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Heidi Montag: Liquid Bikini Babe!

Heidi Montag: Liquid Bikini Babe!

Heidi Montag puts her breast foot forward while hosting the grand opening at the Liquid Pool at Aria at CityCenter on Saturday (April 10) in Las Vegas.

The 23-year-old Hills star showed off her assets poolside with a teeny-bikini!

Heidi and husband Spencer Pratt recently stopped by Camp Pendleton in San Diego to tour the base and raise the spirits of the Marines. The pair told People, “We went to visit Camp Pendleton to see the Marines. They’re the most valiant, honorable and courageous men and women in the United States. It was one of the best days of our lives!”

FYI: Heidi designed her own bikini!

20+ pictures inside of Heidi Montag putting her breast foot forward…

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# 1

she was so beautiful before now she looks plastic and cheap. she needs a breast reduction.

# 2

so when’s she gonna start doing p0rn? she’d fit right in.

# 3

she’s a plastic troll..fuglier than ever..

# 4

Those breast implants are HUGE!!!!!

# 5
Brit&MileyFan @ 04/11/2010 at 8:03 am

She looked way better before, now she just looks fake…

# 6
anonymous @ 04/11/2010 at 8:04 am

Her boobs are too big for her frame..

# 7
maryrowery @ 04/11/2010 at 8:13 am

ridiculous and sad

# 8

She looks disporpotionate.

# 9

OMG….how sad. Perfect example of what poor body image or an a** of a husband will do to you. She was a beautiful woman before all this; what made her feel so bad about herself that she felt she had to go through all this surgery, and now look like a mannequin? I suspect it was that scum of a husband…..

Girls, we need to realize we are blessed with whatever our parents gave us, and THAT’s what makes us all unique. Why would we want to look alike? I say, we need to love our bodies the way they are, they are special, and should NEVER let a man tell us we are imperfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That doesn’t mean we can’t fix or tweak something that will make us feel better about ourselves…..but to create an image like this, is just unattractive, unhealthy, and sick, really.

The Comedian @ 04/11/2010 at 8:43 am


You’re damn right !!!

OH MY GOD :O I don’t believe it! What has gotten into her???

Holly cow! A run-away specimen from the Body Works exhibit…

she looks soo pretty

Pamela Anderson looks relatively flat chested compared to her!

I am 62 years old. I have always been amply endowed. Now, the “girls” have dropped a great deal. It’s uncomfortable and not realy attractive. I wonder if implants act in the same manner. Anyone know?

she is so gross

Dear god. What. Is. This.

I think the face work was good but the breasts look extremely fake and are far too large. She may as well have had hard plastic half globes put under there. This is not a good look.

Her appearance and plastic surgery addiction aside, I do love how she tries to rally support for our troops!

I don’t mean to be mean, but I do hope she just vanish, the world needs less and less people like this. Pure white trash.

She looks like a porn star flunkie. Can you see her 5 years from now?? Sorry Heidi but you look cheap and really, if any guy falls for a bunch of plastic under skin, well they are as dumb as she is. Too bad, she was a very pretty girl before all of this surgery.

Screams she looks like a freak. Wow wow wow

If you are going for the stripper look…you have achieved at least that!

She has mental-health problem because if a person change himself so dramatically . She hate herself so much but she not realized that the people find her so ugly she think everybody think she´s beautiful. Her goal is that everybody like her but she ruined her face. I mean she looks so old like 40 years old. She is so sick to use botox with 23.
She need psychiatrist not plastic surgery. Poor woman what she has done to herself.

I pity this girl. She got all the surgery money could buy and she looks 100x worse than before. She could have put that money to better use and donate it to people who ACTUALLY need it. It’s sad that she had to change her entire appearance and for what? Publicity? Fame? She should be ashamed of herself.

It’s a great reflection of what a shallow, selfish and arrogant person she is.

her first fake boobs were just fine. now those are just ridiculous. oh well, at least she’s got her own floatation device.

