she wouldn’t hang around. The only ex-girlfriend maybe would be Gina whatshername. To be seen with really young women is much better for the image he wants to project, but it actually makes him look creepy.

    Hopefully,he actually may prefer women closer to his own age……and blonde! LOL

  283. 283
    A Possibility Says:

    @@ Anonymous:
    That’s what i was thinking too. Maybe he actually prefers women in their 30′s and not necessarily just burnets. That would make him more of a regular guy than a total nutcase or creep. However, no one here really knows him personally to attest to that. Maybe Anonymous does as she claims but i highly doubt that.

  284. 284
    @ A Possibility Says:

    I doubt it too.

  285. 285
    does she really have a baby? Says:

    where is the proof Laurie has a baby?

  286. 286
    Wow Says:

    “Gerard Butler is still in Paris, boning his hot new girlfriend “
    This is a funny article filled with lies, ½ truths, and innuendoes.
    They took the picture of her in the bikini from Bauer-Griffin (gave it credit), not really knowing why this picture is so significant to this made-up story.
    They call her Lisa – LOL

  287. 287
    swimsuit Says:

    she doesn’t look like she has a kid from her swimsuit pictures.

  288. 288
    swimsuit Says:

    aimee @ 04/12/2010 at 12:33 am

    Thumb up Thumb down +2

    i remember those pictures from last year in miami. someone said that gerry’s date was there but in the background. guess it was true.


  289. 289
    Stinkylouise Says:

    Wasn’t the Miami trip just before he began filming LAC in Philly? Wonder how she felt about his “herding” in the nightclubs? LOL!

  290. 290
    Wow Says:

    @@ Anonymous:
    “What idiot women would “hang aound” until after the parties without being seen with him? If she has any self respect she wouldn’t hang around.”
    It’s very emotionally lonely to be in a relationship with him – it’s only physical.
    The women with him don’t make any sense – they throw their self-respect out the window to be with him. He knows it. He’s living the life most men dream of. That’s why he allows himself to carry on like this.

  291. 291
    cubfan34 Says:

    He had a week off during the filming of LAC that he spent going to fashion shows with Gina. I don’t believe he and Laurie had a romance.

  292. 292
    Gina Says:

    So Gina became a FWB after the girlfriend thing didn’t work out?

  293. 293
    @292 Says:

    @Gina: Gina was his GF a long time ago.

  294. 294
    @290 Says:

    @Wow: “He’s living the life most men dream of.”

    Read more:
    His living the life any messed up man dreams of. He goes for certain girls because he has no respect for himself.

  295. 295
    @280 Says:

    @to Anonymous: “why get married if I have dozens of females willing to be FWB with me.”

    Read more:
    For love.
    But first Gerry will have to think of girls as more than vag!nas. That takes emotional intelligence and a good upbringing which obviously he lacks.

  296. 296
    cubfan34 Says:

    We don’t know when Gina was his girlfriend.

  297. 297
    gossiphound Says:


    Neither does Giselle Bunschen, etc etc nor does Heidi Klum look like she’s had what 4 kids now?

  298. 298
    Lisa Says:

    Check out Getty images for GB. Is Natacha Yarovenko, first pic on the page, the same girl as in the Kimmel kiss video?

  299. 299
    ?? Says:

    @Lisa: ?? Natacha = Kimmel Girl

  300. 300
    more FWB... Says:

    Can you provide us with a link?

  301. 301
    hmmm Says:

    @cubfan34: I agree with whoever said GB dated Gina long ago. She is in her mid -30 at least. There hasn’t been a hint that he’s been with a woman around his age in at least 5-6 years. They probably hooked up whenever she started doing his make-up. If we ever find that out we’ll know when their fling started. With all these young babes around in recent years he hasn’t had to go for the age appropriate ones.

  302. 302
    hmmm Says:

    I agree with whoever said GB dated Gina long ago. She is in her mid -30 at least. There hasn’t been a hint that he’s been with a woman around his age in at least 5-6 years. They probably hooked up whenever she started doing his make-up. If we ever find that out we’ll know when their fling started. With all these young babes around in recent years he hasn’t had to go for the age appropriate ones.

