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Heidi Montag: Liquid Bikini Babe!

Heidi Montag: Liquid Bikini Babe!

Heidi Montag puts her breast foot forward while hosting the grand opening at the Liquid Pool at Aria at CityCenter on Saturday (April 10) in Las Vegas.

The 23-year-old Hills star showed off her assets poolside with a teeny-bikini!

Heidi and husband Spencer Pratt recently stopped by Camp Pendleton in San Diego to tour the base and raise the spirits of the Marines. The pair told People, “We went to visit Camp Pendleton to see the Marines. They’re the most valiant, honorable and courageous men and women in the United States. It was one of the best days of our lives!”

FYI: Heidi designed her own bikini!

20+ pictures inside of Heidi Montag putting her breast foot forward…

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heidi montag bikini 01
heidi montag bikini 02
heidi montag bikini 03
heidi montag bikini 04
heidi montag bikini 05
heidi montag bikini 06
heidi montag bikini 07
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heidi montag bikini 09
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heidi montag bikini 11
heidi montag bikini 12
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heidi montag bikini 17
heidi montag bikini 18
heidi montag bikini 19
heidi montag bikini 20

Credit: WENN, Kevin Perkins, Denise Truscello; Photos: WireImage, Pacificocastnewsonline
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  • dkalsd

    I wonder if she knows that the smaller her nose gets, the more massive her jay leno chin becomes…she looks old, raggedy and just plain hideous. And whatever back sculpting sh-t she said she did makes her stand and walk like a damn man. Pathetic. Someone needs to commit her.

  • dkalsd

    PS-anyone notice how insanely photoshopped that liquid ad is?! haha, girl can’t catch a break. Even with the sh-tload of cosmetic surgery she has, people STILL alter her damn face.

  • sally

    @go sox:

    Wow… it looks like you really have a bitter attitude towards men… Been hurt much? Maybe she’s just a shallow dolt who needs attention, albeit the wrong kind.

  • rodrigo

    Ow come oon she’s hot, but those boobs are to big.

  • Pamela

    It is sad that that poor girl thinks beauty is big boobs. She is totally out of proportion and looks ridiculous. That’s not beauty.

  • jjgg5

    Well, we know that she will never drown.

  • marina

    I used to watch that reality show about a plastic surgeon’s life… remember? when some “actress” went to get a biger breast size, they said that it was to get them more jobs, more money…
    I think this Heidi girl made this because of the money, but she’s got to know that she has no hope of a serious career. I bet she knows that, because of all those annoying ridiculous pr photoshoots with her hubby, and all her inexistent talent, what kind of jobs in the showbiz can she land?
    -small parts in spoof comedies (she is a joke)
    -small parts in adam sandler’s type of movies… o wait…
    - modeling for cheap brands of automotive articles…
    -soft core p*rn
    -hardcore p*rn
    -what else?

    It is ridiculous there are women who are big breasted, even some of those women do get a career in show biz because of that appeal, but this girls just looks plain ridiculous and not mainstream, but a total wannabe.

  • Diana Mihailova

    There are several reasons why woman get implants. I think that if someone wants to do something to better them self, then why not? I’m due for a BA in a week.
    I think its a woman’s personal choice to get implants, or “fake” boobs.

  • Lurker

    Her boobs look like they could deflate any moment. She needs a shrink pronto.

  • Delusion land

    OMG! What was she thinking? She looks so PLASTIC and fake! Good grief, does she actually think she looks good? How many people are laughing @ her? U almost want to feel sorry for her and yet…her so called “career” is a “bust” (xcuse the pun) and her cred is so gone! Yuck!

  • Bitchetta

    FAKE. Hey, Plastic Woman, can you float with those things?
    I feel sorry for your man… there anything left inside you that’s all natural? Maybe you had “that” plastic’d up too. Oh well, I guess artificial’s “his” thing.

  • whatever

    Her boobs are bigger than her ugly face.

    She needs to get a refund on her surgery.