Just Sayin @ 04/11/2010 at 10:17 am

WOW !!


I am not a fan and have only seen pics of her and her hubby here at jareds. But i look at her now and think if there ever was a chance that people were taking you serious that has deteriorated now.
She looks like a cartoon characher. Sad..

Heidi, Heidi, Heidi, I thought you were a cute girl before any of the surgery. It is just sad what you have done to your body. To me, the face looks very odd in porportions. I actually think her jaw looks larger than before and the surgery has aged her beyond her years. I don’t understand the obession with having breasts that large. It is down right freakish. Don’t think Heidi is a bad person, just very misguided.

MrMarleyFAN @ 04/11/2010 at 10:29 am

They look painful and tight. Hard and Plastic. She’s not sexy, she’s mental.

waxed doll…too stranged to be real….

dear god she could bomb Iran with those things

I wonder if she ever tips over?

Those implants are ridiculous. SHE is ridiculous.

her boobs werent this big last week???

go sox, I applaud your comments. The breasts look even larger than before. My guess is they’re now an “H” for “Heidi.” How sad.

OMG! She looks like a PORN star……..YawK!!

Maybe she has body dysmorphic disorder…seriously. That’s a psychiatric condition in which you feel as if a part of your body is ugly or deficient in some way. Michael Jackson probably had this concerning his nose. Perhaps she always sees her chest as too small.

If that is the case, plastic surgery only makes the problem worse or shifts it to another body part. Psych drugs are the only thing that helps.

At first I thought Heidi Montag was just another annoying no-talent “celebrity”, NOW I just plain feel sorry for her.

Every time I see Heidi’s age posted (23), I can’t help but notice all that surgery has made her look closer to 36 than 23.

I agree with everyone else that those implants are ridiculous. Remember a few weeks ago when she said she intended to have them made even bigger? Imagine what THAT’S going to look like!

Where is her family? Does she have any friends?

At this point I think Heidi”s whole body has taken on a strange mannequin-like appearance. She doesn’t look fit or toned she looks carved like a piece of clay.

Heidi, if you”re reading this, PLEASE get some help.

I thought plastic surgery on the face was to make you look prettier and younger. Heidi should get a refund!

“I’m a Barbie girl, in a Barbie woooorld, life in plastic, it’s fantastic…”

What an IDIOT.

bestdamnthing @ 04/11/2010 at 11:20 am

Her boobs looks bigger than her heas ! :S

bestdamnthing @ 04/11/2010 at 11:22 am

Her boobs looks bigger than her head ! :S

NoWayNoHow @ 04/11/2010 at 11:35 am

hey! she has built in “floaties”

seems like she trying to become a real barbie doll… she doesn’t look human any more… for good or bad..

She should take a long, hard look at Pam Anderson and ask herself if this is the best direction to take in her life.

(BTW I think Pam looked in her best in a B&W shoot they did for something about 8 years ago when she had little makeup, her breasts weren’t nuclear, and her hard lifestyle hadn’t quite caught up with her.)

can we talk @ 04/11/2010 at 11:43 am

She is throwing away her natural youthful beauty. She will be full of scarring soon.

She looks like she’s ready for a porno movie.
Her boobs look stiff and too big.
I have no idea why anyone would think this looks attractive.

Dumb b*tch should’ve left her face alone.

She looks like a damn barbie doll.
It’s definitely not attractive. She looked waaaaay better before she went and got all of that plastic surgery done.

omg you nasty gurrrrl

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GOD NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She has gone WAY off the deep end here NO pun intended!!!!! hahaha she looks sooooo horrific and horrendous and horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is there anything about this girl that isn’t plastic? I think it’s unfortunate that as beautiful as she WAS when she was all natural, her low self esteem caused her to ruin herself. The doc who agreed to perform all these surgeries needs to be brought up on charges. Those breasts look beyond ridiculous on her petite body. I think it’s sad and she could use some psychological help.

Why did she do this to herself? She was so cute.

