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Gerard Butler & Laurie Cholewa's Date -- FIRST PICS

Gerard Butler & Laurie Cholewa's Date -- FIRST PICS

Gerard Butler spends a romantic day out with French television host Laurie Cholewa on Wednesday (March 31) in Paris, France.

As reported earlier this week, the cute couple visited a few landmarks together, had on a lunch date at Café Marly and shared a dinner date on the Left Bank.

Gerry, 40, and Laurie, 29, met during their sit-down interview about The Bounty Hunter, his new film with Jennifer Aniston.

30+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler & Laurie Cholewa romantic date…

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gerard butler laurie cholewa date 01
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 02
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 03
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 04
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 05
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 06
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 07
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 08
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 09
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 10
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 11
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 12
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 13
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 14
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 15
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 16
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 17
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 18
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 19
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 20
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 21
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 22
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 23
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 24
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 25
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 26
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 27
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 28
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 29
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 30

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  • WTF

    @Frenchie: not in love just sharing an STD or two.

  • Witch

    Back a few pages someone mentioned the same necklaces. Could someone with brilliant computer skills please show that to us? Side by side or at least on the same post? I’m skeptical. While I think Frenchie is full of bull, I kind of agree that I don’t think they look like the same person.

    Hey, did this actually post?

    Lord, I’m getting embarassed that I’m so into this stuff. Oh well, some people follow football or basketball, I follow GB. My hobby.

  • WTF

    frenchie about the double post the site is f.u.c.k.e.d.

  • she

    @Mr. Giggles: have you seen ashraf?

  • I Wonder

    if his riches can buy back his dignity then, Options.

  • Frenchie

    Now I’m confused.

    options: Yes. The most true post of the day.

    But if it’s the same girl, what’s the end game?

  • eria

    Any actor/actress in Hollywood has employed PR stunts, publicity games with the media etc. It’s par of the course and profession. So before anyone jumps him on this…he’s not the only one, he’s a Hollywood actor.. what did you people expect??

  • If we

    concur that Laurie is a girlfriendish type person that he has been with for awhile now then why is lunch girl( Cynthia?) in Belgrade, is lunch girl a cousin as some one posted a while ago or a PA?

  • http://lola lola

    film is to fool the paparazzi, jen and gerry are complicit, you’ll see we’ll still talk to jen and gerry and laurie has denied a romance with the newspaper in France with gerry, it’s a buddy she said and have known him for some time

  • eria

    And to add… the pr games are nothing in terms of selling your dignity for the price of fame compared to what some Big Wigs at some big corporations or corrupt politicians are doing in terms of abuse and manipulation.. this is really nothing in the grand scheme of things..
    Butler and any other actor’s job is to provide entertainment.. whether in the form of movies, gossip, publicity etc….

  • ashley

    On a different note… this is pretty funny.
    The last post of some gal phannie is priceless.

  • Expect?

    @eria:oh i don’t know, how about being a credible actor who takes his work seriously and advances his career through his abilities and not who he sleeps with.

  • phannie

    eria: We expected the beauty of his soul. LOL. Sorry, just joking.

    But, if any of this is to be believed, Butler hard core fans seem to harken back to the 1940s and 1950s when the studios reigned supreme and they owned their actors and their personas. The fans apparently want him to be NOT REAL. They want some imaginary lover. Poo poo that if you want to, but it’s the truth. For some reason, Butler hits something with the imagination like no other has for a long time.

  • http://lola lola

    look on a picture, it has the right hand on his leg and left hand is closed what he does every time he is away from the person he loves

  • eria

    I don’t understand why some people are disappointed in him as if he has promised something and has not delivered?? He’s just an actor, not a friend of family member. why do some act with entitlement as if your investment options are going down due to poor performances or script choices from Butler??
    If you feel let down by an actor, my advice is to recheck your priorities…

  • Spanky

    All that walking on a date ….i am surprised he had any energy left over to bump uglies…..looks like he covered half of Paris that night……lol

    @Expect?: well said

    @ashley:best laugh of the night thanks

  • sukar

    If he has known her for a year than the slapping story makes sense. I mean you don’t slap someone you just met but if they’ve had a long relationship and he has annoyed her…

  • tallntan

    I can just hear him….”Come on Laurie. Just put on a comfy outfit and let’s walk around Paris for the day, go to the museums, have lunch and maybe even dinner. My treat. Oh and there may be some photographers following us the whole time. That’s no big deal. Just smile a lot and act like you’re having a great time. I need to shake up my fans a bit. Keep em guessing. They’ve never seen me do anything like this.”

  • Fritz the Cat


    That’s profound!

