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Heidi Montag: Liquid Bikini Babe!

Heidi Montag: Liquid Bikini Babe!

Heidi Montag puts her breast foot forward while hosting the grand opening at the Liquid Pool at Aria at CityCenter on Saturday (April 10) in Las Vegas.

The 23-year-old Hills star showed off her assets poolside with a teeny-bikini!

Heidi and husband Spencer Pratt recently stopped by Camp Pendleton in San Diego to tour the base and raise the spirits of the Marines. The pair told People, “We went to visit Camp Pendleton to see the Marines. They’re the most valiant, honorable and courageous men and women in the United States. It was one of the best days of our lives!”

FYI: Heidi designed her own bikini!

20+ pictures inside of Heidi Montag putting her breast foot forward…

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heidi montag bikini 01
heidi montag bikini 02
heidi montag bikini 03
heidi montag bikini 04
heidi montag bikini 05
heidi montag bikini 06
heidi montag bikini 07
heidi montag bikini 08
heidi montag bikini 09
heidi montag bikini 10
heidi montag bikini 11
heidi montag bikini 12
heidi montag bikini 13
heidi montag bikini 14
heidi montag bikini 15
heidi montag bikini 16
heidi montag bikini 17
heidi montag bikini 18
heidi montag bikini 19
heidi montag bikini 20

Credit: WENN, Kevin Perkins, Denise Truscello; Photos: WireImage, Pacificocastnewsonline
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  • DarkEmpress

    she was so beautiful before now she looks plastic and cheap. she needs a breast reduction.

  • Jennifer

    so when’s she gonna start doing p0rn? she’d fit right in.

  • KT

    she’s a plastic troll..fuglier than ever..

  • Laura

    Those breast implants are HUGE!!!!!

  • Brit&MileyFan

    She looked way better before, now she just looks fake…

  • anonymous

    Her boobs are too big for her frame..

  • maryrowery

    ridiculous and sad

  • Ella

    She looks disporpotionate.

  • go sox

    OMG….how sad. Perfect example of what poor body image or an a** of a husband will do to you. She was a beautiful woman before all this; what made her feel so bad about herself that she felt she had to go through all this surgery, and now look like a mannequin? I suspect it was that scum of a husband…..

    Girls, we need to realize we are blessed with whatever our parents gave us, and THAT’s what makes us all unique. Why would we want to look alike? I say, we need to love our bodies the way they are, they are special, and should NEVER let a man tell us we are imperfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That doesn’t mean we can’t fix or tweak something that will make us feel better about ourselves…..but to create an image like this, is just unattractive, unhealthy, and sick, really.

  • The Comedian


    You’re damn right !!!

  • n.


  • aeg

    OH MY GOD :O I don’t believe it! What has gotten into her???

  • cat

    Holly cow! A run-away specimen from the Body Works exhibit…

  • omg

    she looks soo pretty

  • ft

    Pamela Anderson looks relatively flat chested compared to her!

  • Linda

    I am 62 years old. I have always been amply endowed. Now, the “girls” have dropped a great deal. It’s uncomfortable and not realy attractive. I wonder if implants act in the same manner. Anyone know?

  • anna

    she is so gross

  • TGeig

    @aeg: Silicon

  • Katha

    Dear god. What. Is. This.

  • Athina

    I think the face work was good but the breasts look extremely fake and are far too large. She may as well have had hard plastic half globes put under there. This is not a good look.

  • c

    Her appearance and plastic surgery addiction aside, I do love how she tries to rally support for our troops!

  • JoJo

    I don’t mean to be mean, but I do hope she just vanish, the world needs less and less people like this. Pure white trash.

  • Bobbie

    She looks like a porn star flunkie. Can you see her 5 years from now?? Sorry Heidi but you look cheap and really, if any guy falls for a bunch of plastic under skin, well they are as dumb as she is. Too bad, she was a very pretty girl before all of this surgery.