Anyone remember how cute she was in the first season of The Hills? Sigh.

Dear American Woman , I dont know why you think puffy lips and round fat cheeks look attractive. You got to stop this. You are looking so ugly. Heidi looks like a monster. Heid looks ugly. Seriously, wake up and stop carving your lips up. No more botox, it always looks horrible. Botox lips are ridiculous. Who thinks it looks good? I dont know anyone. Heidi looks so stupid now.

Heidi is a stupid trailer trash Colorado idiot.

Stop giving this moron attention.

Grant Dvereaux @ 04/11/2010 at 12:51 pm

A very pretty girl but her breasts are simply too large. They look cartoonish, Otherwise, she is gorgeous.

She looks HOT. If you guys never saw her before and just saw her in these pics you would think she is smokin hot. She looks perfect. If you didnt know her and just saw her in pics or out in public you would all think shes gorgeous. Dumb asses.

We crtique barbi makers for creating a doll with unnatural and impossible body proportions. Then this crazy woman went ahead and created that same unhealthy body. I worry for her health and the young girls she may be influencing. Parents of girls beware!

Love the boobies …that thing could float LOL

number 29 and number 64 you are so sad
if you think that is hot, just go into a tire store and put a blonde wig on a pr of big huge monster truck tires because that is what you are dealing with here
The poor sad dumb gal had doctors cut her chest open and insert implants that are so deformed she looks horrendous
makes her lower body look all out of proportion
who legs which were kind of average to start off with now look even shorter then ever
sad sad sad
get a grip

In all honesty, she looks like a 53 year old that had plastic surgery and looking for the results of a 23 year old…yikes…. So un-natural…

I’m sorry, that’s not beautiful. Her breasts look like inflated airbags and she looks plastic all over. This is what happens when you’re rich and have too much time on your hands.

She just looks ridiculous and pitiful.
She needs serious mental help.
She was cute before other than that cancer she had attached to her Spencer.
Now, just terrible…

T. McClenaghan @ 04/11/2010 at 1:31 pm

A pair of volleyballs is always a good accessory for any woman.

Michael H @ 04/11/2010 at 1:34 pm

@anonymous: I would have said her boobs are too big for her fame.

She must be a lesbian becasue who told her that men like butts for breasts?

I needed a laugh today, and I got one. She is a joke. A poster child for bimbos everywhere.This girl needs psychiatric help ASAP. Holy *hit.

I agree that this has to be a mental condition. Err or is it a plastic condition.

I tried masturbating to her picture. I couldn’t even get hard. The ***** looks like a post opt tranny!

next comes the tattoos

Gawd, is that hideous! Why women mutilate themselves for something as offputting as that, I’ll never understand.

Wow, she’s well on her way to being a high priced call girl.

She needs to find the best doctor she can and have those implants removed right now. They look ridiculous and they will ruin her body/skin structure. She’s become a blow-up doll. WHY? When she was the perfect proportions before. The doctor who did this should be outed and called on the carpet. Heidi needed a therapist, not breast implants.

When you look at her, ahmm chest area, it only takes you 1 sec to know that they are fake. Bigger isn’t better people!! Some people has back pain from theirs being so big and they get in the way too, funny yes but true!

Utterly attractive in every possible way.

Her money would be better spent on a brain transplant.

Utterly attractive in every possible way.

Her money would be better spent on a brain transplant, college, and a divorce.

Caveat: She WAS cute before the surgery.

Macchiato @ 04/11/2010 at 1:59 pm


Also, can we discuss, her non-career is so lame she is accepting a fee to open a POOL!

Christina @ 04/11/2010 at 2:00 pm

What a sad girl.

she looks terrible….I used to hate her but now I feel really sorry for her, she wasn’t the prettiest girl but she had a nice face,,,,now she has a horrible -plastic- face and a more plastic body….I mean she looks like a barbie doll (in fact worse than a barbie)

I just can’t stop laugh, she looks super silly.

Her tits are lopsided. She used to be a cutie. Now she’s hid.

