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Gerard Butler & Laurie Cholewa's Date -- FIRST PICS

Gerard Butler & Laurie Cholewa's Date -- FIRST PICS

Gerard Butler spends a romantic day out with French television host Laurie Cholewa on Wednesday (March 31) in Paris, France.

As reported earlier this week, the cute couple visited a few landmarks together, had on a lunch date at Café Marly and shared a dinner date on the Left Bank.

Gerry, 40, and Laurie, 29, met during their sit-down interview about The Bounty Hunter, his new film with Jennifer Aniston.

30+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler & Laurie Cholewa romantic date…

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gerard butler laurie cholewa date 01
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 02
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 03
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 04
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 05
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 06
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 07
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 08
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 09
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 10
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 11
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 12
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 13
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 14
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 15
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 16
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 17
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 18
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 19
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 20
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 21
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 22
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 23
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 24
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 25
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 26
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 27
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 28
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 29
gerard butler laurie cholewa date 30

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  • gossiphound

    Gee did they get enough photos already, why so late, trying to drag it out whilst Gerry en route to Serbia or something?


    Ya think.

  • sallyo

    Now gerry’s her baby daddy?
    I love this thread.

  • hahaha

    Man is liar, I mean a lawyer. Cmon smell the coffee. This Frenchie thing is a deflection. No denial from Rep means they are trying to ride this one. As for JA they are all in cahoots look at the AD magazine.GB and SHuvane featured in a magazine layout c’mon. Two months prior was JA in AD. Violin girl deflection from golden globes display by the way were sitting together because Sony made them sit together yeah right and suppose to be kissing and Aid for Haiti together again. Beatriz deflection JA birthday party in Mexico. As for Frenchie either from the butt grabbing or his Ganymede tendencies. But since his bisexual prank for April fools day prank. I am leaning towards JA. He’s a bit twisted. Another thing that annoys me is why he is he suppose to have suprised his mother and step father’s anniversary when people know he was suppose to be in the UK for easter? Anniversary is suppose to be in the same weekend.

  • Fritz the Cat

    Whether this is a PR maneuver or not, the “completely cracked for her” during an interview is bogus. What gets me is…why expend all that energy and trouble,,,ie…walking around Paris with cameras snapping away? Whether Laurie is a pal or something more….the stink of Aniston must be REALLY bad to put on this kind of display.

    This reminds me of that Robertson Blvd. nonsense a while back.

    He’s very shrewd.

  • greenlawns

    My guess is Gerry has his women in every major cities around the world so whenever and wherever he travels he will always make sure he has some company. He doesn’t travel with female friends at all, only the male buddies. But when he stops by a place while on business or leissure travels he makes sure he has local women he knew from before, being an ex gf or female friends available for entertainment, not necessarily for sex. He likes to be surrounded by friends including FWBs when at home, no exceptions when on the road. Laurie is his Parisian woman, to be there for him to spend some time with so he won’t feel lonely.

    A lot of businessmen are like that having local women around when they are in town for business. Otherwise, can you imagine how lonely and boring that would be when the business meeting is over and they get stuck in their hotels for the whole night by themselves. Of course it all depends on each individual. For Gerry he is a very sociable person so I am not going to judge him for being pictured together with friends.

  • Why not just admit

    that they were old friends/acquaintenances not: OMG he cracked over her when she interviewed him. An old friend showing him the town is a nice story. Faking the date thing…seriously…what is he…12 yrs old?

    I wonder what kind of texts and calls are flying between him and his team now that the truth is out.

    “Alan, Joy, we gotta talk…”

  • Sam

    lol rofl you are so comical oh dear i just cant stop laughing lol rofl you are so funny

  • sol

    @THE BUTLER DID IT……..AGAIN: ja ttink so too.

  • Stinkylouise

    “……….the stink of Aniston must be REALLY bad to put on this kind of display.”

    EXACTLY Fritz. And as Curious Carla pointed out it seems to be lingering.
    I think G has been selected as JA’s permanent fauxmance-go-to-guy. She’s got 2 films with married co-stars and she’ll need the usual tabloid cr*p to sell the movies.Isn’t the first one out this summer?

    I can’t believe someone recognized and remembered Laurie from Miami. LOL. Maybe she’s the French ex he once mentioned.

