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Jared Leto: Pink Mohawk!

Jared Leto: Pink Mohawk!

Jared Leto shows off his new look on Twitter — a pink mohawk!

The frontman of his band, 30 Seconds to Mars, tweeted a caption for the pic: “A new beginning…”

And the day before, Jared tweeted a new blonde look (pictured left) with the caption “You’re too f–kin blonde!”

Tonight, Mars is playing at the Pima County Fair in Tucson, Arizona.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jared Leto’s new pink mohawk — HOT or NOT?

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jared leto pink mohawk 01
jared leto pink mohawk 02
jared leto pink mohawk 03

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  • Erica


  • Adam

    Mohawk – Not, but the dude is still hot.

  • leandruh

    Thats horrible!!

  • jneen

    HE ROCKS every single hairstyle!! Even the craziest ones!!
    Love you Jared!!

    Provehito In Altum!

  • TheRealDeal

    @Adam: I agree with you. And I’m not so sure about the color,but who cares,he’s still hot.

  • T pain

    He ruled the 90′s.

    He’s still trying to recapture his glory days..let it go Jared! LOL

  • Violet

    HOT!!! Love a man with a mohawk! :)

  • Dasha

    He’s still hot!!!

  • Catchy

    what’s the point of pink mohawk at all?

  • abby

    When he had his other hair he looked like he could be Zac Efron’s older brother………now not so much.



  • Frank Banuat

    Ahm no other problems at all? hell if pink orblue or mohawk or no mohawk, it´s jared leto he is old enough to do what he like, he like it? yeah for sure… that counts and not who like it… destroy u´r own personality and not the personality of other people…. thank you…

  • Linda

    I love Jared but OMG pink NO WAY!!

  • vic

    SO HOT !
    Gosh, I love Jared Leto. He’s AMAZING !

  • Ilia


  • Dreads

    I’m always amazed by how young he looks. He’s in his late thirties :o ….. I LOVE men with mohawk, I think it looks very cool and super sexy. But a pink mohawk?! hmmmm nahhhhhT. Jared is pretty hot though for his age. Damn.

  • Jules

    Haha, fight club reference.

  • vampire girl 74

    HOT! I love Jared’s mohawk whatever colour he decides to make it! Can’t wait to see 30STM in both New York and New Jersey :)

  • Josie

    trying waaay too hard.
    and the dude is not hot, never was. his round dull blue eyes are ugly, so is the rest of his face.
    time to grow up leto.

  • mslewis

    I think Leto is way too old for this pink mohawk stuff. He should be working hard on his acting and trying to convince producers that he’s serious. Instead, he’s in a very bad band and looks like a creap. Not good!! Actually, the only time I remember him looking even remotely “hot” was in “Alexander” and even then he wasn’t all that!! Grow up boy and stop looking ridiculous!!

  • Terry

    ohh lord!
    definitly NOT!
    why couldn’t he keep his beautiful brown hair? i don’t even like the mohawk.. i mean it looks got on him but his not pretty anymore..
    but even with pink hair i’d marry him anytime

  • LolaBubblez

    Makes no sense why JustJared would post a pic of Shannon…so random. Obviouslt taken straight of J’s twitter/and or blog.

  • julie

    im sure his girl is just LOVING IT!!!!!!

  • maya


    You should learn how to spell right if you want your criticism to be taken seriously. It’s spelled “creep” and fyi, Jared Leto doesn’t read this blog so he won’t be getting your lovely ‘message’ to ‘grow up.’ Sucks to be you.

  • maya

    ANYTHING this man does is more than acceptable. The band he’s a part of (and no, it doesn’t only consist of him there are 2 more people in this amazing band: Tomo Milicevic and Shannon Leto) makes epic music, everyone should check out their earlier stuff too because if you haven’t heard of them already, you must live in another planet.

  • oy

    Now I know what Rob Lowe would look like as a member of Kajagoogoo.

  • Genesis

    He needs to stop trying to be ugly. You’re hot, get over it.

  • Gangloff

    The nearly 40 year old is trying way too hard ! ! !