Great! I’m going to order one. Jut one question though, does it come with an air pump?

Wth! Her boo*bs look like plastic. This chick needs a psychiatrist more than biggers boo*bs

Amanda Dubs @ 04/11/2010 at 2:39 pm

Has anyone ever looked faker? Those boobs are redic

She looks like and idiot.


She looks like a p0rno queen, or a tranny, or a barby doll. Every comment is right about that.. She is a trophy wife only if you come from a trailer park. Her look absolutely screams, high maintenance person resides here! Yeah, you can have her, but I would recommend just a one night stand. And really, that is kind of sad too.

She looks like Jocelyn Wildenstein’s long lost daughter. I’m not just being mean. Something about her face looks weird.

her breast is HUGH! i don’t know why she did that, she was so pretty, now her face looks like sh*t!

@DarkEmpress: I agree. I can’t help look at her and hear the lyrics of Carly Simons song: “Your all so vain……”

she was better looking before than this!!!!

can she get any more fake? gosh so sad.

realitycheck @ 04/11/2010 at 3:07 pm

Heidi went from a true beauty to a plastic Barbie Doll. How sad.

I wonder if she knows that the smaller her nose gets, the more massive her jay leno chin becomes…she looks old, raggedy and just plain hideous. And whatever back sculpting sh-t she said she did makes her stand and walk like a damn man. Pathetic. Someone needs to commit her.

PS-anyone notice how insanely photoshopped that liquid ad is?! haha, girl can’t catch a break. Even with the sh-tload of cosmetic surgery she has, people STILL alter her damn face.

@go sox:

Wow… it looks like you really have a bitter attitude towards men… Been hurt much? Maybe she’s just a shallow dolt who needs attention, albeit the wrong kind.

Ow come oon she’s hot, but those boobs are to big.

It is sad that that poor girl thinks beauty is big boobs. She is totally out of proportion and looks ridiculous. That’s not beauty.

Well, we know that she will never drown.

I used to watch that reality show about a plastic surgeon’s life… remember? when some “actress” went to get a biger breast size, they said that it was to get them more jobs, more money…
I think this Heidi girl made this because of the money, but she’s got to know that she has no hope of a serious career. I bet she knows that, because of all those annoying ridiculous pr photoshoots with her hubby, and all her inexistent talent, what kind of jobs in the showbiz can she land?
-small parts in spoof comedies (she is a joke)
-small parts in adam sandler’s type of movies… o wait…
- modeling for cheap brands of automotive articles…
-soft core p*rn
-hardcore p*rn
-what else?

It is ridiculous there are women who are big breasted, even some of those women do get a career in show biz because of that appeal, but this girls just looks plain ridiculous and not mainstream, but a total wannabe.

There are several reasons why woman get implants. I think that if someone wants to do something to better them self, then why not? I’m due for a BA in a week.
I think its a woman’s personal choice to get implants, or “fake” boobs.

Her boobs look like they could deflate any moment. She needs a shrink pronto.

Delusion land @ 04/11/2010 at 3:50 pm

OMG! What was she thinking? She looks so PLASTIC and fake! Good grief, does she actually think she looks good? How many people are laughing @ her? U almost want to feel sorry for her and yet…her so called “career” is a “bust” (xcuse the pun) and her cred is so gone! Yuck!

Bitchetta @ 04/11/2010 at 3:57 pm

FAKE. Hey, Plastic Woman, can you float with those things?
I feel sorry for your man… there anything left inside you that’s all natural? Maybe you had “that” plastic’d up too. Oh well, I guess artificial’s “his” thing.

Her boobs are bigger than her ugly face.

She needs to get a refund on her surgery.

Heidi you look like a ******. Your boobs are way to big for your body apparently. And you look like a porn star, smh. The look before surgery was better.. Now you look like a crackhead version of Paris Hilton…. gone wrong.