  • minnie

    Screams she looks like a freak. Wow wow wow

  • jaylow

    If you are going for the stripper look…you have achieved at least that!

  • Lilly

    She has mental-health problem because if a person change himself so dramatically . She hate herself so much but she not realized that the people find her so ugly she think everybody think she┬┤s beautiful. Her goal is that everybody like her but she ruined her face. I mean she looks so old like 40 years old. She is so sick to use botox with 23.
    She need psychiatrist not plastic surgery. Poor woman what she has done to herself.

  • Meela

    I pity this girl. She got all the surgery money could buy and she looks 100x worse than before. She could have put that money to better use and donate it to people who ACTUALLY need it. It’s sad that she had to change her entire appearance and for what? Publicity? Fame? She should be ashamed of herself.

    It’s a great reflection of what a shallow, selfish and arrogant person she is.

  • Haha

    her first fake boobs were just fine. now those are just ridiculous. oh well, at least she’s got her own floatation device.

  • Just Sayin

    WOW !!

    AS ANNOYING AS SHE AND HER husband are she looks SMOKIN HOTTTT

  • Catsup

    I am not a fan and have only seen pics of her and her hubby here at jareds. But i look at her now and think if there ever was a chance that people were taking you serious that has deteriorated now.
    She looks like a cartoon characher. Sad..

  • Dani

    Heidi, Heidi, Heidi, I thought you were a cute girl before any of the surgery. It is just sad what you have done to your body. To me, the face looks very odd in porportions. I actually think her jaw looks larger than before and the surgery has aged her beyond her years. I don’t understand the obession with having breasts that large. It is down right freakish. Don’t think Heidi is a bad person, just very misguided.

  • MrMarleyFAN

    They look painful and tight. Hard and Plastic. She’s not sexy, she’s mental.

  • joy

    waxed doll…too stranged to be real….

  • ace11

    dear god she could bomb Iran with those things

  • Tara_2

    I wonder if she ever tips over?

  • slambang

    Those implants are ridiculous. SHE is ridiculous.

  • Lisa2

    her boobs werent this big last week???

  • gubbagoo

    go sox, I applaud your comments. The breasts look even larger than before. My guess is they’re now an “H” for “Heidi.” How sad.

  • BOBO

    OMG! She looks like a PORN star……..YawK!!

  • rini6

    Maybe she has body dysmorphic disorder…seriously. That’s a psychiatric condition in which you feel as if a part of your body is ugly or deficient in some way. Michael Jackson probably had this concerning his nose. Perhaps she always sees her chest as too small.

    If that is the case, plastic surgery only makes the problem worse or shifts it to another body part. Psych drugs are the only thing that helps.

  • Kitty Kat

    At first I thought Heidi Montag was just another annoying no-talent “celebrity”, NOW I just plain feel sorry for her.

    Every time I see Heidi’s age posted (23), I can’t help but notice all that surgery has made her look closer to 36 than 23.

    I agree with everyone else that those implants are ridiculous. Remember a few weeks ago when she said she intended to have them made even bigger? Imagine what THAT’S going to look like!

    Where is her family? Does she have any friends?

    At this point I think Heidi”s whole body has taken on a strange mannequin-like appearance. She doesn’t look fit or toned she looks carved like a piece of clay.

    Heidi, if you”re reading this, PLEASE get some help.

  • lu Lu


  • troi

    I thought plastic surgery on the face was to make you look prettier and younger. Heidi should get a refund!

  • KittyCat

    “I’m a Barbie girl, in a Barbie woooorld, life in plastic, it’s fantastic…”

  • leslie

    What an IDIOT.

  • bestdamnthing

    Her boobs looks bigger than her heas ! :S

  • bestdamnthing

    Her boobs looks bigger than her head ! :S

  • Judy


  • NoWayNoHow

    hey! she has built in “floaties”

  • alex p

    seems like she trying to become a real barbie doll… she doesn’t look human any more… for good or bad..