  • Yannah

    Heidi you look like a retard. Your boobs are way to big for your body apparently. And you look like a porn star, smh. The look before surgery was better.. Now you look like a crackhead version of Paris Hilton…. gone wrong.

  • T pain

    Aniston must be so proud to be doing a movie with Montag! hahaha

  • irene

    grew up having a Pamela-Anderson-syndrome (FYI, I just coined this term out of my insecurities). Watching Baywatch during my grade school days made me believe that when I grow up I would also have those nice boobs that made Pam look totally amazing in the red lifeguard swimsuit.

    A decade later, there were no significant improvement in my bust size they way I anticipated them to be. Since I am already in the past-puberty stage, I feel that I am a hopeless case. But on the second thought, I am not a big celebrity anyway and I don’t owe to anybody that I should look my best, physically speaking.

    I don’t know if these stars who had gone under the knife had experienced a madness similar to my Pam-Anderson-syndrome. Maybe they had another term for it. If you’re a star wannabe and you’re contemplating for a bigger cup size, here are what breasts enhancement can do for your career:

    1. Makes you controversial

    The moment you step out of your surgeon’s operating table, you’d belong on the list of “The Latest Silicon Stars”. This can be published in the leading national tabloids. So there, your dream of seeing your name on the issue of Star Magazine will have a chance to be fulfilled.

    2. You could land into the cover of a men’s magazine

    After the breast implants, men would surely love to check you out on the issue of Rolling Stones or Playboy. Not everybody gets to be offered to pose sexy on their cover. Only girls with ample assets are welcome. Growing up, I thought Pam’s boobs were natural, but I learned that she had undergone series of breast augmentations. Well, I don’t take his against her. She still holds the record of the hottest Playboy cover girl. .

    3. It will prove that you’re a fearless femme

    Wishing for bigger boobs is easy but having the guts to go under the knife is another thing. Only real femme fatales have the courage to do it. If you’re a celebrity, expect the media guys to be asking you for interview.
    4. You’d be noticed by the press

    The difference in your bust size will surely be noticed first. Of course, they will have another before and after picture of you which is solely focused on your boobs. They will be pondering if your push up bra is really that good or you have it touched by the wonders of the latest technology. To be more controversial like Britney, deny the issue and the press will continue bugging you for the truth to come out of your lips.
    5. You could get endorsement offers

    I don’t know about this one but if you’re breast enhancement had been really successful and it made you the talk of the town for a while, you might get a lot of endorsement offers.

    6. You could shamelessly wear a fashionable swimsuit

    Yes, like Pam! Here I go again, but nice boobs are the best accessories when you’re in a seductive two-piece wear. The paparazzi will without doubt feast on taking the pictures of the new you.

    7. You’d be considered a hot property by fellow celebrity males

    Want to be like David and Victoria (who never admitted she had her boobs enhanced by science)? You may never reach the celebrity status they are enjoying right now, but, if you get to find yourself another celebrity date, that will be an attention-getter for the gossip-hungry media. Since you’re a new “hot property” in town, expect other celebrity males to check your boobs out.

    8. Anything tight will look better on you

    Wear all the cleavage-revealing clothes you were not able to wear during your flat-chested days. When you parade your much improved figure, once again expect the attention which stems from people’s curiosity. Britney looked a lot hotter after her ‘Baby Hit Me One More Time’ days where she practically had no boobs.

    9. You’d have a chance to grab the sex-symbol status

    I cannot recall any unfortunate girl in the boobs department to be given a sex-symbol tag. Since you have done your move of enhancing your assets, you could be offered sexy roles. I’m sure you did not add those extra juices on your boobs for nothing!

    10. You’re in for joining the trend of joining those girls with fake boobies
    … and you will be remembered for that. If you want to make a more indelible mark on the people’s mind, renew your implants every now and then.

    Before you call your surgeon, I wish you luck in whatever endeavors you would like to undertake with your body. Besides, that’s your property. I just hope that you won’t get to face the problems Tara Reid had when her boob job went wrong. At least her boobs are balanced now.

  • dre

    Wow she must be wild! So Hot!