Aniston must be so proud to be doing a movie with Montag! hahaha

grew up having a Pamela-Anderson-syndrome (FYI, I just coined this term out of my insecurities). Watching Baywatch during my grade school days made me believe that when I grow up I would also have those nice boobs that made Pam look totally amazing in the red lifeguard swimsuit.

A decade later, there were no significant improvement in my bust size they way I anticipated them to be. Since I am already in the past-puberty stage, I feel that I am a hopeless case. But on the second thought, I am not a big celebrity anyway and I don’t owe to anybody that I should look my best, physically speaking.

I don’t know if these stars who had gone under the knife had experienced a madness similar to my Pam-Anderson-syndrome. Maybe they had another term for it. If you’re a star wannabe and you’re contemplating for a bigger cup size, here are what breasts enhancement can do for your career:

1. Makes you controversial

The moment you step out of your surgeon’s operating table, you’d belong on the list of “The Latest Silicon Stars”. This can be published in the leading national tabloids. So there, your dream of seeing your name on the issue of Star Magazine will have a chance to be fulfilled.

2. You could land into the cover of a men’s magazine

After the breast implants, men would surely love to check you out on the issue of Rolling Stones or Playboy. Not everybody gets to be offered to pose sexy on their cover. Only girls with ample assets are welcome. Growing up, I thought Pam’s boobs were natural, but I learned that she had undergone series of breast augmentations. Well, I don’t take his against her. She still holds the record of the hottest Playboy cover girl. .

3. It will prove that you’re a fearless femme

Wishing for bigger boobs is easy but having the guts to go under the knife is another thing. Only real femme fatales have the courage to do it. If you’re a celebrity, expect the media guys to be asking you for interview.
4. You’d be noticed by the press

The difference in your bust size will surely be noticed first. Of course, they will have another before and after picture of you which is solely focused on your boobs. They will be pondering if your push up bra is really that good or you have it touched by the wonders of the latest technology. To be more controversial like Britney, deny the issue and the press will continue bugging you for the truth to come out of your lips.
5. You could get endorsement offers

I don’t know about this one but if you’re breast enhancement had been really successful and it made you the talk of the town for a while, you might get a lot of endorsement offers.

6. You could shamelessly wear a fashionable swimsuit

Yes, like Pam! Here I go again, but nice boobs are the best accessories when you’re in a seductive two-piece wear. The paparazzi will without doubt feast on taking the pictures of the new you.

7. You’d be considered a hot property by fellow celebrity males

Want to be like David and Victoria (who never admitted she had her boobs enhanced by science)? You may never reach the celebrity status they are enjoying right now, but, if you get to find yourself another celebrity date, that will be an attention-getter for the gossip-hungry media. Since you’re a new “hot property” in town, expect other celebrity males to check your boobs out.

8. Anything tight will look better on you

Wear all the cleavage-revealing clothes you were not able to wear during your flat-chested days. When you parade your much improved figure, once again expect the attention which stems from people’s curiosity. Britney looked a lot hotter after her ‘Baby Hit Me One More Time’ days where she practically had no boobs.

9. You’d have a chance to grab the sex-symbol status

I cannot recall any unfortunate girl in the boobs department to be given a sex-symbol tag. Since you have done your move of enhancing your assets, you could be offered sexy roles. I’m sure you did not add those extra juices on your boobs for nothing!

10. You’re in for joining the trend of joining those girls with fake boobies
… and you will be remembered for that. If you want to make a more indelible mark on the people’s mind, renew your implants every now and then.

Before you call your surgeon, I wish you luck in whatever endeavors you would like to undertake with your body. Besides, that’s your property. I just hope that you won’t get to face the problems Tara Reid had when her boob job went wrong. At least her boobs are balanced now.

Wow she must be wild! So Hot!

