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Gerard Butler & Laurie Cholewa's Date -- FIRST PICS

Gerard Butler & Laurie Cholewa's Date -- FIRST PICS

Gerard Butler spends a romantic day out with French television host Laurie Cholewa on Wednesday (March 31) in Paris, France.

As reported earlier this week, the cute couple visited a few landmarks together, had on a lunch date at Café Marly and shared a dinner date on the Left Bank.

Gerry, 40, and Laurie, 29, met during their sit-down interview about The Bounty Hunter, his new film with Jennifer Aniston.

30+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler & Laurie Cholewa romantic date…

Just Jared on Facebook
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 01
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 02
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 03
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 04
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 05
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 06
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 07
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 08
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 09
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 10
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 11
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 12
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 13
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 14
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 15
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 16
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 17
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 18
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 19
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 20
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 21
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 22
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 23
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 24
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 25
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 26
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 27
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 28
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 29
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 30

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  • Butler is


  • Butler is

    in SERBIA

  • sukar

    Two women on set? Is that why she slapped him? LOL

  • I am telling ya

    She looks like she definitely has the mix of northern African blood as many French do, just the way Gerry likes it. She is tall, raw, masculine and hopefully a sense of humor to go with it all. Hey this may go somewhere for Gerry.

  • Manny, formerly ManLESSton

    Hey JJer’s – conference in the war room. ;)

  • He’s A Lonely Guy

    No handholding, no kissing? Hmmm…He’s definitely willing to snog in public, maybe SHE’S shy???… I’m surprised we don’t have shots of them saying/kissing goodnight…

  • He’s A Lonely Guy

    @I am telling ya: Her surname is Polish. Is that her maiden name or was she married.

  • This Just In

    I wonder which woman Gerard will pick when they show up on the movie site..

  • box office

    The Bounty Hunter worldwide gross stands at 98 millions with 42 million from foreign market and 56 million from us market. The production cost is 40 million. Not great but not as darn as predicted.

    HTTYD’s worldwide gross stands at 282 million (with 165 million production cost). To put it in perspective, KungFu Panda, another DreamWork animation, made about 400 million worldwide when all said and done.

  • aminah

    her birthday is dec, 18, 1980, they will not make good couple.

  • He’s A Lonely Guy

    @Manny, formerly ManLESSton:

    I’m new here…what is the war room?

  • wow

    On her My Space page it says that she’s a Scorpio. Where did you get Dec 18 as her birthday? Dec 18 is not a Scorpio. Scorpio ends on Nov 23

  • MADDEB2010

    If you check out her My Space page, she’s got a kid and was/is married.

    I like the pix on the JJ’s site, lots of them I haven’t seen before.


  • Tweety Bird

    Both Cinthia and Laurie spotted in lounge at the Hyatt Regency, Belgrade, looking interesting at each other.

  • Stinkylouise

    @box office: Your foreign gross is way off. Try 17mil.

  • wow

    Her My Space Page doesn’t say a kid, unless she has 2 of them.
    Please post a link

  • Fritz the Cat

    @Tweety Bird:


    Well, as long as it’s not at the same time, I don’t see the problem. More power to him.

  • chipmunk

    He won’t be staying that long in prague didn’t it say it would just take a few days. Funny how he is hiding. Is there starbucks in Prague?

  • Manny, formerly ManLESSton

    So Booty Hunter is at $73.2 million. It only has $26.8 million to go to hit the breakeven mark. I guess we’ll see… ;)

  • gg

    They look cute. Who knows this could be the one for Gerry.

  • sukar

    She looks lovely on her MySpace, much better than the date photos even. Maybe she has the kind of face that doesn’t photograph well?

  • laruj

    Laurie is one of the girls sitting on the beach with GB in Miami, over the holidays, Jan 2009. She is looking down, reading a book. I recognized the bikini with the flowered top. Photo at GALS.

  • Gerryfan

    @chipmunk: It’s not Prague. It’s Belgrade. And he will be staying for more than just a few days. He’s got a movie to make. What the hell happened to this board? Moron take over?
    As for this chick, they knew they were being papped. total set up. We get it Gerard, you’re not into Jen.

  • box office
  • This Just In

    Well if this is the one for him, he better keep his woman seperate when they all meet up in Serbia.

  • He’s A Lonely Guy


    Link…so this “meeting during an interview” thing was a complete set-up?

    And, I want to say I’m totally loving these boards. I love love love the exchanges. It makes following Gerry really fun!

  • @craigyferg

    this girl is gerard butler’s type. if u watched the craig ferguson show when mindy kaling was a guest, craig told her very ernestly that gerard would really like her (mindy). gerard likes dark-haired beauties. he was never into jennifer aniston. if he slept with her, it was a mercy bang, nothing more. probably couldn’t even get it up for her so settled with fingering her. LMAO!!! go gerard butler!!!!!