  • Amy B

    It is really sad to look at her now. She looks so plastic and fake. Her boobs look like they are so swollen they are going to burst. She obviously is suffering from low self esteem and is trying to feel better with plastic surgery. If she is truly Christian and loves Jesus as much as she says she does, then she would realize Jesus would want her to love herself as she is and spend more time living a life of integrity rather than pimping out her body as way for more fame and money. Even though Spencer is a douche bag, if he loves her, he will realize she is crying out for help and will get her the counseling she so badly needs. Unfortunately, Spencer is the only person Heidi will listen to right now. Because all of America is saying STOP it isn’t Pretty and she doesn’t seem to hear.

  • Ginger

    hahahah…. i thought she was Paris Hilton that just got an extreme boob job!

  • christina

    heidi montag is an insult to women

  • jm

    she looks like she’s melting

  • OXA

    She looks ridiculous like a waxed doll.

  • GaPeach

    Those are the worst fake boobs I’ve ever seen. She needs a reduction – as she is way too top heavy. She looks ridiculous and laughable.

    By the way – who is she???

  • Pauline

    It’s sad actually. Before her surgery, she was kinda cute and fresh. Now she looks so fake it’s not even funny. Her breast is way too big.

  • Iam

    Obviously, xXx Contract Star Heidi Montag’s Ultimate Destiny in Life is to become a Fornication TOY. She’ll fit right into the Adult Film Industry. She’s bound to turn up at the AVN Awards…

  • happy girl

    there are no words.

  • Luiza

    She always have a great body and great hips…
    Too much boobs… to much silicon, to much implant in her face….
    Oh Heidi….

  • Elle

    OMG, how can anyone find THAT attractive? It is so ew ew ew. Its girls like her that give girls a false sense of who they are. It is sad that in today’s culture this is considered attractive and acceptable.

  • 2 Sad

    I never really liked her but she looked beautful before now a total mess real shame.

  • Regi

    OMG she is in the sun she is going to start melting !!

  • oy

    Soon she’ll be chased by children with sticks who want to beat the candy out of her.

  • Cayenne

    It’s her body and she can do whatever she wants! She was beautiful before, though! She felt these operations are improvement and needed for her appeal and success in the business! My opinion; she looks out of proportion a bit now! Other than that = she’s still Heidi M!

  • Jessica

    Oh my word.
    She looks terrible.

  • anna

    eeww!! her body is too fake..and her boobs are to big for her body, it not proportional..

  • kevin

    She is not a good looking girl, big boobs or no boobs! She needs to remove those fake boobs and be the ugly bitch she was born to be! At least Pam Andersen was pretty with her monster boobs!

  • Mo

    Her phony appearance makes me sick! She could have spent that money on something valuable. If I had her kind of money I would not spend it on unnecessary surgery.

  • Storm

    Oh my, she’s disgusting

  • Kiwiburger13

    I’m amazed no-one has mentioned her jaw-line in the pic at the top. Is this a Photoshop disaster or does the bottom of her jaw actually have a valley like that? Is it a trick of the light? What’s going on?

  • Bu

    She use to be so pretty???

  • Kiwiburger13

    @Kiwiburger13: Cancel that, it’s her hair. Looks weird tho, huh

  • ew

    thousands eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!

  • a realist

    #9 don’t blame it on her husband. She is a big girl. She did it on her own. I have a feeling nobody tells that girl what to do.

    It’s easy for you guys to blame her husband.

  • boston61

    I feel bad for her Mom and Dad. She is such an embarrassment.

  • karen

    GAH how sad to be such an average looking girl STILL, even after spending millions. lol to look like that!? that would suck!

    she wasnt cute before and she still isnt. pathetic girl. she should have just settled with being average looking all her life. at least she wouldnt look like a freak.

  • me


  • Ashley

    She’s like a Barbie doll.

  • bruin


  • Jeanette

    her outside now matches her inside.

  • Kris

    OMG she look like a porn star!!!!!

  • isabela

    she could be a porn star now

  • LuckyL

    Biggest bimbo on the planet right now.