It is really sad to look at her now. She looks so plastic and fake. Her boobs look like they are so swollen they are going to burst. She obviously is suffering from low self esteem and is trying to feel better with plastic surgery. If she is truly Christian and loves Jesus as much as she says she does, then she would realize Jesus would want her to love herself as she is and spend more time living a life of integrity rather than pimping out her body as way for more fame and money. Even though Spencer is a douche bag, if he loves her, he will realize she is crying out for help and will get her the counseling she so badly needs. Unfortunately, Spencer is the only person Heidi will listen to right now. Because all of America is saying STOP it isn’t Pretty and she doesn’t seem to hear.

hahahah…. i thought she was Paris Hilton that just got an extreme boob job!

christina @ 04/11/2010 at 5:21 pm

heidi montag is an insult to women

she looks like she’s melting

She looks ridiculous like a waxed doll.

Those are the worst fake boobs I’ve ever seen. She needs a reduction – as she is way too top heavy. She looks ridiculous and laughable.

By the way – who is she???

It’s sad actually. Before her surgery, she was kinda cute and fresh. Now she looks so fake it’s not even funny. Her breast is way too big.

Obviously, *** Contract Star Heidi Montag’s Ultimate Destiny in Life is to become a Fornication TOY. She’ll fit right into the Adult Film Industry. She’s bound to turn up at the AVN Awards…

She always have a great body and great hips…
Too much boobs… to much silicon, to much implant in her face….
Oh Heidi….

OMG, how can anyone find THAT attractive? It is so ew ew ew. Its girls like her that give girls a false sense of who they are. It is sad that in today’s culture this is considered attractive and acceptable.

I never really liked her but she looked beautful before now a total mess real shame.

OMG she is in the sun she is going to start melting !!

Soon she’ll be chased by children with sticks who want to beat the candy out of her.

It’s her body and she can do whatever she wants! She was beautiful before, though! She felt these operations are improvement and needed for her appeal and success in the business! My opinion; she looks out of proportion a bit now! Other than that = she’s still Heidi M!

Oh my word.
She looks terrible.

eeww!! her body is too fake..and her boobs are to big for her body, it not proportional..

She is not a good looking girl, big boobs or no boobs! She needs to remove those fake boobs and be the ugly ***** she was born to be! At least Pam Andersen was pretty with her monster boobs!

Her phony appearance makes me sick! She could have spent that money on something valuable. If I had her kind of money I would not spend it on unnecessary surgery.

Oh my, she’s disgusting

Kiwiburger13 @ 04/11/2010 at 7:41 pm

I’m amazed no-one has mentioned her jaw-line in the pic at the top. Is this a Photoshop disaster or does the bottom of her jaw actually have a valley like that? Is it a trick of the light? What’s going on?

She use to be so pretty???

Kiwiburger13 @ 04/11/2010 at 7:43 pm

@Kiwiburger13: Cancel that, it’s her hair. Looks weird tho, huh

thousands eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!

a realist @ 04/11/2010 at 8:29 pm

#9 don’t blame it on her husband. She is a big girl. She did it on her own. I have a feeling nobody tells that girl what to do.

It’s easy for you guys to blame her husband.

I feel bad for her Mom and Dad. She is such an embarrassment.

GAH how sad to be such an average looking girl STILL, even after spending millions. lol to look like that!? that would suck!

she wasnt cute before and she still isnt. pathetic girl. she should have just settled with being average looking all her life. at least she wouldnt look like a freak.


She’s like a Barbie doll.

her outside now matches her inside.

OMG she look like a porn star!!!!!

she could be a porn star now

Biggest bimbo on the planet right now.

AT 23??!?!?!


First thing that comes to my mind after seeing here here…….


She looks so gross. She looked fine with her first plastic surgery.

She looks terrible!