  • dinah

    I used to love this guy I thought he looks hot. Now he’s just ridiculous.
    Pink hair for a man going on 40? Seriously. No wonder Cameron Diaz dump him. No descent respectable woman will really marry this guy.
    I think he’s doing this to attract underage trashy goth groupies. But those groupies only bedded the likes of Jon Bon Jovi or the eagles and Jared’s band are neither any of those.

  • boston61

    Is his music any good? I’ve never heard any of it. If he is any good he does not have to do any of this gimmicky stuff. That goes for Adam Lambert.

  • BeReal

    He will not be able to “transition” into maturity. He’s “stuck” scrummaging for young flesh fiestas til he hits the grave…

  • boston61


    40 is not very old. You will find that out soon enough. LOL

  • jen

    Ummm this guy is lame, I guess when actor’s careers start to fade they turn to the music thing, not working Jared stop trying so hard

  • boston61

    Just wait. When his looks really do start to fade he will be trying so hard to look good. He will be in his plastic surgeons office. Please keep me handsome.

  • Ana

    Jared Leto looks like an drug addict! He looks ill, he dont look healthy! The colour changes arent good for his hair, he looks much better whis his fully brown hair! I saw him at concert and I can say, that he looks not good! He looks so lost and unhappy, maybe he should look for a good woman to marry and have a family, so he come to freedom and settle down!

  • me me me

    oh wow, a pink mohawk, that’s SO original.

  • Sheigh

    Why this hair ?
    No way!

  • Belgiangirl

    Jared can do with his hair what he wants, I believe he’s old enough to make his own decisions. He dyed the Mohawk pink… and guess what? He can actually rock this look! He does NOT look too skinny or unhealthy. I’ve been to a gig in March and yes, he is skinny but NOT TOO skinny or unhealthy looking.

    >>For all the haters: Get a life. Seriously.

  • Ana

    I dont hate him, why??? And I have a life, Seriously! Whats the matter with you??? For sure he can do what he want, Its only my opinion, like you have an opinion, ok? He looks stressed and looks about 6-12 month ago better! Maybe its the hard tour that shows in his face, but he looks unhealthy and more skinnier than ever!!! Take off your pink-colour-sunglasses!

  • kat


    its just the guys hair, why is everyone so pissy about it?? a guy has to have a serious set of brass balls to pull off hair hair color like that. way to go jared

  • Belgiangirl

    @Ana, the ‘get a life comment’ was not aimed at you….

  • jnojnf

    Hey, I don’t see it problem with this. It’s his hair.
    The thing a lot of the public don’t understand is that it’s not up to us to say what kind of hairstyle a person has, or what clothes they should wear.
    Chill out, they’re normal people. If someone out of the media attention did something like this, nobody would give a sh*t.

  • Ana

    He’s a talented individual that’s not afraid to do what he feels… something alot of people here posting their negative comments could take a lesson from… It’s like your momma should have taught you… if you haven’t anything nice to say, keep your mouth shut.

  • Ana

    @jnojnf: Well said… :)

  • LP

    @boston61: What is it with you bringing Adam into every fkn thread? What exactly ARE these “gimmicks” because he was dressing up in crazy clothes from the age of 7 so w t f? There are 6 BILLION people on the planet, not everyone is going to dress like YOU. Some of us LIKE to express ourselves, some of us ENJOY dressing how we do, some performers LIKE hamming it up for the crowd, have you ever considered that some people’s tastes actually differs to YOURS? Ever since you bashed that girl in the A Paquin thread for being Bisexual – and completely dismissed everyone else’s opinions and views as rubbish stating only your opinion as FACT, we all lost all respect for you. No one can even take you seriously anymore.

  • Jermaine

    @boston61: “Is his music any good” youtube is your friend. Lazy much?

  • thomasson

    he can perform on the kurt cobain’s new biopic totally fits on the rocker look

  • rebarb

    HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT! As far as I’m concerned he’d be hot bald!

  • Siobhan

    He’s really hot no matter what he does with his hair. Love it!xxxx

  • hahakk99

    soooo freakin uglyyyy. now im not going to the concert i wanted to see hotness onstage not a baabbooon!!!!!!!!!!!!