  303. 303
    @300 Says:

  304. 304
    Lisa Says:

    @more FWB…: @300 just posted the pic. Sorry, forgot to post it.

  305. 305
    @303 Says:

    Good Lord, some of you girls need to get new hobbies. Spelunking up Gerard Butler’s @ss is not considered a constructive pasttime.

  306. 306
    more FWB... Says:

    could be her. At least she’s different from the others. She’s 31 and with light brown-dark blone hair.
    In she looks lovely.
    But we’re not sure it’s her. The girl in the vid looks a bit younger.
    Oh my, the guy is on a mission to meet, hookup,or shag every pretty woman he can get his hands on. Unbelievable!

  307. 307
    ashley Says:

    This is getting embarrassing

  308. 308
    Get Real Says:

    Oh my, the guy is on a mission to meet, hookup,or shag every pretty woman he can get his hands on. Unbelievable!

    Read more:
    And your mission is to analyze, dig and search for all of those? What’s more unbelievable?
    GMFB! Hundreds of posts on who this man is alledgedly doing, and just a few on what he’s actually doing, which by the way is something quite good.

  309. 309
    more FWB... Says:

    @Get Real:
    what’s unbelievable, is you telling us what we should do.
    Maybe you should get a life. Did you ever think about that?
    If you had a life you wouldn’t be telling anyone what to do.

  310. 310
    Get Real Says:

    @more FWB…:Not telling anyone what to do, smartie. Just stating how pathetic it is. It’s pretty obvious. Keep digging though, JJ thanks you. I’m gonna go get a life now, excuse myself.

  311. 311
    What does Says:

    any of this matter in the big picture? Conspiracy theories about some date in Paris? And, now he’s in Haiti. And, he’s worried about spouting Shakespeare with the greats. He’s got so much more on his mind and in his life than this drivel. He’s a ceo in Evil Twins. Good lord, how does this man cope? Besides the business, he has to keep on keeping on being beautiful physically for all the phannies. I sure don’t envy him his millions. His life is beyond absurd.

  312. 312
    lol Says:

    @Get Real: and you are here, why?
    If you are reading this thread you’re no better than the people you say need a life.

  313. 313
    high guy Says:

    @What does:
    How does he cope?
    With caffeine!

  314. 314
    APRIL Says:

    im just wondering…there’s speculations that gerry is a it really true?!they say that gays knows who’s gay….so im asking gay men,,if you think he is?…anyway,,im happy for him,looks like they’re having fun…good luck gerry!!! ; )

  315. 315
    gossiphound Says:

    @more FWB…:

    I would say not – Kimmel girl got the kink going on in the hair and a more vacant facial expression.

  316. 316
    gossiphound Says:

    Speaking of Gettyimages, there are more photos from Haiti from Monday, the gang doing the walkabout

  317. 317
    gossiphound Says:

    Sean Penn with the gang

  318. 318
    Killing time Says:

    Probably doing Demi Moore while he’s there – killing time you know ….LOL

  319. 319
    more FWB... Says:

    I also think it’s not her because the Kimmel girl looks younger.
    The only thing they both have in common is a honey-blonde hair color.
    Maybe someone can find a clearer picture of the Kimmel girl so we can compare it to the page.

  320. 320
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    G’s not gay ….. just impressionable

  321. 321
    @320 Says:

    and you know he’s not….how? Oh, I know you don’t want him to be.

  322. 322
    embarrassing Says:

    I gotta agree, this thread is getting embarrassing. Who cares who the Kimmell girl was. You all know that was staged, don’t you? It was part of the show. The girl he kissed and the girl he stole the drink from were part of the act. They probably work for the network, could even be interns, or were just actors. He may, or may not even know them.
    I can’t believe anyone cares who they are….