Bimbo… first sue the doctor who did that to you. You are an idiot. I don’t know in what planet you are considered pretty – you look like the other 50 million blonds in LA.
Your gay husband and you don’t own one full brain.
Idiots – so may issues in this world

Linda they will be even worse. Everything will get old and those 2 watermelons will be screaming

I don’ t care about the boobs, but I think it is atrocious she ruined her face! IShe now looks like Donatella Versace, sigh!

that smile looks so fake

Don’t be so quick to place blame on her husband. Any woman who valued herself wouldn’t let anything a man said to her affect her so greatly. I believe she ALWAYS had low self esteem issues- her husband has absolutely nothing to do with it and it boggles my mind that people can seriously sit around pointing the finger at him. Is it bad that he supports her in whatever decision she wants to make? I highly DOUBT that he said, “hey Heidi, you should totally change the way you look because you are hideous”. He was with her before all of those surgeries so the finger pointing towards Spencer needs to stop.

The saddest part of all is that she actually thinks she looks good. It’s pretty evident that she’s never felt skinny enough or pretty enough, especially being exposed to the public the way she has. She’s attention stared, desperate for love. But men don’t look at her like she’s hot. The general consensus is the same across the board- everyone sees a pathetic and insecure little girl and she needs to open her eyes to that.

I guess in the end it doesn’t matter- nothing she can do now. I thought she was ugly before and she’s still ugly. Those boobs are WAY too big and looked like they tried to squeeze melons into what was made to hold plums. Bad idea. At least Audrina was sensible when she got her boobs done.

I don’t know how much of her is fake, or has been changed. But I’d be a liar if I said she didn’t look beautiful. As far as looks go, she’s about as perfect as a woman can get. Beautiful legs, waist, hips, breasts, arms. She’s got a pretty face, and nice hair. They did a great job, she looks good!

This is those pornstar bodies. The whole proportion is wrong. Why went through all the pain and surffering for this? Especially when she used to look pretty. Is there the saying, “don’t fix what ain’t broke”?

some people are just never satisfied, are they?

even barbie had small breasts, now look at her?

i think she was so much more attractive before
she become such a plastic figure.

her breasts do not fit her
they look out of proportion in my opinion.
she’s being such a horrible role model
people that look up to her
may as well fall into the same trap

It’s very disturbing when young beautiful girls do this to themselves…it’s baffling…there was nothing wrong with her…like nothing *shrugs*

She is gross. Her Husband is a nasty no talent creep.

LMAO… how sad sad sad. She must really hate herself. I wonder how she feels when she looks at real women and can’t figure out why she can’t be like them. Plastic is not real. Poor girl.

SteveDenver @ 04/12/2010 at 10:03 am

@go sox: She is one more surgery away from having a pubic goatee… then she and her a-hole husband will BOTH have BEARDS.

@go sox:

While I totally agree with what you’ve said, let’s not blame this all on her a**hole of a husband. SHE wanted to this all this crap to her body. SHE wanted the bigger boobs and wants even bigger ones. Very sad self image of herself and we can’t blame this all on her husband, because he liked her the way she was — and still stands beside her — even if the boobs get in the way now.

Such a sad *****

Spencer obviously can’t swim to save his life.

Instead of giving lip service, Spencer should join the marines or something. Heidi should stop getting plastic surgery. She is looking more like Pamela Anderson. @ 04/12/2010 at 12:07 pm

She looks mentally ill

I think she’s suffering from NARCISSISTIC PERFECTIONIST DISORDER. Delusional….
Hollywood has really f***ed her head up!

# 155 jo patel @ 04/12/2010 at 12:27 am +1
Bimbo… first sue the doctor who did that to you. You are an idiot. I don’t know in what planet you are considered pretty – you look like the other 50 million blonds in LA.
Your gay husband and you don’t own one full brain.
Idiots – so may issues in this world

# 156 jo patel @ 04/12/2010 at 12:29 am
Linda they will be even worse. Everything will get old and those 2 watermelons will be screaming

@jo patel:

“She looks like Pamela Anderson” Despite the makeup and surgery, Pam still has a pretty face! Heidi’s face…is just….omg! She can’t even move it, why did you do this yourself ???