  • i want to know

    @eria: what are your priorities? hanging out at a gossip site? Looks like you are just as invested as the rest of us, get off the soap box honey.

  • ashley

    @sukar: OMG That was a fake story LOL!!!!!!!!!

  • I’m not

    disappointed in him in any way. I’ve loved him since Attila, and he’s given me a lot of great entertainment since then in movies and in his life. I think he’s the best thing in movies since the beginning of the industry. He’s got more charisma than anyone has ever had. He’s in a league of his own. John Barrymore would have liked him.

  • picture?

    what picture are you referring to?

  • eria

    @ I want to know
    Invested? no
    here for purely entertainment purposes? Yes, it’s called being bored

  • Heidiho

    Sukar: You are usually right on. BUT, HE was NOT even in the country when that stupid story was fabricated. Get some sleep, sweetie. No one slapped anyone. The story was a FAKE. He was still in LA doing voice overs for the HTTYD DVD.

  • Orchid

    Gerard and Laurie are just having fun in Paris. Maybe it’s already over while I’m typing this! LOL
    I like her ankle boots.

  • Again

    I’m not in love . . .

  • there was an article

    @Heidiho: that he was in belgrade april 10 for a conference with Vanessa Redgraves it is on the other thread! voice over was last week.

  • Bounty Hunter worldwide 98 mil

    The Bounty Hunter worldwide gross stands at 98 millions with 42 million from foreign market and 56 million from us market. The production cost is 40 million. Not great but not as darn as predicted.

    HTTYD’s worldwide gross stands at 282 million (with 165 million production cost). To put it in perspective, KungFu Panda, another DreamWork animation, made about 400 million worldwide when all said and done.

    Read more:

  • bubu

    wowww and where is ” chiniston, the women whom gerard love to death… ha ha ha it’s so funny… gerard you rock… gerry chiniston don’t deserves you, this french lady is better than this forever “the girl nest door”

  • gill

    maniston will cry seeing this…

  • lennie

    Poor Chinnifer Maniston. So you guys think that she is hotter than this girl? Come on you, maybe she is hotter to Gerry simply because she is 29. An 41 oldie for him is just a “friend with benefits”. And obviously he has much more respect for this one than for your oldie idol because he didn’t allow himself to finger her in public. Poor chin chin. All those photo ops for nothing. All that finger humiliation for nothing. My mommy always said respect yourself than men will respect you. BTW my mommy is just few years older than Chin CHin, and my mommy is hotter!

  • sukar


    God what is wrong with you? I totally believe that your mom is Jen’s age because you sound like you are 12! They have BOTH denied there is any relationship so why would she be upset by the photos?

    PS: Stop going on about the chin. Laurie is pretty but her chin is bigger than Jen’s!


    Well someone in G’s camp didn’t do their homework. PR people read over stories before they are released. G, ya might want to proof read this sh*t yourself. You now look really, really stupid.

    Good job all for locating pics, same face, same necklace, etc.

    Oh! If it looks like a c*ck and walks like a c*ck, it must be Butler.

    @ Maria from Texas Post #32
    WTF are talking about? Sorry, not a troll or a sock for BET.
    And why are you screaming at me assuming I was on JA’s side? Are you high? I’m glad you know for sure he was having a nice time, though. Oh, wait, was that you on the phone with Gerry during their “date”? I suppose he was telling you what a nice time they were having. I bet he let you in on the little secret that they have known each other for over a year and this was a little pr stunt and she was just playing along. Jeez, you could have told us that in your post, it would have saved us some time.
    And I’m certainly not a JA fan, either dummy. Just because I make a joke, don’t go all Christian Bale on me and make the leap or assume I’m defending her. If you hate her so much, should I assume you’re a AJ fan? With your rational, one would think you were.

    Let it go! sweetie. The Gerry & Laurie pr train left the station awhile ago…………when you were in the bathroom snorting coke.

  • cubfan34

    Maybe they were no longer in contact with one another and that’s why he went “crackers” when he saw her again,.