  • Nobody You Know

    In an interesting connection, the black guy in all the Miami photos with G is a reporter for Extra, I believe. (he works for the same show as Maria Menunous)

  • Poor Poor Maniston

    just love how Gerard has thoroughly humiliated Maniston. Manny was really hoping that Gerard would fall for her & that she would be in a relationship with him. Since the filming of Bounty began that is what she was anticipating. Her self esteem must have sank lower, because if a handsome, good looking SINGLE guy like Gerard can’t fall in love with you, then you have a BIG PROBLEM. Anyway she looks like a Man, and is not pretty or attractive, just blah and hence Gerard refusing to go for her. I know she is hating Gerard for this, becuase right now she would have been the envy of her looser fans, parading him all over. Poor poor Jen, men keep RUNNING AWAY from her and hooking up with other women. Common Jen, you must be really unattractive inside out. And a very LOUSY LAY in bed as John Mayer alluded in his famous interview. No wonder, men can’t stand you.

  • Barbie

    @ Stinkylouise…interesting! Maybe she IS the French ex girlfriend…the one who gave him that silver “to the one I love” ring…he had that ring forever, it must have been hard for him to let go…

  • hahaha

    @Poor Poor Maniston:

    I thought GB prefer women that look like men. So there. This she is so needy, I don’t buy it. and she is attractive. Stop hating. Some of this GB fans are hating on her because maybe they deep inside they wouldn’t be able to handle the truth. Those two are in cahoots.

  • Anon

    It is easiest to start checking who the reps are behind celebs when they appear in mags or movies together or bash someone else….it usually leads back to their reps. Most likely the Brother combo of Huvane.

  • ChickenSammich

    Haven’t read all the comments because life is too short for all that. I prefer to be uneducated.

    When I first saw the pics on the dailymail site they had just the ones that kinda, mighta, almost looked like they were holding hands and getting cuddly. Nobody seemed to notice that the clothing changed from day to night, so instantly everyone was all over the big all-day-date story.

    Looking at these, the whole thing was a huge crock of sheet, because it was a slow news day and they had nothing better to talk about. Newsreader offers to show buddy the town. He had to work, so did she, the met up for dinner later, which he probably bought as a gift for showing him the sights.

    And she gets a big@ss career boost out of it. Looking at her, she needs all the help she can get. Poor dear.

    Is anyone else getting sick of all the butler stories?

  • Hi PR Joy

    Joy’s husband supposedly works for Extra or Access Hollywood.

  • greenlawns

    Clearly Gerry is the one who carries BH at the box office. The Switch (formerly known as The Baster) will bomb at BO mark my word.

  • gossiphound

    @Dam turnip: forgive me if I am not buying the two women in Belgrade story, not yet anyway, we already had people making up stories on the weekend

    Well well so the PR team got caught with their pants down and here is another angle – if the paps start digging around and find out they knew each other before and she has a young child, depending on how old the kid is – put two and two together and guess the headline- even if not true not very bright..

    Yes I suspect we are never going to see a Direct 8 video of Gerry which just further confirms we’ve got the PR team redheanded. Bravo and Brava.

  • It’s obvious

    he’s gay/bi…all of his pr with women is .too contrived. Bianca = beard. Jasmine=beard, etc.

    Miami pictures – she could have been with anyone else there….the black guy could be her boyfriend!

  • It’s obvious

    Heck the black guy could be Gerry’s boyfriend….he does like them tall, dark and manly looking! LOL!

  • gossiphound

    Never seen photos taken March 31 – yet did JJ have photos showing Gerry in Madrd on March 31 – taken so long to surface.

    I wondered why Bauer Griffin posted that bikini photo – how come they didn’t call the story out directly?

    Ah never a dull day in Gerryworld. You do wonder why all the game playing unless he just likes playing games. Or who put out the fake story in the first place, do we give him any benefit of the doubt?

  • sallyo

    @gossiphound we need whoever spotted lola vie in the miami shots to track down who gave the original ‘they met when she interviewed him for tbh’. once we know the source, the rest falls into place.

  • gossiphound

    @there was an article:

    that is not quite right, previous articles on the film said that he was expected April 10 or mid April depending on the article but the latest news from a spokeperson said Redgrave and Butler were expected this week and a press conference will be held, it never said which day this week. she also clarifed rumours that Gerry was already in Serbia last week which he was not.

  • hahaha


    Wasn’t it Bauer Griffin the first one that posted violin girl?

  • gossiphound

    They were indee@hahaha:

    They were indeed.

  • I think

    she is just a ploy to divert speculation about him being gay (after AD photos) and to dispel the JA rumor mill.

    Alan is taking the pictures. I think they may have met in Florida, but she was probably with someone else. Alan probably has speadsheet somewhere with all the six degrees of separation. Were is the french interview anyway?

    Remember the girl on the beach and coming out of the bar with him when he was in Israel a couple of years ago? She was also in Florida walking on the beach with all his friends. If someone has the pictures of Israel and then the Miami shots you will see her.

  • bauer griffin

    @hahaha: BG did buy the rights to the violin girl photos first but not the video.

  • gossiphound

    @I think:

    Ariel Vromen is Israeli, perhaps his squeeze of the moment?