LOL omg. Start at her legs, and it’s like “ooh, sexy”….go up to her midrif and it’s “cute, hot”…..go up to her BOOBS, and I’m like “W T F……are these plastic gross balls ewwwww?!!!”……go up to her FACE and I’m going “omfgggggggggggg”. I find what she did to her face most sad of all. She looks repulsive when she was a pretty girl before. So sad : [

I had no idea until I saw this link some where. Where did Heidi go? All you see is huge “plastic globes” (as someone else called them above)! It takes away from her pretty face. I used to admire her beauty, but now I can’t if all I’m gonna see is that. I thought my breast were big and I wanted a reduction because it made me self-conscious. Now I saw this and they make mine look like peas where I don’t feel I have to resort to reduction surgery now after viewing this. I can just simply work mine off with exercise. If a man such as her husband is responsible for her influence to do this, that’s just plain wrong. Or if she really wanted to do it herself thinking it would help her cause, I pity her. She was more beautiful before this surgery.

Forget her hideous boobs, she made her face so ugly. So, so ugly.

She’s got mental issues…who wouldn’t being married to that……can’t even think of a word that describes her husband. They’re a sad couple. I feel sorry for Heidi’s mother. I can’t imagine having him for a son in law.


i was just thinking that too, i mean its rediculous as to how big they are, she looks so terrible now, and im just lost for words, because she just bothers me so much. lol. her face is scary.

I read that she wanted to have a 3rd breast enhancement to be larger than this. how is that even possible? she needs help!

Omg she looks like a freak! She looked perfect after her first set of plastic surgery, now she looks all weird! She shouldn’t have shaved her chin, or whatever the hell she did, cause now she has a very square, man chin. Girl needs to stop with the plastic surgery!!!! At first i thought she was annoying but now i feel sorry for her

fairymother @ 04/12/2010 at 2:48 pm

One word comes to mind on seeing these pics, SAD.

as someone who is blessed/cursed with big boobs by mother nature I call her crazy and stupid If a girl want’s bigger boobs go ahead but this cup size is gone kill you
See wont be able to walk especially if she stays so thin

All I can say is she is seriously gonna have back issues.

I think she smoking hot, and im a tru celeb critic that thinks even angela jolies even overrated as well as megan fox. I disagree w her politically but her face and bod are undeniably stupendous. wow!

muziclovr28 @ 04/12/2010 at 8:24 pm

she looks so fake. whats wrong with ppl? accepting the way that you are is way better than modifying it and turning into a plastic barbie!

she looks like barbie, the blow-up doll…..

Wow, I think she looks amazing! The butt implants are fantastic too.

Awful. Like two basketballs on her chest. Heidi looked best after she got the first surgery. Her boobs were still kinda big for her frame then, but she still looked good. Now, she really looks ridiculous with those boobs and her face is so plastic now too. I like the old Heidi. She was more natural looking and prettier too. I don’t know why she did this to herself. Shame really.

@go sox: Completely agree with you; well said.

She’s just as annoying as before, only now she probably squeaks when she walks because she’s a plastic Barbie doll now. She needs a shrink for starters. She looked better before, in my opinion. She’s just as bad as the woman who is trying to be the fattest person in the world just to get famous. The problem is that in this day and age, this kind of behavior is sickly encouraged by the media. The lengths people will go to become famous is unbelievable.

The disturbing thing is that her decision to overhaul herself this way seemed to be spurred, in part, by public ridicule on forums like this–and some of the comments posted here are very nasty indeed. How on earth can she win? She arrived vulnerable, insecure and at a too-young age looking for work and affirmation in a town/industry where youth and looks–especially of a certain, superficial kind–are not only everything, but the ONLY thing.

Where will she go from here? And what kind of message is she and the media that celebrates her “enhancements” sending to all those other vulnerable, insecure young girls out there watching her? Sad and scary.

What ridiculous breasts. Someone with more money than sense obviously …. Haaaaa HAh

Ivana Serbia @ 04/14/2010 at 2:01 am






she looks SO CHEAP!

roflmao! she reminds me of those real life sized silicon dolls

i think she is very unhappy……..

i mean look into her eyes. do you think she is happy??????

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