  • He’s A Lonely Guy


    Do you have a link to the photo?

    Just how busy does he keep his team with these set-ups? I wonder what his assistants think of all the subterfuge connected to his social life.

  • Liza
  • eria

    Her bio says her b-day is on Oct.25 1980, which makes her a Scorpio.

  • Liza

    It’s the same picture here. They are holding hands.

  • laruj

    @He’s A Lonely Guy:

    No can link. Her pic is at GALS, on page 5, of “Parties, Events, etc”., Miami Beach Jan 2, 2009. She is in just one of the photos. Looking down. He is sitting next to her.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry but there are 2 pics of them holding hands and in either of them neither look happy, like they’re not of the same mind. In the first one they’re holding hands (it’s the pictures where he’s wearing a brown leather jacket), you look at her face and it doesn’t seem like she’s happy about it. Even he doesn’t look happy. Another picture where they’re holding hands, he seems to want her to go inside one restaurant and she seems to be arguing with him about. Then finally there’s that picture where she’s walking slightly behind him with her hands in her pockets and he’s walking abit in front of her and his left first is clenched and you can see something went wrong.

    The first pictures of them together and he has a black jacket they seem to be having a good time but those were actually taken by the photog from Direct 8 who was following them and Gerry’s PR was there too.

    Even in those first pictures you can see there’s a problem. There’s a picture she’s answering her phone walking ahead of him and he doesn’t seem that thrilled about it. There’s another picture where both are on their cells and both calls seem to be business. Even at the restaurant, they don’t look like a couple in look. In one close-up you can see she’s on her phone while he’s trying to attract her attention by joking but she’s totally into her conversation. I doubt this will go further than that second date where both were dressed differently and which was taken at night. Even Laurie has commented herself tongue-in-cheek that they should as him about it as she doesn’t know. Sounds like the date didn’t end well.

  • He’s A Lonely Guy


    Are they kidding us with this? Pretending as if they just met. This photo is January 2009…over a year ago.

    I’m losing some respect for ol Ger. What is the deal?

  • Boo

    Thanks, JJ. I didn’t see these I am lovin’ them. Keep ‘em comi@ You are so good, JJ.

  • He’s A Lonely Guy


    BTW, laruj, thanks for letting us know about that photo at GALS. :o)

  • Curious

    @Anonymous: I’m confused could you explain that to me again in a little more detail. Huh? Please help me:)

  • eria

    Yeah that’s her on the Miami pics. They know each other.. he probably asked her to do some damage control with him on the whole Jennifer Aniston rumors. Pretend they’re on a date and such.. cause let’s be honest.. if it was a real date, do you actually think he would PUBLICIZE IT? don’t think so…

  • sukar
  • Set up

    Is that Laurie? What’s going on here? They knew each other prior to this obviously.

  • eria

    yeah that’s the picture, they’re identical, don’t you think? they must know each other.. somehow after this pic, I don’t buy the whole ‘they just met in Paris”..he probably asked her to help him dispel the whole Aniston rumors.. that’s my guess..

  • He’s A Lonely Guy


    YEP! January 2009. Over a year ago…

    Looks like Gerry’s team didn’t count on the fact that some folks pay attention. Great find!! I am impressed by the memories and observations skills of you veterans.

    Memo to Alan and Joy: Next time find/hire someone new…

    And, I agree with Eria…”real” dates/love interests are not in the public eye. And, I have a feeling those are few and far-between

  • Set up

    But in this one it doesn’t look like it’s Laurie.

  • Joy To The World

    @Curious @ 04/12/2010 at 12:01 am
    LOL Good one!
    Poor Aniston fans, just accept it that he never liked Aniston and move on already, no need to bash the girl he does like. Well, he’s entitled to have standards and good taste, even if you don’t.

  • Sadie

    Way to go Gerard. I knew he likes them young. Didn’t fool the media we all knew he would just sc rew Jen and leave that old cow. Jen spread them to all of Hollywood. When the men get serious they move on to more of a real women. Nobody wants Jen superficial desperate old twat.

  • busted

    @eria: Uh Huh – that whole story of how he “cracked” for her when they met on the press tour was total bs. Is anything not pr with this guy?

  • He’s A Lonely Guy

    @Set up: I think the sunglasses and halfher face being cutoff may be the problem. And if the first photos on their “date” were being photographed by her TV Station/Channel I would think that is a HUGE sign that this is a PR stunt much more than a date…
    unless hiring photogs to follow you around is a new trend…

  • eria

    One question: how on earth did you find her pic in the Miami ones? I don’t even remember what I did last night, never mind who and what Gerard Butler is doing.. unbelievable!

  • Set up

    Who knew JJ had some real sharp sleuths here. Well done folks.

  • hellotheregb