  • 229

    Well, then Israel girl was In Miami the same time Laurie was. LOL

  • LauraS

    Congrats to whoever discovered the french girl was in Miami….so enlighten me: is GB in Belgrade and exactly how many women does he have with him?

  • Stinkylouise

    Pffft,forget the herd.The man has got a worldwide harem.LOL!

  • His Type

    may not really be “his type” Every time he is photographed with a girl with long dark hair, it is just assumed she is with him. Maybe this is all part of his game.

  • gossiphound

    Oh dear it appears Vanessa Redgrave’s brother Corin died last week and today was the funeral in London.

  • greenlawns

    Maybe Gerry’s PR team feels that the story of the date with Laurie has been carried too far by tabloids and sort of beat the original purpose – to deflect JA rumors. So Gerry’s PR team, via Bauer Griffin, leaks the photos showing that Gerry and Laurie are really just old chummies and it is not a date per se but a friendly meet up of old acquaintances.

    Somehow I just don’t buy the idea someone here on JJ had such good memories and familiarities with every details of hundreds of Gerry’s photos to recognize the identity of Laurie. It smells like a leak from Gerry’s people.

  • gossiphound

    @greenlawns: It does not put either of them in a better light though, since she was interviewed and neglected to mention they were old chums so it still smells like a PR stunt. OR the media outlets that supposedly interviewed her neglected to mention that fact Because yes that happens too, the gossip sites do not want their fairy tales muddied with facts.

  • 235

    “Somehow I just don’t buy the idea someone here on JJ had such good memories and familiarities with every details of hundreds of Gerry’s photos to recognize the identity of Laurie.”

    LOL – You don’t know his obsessed fans that well.

  • Tonto

    Wow! Ain’t we got fun here with this thread? I’m guessing some of you work for the FBI or the CIA. It won’t be long before we hear he’s got ten women waiting in Serbia for him and Laurie is leading the troops to victory. This is playing out like a sick soap opera. Speculation running a muck. I don’t buy any of it. But, hey, ain’t we got fun?

  • good work

    @Mr. Giggles -Thks for that link to Bauer Griffin. If you hadn’t posted that, we would have never put together that Laurie and Butler were friends for a long time.

  • Serbia

    Maybe fryguy will be there.

  • the real cece

    @235: ITA. Some of them could tell you what cologne he was wearing just by looking at the photos. It’s scary.

    I check in and see it’s the same old same old. Gerry’s gotten boring. He needs to work so he’s more interesting.

  • Freaking out

    I can’t say why but I am sort of freakin. Let’s say my intuition guided me on this one.

    He keeps many options. Laurie and Cinthia are two. He has strong connections with both I see. Lauri and him think alike I suspect. Yes he has long term relationship that go nowhere. If he is now seen with this girl in Paris, it means she is helping him with PR or he is giving her some respect as some significance. A scorpio woman would not want it any other way. They will not show unless they need to.

  • if she

    lives in Paris, she wasn’t just coincidentally in Miami when he was. Seems more reasonable that he brought her there. He probably knew her well before Miami.

    And the Louvre seems odd. She lives in Paris, he grew up in Europe – certainly both have been there many times. Not that you could ever see all there is to see there, but it would seem that for a date, or for “friends catching up”, a local would have some other ideas of where to go.

    Hey, let’s go stand in line with a couple hundred gauche tourists in track suits to look at the Mona Lisa again! Great, sounds like fun! I mean, did they really stand in line down at the little turnstiles and buy tickets and everything? Really?

    The Louvre is just so uber public. The only other spotlight that would have been bigger would be the Eiffel Tower. Or possibly to stand atop the Arc de Triomphe and shout Look At Me.

  • Augusta

    I’m not sure I get why people are so interested to know if they knew each other previously, like it’s some giant conspiracy. Gerry never has said anything about her, let alone that they just met and this was a first date etc. etc. That’s been the gossip sites’ bag, starting in Paris, not anything out of his mouth.

  • Well well

    Well folks yesterday he was in Haiti just seen a post from Accidental Sexiness with pics. Good for him

  • Stinkylouise
  • gossiphound

    @if she:

    The Louvre argument doesn’t wash, per se, you can spend days in the Louvre and not cover all of it and they bring in special limited time exhibits all the time to keep interest in the musuem and some people just dig museums. For example the King Tut exhibit is making the rounds, it is in Toronto now. I’d like to go see it before it leaves. Maybe there is a Sparta exhibit, LOL.

  • hmmm?

    @Augusta: Gerry always hides his interests and displays all others. He will never show them in public or mention their names. That’s why people are having fun with this one. She has been with him a year before and who knows how long.

  • slgirl

    I think the violin girl did a waaaaay better job…at least she got to snog him =)

  • LauraS