  323. 323
    more FWB... Says:

    but we saw the girl comming in his car to the studio – that’s why some of us are speculating because we’re not sure it’s staged. btw, we always speculate about his women; it’s fun albit stupid.

  324. 324
    CD Says:

    I think he is a gigalo. Its disgusting

  325. 325
    @APRIL Says:


    Gay men think their own parents are gay. In their minds, they can’t imagine anyone would NOT want to get rammed up the fudge tunnel.

  326. 326
    Mr. Giggles Says:

    ………………..I know you don’t want him to be…………………………
    No .. I’d like G to be gay …… if only for an hour !!!!!

  327. 327
    gossiphound Says:


    He had one date with Trinny Woodhall and she is older than he is, she confirmed it to the UK press when it happened a few years ago after her divorce which was sometime late 2008, 2009, but she said it was just too soon for anything serious she realized, but they are still “friends” and were photographed having a very animated conversation, at the premiere of Andrew Lloyd Webbers POTO theatrical sequel just a few weeks ago. I have to say Gerry went up several points on my respect meter with that supposed revelation. You can’t believe the UK tabloids but they were supposedly overheard to be making plans to get together in the future.

    I think we all have to admit to the fact that we only know only a mere fraction of what dear Gerry gets up to given he supposedly has been hiding his lovelife so well over the last few years. My guess is Gina was not that far back in history but I’m only guessing.

  328. 328
    Stinkylouise Says:

    I think there is alot of overlapping of the women he “dates”.LOL!

  329. 329
    Mélissande Says:

    I’m French, and I think that Laurie wants only a “Buzz”.
    She’s not very kown in France. She’s not very popular. I prefer Jennifer !

  330. 330
    Goodness! Says:

    I think it is Jeanna Robinette, not Gina. That is the name of a makeup artist for him and Jessica Simpson.

  331. 331
    whatever Says:

    I think Gerry will “date”/ scr-w anything he can. He seems to be the kind of guy who needs constant attention. If a woman is near by he’ll try for her, if she goes along, then they’re in something like a relationship.
    Since Gina’s around a lot, she would have been considered more of a GF than a friend with benefits. They may have dated in the past few years but it probably only lasted a short time, weeks maybe.
    Gerry said that he had affairs with co-stars but it would end and then things would get uncomfortable between them for the rest of the filming. He can’t even get through a movie shoot, that lasts a few months at most, with one woman.

    I think Gerry has the staying power of a flea.

  332. 332
    GerrysOklaGirl Says:

    Im with # 166.If i had date with him would be doing my best to see if I COULDNT get him to put all that energy he spent walking all over half of Paris to another physical activity much more pleasureable.AND there wouldnt be photographers taking photos either

  333. 333
    kp hearts butler Says:

    Not meaning to be mean or anything, but, this chick is uggs to me? Is it just me? She has kind of a man-face? Whatever, go for yours Butler….

  334. 334
    koten@4ka Says:

    @kp hearts butler:
    This lady is really ugly. She has an aquine face.I can’t say for sure wether it was just a well-played show or not. But if it was he could have chosen a prettier woman. Gerry really dissapointed me with his taste(((

  335. 335
    koten@4ka Says:

    oops…it must be an equine face

  336. 336
    Sal Says:


    she’s wearing heels. And height says nothing about compatibility (Naomi Campbell is tall too).

  337. 337
    lady bee Says:



  338. 338
    lady bee Says:


    WHO IS WITH ME??!?!?!??

  339. 339
    Pascal Says:

    Hi everybody! Dont be so jealous… She’s'really stunning! Look at this


  340. 340
    Pascal Says:

    Hi everybody! Dont be so jealous… She’s'really stunning! Look at this

  341. 341
    Pascal Says:

    @THE BUTLER DID IT……..AGAIN: @He’s A Lonely Guy:

    Hi everybody! Dont be so jealous… She’s'really stunning! Look at this


  342. 342
    Pascal Says:

    Hi everybody! Dont be so jealous… She’s’really stunning! Look at this


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