  • Curious Carla

    I think a lot is being lost in the translation of these photos. It has been said by Gerry in the past that he is very good at keeping his real relationships private and concealed (under the covers, so to speak). Anyone he tends to parade in front of the cameras is always just a friend, someone he doesn’t really care about in a romantic sense. He has been photographed with other women before, not on an actual “date” like this is, IF this is truly a date. He didn’t seem to mind the photos from Rio, and he knew the cameras were on him there, as well as at other times. He was seen with women in Miami, and there were pictures. But none of these women, so far as anyone knows, have turned out to be serious relationships. I think the Kristy Korzek incident was a set up thing as well. Whether or not any of this has been staged to help deflect the Jennifer Aniston rumors – of which now there are reports out there that she is truly pregnant with Gerry’s baby, confirmed as such, which I don’t believe a word of and neither should anybody else, as it is obviously just an “extension” of the OK article that someone has chosen to add to – all of this “dating” thing may just be to help deflect from all the other rumors going about him right now. The gossip magazines, tabloids, and press all over the world have played up the “romance” between Gerry and Jennifer to the point where I’m sure both have become uncomfortable with it all, at least Gerry has, I doubt Jennifer has, as she seems to thrive on this type of thing, and in her desperation for a man, she is in agreement for anything to be printed about her, as long as it keeps her involved with a man. So, if Gerry has to use tactics such as this to help dissolve some of the rumors, then so be it. I tend to think that Laurie is a friend of his, and I would like to see it go further than just friendship. Time will take care of this, one way or another. I’m sure at this point, he regrets ever signing onto The Bounty Hunter movie, as I’m sure he has gotten a lot more than he bargained for, most of it not good. His “recovery” from all of this insanity over the past two years is going to be interesting to watch. Maybe this “date” with Laurie is a start, and hopefully these next two movies will help to get him back into good graces. But it seems that the Butler/Aniston rumors are accelerating rather than diminishing and they should be over and done with by now. So whatever it takes to help that along, I’m sure his PR team will employ, as it doesn’t seem that they will go away any other way. Aniston and Huvane are tenacious and will stop at nothing at this point to save face for Jennifer. It’s a vicious cycle.

  • sukar

    I wonder what he is thinking now? And also who is this person who managed to identify this girl? I mean no one has such a good memory, especally considering how old the Miami photos are. I think the person who posted this knows the girl.

  • daffodil

    Why so long for the photos past tense and as for Jen to much of a mature woman for Gerry to handle should not touch what you can not afford just sayin

  • Are They Aren’t They????

    I have to hand it to whoever realised Laurie is same girl in Miami pics as it definitely looks like her. Yes it looks likes he’s been caught out on a big PR trick but Gerry’s people as far as im aware have made no official comment on any of the Laurie speculation so far. So if called out on this it can be explained as pure press speculation/unreliable sources and its nothing more than 2 old friends enjoying a day out in Paris. I think his people have veen very wise to have remained tight lipped up til now.


    You’ve got a point, unless this person, laruj who posted, was scouring over photos for over a week to see if this girl was previously with G, that is some f*cking memory. There must be a gazillion photos on Gals. Said she remembered the flower bikini top. Hmmm, maybe Huvane’s people are on it to embarrass Gerry cause Jen’s due in about 7 months and she’s already picked out baby names for the triplets. Oh the mudslinging.

    Rut Ro! Lucy, ju got sum splaining to do!
    Gerry, your turn.

  • sallyo

    nice sleuth work!! since its established that this is his friend/fwb she must have run all her comments by him first
    also noticed when they described him as completely cracking ofr her they used a french turn of phrase – made me think it wasn’t his camp that released it. ‘completement craque’ is more a french way of speaking.

  • angel of music

    laruj – is Laurie’s enemy

  • jojo

    Gerard is a pig and it shows


    Good call! I think you’re right. Put out by her people with his OK.

    I wondered about that phrase, completely cracked. Sounded funny to me, but I figured, eh just go with it.

    Certainly keeps us guessing.

  • http://nil deanie

    Well choice,Gerald ! I one congrat u.

  • Grace

    They lied to People. Gerard knows this girl, was photographed on a vacation with her in Miami a year ago and she has a baby, probably his.

  • This Just In

    Well wether he is her baby’s daddy or not I heard from my sources again that there is a third woman due to show up in Serbia…maybe a show down? It would fit in with the theme of the movie.

  • sukar

    The baby being his is a bit of a stretch. The boy looks like a toddler so that was the time when Gerry was with Jasmine and Bianca. Anyway I think a lot of fans will be annoyed. Not because he is in a relationship but because he’s been lying through his teeth for a year and a half. Why all the secrecy? Bigger stars confess to relationships!

  • No Conspiracy

    Yes he met her before, but only briefly they remembered meeting each other when she interviewed him and they hit it off end of story.
    FYI she doesn’t have a baby


    Annoyed? Probably. But don’t think this has been a steady ongoing relationship. Why bring it out now? Yes, bigger male stars, sex symbols even, are married or have out in the open relationships and it doesn’t affect their box office clout or fan base.

    It does make you wonder. Is he afraid some hard core fannie will attack his “real” women? I know people get nasty in calling some of his “outings” ugly, but ya gotta be more thick-skinned than that in this business. Or is it something else? Oy veh!